Last one to know, chapter 14

Big Ass

Last one to know, Chapter 14 (Bobby’s senior experience)

While I was getting myself together Sue cranked the car and pulled to a parking spot closer to the Mall Entrance. I made my way to the men‘s restroom and the girls went to the ladies restroom. From there we made our way to the second level and V.C.

There were two young ladies working in the store, both looked to be early to mid twenties, slender, shapely and just what you would expect to see working at Victory Secrets. Both smiled at us when we walked in. The more shapely of the two walked over to us. “Hello ladies and you lucky young man. Are you to help these lovely ladies select the appropriate undergarments or are you shopping for yourself“?. All three girls laughed.

Not wanting to let a good joke die I .told her” No, we really come in here to watch you model the latest in panties and bras. Again, the girls laughed. She had a big grin on her face as she said” would if I could, but I’m not allowed so you will just have to work with the two ladies with you. The dressing room or viewing room is in the back corner and if you do need my help, just call”.

Hanna went with Sue to look through the matching sets to began with. Sue selected three sets then they went to the bra section. Hanna found two bras that matched Sue’s then one that was all together different. They ask how I like what they had selected. I laughed and told them I would have to see them on before I could tell for sure.

Hanna motioned to the sales lady that we had talked with when we come in. She come over and Hanna told her she had never had a bra quite like this one and ask the lady what she though of it. She looked and me and smiled. Then she told Hanna it was a new style and she would love it. She said” I have one just like it on now, let me show you”. She unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse and pulled it back to expose her “C” cup bra covered breast.

Both girls started laughing as I stood looking with the mouth open, dumb-ass look on my face. Hanna still laughing said” Yes, we like that style and we will both get one but I think Bobby would love to have the one you are wearing”. The sales lady told us she would take that as a complement and she was sure it would be fun but she needed her job more.

The girls went to the dressing room and started trying on their goods. They put on quit a show for me as they went through each outfits. When they put on the bra in question both girls come to the door and not only let me see but let me feel each of them. I also watched as they groped each other a little.

When we went to check out both of the sales ladies were there. The one we had talked to earlier waited on the girls. As we started to leave the sales lady looked around to be sure no one else was around then said” Bobby, I don’t know what you got going for you but you are a hell of a lucky guy to have two lovely ladies like this on your arm”. Hanna, with a big smile said” talent and dedication”, then we walked out of the store.

When we entered the restaurant there was two ladies at the desk. As soon as they saw Hanna they both rushed up to her and started hugging her. They ask where Papa and Mama was? Hanna explained they had other obligations but would be out on another night. “This is my good friends Sue and her cousin Bobby. This is Kim and Della, they are Paul’s daughter-in-laws.

Sue and I got big huge from both women. As Kin led us through the dinning room she told Hanna that Paul was not there tonight but Paul Jr. and Cando would be back to see us later. Kin took us to a small private dinning room. By the time we were seated another lady walked in with three glasses and a large pitcher of beverage with lots of fruit in it. Hanna told us we would love this, it is peach sangria and it is great, I told her we were not of age and they must have made a mistake. Hanna laughed and told us that was why we were in the private room, we can have anything we wanted.

Della entered with a tray of appetizers and told us Paul Jr. and Cando would be in shortly. In just a couple of seconds two men entered the room and went to give Hanna a big hug. Hanna introduced Sue and me and we got our big hugs also. Cando ask if he could select our meal for us and we all agreed that would be fine..

He ask if we liked stake and sea food. We all responded YES, very much. We were sipping our drinks and enjoying the appetizers as we waited. I was curious so I ask Hanna if Cando was his real mane. She laughed and told me that it was a shorten version of an old family name and he had been called Cando and we have always called Paul Jr. PJ for as long as she could remember.

Our waitress (Julie) entered with another pitched of sangria and three large plates. PJ was just a few steps behind with a large platter of different cuts of beef. Cando followed with a tray full of small bowls filled with a verity of sea foods.. Julie entered with a cart filled with sides.

