Late Night Study With Ram


Late Night Study With Ram“yes Lola, i studied hard today but it’s not like when ram trains me” – Lola said “yes he’s doing a great job on you, I heard from casper you got good grades” – I nodded and rams hot palm was bare soft thigh under the table. “Dee is an excellent student and sure loves hard long studies, I love to help him – like a part of the family.” Lola smiled “Good, so you have this big test tomorrow dee? Hmm ok, ram why don’t you both do a late study, I know its late but the attic guest room is quite and you sure like it up there, we wouldn’t mind as long as you bring in a good grade Dee” – I look at Rams pleading – “yea plz Ram, i’ll owe you a big one, I need you to test me hard” Ram hand was around my lower back and buttock, slowly sliding inside my thin shorts and starting to rub my soft annus. “Sure hon, gladly, i love those lessons so much, Dee can take the punishment.” everybody laughed, ram pulled his hand casually and continue eating not before licking his forefinger that was seconds before in my ass, licking my ass juice while looking at me with abandon lust and craving galore. “Baby it was so hard today without you, I kept thinking about you, about how you fucked me this morning.” We were sitting in the salon, everyone – ram and i were sitting together on one couch and casper and Lola on the other.We here watching a movie it was loud enough for me to whisper slutty dirty stuff. “After the movie, i need you to train me hard.” – ram was covering his raging erection with a pillow and he whispered back. “i’m gonna train your ass my love, you gonna scream my name and i’ll make your ass come hard on my cock baby girl.” I wet myself, rubbing my legs together, and raised them on the couch. “I wish you could fuck me right now daddy before your wife and son, show them how much a man you are, taking my ass and owning it hard.” Ram was getting restless, he craved me badly. “Ok what say you Dee, this movie sucks ha? lets go study we can save some night time.” he said loudly – “Sure, Ram, ok” I replied. Rams stood quickly and turned away and walked to the stair – “Good idea hon, see you later – i’ll bring refreshments after the movie.” When i got up the stairs to the room Ram grabbed me hard and closed the door, and tear my shirt out, revealing my sensual body and started to kiss my breasts hard. I dropped on my knees and removed his pants, his huge cock jumped up already pumped, i grabbed it and licked it while he looked down on me with fire in his eyes. “Your cock wants me, it’s so hard.” Ram quickly lifted me by the forearm up and i curved my legs around his waist his big hands all over my ass and he almost teared my pink panties, they were elastic enough – he pulled them all the way and they stretched my buttock and revealed my glorious butthole. I got fucked today so many times, my ass was soft and puffed – ram huge rock was between my buttocks rubbing hard and i juiced up on it, lobbing it with my honey tasting ass juice, i hugged ram around the neck and back of his head – he was still standing güvenilir bahis and was going to fuck me like that. “Open your ass baby, I know you want it, yes baby your soft ass was made for my cock, yes” – Raising my ass he slowly drove his cock tip inside my butthole, expending it, exciting it – “Yes daddy fill me in, oh your cock is so warm and hard inside me” my back and ass were getting filled by his rock hard cock, he used his strong hands to fuck my body up and down and i felt like a puppet being tossed by a powerful bull. “yes, i love your ass dee, yes” – I was riding on his rod, up and down – he was plowing my ass hard, his skin so sticky inside my gut he was pulling half of my annus out each time, i started to foam white ass juice, it felt so good and i screamed with pleasure and joy “i’m cumming baby, keep fucking my ass”.My soft asscheeks crumbled like jelly as i came on his cock, my whole ass convulsing with orgasms washing my body and brain. Ram kept fucking me while i orgasmed, my white ass cream lubing his cock as he pumped me, ignoring my clenching and contracting he kept humping my white ass mercilessly – my body was totally in his control and will – “fuck me daddy, i’m yours, your cock controls me, i’m yours” – I moaned and licked his ear whispering trash dirt – “plz make this ass yours daddy, come inside me, fuck me forever baby, plz” Ram came hard, he managed to stay up and hold my ass up and moved his pelvis hard pumping me and cumming inside me “yes, yes I’m cumming dee” my ass drunk his cum and sucked it into my gut as his cock thrust and poured hot cum.“Yes daddy seed my ass, I can fell your cum flowing inside me, yes” I loved his cum, it felt so good inside my ass, it felt different from the others and i wanted it all. Ram loaded me with a glass full of hot cum and my ass drank it whole, not a drop spilled – he pulled his cock out and i squeezed not to make any drop spilled. We dropped on the bed “Don’t you want to squirt my cum out baby?” Ram asked. I laid beside him my back to his chest, his hot cock resting between my legs like an oven. “No, i want to keep it inside me, I can feel your seed inside me, moving in my belly.” Ram hugged my chest and grabbed my head pinning me “oh, your such a fucking slut – I love you.” And he kissed me hard, as i swallowed his spit – i felt his sticky cum inside me, my ass was filled and the pressure was expending my ass and i would not release a bit of it, slowly absorbing his cum I kissed him and a haze of orgasms filled my body. A knock at the door, I quickly put my long shirt covered my butt and set on the study table, Ram did the same – Lola came with refreshments, drinks and cookies. “here you go boys, enjoy, wow you study hard.” I crossed my legs, sitting on the chair made my ass drip out some of the pressure cum out and it made my shirt stain with Rams cum. I groaned and answered “Yes Lola, thanks – Ram is hitting me hard on everything, filling me up with his knowledge is so fulfilling, i love it.” – Lola was proud of her stallion. türkçe bahis “yes, yes, i’m glad you do, ok keep it up but no too late you need to sleep before the