Late Finish


I decided to meet Sarah from work. She worked in a beach bar about a mile from home and not being able to sleep in the hot summer night I set off.

The walk was pleasant enough. Phosphorescence flickered on the surf as it slapped the sleeping sand. Couples lay in the dim light from a new moon gently writhing. The streets of the fishing village were emptying as homeward trod the servants of holiday pleasure. This resort had a reputation for sexual ease. it was almost impossible to avoid getting laid – eventually they say.

As I neared the beach bar I heard laughter and recognised Sarah’s tinkling tones. In front of the bar was a wide terrace full of empty tables and the debris of another Mediterranean night out. I stopped to listen. To earwig on the conversation unseen. They were talking about customers and their sexual antics particularly passionate kissing and fondling under the tables. Some were such obvious duffers at kissing. Awkward and stilted. Others melted into each other gently but irresistably.

Sarah was sitting at a small circular table with Javier and Serge. She was wearing her white filigree lace dress through which her bra-less breasts were just visible. It was knee length with long floppy sleeves.

Javier was a muscular Spaniard in his 40’s who was never without a very much younger adoring acolyte in tow. But not tonight. Serge was of indeterminate age and nationality. Possibly French. They both worked in bars for the summer and went who knows where for the winter. Perhaps like swallows they flew south. 1xbet yeni giriş Serge exclaimed that he was the best kisser on the coast and had often been told so. Sarah and Javier laughed loudly and Javier leaned across and kissed Serge firmly on the lips. Accompanied by much laughter Javier made a great show of wiping away this assault on his manhood.

Serge announced that there was only one way to determine the most adept kisser. Sarah must be the judge! Sarah was mid sip on her glass of wine and spluttered, “Me?” Javier said it was a great idea and offered to be the first.

Sarah looked and sounded doubtful but after some heavy coercion and cajoling agreed.

Javier took her hand and holding eye contact he kissed it. Sarah smiled a smile of approval. Serge laughed and said he only ever kissed his maiden aunt like that. Standing over Sarah he took her head in his hands and pressed his lips against hers lingeringly. He sat down with a hint of triumph. Javier jeered at that display of demure mouth to mouth. He took Sarah’s arm and pulled her over onto his knee. folding her in his arms he enveloped her in a long and deep kiss that was electrifying and when it was done Sarah felt stirrings of something unexpected in her gut.

By this time I was sitting at a distant table in the shadows watching this erotic tableau play out, wondering if I should intervene. But Sarah was her own woman and i knew she would be fine. Added to which the stiffening cock in my swimming shorts held me in thralled to voyeuristic curiosity.

Serge 1xbet giriş reached across the table for Sarah’s hands and gently pulled her round. She swivelled on Javier’s lap and leaned over the table, her ample cleavage obvious as her dress fell open. Serge clutched her shoulders and gently brushed his lips against hers. His eyes were open and she saw intent in them as he increased the pressure of his kiss. Javier had hold of her hips in his large hands and she felt him growing beneath her. Serge’s kiss sucked her into a trance like state as his tongue parted her lips and probed. Javier’s cock was fully erect and he was grinding it into her cleft. She wondered if she should call a halt but she was in reality enjoying something she had often fantasised about with these two.

Serge let go of her shoulders and slid his hands under her and cupped her breasts. She shivered as her erect nipples felt the hit friction of his rough hands. Javier slipped off his shorts and insinuated his fingers past her pants and into her hot wet cunt. Her sharp intake of breath triggered an intensification in Serge’s kiss.

Javier eased her forward onto the table. He pulled her pants out of her cleft and with a swift, deft movement of a knife he kept in his belt, cut through the cotton leaving the way clear. He pressed the thick stub of his cock against Sarah’s cunt lips and swept it back and forth to whet it and then began a long intense penetration that opened Sarah’s eyes fully wide and she let out an animalistic grunt.

Her 1xbet güvenilirmi mouth fell open and Serge paused in his passion as Javier executed long sensuous thrusts into Sarah’s quivering body. I was utterly transfixed. My erect cock in my hand feeling the stinging signals of approaching ejaculation.

Serge stood up momentarily thrown by Javier’s audacity, then he dropped his pants and began to massage his foreskin slowly back and forth in front of Sarah’s wide eyes. She spontaneously licked his tip before she could stop herself. Then he was into her mouth and moaning as her tongue swiped around his bell with practised skill.

I grabbed a tomato stained serviette just in time to collect a great spurt of Jizz from my distended cock. Post coital guilt and fear of getting caught made my orgasm unnaturally silent. Sarah was being spit roasted in front of me as I quietly moved off the terrace.

From a distance I watched the inevitable triple orgasm. First Serge ‘surged’ and shot his load down Sarah’s willing throat. One swallow, I thought, does not make a summer! Sarah came up for air as Javier’s thrusting accelerated and Sarah squealed with delight as her orgasm flared out from her gut, thighs and cunt. Javier bellowed like a bullock as his spunk spurted out of him.

As I walked back down the beach he collapsed over Sarah and kissed the sweat of her neck. I waited a while and then when I saw Sarah coming up the beach I walked to meet her as if nothing had happened. She had an unseemly spring in her step and she threw her arms around my neck and kissed. And Kissed and Kissed. We stumbled into the surf embracing. When in the fullness of time I pushed my cock into her It was amazingly slippery and hot. I said nothing. I knew who was the most adept kisser.

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