We eat our fill and all three had a little buzz from the sangria. Hanna excused herself and left the room. She was back in just a few minutes. Just seconds later PJ and Kim entered the room with their arms around each others waist.. Kim told us Hanna had just informed them who we were. Sue and I looked at each other, a little confused. PJ laughed and said” you are Hawk’s daughter and Warrior’s son. Those two carry a lot of weight around here. We all hope that you will come back to see us and bring the rest of the family with you. Just call any time and we will have a private room waiting”

Kim walked over to me, lean down and give me a kiss on the lips. She then walked around and did the same with Sue. We were both at a loss for words but I did manage “thank you for everything and we will definitely be back.”. After Kim and PJ left Hanna said I seem to be a little embarrassed. I told her I was a little surprised by Kim kissing us in front of her husband like that.

Hanna laughed then told us PJ wasn’t her husband, she is married to Cando and Della is PJ’s wife. Now I was confused so I ask if their family was like ours. “No, not like us, Mama explained their relationship to me about two years ago. Until then I had wondered myself” Hanna then ask Sue and me if we knew anything about bi-sexual‘s? We both nodded and Sue said” we have talked about that in the family and I guess some people would call us bi-sexual.

Hanna explained that Paul and his deceased wife were both straight but very open minded. PJ and Cando are both Bi and were having sex with each other at a very early age. They would often share girlfriends when they found a girl willing to do threesomes. While they were in culinary school they met Kim and Della who were living together as lovers. One thing lead to another and a year later they were married.

They have Bi friends they party with from time to time. Hanna told us Kim and Della had let her and Mama know they had a crush on them but it had never gone beyond a hug and a kiss. She said” Papa don’t think it would be a good idea to go as far as sex with the ladies because they aren’t like us and it could lead to problems.

Before we left the restaurant Kim and Della brought us sample carry outs to take home with us. We loaded in the car with Hanna in the middle and headed to Hanna’s. house. When I pulled into her drive she ask if we could come for a while. I told her we wouldn’t want to Sex hikayeleri wake Herman and Rose. She said” that will not be a problem that they were both sound sleepers but if we did wake them they would only want to watch or join in”.

Sue was okay with the idea so the three of us went inside. We walked through the den, up the steps and into Hanna’s bedroom. Both girls were removing their tops and bra’s as we walked down the hallway. By the time we reached the bedroom they were topples. As soon as we walked in the three of us completely stripped and all meet in a naked embrace. The bedroom door was still open so I turned to close. Hanna stopped me and told me it was okay to leave it open.

The two girls started kissing and fondling each other’s tits. I told them I needed to take a piss before I could join them. Hanna broke the kiss and looked at me and smiled. Sue kissed Hanna and ask” do you think you could stand a double dose, I’m about to bust to take a piss”. Hanna giggled like an excited little girl and the three of us headed to the bathroom.

There was a large combination tub and shower with a handheld shower head. Hanna ask” would you mind if I lay on my back in the tub and Sue get in a 69 with me. Then you can get behind her and piss on her ass while she pisses in my mouth. That way I can have both of you at the same time”?

I told Hanna I could do that or I could get my cock in Sue’s pussy and piss in it while she is pissing if you would like”. “Oh Fuck Yes, Oh Shit, I would love that”. Hanna was as excited as a little girl on Christmas morning. There was a mat in the bottom of the tub so Hanna stepped in and lay down with her legs spread wide. Sue wasted no time climbing between Hanna’s legs and burying her face in Hanna’s pussy. As I positioned myself behind Sue I could see Hanna licking away at her pussy.

I was about to work my semi-hard cock into Sue’s pussy when Hanna pulled it down to her mouth. She only made a could of trips down my shaft then guided the head to Sue’s hot fuck hole. I watched as Hanna used two fingers to pull Sue’s lips apart and I slowly worked my cock inside. Sue must have been doing a good job on the other end, Hanna was already letting out little moans.

Sue pulled away from Hanna’s pussy just long enough to say” Okay Bobby, I’m ready when you two are”. “YES, YES, PLEASE” Hanna pleaded. I relaxed as much as I could and my piss started flowing out of Sue’s pussy. At the same time I felt Sue’s warm piss flow down across my cock mixing with mine as it flooded Hanna’s mouth. She would use her hands to catch some of the piss and rub it over her tits and stomach. When the piss stopped Hanna starting licking and sucking Sue’s pussy lips and the base of my cock.

