Learning about jacking off Part Three Mrs. Wilson


Learning about jacking off Part Three Mrs. WilsonI know I was very quiet that evening when we all ate dinner. Mom asked how my day had gone and I believe I must have turned bright red because she asked if I was all right. “Oh…I had a good day…you know…hanging around and…stuff.” Mom smiled and said, “You need to get out of the house more Peter. Surely your friends in the neighborhood are out doing fun things. Just as long as you’re home for supper, summer is a time for having fun!” I nodded my head, then smiled and said I would get outside of the house and hang out with friends.After I finished dinner I asked, “Mom, is it okay if I use the phone and call to see if anyone wants to do something tomorrow?” Back in those days the telephone was really more for important calls, not like today when k**s use phones all the time and talk for hours. At least that’s how it was in my house. Mom looked at Dad and he nodded his head. “Sure honey, just don’t stay on too long.”I went into the hallway where the phone was kept, looked around to be sure my parents weren’t within hearing distance. I took the slip of paper Mrs. Wilson had given me from my pocket and dialed the number. I didn’t know what I was going to do if it wasn’t Mrs. Wilson who answered. I knew that their daughter Ellen, who was a few years behind me in school was there. I knew that her husband Dan was there too. Then I thought about Mrs. Wilson stuffing her panties into her pussy so she could share all that semen with him. I had no idea what she meant by that, but who can always understand what grown-ups do?The phone rang three times. I heard the receiver picked up and heard Mrs. Wilson say, “Hello, this is Laurie.” I couldn’t speak at first, but my breathing was very heavy. “Peter? Is that you? Do you have something to say to me?”In a rush I said, “Yes Mrs. Wilson, I was kind of wondering if I could maybe come over tomorrow and we could…you know.” Her voice became a whisper and she told me that tomorrow after 8:00 a.m. would be the best time. She said that Dan would be taking Ellen to her grandparents house before he went to work. I nodded my head then realized she couldn’t tell I was doing that and said, “Okay, fine then. I will be over at 8:00.” Mrs Wilson hesitated, then said, “Well Peter, I suggest you watch from your window in your bedroom for Dan and Ellen to leave. When they go you may come over right away. By the way Peter. Come to the back door.”My parents always drive off to work together. They leave at seven-thirty on the dot. I came downstairs before they left, dressed for my day next door with Mrs. Wilson. I had on my best tee shirt, my jeans and my red Converse sneakers.Mom hugged me and said, “Now Bill. klasbahis güvenilirmi Doesn’t Peter look like a boy who’s going to have a wonderful summer day today?” Dad rolled his eyes then said, “Don’t do anything that will get you into trouble Sport. Got that?” I nodded my head and tried to look directly at him so he would see I was hearing and understanding what he had to say. That was kind of an issue with us, so I had been working on the direct and non-vacant look.As soon as I heard the car wheels move on the gravel driveway, I sprinted upstairs to look down at the Wilson home to watch for Dan and Ellen to leave.Soon enough I saw Dan, Ellen and Mrs. Wilson out in the drive way. Mrs. Wilson seemed to be giving some instructions to Ellen, who was nodding her head ‘yes’.She waved as she watched them drive away, then she looked up to my window and waved in my direction.I was down the stairs and out our back door in a minute. I walked to the white picket fence that separated our yards, following it to the alley. There they had a large gate. I opened that and started walking to their house. I moved the palm of my hand over the top of my hair to keep my cowlick down. It seemed to be okay. My cock was very hard, but I wasn’t shy about that anymore. I was going to fuck Mrs. Wilson again and she wanted it to be hard.I walked up to their back door and knocked on it lightly several times. Mrs. Wilson had actually been by a window in the kitchen watching me walk to their house through the split in the curtain. I was surprised when she was instantly standing in front of me. Mrs. Wilson opened the door, looked me up and down, stared at the bulge in my jeans and said, “I hope you have plenty of time Peter. Dan was very pleased with your gift. I nodded my head non-committally and acted like I was happy to give him that gift. She was wearing a bedroom robe and slippers.”Dan is going to drop off Ellen, then he will be coming home right after that.” My body jerked at that information, but Mrs. Wilson acted like that was the most natural thing in the world. He wants to be here when you fuck me Peter. I’m sure you won’t mind?” What choice did I have? I wanted to fuck this lady and having her husband there wasn’t going to stop that, so I shook my head ‘no’.She asked if I needed to urinate, which I found kind of strange, but I said, “yeah, sure. That’s a good idea.” She led me to a bathroom and leaned on the open door frame as she watched me unzip my pants. No one had ever watched me pee before…or at least not in years…so it was a bit daunting to start the flow. Once I started though I pissed like a racehorse. Mrs. Wilson watched me tuck my cock back into my jeans. klasbahis yeni giriş She smiled brightly as I did so.She led me into the living room. We sat together on the couch. Mrs Wilson said it would be fine