Last Night in Town


The managers in our New York office had sent me to our Cleveland plant to work with the people there on a production problem. It would be just a week, the managers told me, maybe two at the most, but here it was, a month later, and I was just now winding things up and getting ready to head for home.

The Cleveland plant wasn’t actually in Cleveland, but was in a small town north of the city itself. I had a little temporary rental apartment, and a few nights a week I’d gotten in the habit of stopping off in a small lounge that was between the plant and my apartment. I’d have a beer or two, or sometimes a scotch, maybe chat with the bartender, then head on to my apartment. I had noticed one or two regulars in the place, and one table usually had three girls, maybe in their mid-to late twenties, obviously doing the same thing I was, having a drink on their way home. They were average looking, one was a little more pudgy than the other two, but all three were dressed similarly, in skirts and blouses, and it seemed they were probably office workers. They were interesting, but I knew better than to try to separate them to be able to ask one out. About all I did was to give a little wave and say hi to them as I passed their table on the way to the restroom, and they usually nodded at me as I went by.

So as I stopped in the lounge for the last time before heading to the airport in the morning, I was surprised that only one of the girls was at the table, the pudgy one. She had short dark hair, and as best I could tell in the bar light, she had deep brown eyes and breasts that looked on the large size under her white blouse. But I finished my beer, and thought I’d hit the restroom before I headed back to my apartment to pack up. As I passed her table, the pudgy girl looked up at me and said hi before I had a chance to say hello to her. I returned her greeting, then as I came back by after using the restroom, she smiled brightly at me and said, “Why don’t you get another beer and sit here for awhile!”

“Ok, sure,” I answered. I got another beer from the bartender, then followed the girl’s suggestion and sat at the table with her. I was curious about the other girls, and thought, too, that it would be interesting to chat with this one for awhile. She told me that the three of them worked as salesgirls at an upscale department store a few blocks away and often stopped in for a drink on their way home to their respective apartments to compare notes and stories about the antics of the “rich bitches”, as she called them that shopped at their store. I chuckled at her stories, and then asked where the others were tonight. One, she said, had a crisis with her boyfriend and the other wasn’t feeling well, so she was here alone.

“We usually carpool together,” she said, “But I realized after I asked to just be dropped off here, that I didn’t have a way to get home. But I guess I could get a taxi, or maybe you could give me a ride?”

“Oh, sure,” I agreed, “I’d be happy to,” then asked “But would you like another drink first?” I was hoping she’d be ready for another, since I could tell the two beers would be working on me, and I should probably pee again before we left the bar.

“Oh, no,” she answered, reaching for her purse. “I’ve had enough for tonight.” She hesitated then, and pointed to my empty glass, “Do you want another before we go?”

“Nope, I’m ready too,” I answered since she was standing and ready to go. I stood up and I followed her to the door, suddenly noticing how good she looked from the rear in her rather tight skirt. I led her to my rental car, and as she guided me through the streets toward her apartment, I noticed that her skirt was riding half way up on her large thighs. That looked pretty enticing to me, so I thought I’d take a chance. I reached across and rested my hand on her leg just above her knee, thinking that she’d probably push my hand away, or maybe even demand that I stop the car so she could get out. But no, in fact she simply put her hand lightly on top of mine, and looked over at me and smiled.

With that encouragement I moved my hand higher, even under her skirt a little. Her skin was soft, and with that intimate stroking my cock started to wake up a little. I kept slowly stroking up and down, feeling the warmth and smoothness of the inside of her ample thigh as we drove, until finally she directed me to pull into a parking space in front of a small apartment building. This was it, she told me. I got out of the car, opened her door for her. “Would you like to come up?” she asked. “All I have is some wine, but I’d be happy to pour you a glass.”

“A glass of wine would be great,” I answered, then followed her into the building’s lobby. As she stopped in front of the elevator to push the button, I put my arm around to her hip. On most women my arm would reach around to the front of her hip, but on this one with her thick waist, my hand reached only to her side. But still, she leaned slightly toward me, and Escort Keçiören we stepped together into the elevator. As she leaned forward to push the button for her floor, my hand dropped to her wide ass. I knew she could feel my hand, but she made no comment, instead just leaned back against me.