The three of us were humping and grunting until we reached an orgasm. As I pulled out of Sue Hanna shoved three fingers into her pussy covering them with my cum and the small amount of piss that had remained in Sue’s pussy. I watched as Hanna licked the back of her fingers then rubbed her hand down over her tits. She was so turned on she was making little squalling sounds.

She started sucking Sue’s pussy again and I just watched in amazement as this wild, beautiful creature devour that sweet pussy. I lean down, pulled Sue’s ass cheeks apart and started tonguing her asshole. That was enough to send her into one big mind blowing, screaming orgasm. Sue collapsed on Hanna and the two lay there together catching their breath.

Sue finally roll of Hanna to the side of the tub. When I looked down Hanna was looking up at me smiling. Her face, breast and stomach was wet with the piss and cum. Even her hair was soaked. I lean down and I’m sure she though I was going to kiss her. Instead, I licked down one cheek, across her open mouth and on down across her left breast. Hanna shouted” BOBBY, YOU FUCKING CUM SUCKING PERVERT”!! Surprised by her comment, I quickly set up and looked down at her. She had the biggest smile on her face and said” get your sweet tongue and lips back down there and clean me up good. I could hear Sue snickering.

Sue set up and was now sucking Hanna’s right breast. I started licking Hanna all over like a cat. We were all three engrossed in what was going on in the tub when we heard a heavy accented male voice say” What the hell is going on here, you kids are making enough noise to wake the dead”. Sue and I both shot up to a sitting position. My heart was pounding and I’m sure the same was true of Sue. Hanna slowly set up laughing. We all looked toward the open bathroom door to see Herman and Rose standing there stark naked.

Hanna said” Hi Papa, Hi Mama, we were just having a late night snack”. The three of them laughed but Sue and I were still setting there wide eyed, open mouth and blushing a bright red. I couldn’t take my eyes off Rose. She was an older model of Hanna but more sexy looking than I could ever have imagined. Sue punched me and said” look at his cock, damn I have never seen anything like that.

Hanna told them to come a little closer so we could all get a better look at everyone naked. Man, I did turn red then but they walked over to the tub with big smiles on their faces.

As the got closer I saw what Sue was talking about. Herman’s cock was not very long, maybe about four and a half to five inches long but it was as big around as a soda can and sticking straight out and hard as a rock. I wondered how a woman could get that in their pussy or any one could get it in their mouth of asshole. I looked back at Rose and I just want to reach out and touch her tits. For a person her age they looked oh so inviting.

Rose told Hanna” I see you’ve been at it again, what are your new friends going to think of all this piss and cum all over such a lovely girl as you”? Hanna smiled and said” Mama, I thank they love it, they pissed and cum all over me then busied themselves cleaning it up. “ Well that was nice of them, so what now” Rose said.. “ Well to be honest I think Bobby would like to suck your tits and Sue would like to try to suck Papa’s cock. “So, what’s keeping them from it, they don’t look like they are tied down but we can make it easer for them by standing right nest to the tub. Rose stepped up to the edge and I wasted no time lifting her breast and sucking the nipple into my mouth.

Rose sighed saying” you sweet boy, that feels so good”. Sue was still staring in Herman’s cock. She looked up at Herman and ask” can I touch it, PLEASE”? Herman laughed and told her” Honey you can do anything to the old dick you would like to“. She reached out and took his cock in her hand. It was so big around her fingers wouldn’t reach around it. Sue started licking around the head then up and down the shaft.

I placed my hand on Rose’s thigh and she moved her legs wider apart. Her skin felt so smooth as I slowly eased my hand up toward the close trimmed gray pubic hair. I stopped sucking her tit and started looking at her mound. I could see her dark colored outer labia extending past her outer lips. I couldn’t resist, I licked my tongue out and touched the part that hung past her lips. She moaned a little as I sucked both sides into my mouth. Rose used her fingers to pull her lips apart and I pushed my tongue up into her warm soft pussy.

Rose moved her legs further apart to allow me better access. She pulled my head tight to her pussy then started moving her hips back and forth. Sikiş hikayeleri I was tongue fucking her warm soft pussy and we were both loving it. Hanna stepped out of the tub and walked around behind he Grandmother. I felt Rose pull her hips back a little then she jumped a little and started pushing her pussy harder into my face. She moaned” AAAHHHH Yes my darling girl, three fingers, harder, harder , AAAAHHHH yes”.

