Last night was great

Last night was greatWe were watching TV last night and I got really horny. I got a glass of wine from the kitchen and when I came back I sat my wife up on the sofa, part her legs kneeled down between them and began to lick her clit softly but very fast. After a little while I was pushing my tongue inside her.I then started sucking her clit and as it got harder and bigger gave it a miniature blow job. All the while it was in my mouth I was working it with aliağa escort my tongue in all kind of ways. I kept on and had to while teasing her nipples and I had to keep grabbing her by her arse and pull her towards me as she tried to escape the immense pleasure.I took it up another notch and slowly slid two fingers up into her soaking wet pussy massaging and teasing her G spot until she exploded into spasms of orgasmic delight. Of course I had to fuck escort aliağa her a little bit here and there during the process to wet my cock in her lovely wet cunt and feel that warm pulsating pussy hugging my dick. Then we fell asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later and went up to bed with my iPad. I logged into Xhamster and started wanking. She must’ve felt my horniness because 5 minutes later she was in bed with me spooning with my cock in her aliağa escort bayan pussy and my hands exploring every inch of her beautiful caramel skin. My lips and tongue kissing her back, her ears and her neck.I flipped her on her back and pounded her pussy till my balls and cock pulsated. I pulled out and she grabbed my cock with vigour and drained me all over her tits and stomach.I went back down on her until she tapped me on the top of my head and asked me to pass the towel to dry my spunk off of her body.We fell back asleep. Now I’m here writing about it on Xhamster and wondering if I should wake her up for part three or let her lie in and make her breakfast in bed in an hour

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