We got off at her floor, and as she opened her apartment door, I stood next to her and kept my hand down on her ass. Once inside, she said, “Have a seat, I’m going to use the bathroom, then I’ll be out to pour the wine.”

The apartment was neat, I saw as I looked around. I wandered around a little, and noticed that there didn’t seem to be any boyfriend things around, no pictures, clothes, or any other traces of a guy spending any time here. I sat in a soft chair, then got up and moved to a couch just as she came back into the room. I noticed that her breasts swayed as she walked across the room to me, and guessed that she had taken off her bra.

She walked up to me and stopped, looking at me expectantly. I reached out, put my hands on her hips and pulled her a little toward me. I slid my hands from her hips down along the outside of her skirt, then moved them back up, on the outside of her legs but under her skirt. The skirt bunched up as I pushed my hands higher, and around the sides of her legs until I was caressing her ass through her panties. She made no move to stop me, instead reached out and rubbed her hand along the top of my shoulder and along my neck.

“This is going well,” I thought, and my hardening cock seemed to agree. “Ok, let’s see what happens next,” I said to myself, and moved the fingers of one hand around to her pussy. She moved her legs apart a little, and I was able to lightly rub along her pussy lips through her panties. I felt wetness there, and looked up at her face. Her head was tilted back a little, her eyes were closed, and it seemed that her breathing was deeper. I decided to push my luck further and hooked my fingers under the top edge of her panties and started pulling them down. I couldn’t seem to get them down around her ass, though, and suddenly I felt her hands pulling her panties out around her ass, and helping me get them down further. I got them down to her knees, then she reached down, pulled the panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

Her skirt was still bunched up a little around her thighs, so I moved my hands easily up around her thighs then around to her ass once more. Without her panties in the way I was able to run my fingers around the skin of her fleshy cheeks, and even finger inside the top part of her crack a little. I pulled and pinched the ample flesh of her ass for a bit, then moved one hand around to the front between her legs. My fingers found her pussy lips then slipped in between. She was getting wet enough that I could caress in between, then easily slip a finger up into the warmth inside her, then two fingers. She sighed as she felt my fingers in her, and as I looked up at her face I saw that her head was tilted back again, eyes were closed, and she was starting to breathe in little gasps in time with the stroking of my fingers.

With the fingers of one hand still stroking inside her, I took my other hand away from her ass and slid it up to a breast. I had been right, she had removed her bra, and as I pushed and squeezed her large breast I could feel a hard nipple pushing against my hand. Suddenly she pushed my hand away and stepped back so that my fingers were no longer in her pussy. “What the hell,” I thought, but then saw that she was unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it out of her skirt, and in a moment it had joined her panties on the floor. Her breasts were large mounds, sagging only slightly, with dark nipples the size of half dollars. She moved back toward me, and when I leaned up a little, those swaying titties were right at face level with me. I pushed them together with both hands, marveling at the softness and smoothness of her skin. I caressed the fat nipples with my thumbs as they grew harder. I pulled on her nipples, gently at first, then harder with almost a rough twisting motion, and I heard her gasp with pleasure as the tips of her nipples pushed out even further.

I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth, and I pulled at it with my lips and teeth. I ran my tongue all around it, then pulled back just enough so I could flip the hard tip with my tongue. Then I moved to the other nipple and did the same while pinching the first nipple with my fingers. I found that I could push her breasts together enough so that both nipples were almost together and I could suck them both into my mouth at the same time. “Oh, that’s good,” I heard her say almost to herself. “Oh, that’s good,” she repeated softly, then just “Oh, oh, God!” I could feel her body shaking a little and thought she might be at the edge of an orgasm, so while still playing with her nipples, I moved a hand back to her pussy and slipped two fingers back up inside her. I finger Keçiören Escort fucked her like that for just a few seconds before she pushed her cunt back hard against my fingers. She gave a high pitched whine, interrupted by a series of “Oh, oh, oh,” cries before she quivered several times through her orgasm, then sagged down to her knees in front of me.