I felt Rose was getting close and I could only assume Hanna was finger fucking her in the ass. Rose grabbed a double hand full of my hair and pulled me so hard into her crotch I was having trouble breathing. She reach such an all consuming orgasm I thought I could feel her heart beating through her clit.. I could only feel a small amount of her woman juice but it taste great. I feel her about to collapse so I put my arms around her hips to hold her up. I heard Hanna say” you’re okay Mama Bobby and I have you. I looked up to see Hanna’s arms wrapped around her chest. WE lowered this wonderful, sexy, smiling Grandmother slowly to the floor.

I heard Sue ask Herman” what can I do to make this big cock cum”? Herman through his head back and laughed. He told Sue” Young lady, it is almost impossible for me to cum but you have made this old man very happy with what you have done. You have a very talented mouth and you should be proud of your ability”.

Hanna and I were setting on the floor next to her Grandmother. Rose told Hanna” Girl you need a shower. You even have piss and cum in your hair. Hanna laughter and said” Yea Mama, I think I look so good like this and I loved getting here. Sue made the comment that the three of us needed to shower. Herman set down beside Rose and started playing with her tits. Then he looked at Sue and ask” Tell me sweet girl, would you do this old man the honor of setting on my face before you shower. Sue give Rose a quick glance and saw her nodding. Sue told Herman” Sir, I sure it’s going to be my pleasure to have a gentleman like you eating my pussy. I should advise you that Bobby has already cum and pissed in my pussy”’. .Herman smiled and said” Oh good, the more the better”. Herman lay on the floor on his back and Sue walked over, straddled Herman’s head and lowered her still dripping wet puss down to his mouth.

Herman wrapped his arms around Sue’s legs and pulled her to him. Sue giggled and said” damn what a big tongue, WWOOOOO this man really knows how to eat pussy, OOOOOHHHHH, He’s gonna make me cum“.. Rose had propped up on her elbow and was smiling her approval. I set on the edge of the tub and Hanna back up between my legs and leaned back against my chest. I put my arms around her waist and she placed her hands over mine.

As we were watching Herman and Sue enjoying themselves Hanna ask” Bobby, what’s gonna happen now” I ask what she was talking about. She said” I have friends my own age, at school, in the neighborhood, through the store, I have also has sex with others besides Mama and Papa and I have enjoyed some more than others sexually. The problem here and now is that I know you and Sue are in love, more than a sexual attraction. I also think I’m falling in love with you both and I think you both may feel the same for me. SO, What now”?

I pulled Hanna a little closer, kissed her on the neck as I was trying to think of an answer to her question. Before I could say anything Rose spoke up” TIME!!, TIME MY CHILDREN, you are all still very young. You all have ideas about things you would like to accomplish, education wise, job wise and many other things to consider. We will be here for you as long as we live and Bobby and Sue your families are there for you and will be there for Hanna. There area few other families like us in this area that would make themselves known if they were needed. So, take your time, trust me it will all work out”.

I knew Sue had heard every word that was said but she never stopped licking and pumping Herman’s cock. She looked over and Rose and said” I totally agree, now tell me, is there anyone that can get this cock in their mouth and suck it”? Rose, Herman and Hanna started laughing. Rose told Sue” Yes, I can but it is very embarrassing to do it with others watching.. “What the hell could be embarrassing bout being able to suck a cock that nice and big” Rose was a little red faced and seemed reluctant to answer. Hanna ask if it was okay for her to tell. Rose nodded then Hanna said, the fact is Mama has false teeth, when she takes them out she can not only get Papa’s cock in her mouth but she can also give any man the best blow-job he has ever had, eat a pussy and such your asshole like you wouldn’t believe”.

By this time Rose was a bright red in the face. Sue ask Herman if Rose would do it would he like to have her suck his cock and allow the three of us to join in as we please? “Hell Yes, I would be a fool to say no” Herman said. Sue looked at Rose and told her” Mama, I have had sex with every member of mine and Bobby’s family. I’ve been fucked in the ass, pussy and mouth at the same time, I’ve swallowed cum and piss from many, including your own granddaughter. Now tell me truly, do you think it’s going to be a turn me off to see a lovely, sexy lady like you remove her false teeth for sexual purposes”.

