Latest Cruise Excapade, Nov 2015 Part 2


Latest Cruise Excapade, Nov 2015 Part 2The cruise over, we are headed home. Leaving Miami, with a connecting flight in Houston, going to San Diego. Two warm places, so I dressed in a short sleeved blouse. Once on the plane I knew that was a mistake and asked for a blanket to cover my arms. The flight from Miami was two and a half hours, and uneventful. A two hour layover in Houston, we boarded the plane to San Diego at five forty PM. While entering the plane I asked again and received a blanket. We get to our seats, my husband in the isle seat, I’m in the middle because I’m smaller. People are filing down the isle. I see this big man eyeing the seat next to me. Sure enough he has the window seat. We get out, let him in and sit back down. Between my husband who is 6′ and this guy who was bigger, not fat, just big, (and not hard on the eyes). I had no room to move.The plane takes off. It’s dark in the cabin except for a few reading lights. I don’t know how he does it, but as soon as we are in the air, my husband falls asleep. I’m stuck there, watching this tiny television screen on the back of the seat in front of me. Of coarse there is no sound. The big guy next to me opens a lap top. Now I’m seated, arms by my sides, hands folded in my lap, the blanket over my shoulders covering my arms. I’m basically pinned in because the arms of my husband and the other guys are much bigger and over top of mine. Bored I ask the guy where he’s from. He’s from Houston going to San Diego for a conference. We talk it little more. He goes back to his lap top. Then he starts to type. His elbows are way out into my space. The blanket covering me, I don’t think he has any idea what he is rubbing with his elbow is my tit. I let it continue for a few minutes. I need to go to the bathroom. Remove the blanket and step over my husbands legs. When I removed the blanket he must have, for the first time, noticed how well endowed I was. I saw a slight grimness on his face. He now knew it was my tit he was bumping. bursa escort When I returned nothing was said. He was still typing, but his elbow was tucked tightly by his side. To the point where it was almost impossible for him to type. I said to him, It’s hard to get anything done. Don’t worry about bumping me. It happens all the time. There is no room in these seats. All he said was, sorry. I asked him, Trying to get some work done? He told me, yes, he thought he had a couple hours to finish this on the plane. Now if you know me, I’m all about being sexual every chance I get. I tell him, don’t worry about bumping me. Please finish. If your elbow ends up over here, I don’t care. He says, I would like to do a little more work. I’ll try not to accost you. He starts typing again, his elbow in, than way out, trying not to touch me. I had enough of this and bump my tit into his elbow. He moves his arm. I do it again. He looks at me. I tell him, it’s all good, just type. He relaxed his arm, barely resting it against my tit. He types a little more. He knows I’m staring at him and he glances at me. I give him a look as if to say, don’t be a pussy. He gets it, and drops his elbow against my tit. I ask him, now isn’t that better. He snickered. The longer he typed the more relaxed his arm became. I had trouble thinking about anything other than the tit massage I was receiving.The stewardess comes by asking if we would like something to drink? He asks for a Coke, putting his lap top away, sliding it into the pocket in front of him. I tell him, Oh are you done? I was rather enjoying that. We both laugh. He says that’s enough for now. I laugh again and say darn. His drink finished, he has his hands resting on the tray table, his arms still covering mine, but no longer touching my tit. Thinking I didn’t really want that to stop, I adjusted in my seat, also moving my arm in a way that moved his arm against my tit again. Wondering if he knew I did it on purpose, I leaned into him letting him know I bursa escort bayan did. He understood completely. Moving his arm, doing what he could to feel my tit. Then he folded his arms across his chest. His Right hand under his left arm, leaning toward me, he ran his fingers on the side of my tit. I turned slightly to give him a better feel, barely letting him reach my nipple.The blanket covering me from my shoulders to my waist, I moved my hand, making sure to keep it covered, to the top of his leg and squeezed it. Which prompted him to make a quick move, grab my tit and move away. This was fun. I moved my fingers to the inside of his leg and rubbed him. I tried, to move my hand toward his crotch, but seated the way we were I couldn’t move it that high. I had to laugh, he goes, ouch when he hit his knees trying to scoot forward to get his crotch closer to my hand. By now we both wanted my hand on his cock. I moved my butt close to the guy and leaned toward my husband, putting my head on his shoulder. No longer concerned about being chilled, I moved the blanket to cover my shoulder arm and hand that was now in the guys lap. His tray table down and his arms on it, you could not tell where my hand was.Trying to grab the guy thru his pants. I can tell he is hard but can only feel the base of his cock. It must have been stuck in his pants pointing down. He reaches down and fixes himself. His cock now pointing up. I can grab and pinch the shaft and head, but still only thru his pants. I work my hand to the top of his pants but can’t get it inside. It’s to tight. He realizes this. Reaches down. I move my hand. He opens his belt and top button. I reach in. There it is. I feel the warmth of his cock in my hand. This is freaking unbelievable. All these people and no one knows I’m holding this guys cock. There is not much I can do other than hold and squeeze it. Any type of body movement or stroking motion might wake my husband or be observed by people around me. Luckily all the reading escort bursa lights in the area were off.I want to pleasure the guy but what can I do? My fingers half wrapped around him, the underside of his cock and head up in the palm of my hand. Moving as little as I can, using my pointing finger to half ass stroke him. I slide my fingers up the shaft to the base of the head. Squeezing and rolling it between my finger tips. The ridge around the head of his cock felt huge in my fingers. I pulled and twisted it. He put his head back against the seat. I know there is a sensitive spot just under the head of a cock, but never really experimented with it. Usually in my experiences with a cock it’s total domination. With the head of his cock between my thumb and middle finger, I used my pointer finger, with little up and down and back and forth motions on that area. I was amazed when I did that, I could feel his head swell. Cool. I kept doing it and was surprised when I felt what must be precum on my fingers. This made everything slippery and I had to use all my fingers to hold his head as my pointer finger was sliding him from his urethra, which seemed to be leaking more precum, to his shaft. What’s crazy is no one but him and I could even tell I was moving. This was fucking exciting. He must have been enjoying it but I couldn’t tell. His head was back and his eyes closed. Then the head of his cock swelled in my fingers to what felt like double in size. Holy shit, he’s going to cum. I felt the spasms. Then his cum hitting the palm of my hand. He controlled his body without movement except for the cock in my fingers. I felt each spasm till they subsided. Oh my gosh, now what? My hand was covered with him cum. I left it there for a second deciding what to do. Well, he’s not going to like this but I wiped it on his stomach as I removed my hand. Still wet with streams of his cum. As crazy as this sounds, I licked some of it off before wiping it on the blanket. He looked at me and gave the biggest sigh. I was pleased with my accomplishment. I left him with the blanket incase he needed it. I never saw what his pants or shirt looked like after we finished. He was always in back of me as we got off the plane.

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