She laid her head against my thigh, and as her orgasm began to subside, she started to rub her hand along my other thigh. “Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve done anything like this, and, O God, it’s so good!” she said, then a moment later she was rubbing my crotch where my hard cock felt like it would burst through my pants. She lifted her head and smiled at me as she tugged down my zipper. I undid my belt, and with her help, pushed down my pants. She put her hand around my cock through my undershorts and gave it several gentle squeezes. She lowered her head and pushed her tongue along the length of my cock, and when I could stand it no longer, I leaned forward and pushed my shorts down to my knees.

Liberated from the constraint of my underwear, my cock sprang up toward her face. She looked at it for a moment, then reached out and gingerly put her hand around it. She gave it a gentle squeeze, then some tentative slow strokes, all the while looking at it as though it had hypnotized her. “Oh, hell, suck on it, will you?” I thought, “Just bend your head down and take it in your mouth, ok?”

But my mental commands were obviously not getting through to her as she continued to stroke me while gazing at my cock as though it was a source of wonder. I decided to move things along and reached out with my hand and pushed her face toward my cock and aimed it at her lips. She obediently opened her mouth, then as she closed her lips around the head, she gave it little sucking motions, and I knew she was sucking the pre-cum out of me. With my hand still on her head I pushed her mouth still further down on my cock, moved it out a little, then back still further into her mouth. She offered no resistance as I kept up this motion, pushing her head down in time with stroking my cock into her mouth, until I was all the way into her mouth with her nose into my pubic hair.

She gagged just a little as my cock entered her throat, but even when I released her head she kept my cock buried in her mouth. I could feel little sucking motions that she was making, and about then I also started to feel the cum starting to rise in my groin. I moved my hand to the back of her head again and started to pump slowly in and out of her mouth. My speed picked up as I felt the cum starting to flow along the length of my cock, and without any warning to her, I came deep in her throat. She coughed a little as my cum pumped into her, and even when I took my hand from her head she kept her lips wrapped around my cock and sucked down my juices. I took my cock from her mouth, and spurted the last few drops on her face.

A few moments later, when I had more control of my weak knees, I stood and tried to move her to a standing position, but she was too heavy. She got the idea, though, and stood waiting for me to tell her what to do. I pointed her in the direction of her bedroom, and once there, I slid her skirt up to her waist and had her sit on the edge of the bed. I pushed her over, knelt on the floor in front of her, then spread her legs so that her pussy was right in front of me. I gave a momentary thought to using her bathroom to relieve myself of the pee that was pushing the limits of my bladder, but instead moved my head forward to lick her nearly hairless pussy.

“Oohh,” she said as my tongue caressed her lips, then it probed inside to find her clit. “Ah,” she said. “Ah, ah,” she continued in time with my tongue strokes on her clit. I nodded my tongue up and down along her fat pussy lips, and even tried to probe her asshole with a finger while I was tonguing her cunt, but her cheeks were too big for my finger to find its target. I pushed the finger inside her pussy instead, and while I flicked my tongue back and forth on her clit, I pushed another finger into her. That went in so easily that I added a third finger, then managed to slide my pinky into her also.

I moved my head back so I could appreciate the sight of all these fingers in her willing pussy, then was able to work my thumb in with the rest of my fingers so that my hand up to my knuckles was inside her. She started to push against my hand, so I slowly pushed further into her. She was so wet that I suddenly found my whole hand inside her almost to my wrist. She was stroking her drenched cunt against my hand, giving little whimpers with each stroke. I could feel the insides of her cunt and realized that my wrist was along her outer lips and she was still stroking along my hand which was slowly going further into her. Suddenly she gave a high keening wail, and I could feel a contraction all around my hand and even some new liquid flowing from Keçiören Escort Bayan her.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” she grunted as she continued through another orgasm, then blew several strong breaths and lay still, just breathing heavily. I slowly took my hand out of her cunt and heard the slopping wet sound it made as it came all the way out. My hand was drenched with her juices, so as she lay there with her eyes closed, I wiped it on her skirt. My cock was hard again by now, and although I wanted to pee very badly, I couldn’t resist that wide open pussy right in front of me.