test.” Ram’s hand was around my bare slender waist as he waved her goodbye – I put my leg over his and he massage my foot – “baby i spilled some of your cum” I complained, biting my lips – “Dee I have another load for you – You know how I love to fuck you, yea feel my cock, it’s getting ready again for little dee hon.” he kissed my neck and nipples, I slide over to sit on him, my toes on the chair mid ramp, my knees curved up and my glorious ass hunched over rams belly – his cock between us hot and getting harder by the seconds. Rams pulled his cock out over my ass, i could fill his resting all the way to my lower back – amazing how such a big shaft can plow me inside. His hands spread my asscheeks wide, his hot palms squeezing my soft fatty ass – i positioned my butthole over his cock and quickly pushed down to swallow it – “Oh daddy, i don’t want to lose a drop of your cum” and i felt how his cum was pushed inside me again expending me while his cock went all in, i kept my ass shut, never releasing my annus for him. It felt so good, i moaned and raised my ass again pulling itself up. “I’ll fuck you daddy, i’m gonna ride – not gonna stop till you cum again and fill my ass up with cum.” Ram groaned in delight looking at my face as i humped him my hands holding the chair back, and my toes clinging to the ledge, i squatted on his huge cock up and down – holding my ass tight, it was so hot and i tried not to come. Ram was grabbing my ankles so i will not slip while i was riding him, his hot palms steadying my soft feet. “your so gorgeous, so hot, so fucking hot baby.” Ram was mesmerized by my hot body fucking him and I pulled my head and curved my neck for him to suck it and he bite on it and suck hard, his mouth drooling with spit and he groaned hard trying not to come, he wanted to keep enjoying this fuck. I felt his cum pushing more and more inside my belly and i kept shutting my ass not releasing a drop, massing his cock every stroke like I was jerking him off but instead of my heads with my annus muscle. “baby i can’t hold it any longer” Ram said, his face red with effort and I felt his cock getting even more harder and hotter inside me and then he came hard, his hands almost snapped my ankles as he screamed with joy “haaa, oh my god dee”. I Kept riding on his love shaft, Using my god given ass perfectly and methodically – Humping him with love, still keeping my annus hard on his cock, i pulled his skin all the way and up and down hard, my soft white buttocks crushing on his legs and quivering like jelly. I kept fucking, riding him hard till he finished jerking, his orgasm finished- I pinned my ass hard on his thighs and legs his cock hard inside my and i slowly moved my ass in circular motions. Looking at him i licked my mouth, he was still groaning from his orgasm and his body so hot and sweaty still shuddered. I moved my feet from the güvenilir bahis siteleri chair ledge and curved them on his legs my ankles in wrapping his thighs, his warm hand caressing my soft soles and arch and he kissed me “Oh Dee you fucked me so good, body can ride a cock like you baby”. I used my hand and slowly pulled his massive rod out, taking care not to open up, all his cum was still inside me, and i played with it pushing it almost out and in again. Suddenly I urged a craving to taste his love seed, I could not keep it up anymore and I squirted it all over his cock and balls, push after push i spew his white sticky cum, It felt so good as i empty my gut out all this pressure releasing and I moaned as Rams tongue was inside my mouth, his big eyes boring on me with lust and love. Sliding cat like down on the floor sitting on my knees i started to suck the all the cum and there was a lot of it. “Yes baby suck up my precious cum, don’t leave any drop out” Ram was so pleased as i passionately worked my mouth and tongue to suck and lick his balls and cock, his thighs and belly and legs, there was so much cum and it tasted so good, it was inside my gut for so long it tasted like hot oat meal and i couldn’t stop licking and sucking on him. “Your cum tastes so good, i wish you could come on me like that forever baby.” He drew my hair back as i sucked and looked at my big blue eyes. I kept cleaning his cock making sure nothing was left out and stood up, Ram still siting wide on the chair kissed my belly and man-pussy his hands scooped my ass rubbing my hot annus there was lots of cum left and i grabbed his cum stained hands and suck on them. Then I sat back on him on the side, my legs crossed grabbing his hand sucking on his fingers looking at him. Ram’s other hand rubbed my annus and two of his fingers went all in and scooped more cum out and he feed me again, then he hugged my waist and legs and kissed me “my beautiful slut i love you” caressing his wet hair i said “thanks for the hard study session, your the best teacher”. Ram quickly dressed up and kissed me good night, i finished up all my exercises and went to sleep when casper arrived, he wanted to snuggle and i allowed him to suck my toes and jerk on my legs – after that he sleep near me keeping me warm and cozy till the morning and we drove to the high school. It was near my graduation time, and Jerroti planed some private party for me, it seemed my plan was working and he managed to get me a free scholarship in a private college that was ranked as very good in the state it took me half a year of fucking him and managing his needs perfectly but it turned out as a big success. Jerroti toke some hot pictures of me posing and immediately got some of his very rich friends to approve the invitation, these guys he said could easily drop 10K on me if I will deliver the goods and it was a challenge gladly accept. Even more thrilling was the collage dean himself will arrive and if i will impress him – then my future will be set – a full scholarship, easy pass on everything and a degree in 3 years, during these years my plan was to make 10K a month, little did i know it will per week – at that time i could reengineer myself with some operations and become a full-blown 10K Shemale goddess.

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