I quite like mowing the lawns with an old-fashioned push mower. It give me some exercise and a nice looking lawn. It only takes an hour or so every other week.

Mind you, I’m not a fanatic about it. If I happen to miss a few weeks or if we have a sprout of exceptional growth then it’s hullo Mr Power Mower.

On this particular Saturday I was out the back pushing the old mower around. While I was out there my son gave me a call. His new girlfriend was on her way over to our place to meet him and he’d been delayed. He wouldn’t be able to get there for a couple of hours.

Naturally I asked what the problem was and could I help. It turned out no help needed. He and his mate had been doing some off-road biking and got bogged. They would be able to extract themselves but it would take some time. What my son wanted was me to soothe his girlfriend and keep her at our place until he arrived.

“Natalie is very shy,” Simon told me, “so go easy on her. I don’t want you scaring her away.”

Gee, thanks, son. Your trust in your father is overwhelming. I agreed to grab the girl and lock her in a room if required and them went back to the mowing. I’d barely started mowing again when I heard the doorbell going. Simon had cut his warning pretty fine.

I strolled around to the front of the house and there was this pretty young thing waiting at the door. I don’t really understand these ragged fashions the young people wear. Natalie, if that’s who it was, had on this pair of ragged shorts with strategically placed tears and a top that had a ragged hem and barely reached to her navel.

“Natalie?” I inquired, and she turned, looked at me, and nodded.

“Come on round the back,” I said, and went back there myself.

When Natalie reached the back I was already pushing the mower again. I pointed over to where I’d already mowed.

“Sit down and catch some sun,” I yelled. “I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Natalie did just that, curling her legs under her and relaxing on the grass. I continued circling until I was back next to her. I grinned down at her, sweating slightly from the heat and the exercise.

“Just catching up on the mowing,” I said. “Simon just called. He’s been delayed and will you please, please, pretty please, wait. He’ll be as fast as possible, he swears it.”

Natalie laughed.

“Any idea how long he’ll be?” she asked.

“What he said, or honestly?”


“Probably a couple of hours. He went off-road biking and is currently bogged and swearing at the bikes. If you want to leave and come back later I’ll understand, but he really wants you to wait.

You can go in the house and watch TV or a movie, or you can sit right there, catch some sun, and watch me mow.”

“I’ll sit for a while,” she said. “Um, why the old mower?”

“Just a way of getting some exercise in,” I informed her. “I have a power mower for when I’m feeling lazy, but today I figured I’d enjoy the exercise.”

The exercise wasn’t the only thing I was enjoying. I could catch a faint floral scent from her, her voice sounded like a little tinkling bell and she was showing a lot of interesting flesh. And what she wasn’t showing was appealing to libido.

That’s a polite way of saying that an old fella, me, had another old fella, my cock, stretching and starting to stand. Starting, hell. I could feel it pressing firmly against the front of my shorts. I suspected that Natalie had noticed as well. I’m lying. I knew damn well she’d noticed. She’d glanced at where my shorts were stirring, blushed slightly and looked away.

I gave her a nod and continued with the mowing, hoping that the exercise would encourage my erection to wilt a little. That worked fine while I was moving away from her, but as soon as I started approaching Natalie again my hormones kicked in again and up she came.

I stopped for another break when I reached Natalie, and we talked a bit more, mainly about her and what she did. Turned out that she was eighteen, still lived at home and has a secretarial position for a firm in the city. And her eyes dropped to my shorts several time before moving quickly away. I could see the curiosity in her.

Another circle of the yard with the mower and I was back with Natalie. The circles were taking less time now as bursa escort the uncut area grew smaller. We’d barely begun to talk when I saw her eyes flick down and redness stain her cheeks before she glanced quickly away again.

“Yes,” I said softly. “It’s because of you. You can take a look at it if you want to.”

It wasn’t a case of redness staining her cheeks this time. Her face flamed red as she tried to look everywhere but at me.

“I didn’t, that is, I wasn’t, I mean. . .” she broke off, not knowing what to say.

“It’s OK,” I said, still speaking softly. “Like I said, if you want to look at it I don’t mind. Just unzip me.”

“You mean take it out?” she squeaked. “I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I’ve never done such a thing in my life. You shouldn’t even joke about it.”

“Who’s joking?” I asked. “You’re curious and it doesn’t hurt to look and satisfy part of your curiosity. I don’t mind if you touch it.”

“But I couldn’t. I mean, really?”

Natalie was now staring openly at the swelling in my pants. I wasn’t going to embarrass her by whipping it out, but I had no objection to her embarrassing herself a little by sneaking a peek.

I stood there, not moving on with the mowing. I saw Natalie swallow nervously, and then reach out a hand. Moving slowly, seeming afraid that she might scare me away, Natalie unzipped my shorts. I could feel her hand trembling as the zip came down. I’d already had cause to free my cock from the constraints of my underpants, and when Natalie unzipped me my cock pushed firmly against the loosening material and then popped into view.