if I wanted to feel her tits while we waited for Dan. She patted the couch close to where she sat and I scooched over on the couch to be there. She opened her robe and was gloriously naked underneath. Her left breast was right next to my face. I knew what I wanted and placed my left hand on her breast, holding it so I could get my mouth onto that hard red nipple. I was still working on that nipple when the front door opened.I pulled my mouth away from her and stared at Mr. Wilson…Dan…who was standing at the doorway drinking in the sight of his wife’s tits being sucked by the neighbor boy. “Hey, Hey, don’t stop! Maybe we all can go up to our bedroom and get a bit more comfortable.” He held his hand out and we shook hands. “Laurie was all excited about having you come over today to fuck her. I hope you won’t mind if I get out my polaroid and take a few pictures.” I didn’t see any way I could object to that since he was going to let me fuck his wife.I followed them up the stairs. Mrs. Wilson had taken off her robe and had it slung over her right shoulder. My face was right level with her ass as she walked in front of me up the stairs. She and Dan talked about several things in what appeared to be some sort of code. At least it was adult talk that meant nothing at all to me.Dan went to the closet and took off his shoes and socks. He placed the shoes in some sort of hanging thing on the closet door and placed his sock in a hamper in the closet. He pulled off his shirt and then his slacks. I found out later that he had dressed as if he were going to work so Ellen wouldn’t wonder what he and Mom were going to be doing.When he turned around I was shocked by his hard cock. It was much bigger than mine, but I didn’t know if it was really big or just normal. Mrs. Wilson said, “Peter, it might be a good idea for you to get out of your clothes now.” I was kind of shy getting undressed in front of Dan, but I figured he was going to see me naked anyway, so got over the shyness. I threw my jeans on the floor next to my shoes and socks. I pulled my tee-shirt over my head. Dan was smiling as he looked down at the tent my cock was pitching inside my shorts.Mrs. Wilson knelt in front of me, her breasts hanging down in front of her. I was mesmerized by the swaying of them. She put her fingers into the elastic of my Hanes shorts and pulled them down my legs. Almost immediately I heard a sound like ‘chik…zooop’ as Dan took a polaroid of Mrs. Wilson’s face inches klasbahis giriş from my cock. She grasped my shaft and licked the head. I put my hands in her hair as she did that and tried to ignore the sounds of the instant camera.Dan spoke up then, “Laurie I think you should have your tits and head on the bed while Peter fucks you from behind.” She went to that position and I dutifully moved behind her. I had to stand though and kind of squat down so my cock would be able to go into her pussy. “Peter, use your hands and spread Laurie’s cunt lips wide apart.” I did that and the camera continued to click and whir. I looked at him for instructions and he said,”Just do what comes naturally son.”I pressed the head into the red juicy opening there. I was deaf now to the sounds of the camera which went on during the entire time I was with her. After my cock was all the way into her cunt I had my hands on her ass, holding onto the mounds as I thrust and pulled into and out of her cunt. Mrs Wilson was making much more noise than she did the first time we fucked. “Oh God Peter…fuck my wet cunt…fuck me with your hard young cock!” That propelled me into faster movement and I was slamming and splatting into her wet hole in a rapid-fire motion. She started coming then. I felt her cunt try to squeeze my skinny cock. When she was done, I was still going. “Peter,” said Dan. “Let us know when you are going to cum.” I nodded my head and then it started right away and I couldn’t say more than, “nuh,nuh,nuh,now!”I felt that intense pleasure again as the semen rippled down the cum tube in my cock and spit out into her cunt. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was punctuating each hard slam into her with an “mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!”When I was done, Mrs Wilson put her hand over her cunt and moved onto her back at the edge of the bed. She told me to get on the bed on my hands and knees so my cock would be over her mouth. I did so. She moved her head up a bit and took my entire cock into her mouth, her tongue moving all around the shaft. She sucked all the cock juice and cunt juice from my prick and then Dan moved in.I sat by the edge of the bed and watched as Dan pulled her thighs up over his shoulders. His cock was very hard. Mrs. Wilson took her hand from her cunt then and he slid his stiff cock into her cum-juicy hole. It was amazing to see his cock instantly covered with the cum I had put there. He had his fingers on each of her nipples, twisting and pulling on them. Mrs. Wilson moaned and screeched from time to time. The sound of their fucking was a very juicy kind of sound.Finally, he was done and he obviously shot a huge load of cum into his wife. He made some last strokes, then pulled out. Instantly Mrs. Wilson was on the floor on her knees. She took his coated cock into her mouth and sucked it all the way down her throat. When she was done, she turned and looked at me. They both smiled. She used her wrist to clean the cum off her face and we all looked at each other for what came next.

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