Rose didn’t say a word, just stood and walked over the bathroom sink. I saw her bend over, turn on the water for just a second then turn back toward us. I couldn’t tell hardly any difference in her facial appearance but she seem to be very self-conscious of it. I moved around Hanna and met Rose half way across the room. She was still holding her head down. I put one arm around her waist, tilted her head up until our eyes met. I kissed her full in the lips and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She through her arms around my neck and sucked my tongue in applying a little pressure while sliding my tongue in and out of her mouth like it was a small cock.

I had never felt anything just like it but it was having a very positive effect on me. My cock was hard as a rock and pushing against the lips of her pussy. She broke the kiss and we turned and walked over the where Sue and Herman were. Hanna told Sue to turn around so she would be facing Papa’s cock. When she stood up I could see Herman had pussy juice all over his face and it had run down around his cheeks and neck. Before Sue could set back down I kneeled on side of Herman and Hanna on the other. We started licking the juice off his cheeks and neck. We worked our way up to his chin and Hanna licked across his lips then kissed him. I could see his large, thick tongue slice into her mouth.

Hanna broke the kiss and set up looking at me. I knew what she had on her mind so I lean down and kissed Herman and sucked his tongue into my mouth. Hanna sucked in a beep breath and said“ Oh Fuck, now that‘s hot to me“.

AS soon as I broke the kiss Sue was right there to set back on Herman‘s face. Rose had moved between his legs. She was spitting on his cock and pumping it up and down. Hanna reach down and pulled Rose’s hair back out of her face so we could all see what she was doing. Rose started by licking around the head of Herman’s cock head. Then she slowly started sliding her mouth of the head. It was amazing to watch this massive cock sliding into this small mouth.

Rose move back and forth going a little deeper each time. She soon had Herman ball deep in her mouth Erotik hikaye and it was having a chain reaction on us all. Herman was grunting as he pulled Sue tighter to his mouth. Sue was bucking and gyrating her hips on Herman’s tongue. Hanna had stepped across Herman, leaned forward bracing herself on Rose’s shoulders and placing her hot, dripping wet pussy in Sue’s face. Sue wasted on time burying her face in Hanna’s pussy. I moved around behind Rose and slipped two fingers into her pussy. She groaned a little as I slid my fingers in and out of her pussy.

I was surprised when Rose reached back and pulled my soaked fingers from her pussy. Then I was very pleased when she moved my fingers up to her asshole and rubbed them around. I got the idea so I pushed three fingers back into her pussy then used the slick pussy juice coated fingers to push into her asshole. While I was finger fucking her ass I pushed my cock into her hot velvet like pussy. Damn it felt good

When my cock was coated with her juice I slipped it out of her pussy and place the head up to her asshole. Rose moaned and pushed back against my cock. I heard Hanna laugh the said” you must be about to fuck Mama in the ass, she really loves that”. This was like music to my ears. I pushed in slowly until my cock head slipped pass the sphincter. Rose let out a little moan and pushed back more. In one hard I went ball deep in her ass. “MMMMMMMMMMM” was all I heard out of rose.

Hanna ask me if I was all the way in. I told her I was. She grinned and told me to just hold, Mama will do all the rest. The second I placed my hands on Rose’s hips she started flexing the inside of her rectum and moving her ass around in such a was it was causing a sensation I had never experienced before. I started cumming and cumming filling her asshole so full it was running out and dripping off my balls.

The room was filled with moans, groans and wild animal like sounds. I fell back on my hills and watched as my cum started running out of Rose’s mouth asshole. I couldn’t resist, I lean down and started sucking the cum out of her ass. Rose was pushing down and my cum was pouring out of her ass and into my mouth. I was swallowing as fast as I could to keep up when I felt my cock being sucked into a nice warm mouth. I pulled back just long enough to see the top of Hanna’s head bobbing up and down on my almost soft cock.

I looked over at Sue. She was smiling as she ask” Herman, how do you feel about golden showers”? “UH HUH” was all I could hear but it must have been enough for Sue. I could tell by the look on her face she was pissing in Herman’s mouth. Herman started bucking so hard his hips were coming off the floor and Rose’s head was really bouncing up and down.