Natalie snatched her hand back as soon as my erection emerged, but her eyes remained glued to it.

“See,” I murmured. “No harm done.”

Natalie swallowed again, looking at my erection.

“Is – is that because of me?” she asked nervously.

“Uh-huh. Are you going to touch it?”

Biting on her lip, Natalie reached over and touched my cock. By touching, I mean touching. She didn’t grab it and do a handstand. She just very gently poked it with one finger, causing it to sway slightly. I laughed. I just couldn’t help it.

I think the blush in her cheeks changed to a flush of annoyance. Natalie didn’t like being laughed at over something like this. She reached for me again and this time she took a firm hold of me.

“It’s warm,” she said, sounding surprised. “And it’s rather hard, isn’t it?” she added, giving it a squeeze.

I didn’t need to say anything. Now that she had started, Natalie was determined to investigate her prize. Her hand slid down to the base of my shaft and then back up to the top.

“It seems rather big,” she muttered. “Is yours bigger than normal?”

“Thanks for the flattery,” I said through gritted teeth, ‘but no, I don’t think so. Probably average, but I haven’t gone around comparing.”

Natalie giggled, running her hand back and forth across the head.

“The top of it’s very smooth, isn’t it,” she said.

“And very sensitive,” I pointed out. “I think you’d better stop doing that for a while.”

Natalie slowly took her hand away.

“I think it’s only fair that I now have a look at you,” I said.

“But you don’t need to,” Natalie protested. “You know what a woman looks like.”

“True, but for two little details. I may not need to, but I want to, and I don’t know what you look like.”

I settled on the grass next to her, reached over and undid the button on her shorts.

“Stand up,” I said softly, and Natalie scrambled to her feet, looking down at me nervously.

Looking up at her I could see straight up her top and I’d guessed right. She didn’t have a bra on. I hooked hold of her shorts and tugged them down, moving very slowly. And while I pulled then down I was looking up at her breasts, and Natalie knew it.

With her pants down I started on her panties, peeling them gently off her. When she finally stepped out of them she was almost dithering. She had no idea what she was doing or what I was doing and didn’t know whether to cry enough or not.

I gave her hand a tug and she settled down onto the grass, determinedly not looking at me. I lifted the hem of her top and she clutched her hands to her breasts. I just waited and, still not looking at me, she raised her arms bursa escort bayan so that I could lift her top off her.

Naked, she sat before me, legs curled under her. I just put my hands on her shoulders and eased her back. As she went her legs just uncurled and then she was lying flat on her back, fully exposed to me.

“Don’t let it worry you,” I told her. “It’s all perfectly natural. All I’m going to do is touch your body the way you touched mine.”

“It’s not the same,” she muttered. “You were waving your feelings all over the place. Women don’t do that.”

I reached over and flicked one erect nipple, then the other.

“There are a couple of pointers a man learns to recognise,” I pointed out, and then my hand settled over her mound.

Natalie squeaked and jerked when I cupped her mound, looking shocked and excited. It occurred to me that when she said she didn’t do that sort of thing, she was serious. She had no idea. Theory, she may have had. Practice, no.

I worked on her, slowly building up her excitement. I stroked and tantalised, dipping my fingers into her for additional teasing. My fingers pressed lightly against her hymen, and she knew what that meant. Hand easing elsewhere I touched and probed. The faintest brush against her clitoris and she almost broke my fingers she reacted so hard.

I hadn’t been ignoring her breasts. Her nipples were standing tall, sending little message to her, and her breasts had swollen slightly in her excitement.

I finally slowed down my touching and withdrew, leaving Natalie lying in the grass, breathing hard.

“You have a lovely sensitive body, Natalie,” I told her, “but if we don’t stop now I’m going to show you how my male bits fit with your female bits. I don’t think you’re quite ready for that.”

“Yes, I am. Do it.”

I blinked. I was trying to give her a graceful out and she didn’t want it. I stood up, dropped my shorts and jocks and settled back down next to her, my erection well and truly in evidence.

“Are you sure?” I asked, while at the same time cupping her pussy with one hand and placing her hand on my erection.

She nodded, giving my cock a firm squeeze.

“I want this. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. I don’t want to wait any longer.”

If that’s what she wanted, who was I to argue.

I settled down between her legs, leaning over her. Parting her lips I eased gently into place, letting her close around me.

“You know this may hurt for your first time?” I asked, and Natalie nodded, determination on her face.

“I don’t care. Stop stalling.”

Seeing I was already starting to put it to her that was a bit rough. A gave her an evil smile and held still for a moment, my cock leaning on her hymen, while I leaned over and took her breast in my mouth. Then I nipped her breast and pushed in at the same time, breaking through her hymen.