I lined up my cock with her open hole and just slid it in. “Um,” she said to the new insertion into her cunt as she continued to lay with her eyes closed. I stroked into her slowly five or six times, just to let my cock get the feel of this new pussy. I pumped into her harder and harder, and with each stroke I could see those big titties bobbing wildly around on her chest. I leaned forward and took her tits in my hands, pulling on them with each deep stroke of my cock, and thinking since I had to pee so bad, I should just take my cock and let my piss fly all over those tits.

But there was no way I wanted to do that just yet, so I pulled out of her pussy, and reaching over, I took her by her shoulders and urged her to a sitting position. My cock, dripping with her juices, was right in front of her face. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her head toward it. She resisted a little, but I just pushed harder until my cock was at her lips. I pushed my cock further and she opened her mouth and took just the head inside. I pushed her head down further and at the same time pushed my cock deep into her mouth. I knew she was tasting her own pussy, and I kept up my stroking until I was sure she had cleaned all her juices off me.

I wanted more than just another cum in her mouth, though. “Get up on the bed,” I ordered, “on your hands and knees.” She scrambled to do as I said, and obviously knowing how I wanted her. Her meaty thighs were spread out, exposing her wet cunt to me, and her elbows and side of her head were on the bed. Her big tits drooped down to touch the bed, and as I climbed onto the bed behind her, they swayed around temptingly.

I put my harder-than-ever cock at the entrance to her puffy pussy, and in one mighty push, slammed all the way up into her. “Huh,” she gasped as my stroke seemed to push the breath out of her. “Huh, huh, huh,” she continued to gasp as I slammed into her over and over. Each stroke seemed to push against my full bladder, though, so I slowed my strokes to a more comfortable rate, but still going deep into her each time. I could see her pussy lips closing around my cock, and how wet it looked as I took it almost all the way out, then pushed all the way up to my balls into her dripping cunt. Then, with my dick buried in her, I reached forward to grab her wrists. I pulled her arms back and placed her hands on her ass cheeks. “Spread yourself open for me,” I told her. Obediently she spread her ass until her little puckered asshole came into view. “Just hold yourself like that,” I said, as I wet my thumb with her juices and rubbed it against her asshole. She gasped and let go of her ass, closing off my view of her asshole. I smacked her cheek, and raised my voice as I told her, “Hold your cheeks open, damn it!” She immediately spread herself again and once more I started to rub my thumb around her asshole.

I started stroking into her pussy again, re-wet my thumb with the juice from around her cunt, then pushed it gently into her asshole. She tried to pull away from me, so I smacked her ass again. She accepted my thumb in her then, and I started to stroke it into her in time with my thrusts into her pussy. In a moment I could tell that she was pushing back in rhythm against my cock and my thumb.

“Stay like that,” I ordered her as I pulled my cock out of her, and moved to the small table that was next to the bed. I opened a small drawer that was in the table, and just as I suspected, I found a vibrator and a tube of lubricant. “Oh, look what I found,” I said to her. “Do you think your pussy would like this?”

Her response was a muffled “Mmmm,” but I had no idea what that meant since her face was down against the bedcovers. It really didn’t matter what she said, though, since I was going to use it on her anyway. I moved back behind her, coated the dildo with some lubricant, and pushed it roughly into her. I turned the vibrator on and pushed it in as far as I could.

“How is that?” I asked. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes, ” she answered, moving her head up a little so I could hear her. “But your cock felt better.”

“Ok,” I said, “I can arrange that.” I withdrew the vibrator, put the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed hard. I had forgotten about my stretched bladder and it was almost painful as I bottomed out in her cunt. I held myself there and coated the vibrator with lubricant again and rubbed a generous amount around her asshole. She didn’t move away from my fingers, but when I touched her spread ass with the tip of the vibrating dildo, she flinched away from it. I smacked her ass again. “Don’t move,” I told her. “Haven’t you ever put the vibrator in your ass?”

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