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Learning All About ItAunt Meg, my mother’s younger sister was married to Jack. She was in her mid-thirties and Jack was in his early forties. They were always fun to be with as both had great senses of humor. Jack had made lots of money in real estate development. They had a lovely home in the hill above San Bernardino California. I loved to go there because they had a very nice pool and hot tub and a well-equipped exercise room all with a great view of the mountains and the city below.It was the summer after I graduated from high school and looking forward to college in the fall. Meg and Jack had been unable to attend the graduation event but had sent me a check for a good sum and an invitation to visit them for as log as I wanted. I was very excited to be going to their house and being with them. My parents were pleased and the date as set for my stay with Meg and Jack.The day finally arrived and I made the drive of about 150 miles to their home. They seemed very glad to see me and ushered me to the second floor guest room down a long hallway from their master bedroom. Large windows afforded me with a great view of the city below. It was late when I arrived. They treated me to ice cream and cake and after some good conversation and laughter I excused myself for the night’s rest.The bedroom was well appointed with a karşıyaka escort comfortable King bed, night tables on either side, and good lamps on each night stand. I was surprised to see some old sex magazines beneath one of the night stands. I think one was “Puritan”, another “Stag” and some others. Though tired from the trip being an eighteen year old man I just had to have a look at the magazines. I looked through them and thought how much fun it would be to view them in the days ahead. My penis was very hard as I looked at the luscious pictures and precum wet my shorts. One full-page picture was really very hot. A beautiful woman with big tits was sitting in an easy chair with her legs spread wide with another woman with her ass in the air showing her glistening, wet pussy eating her cunt. My throbbing cock was ready to cum and with a couple of strokes i shot several large bursts of semen all over. I cleaned up, put the mags away and went to sleep.The next morning I heard a soft knock at the door and Jack asking if he could enter. I said “come on in”. He had a towel wrapped around his middle and explained he had just had a shower and wanted to see how I had slept. He said Meg had gone out for her morning walk and would cook breakfast when she got back. He sat on the edge of the karşıyaka escort bayan bed and reached down for one of the magazines. “Did you look at any of these?” he asked. “Yeah, I thumbed through them” I said with a bit of embarrassment. He opened one and showed me one of the women fingering her twat. He said, “When I see something like this I get a raging hardon. How about you?” I mumbled “I guess so”. I could see the large bulge behind the towel and felt my own cock throbbing. Jack said “I still llke to see sexy, naked women having fun and when I do I enjoy a good jack off.” He was rubbing the bulge in the towel. “Would you mind if I jacked off now?” I was shocked and fascinated at the question and I replied “Yeah, go ahead”. He pulled the towel aside and out popped think eight inch very hard prick. He fingered it a bit and said “I’ll bet your cock is hard as a rock”. I said “it sure is!”. He pulled the covers away and whistled as he saw my tool. He asked if i would like to feel his cock and guided my hand around it. At the same time he took my prick in his hand and gave it a few strokes.Jack stood up and said “I need to cum now so here I go” and he began stroking his cock. He spread the magazine out on the bed and looked at the pics. “Davey, do you want to join me?” Without escort karşıyaka a word i began to stroke my cock. Precum dripped from both our dicks as we stroked. “Ahhh that feels so good! Davey, you have a nice cock. Ohhhh man, here I cum!” He shot burst after burst of white, gooey jizz all over the side of the bed. I had never seen so much cum. “Wow I needed that! Now Davey lad its your turn” Jack said and I was more than ready.”Lay back on the pillow and look at the pictures and let uncle Jack help you over the edge to ecstasy.” Jack’s hand was wet and slick with the cum he had just released. He put his hand around my cock and started stroking it up and down as I found the picture of the gal being eaten by the other woman. “Ohhh Davey, doesn’t that feel nice”. OK boy ,let it go. Shoot a big load for uncle Jack”. I could feel my balls tightening and that wonderful, worm feeling spreading through my whole body. “Ohhhh, Jack, Here I cum!” “Cum Davey boy. Shoot that lovely load, Ohhh yess” he said. Then it happened! Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot out of my cock and all over Jack’s arm and hand. It was so intense and wonderful that i almost passed out.”Dave, you are amazing! did you enjoy me jacking you off?” he asked. “Jack, it was so good I can’t even put it into words”. “Great!” and you are going to be here a while. take a shower and come down for breakfast. I think we can both enjoy breakfast now” he said and gave me a wink.I showered and went down stairs. Aunt Meg was in the kitchen and had prepared a great breakfast for us. Meg spoke, “Well did you guys manage to bond?” Jack said “sure did!” and she said “I’ll bet!”!”

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