The distraction of two sources of pain at the same time took the force of the pain away from both areas. Natalie squeaked, a hand coming up to grab her breast while at the same time her hips arced upwards, helping to impale her on my descending cock.

Now a virgin who has just been entered for the first time can be quite nervous about what’s going on. It was quite understandable, and I was ready to soothe Natalie’s fears and nervousness. Ha, ha. Pardon me while I laugh. Natalie had this huge anticipatory smile on her face and she was already lifting her hips, pushing against me.

That’s the way it went. Natalie was ready and willing and determined to enjoy what was happening. She took to my cock as though we’d done this a thousand times, moving into a matching rhythm with the skill of a professional. It appears there are nervous virgins and not-so-nervous virgins.

Deciding I didn’t need to take it easy and gradually initiate Natalie, I went to town on her body, and she was with me every step of the way. I pounded her pussy, suckled her breasts, ravished her mouth, my hands covering every inch of her.

I rolled onto my back, Natalie lying on me, bouncing. I spanked her bottom as she bounced and she squealed and bounced harder, eager to do as her master commanded.

Natalie squealed and gasped and offered up her body to me, and bursa merkez escort I took it, just as hard and as fast as I could.

When I finally noticed that she was squirming and getting ready to climax I started hitting her harder than ever, driving in, in, in, taking my pleasure and giving her hers.

I finally hit my climax and Natalie wasn’t far behind. She squealed and shuddered, almost crying with delight, before seeming to melt down onto the grass in a completely boneless way, apparently out for the count.

I rested for a while. Mowing the lawn for exercise was no longer high on the list of things I wanted to do. Looking at Natalie, still just lying there with a contented smile, I sighed, got to my feet, pulled up my shorts and reached for the mower.

Fifteen minutes of brisk walking with the mower and the lawn was done. Every time I passed Natalie, lying there in naked abandon, I could swear I could catch her scent and my willy would give me a gentle reminder of what had happened.

I put the mower away and walked back to Natalie. She looked up at me smirking, and my willy said that will be quite enough of that, thank you, and sprang to attention.

I rolled Natalie roughly over onto her tummy, and then hoisted her hips into the air, moving her into a standard doggy position. She looked over her shoulder at me, a slightly puzzled look on her face.

“But you just had me,” she pointed out. “A man can’t do it again this soon.”

I dropped my trousers, demonstrating the fallacy of that statement.

Kneeling behind her I pointed out that it depended on the man. Then she was squealing as I drove in hard, at the same time reaching around to hold her breasts and squeeze them.

Startled though she might have been, to find I was demanding a second helping, Natalie responded vigorously. Her bottom bobbed up to meet me, positioning herself so that my cock would drive in deep and fill her.

It was odd. The first time we played, Natalie was mostly silent, except for the occasional gasp and squeal. The noisiest she had been was when I spanked her bottom and she’d given some nice little squeals. This time, she was squealing with delight from the moment I drove into her.

I fucked Natalie and she squealed and fucked right back at me. She was in her element, relishing the mastery of the cock dominating her body, eager to please it and to be pleased by it. Her body was still hypersensitive from the previous session, and her excitement levels started high and just kept climbing.

I banged her until I could feel her climax charging down upon her, and I was lucky enough to be able to use her clamping down on my cock to trigger my own climax. Mind you, my climax was rather small, having already being effectively drained, but Natalie’s climax made up for it.

She screamed when she came and absolutely convulsed under me, shuddering and shaking from the force of her orgasm.

This time I picked up Natalie (and her clothes) afterwards and took her inside. It seemed to me that a nice shower wouldn’t go amiss for either of us. Natalie still seemed to be in dreamland while I helped her shower and patted her dry. I steered her into her clothes, took her into the lounge, settled her onto the couch and turned on the TV. She just lay there watching idly, still smiling.

It’s amazing what the smile on a girls face does for you, especially when you know what caused it.

Natalie was still sitting there smiling when Simon arrived home. He came bustling in and I turned to glance at Natalie to see how she reacted.

Damned if it wasn’t another girl entirely sitting there. The girl in the sexy clothes who’d unzipped my shorts was gone. In her place was this shy little thing who could barely bring herself to look at Simon. Her clothes no longer seemed sexy, but normal. I couldn’t believe the change in her.

Anyway, Simon apologised all over the place, gave her a kiss and ran upstairs for a quick shower and clean clothes. Ten minutes later he was heading for the door, Natalie in tow.

At the door Natalie stopped, said “Hold it. My phone,” and came darting back into the lounge room. She grabbed it and was about to dash out again when I caught her arm and held her for a second. I flicked up her top and ran my hand quickly across her breasts, watching the nipples jump to, and dropped her top back down.

“Why’d you do that?” she hissed.

“Just making sure it was the same girl as the one I met earlier,” I told her.

She gave me this wickedly feminine smile and darted out again, hurrying to catch up to Simon.

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