Lazy Sunday Afternoon


(This story is only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere then it has been stolen)It was early, Sunday afternoon. The sun was streaming through the window, silhouetting my lovely missus, as she bustled around the kitchen.Since we’d had an early lunch, the kids were off out, playing with friends. It was delightful, just the two of us. She’d just poured boiling water into the cafetiere and the room was filling with the aroma of the rich, delightful Colombian blend. The house was peaceful, just the sound of the radio drifting through from the dining room. Not enough to distract, just an agreeable buzz. It made a nice change, I have to say. Bless their cotton socks, but those kids were noisy little buggers.I was sitting at the small kitchen table reading The Times. This was nice. We didn’t get to spend all that much time alone these days, what with the children and work. Life was good, busy, but good.I looked up from my newspaper as she pushed down the plunger of the French Press then poured our coffees. She was unaware that I was watching and I smiled to myself. She looked very pretty today; I liked it when she looked pretty for me. Her skirt was flared, coming halfway down her thighs, and her black tights accentuated her slim, shapely legs. How I adored those dainty ankles and, as she had her back to me, I could see the cute dimples at the backs of her knees. Gentlemen, let me tell you, those little dimples are one of the most erogenous areas of a woman’s body. A stroke, a lick or a nibble there is Escort Ataşehir an excellent precursor to foreplay. Almost as good as the back of the neck.Suddenly, I could visualise myself on my knees behind her, my hands under her skirt, gripping the taut muscles on the fronts of her thighs, supporting myself, as I kissed my way up from those perfect ankles to those dainty dimples and beyond…As I daydreamed and observed her, she reached up to the cupboard. Standing on her tiptoes, to reach the packet of biscuits from the top shelf, her skirt rose higher. I could see that she wasn’t wearing tights at all, but hold-up stockings. I caught the merest glimpse of her creamy flesh, in stark contrast to the charcoal lace tops of her hosiery. Clever girl… I felt a stirring in my groin and I shook my head, turning my attention back to the newspaper.”Darling, did you see that they caught that slimy politician? You know, the one who got caught with that prostitute?” I asked her, looking up over the top of my spectacles.”Oh, I think I may have heard something on the local news,” she answered off-handedly, as she turned to face me, coffee mug in one hand and a small plate of cookies in the other.As she set the cup on the table before me, a little of the hot liquid splashed from the mug and onto the smooth surface of the table.”Oops!” she said, quickly turning back to the counter and grabbing a cloth.My pretty girl leaned over the table in front of me, cloth in hand and vigorously mopped up the Ümraniye escort spill. It afforded me the most delightful view of her ample cleavage and I was transfixed by the way her breasts jiggled as her hand rubbed away the mess she’d made.I had a flashback to my face between those very breasts, hands pushing them together, as my mouth sucked and licked on each of her blushing nipples. Her hands in my hair, back arching while her moans and gasps encouraged me all the more…I shook my head, smiling.”What’s funny, babe?” she looked at me quizzically.She was so blissfully unaware that she was the focus of my attention. It was one of the things I most loved about her. An almost child-like naivete, an innocence which was enchanting, bewitching.”Nothing, my love. I was just thinking how beautiful you look today.”I swear she blushed slightly as she grinned coquettishly and turned back to the window, lifting dishes and stacking them neatly until there was room in the sink to wash them.Now with her back to me, she busied herself, donning her migraine-inducing, day-glow pink rubber gloves. I know she hated wearing those things and heaven knows I didn’t think they did much to enhance her beauty, but I’d surprised her yesterday by gifting her with a manicure and I knew that she wouldn’t want to waste her pretty nails in the soapy dishwater.Pushing my glasses back onto the bridge of my nose, I turned my focus once more to my newspaper. She was humming a tune as she washed the glasses. It Bostancı escort bayan made me smile inside. She was by no means the best singer in the world, but she could carry a tune and I knew how she loved to sing. It was a good indicator of her mood, the way her voice sounded and the gusto with which she performed.I looked up, staring into space, as I thought of her in the shower, singing at the top of her lungs as she washed her hair. Her eyes closed, fingers massaging the foamy mop on top of her head. Her raised arms lifting her breasts, showing them at their very best. Rivulets of bubbles running down the contours of her body as she wiggled and danced behind the perspex shower door…Again, I felt my penis twitch inside my pants, and I shifted in my seat to make myself a little more comfortable. God, even after all this time, I still found this woman, MY woman, an absolute delight.The clatter of wet cutlery being dropped into the drainer brought me back into the room and I noticed that she had almost finished. I was glad. I wanted her again. I had taken her only this morning.I had pressed my body against her sleeping form, her back against my chest, pushing myself against her so that as much of our skin was touching as possible, trying not to wake her. Well, obviously I was going to wake her. I just wanted to do it gently. I kissed and licked her shoulder. Nipping and sucking the back of her gorgeous neck. That was another of her weak spots, a few licks and sucks there quickly got her wet, every single time…”Lift your leg, darling,” I had whispered into her ear as I gently nuzzled and bit at the point where her neck and shoulder met.She moaned sleepily in response but obligingly raised her limb, to give me full access to her puffy lips. Bless her, she was so good to me, such a loveable, amenable little thing.

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