Late Night Cleaning


The project I had been struggling on at work was late. I needed to stay that evening to try and complete it. It was already ten pm and I was nearly done. The office was empty except for me. I heard a noise and looked up. It was just the cleaning woman walking into my area. I kept looking at the computer screen when I felt someone hovering nearby. The black woman who was cleaning was looking directly at me and smiling. She looked to be in her mid-twenties and attractive. Her nametag said “Janetta.”

You’re cute!” Janetta said to me.

My face must have gotten red. This wasn’t a conversation I wanted to have at the moment.

“Thanks,” I replied back.

She must have been waiting for more than my feeble answer.

“You are attractive also,” I told her.

“You think so?” Janetta asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

Janetta set down her cleaning tools and started to unzip her jersey sweater that she wore. She then reached for the edge of her t-shirt and pulled it up. Janetta wasn’t wearing a bra that evening. Her titties came loose. They were large and resting on her chest. The nipples bahis firmaları were long and the tips were erect. I guess my mouth must have dropped.

“Do you like them?” I was asked.

I didn’t say much of anything. I just sat in my chair and stared. Janetta walked closer to me. Those black breasts were just inches from my face now. Janetta pushed them to my lips. God help me, I opened up and took one in my mouth. I sucked on it deeply. I could smell her earthy scent as I licked and chewed each nipple. I knew I had lost my mind. I was sucking on the cleaning woman’s tits and I didn’t care what happened.

After a few minutes of this I stood up. I pulled off the jersey and shirt totally. I then unbuckled her pants and slid them down. Janetta pulled off her panties to let me see below. Her bush was black as coal and thick. I undid my pants and pulled them and my undies free. My cock was raging hard and standing straight out. I am about seven inches and fairly thick. I lifted Janetta onto my desk. I then lifted her legs up and pressed them back. Janetta’s eyes grew big. I don’t think she ever anticipated kaçak iddaa this. The situation was out of control by now. I moved in and my cockhead was postioned right at her black opening.

I pushed past her ebony folds and my cock sunk all the way in.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Janetta was screaming out to me.

I did thank God that no one was around. I began to feed my white cock into her black pussy. I had her knees pushed against her big black boobs. My cock was in a death grip. Janetta had her pussy muscles wrapped tightly around me. I drove my shaft as deep as it would go. Janetta was a vocal lover. She was begging me to fuck her as hard as I could. She wanted my white pecker in a bad way.

Janetta’s dark ass was bouncing up and down off my desk. My ball sacs slapped her asscheeks with every thrust I gave her. I felt her pussy going into one spasm after another. There was no stopping now. I was going to make Janetta explode all over my dick. It didn’t take too long to accomplish that. Janetta’s tight pussy gripped me hard one more time and we both came together. I shot one sticky kaçak bahis load after another into her pussy. I had a lot to give her. I hadn’t been with a woman in some time. I just kept spewing my white hot seed into Janetta’s belly. I fed her my cock until I finally went soft. My cock came out with a plopping sound. I looked down at my black lover. She looked spent. Janetta was breathing hard and her body was shaking.

“I never felt anything like that before,” she said.

She said her orgasms had been so intense. Janetta tried to stand up, but her legs were a bit wobbly. When she did stand up finally, she kissed me on the mouth. After the kiss I reached for some tissues that were on my desk. We wiped up as best as we could and Janetta and I got dressed once more.

“They’re going to be looking for me soon,” she said to me.

“I hope we meet again,” were the last words she said to me before she continued with her duties.

I gathered up the tissues and I had to get rid of my calendar place mat I had on my desk. It was covered in our cum stains. I finished up my work at the office and then went home. I got a shower and then went to bed. I couldn’t sleep however. My cock got hard again just thinking about what had happened this night. All I know now is that I will need to work a few more evening jobs!

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