I stopped sucking on Rose’s ass and Hanna let my cock slip out of her mouth. The two of us mover on either side of Rose and watched as small drops of cum would slip out the sides of her mouth. Hanna and I would lick the drops off the side of Rose’s mouth. Finally Herman started to settle down. He pushed Sue up off his face telling her” sorry Honey but I gotta breath.

Rose set back and it was not hard to tell she still had a mouth full of cum. Hanna told her” Mama, lets show them how we share”. Hanna and Rose moved close to each other. While the rest of us watched Rose let a small amount of cum slip out of her mouth and down onto her chin. Hanna leaned in and licked up the cum. The Rose held her mouths over Hanna’s but their lips didn’t touch. Rose allowed a good size stream of cum slip from her mouth into Hanna’s mouth. Hanna open her mouth and showed us the cum as she moved it around with her tongue. Sue moved over to Rose and she repeated the same with her. My cock was getting harder by the second. Rose moved over to Herman and shared with him in much the same way.

Rose turned to me and motioned with her finger to come to her. I was still on my knees so I just crawled over to her.. I held my mouth below hers and open my mouth. I thought she would do the same with me she had with the others. She put two of her fingers in my mouth and pulled on my tongue. I let her pull my tongue out of my mouth and held it there when she removed her fingers. She lean down and touched her tongue to mine. I could feel and taste the cum as it run from her tongue onto mine and down my throat. The she sucked my tongue into her mouth and started sucking it again. When we broke the kiss we both swallowed the small amount of cum we still had in our mouths.

Rose laid on the floor beside Herman. Sue and Hanna were kneeling beside each other on the other side of Herman. The were still holding cum in their mouths. Hanna motioned for me to come loser and I did. She moved over to Sue, tilted her head back and put her fingers on her eyelids and gently pulled them closed. Then Hanna leaned over Sue’s head and let the cum flow from her mouth covering Sue’s forehead, eyes mouth and chin. She then motioned for me to join her licking it off. As we slowly licked Sue’s face Hanna pushed her fingers into Sue’s pussy and I went for her asshole. Sue was soon having one climax after the other and finally pushed us away to make us stop, she couldn’t stand any more.

Sue and I then returned the same for Hanna with basically the same end results. Hanna suggested we all take a shower then Sue and I could dress to go home. Rose stood up and started toward the sink. Sue ask where she was going. Rose was a little reluctant to say but she finally told Sue she was going to put her plates back in. Sue ask her not to do that. I told her we all like the things you do with them out, we weren’t uncomfortable with it and she should not be either.

Rose turned and come back to the tub. Hanna adjusted the water, we all climbed in and pulled the curtain. We were all soaping up each other, kissing, groping and sucking on each other. When we had all showered we all started drying each other.

I walked over and set on the edge of the vanity and Rose put the lid down on the toilet and set down next to me. Rose just set looking at me for a couple of minutes. Then she ask” Bobby, what do you think of all this”. “All what” I ask. “Us, your family, the way we all live, the sex, all of it, what do you think”? I took a few minutes to think it all over and get my thoughts in order. When I looked around the room everyone was looking at waiting to hear what I had to say.

“Rose, to be honest with you, I don’t think I have it all figured out yet. I was the last one in my family to know about all this. I thought I was an over sexed pervert until I talked to Mom and she let me in on the family secret. It has just grown from there. I never thought I would have the love for my sisters that I have. I never expected to fall in love with Sue. Now there’s Hanna plus you and Herman. If you judge all this to what most people would call a normal life I guess I would just be a perverted old freak”. Rose laughed and said” Bobby, you are a pervert, that is someone whose sexual behavior is socially unexcitable. That would be us, that’s why we keep it a secret. On the other hand, we don’t still, lie, cheat, or harm others. Sex aside we have a love and dedication that a lot of people don’t have. While we can’t share this with everyone the ones that we can seem to be better off for it. I wouldn’t change my life for anyone I know”.

I laughed at Rose’s last statement and she ask why I laughed. “Because I recently made the very same statement you just made. Everyone laughed and Rose said” Well come here and give this old pervert a goodnight kiss.

End of chapter 14

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