Learning From Liz – Chapter 5


It was Saturday and I was ready for my first threesome with Liz and her husband.  I hadn’t had sex for three or four days so I was feeling quite frustrated.I arrived at their house at 7:00 PM as arranged to be greeted by Richard.  He’s quite a good-looking man but full of himself.  He also has a bit of a beer gut and is probably not too fit. “Hello Alan,” he said, “come on in.”He turned around and led the way rather than stepping aside for me to enter.  I thought that showed his attitude.  We went into the living room where I saw Liz sitting on the couch with a glass of wine.  My mind immediately went back to earlier in the week when I’d fucked her as she leaned over that same couch and how we’d had to be quick to avoid my semen staining the carpet.She stood up and came over to kiss me on the cheek.“Hello Alan,” she said, “thank you for coming tonight and agreeing to what I hope is an enjoyable time.”“My pleasure,” I said.“Can I get you a beer?” asked Richard.“I’d prefer a glass of red wine if you have one,” I replied.He busied himself pouring it and I took the opportunity of sitting down on the couch.  Liz went over to him to fetch the glass then returned to hand it to me before sitting down next to me. “We thought we’d get in the mood by watching some porn,” said Richard, inserting something into the player and starting it before coming over to the couch and sitting down on the other side of Liz.The film was a fairly standard one. It started off with a young, sexy blonde being fucked by a muscular, good-looking man in a number of different positions.  His cock was fairly large but not huge, probably similar to mine.  He didn’t cum in her cunt, but pulled out and then came in her mouth.I felt Liz push her leg against mine and glanced at her.  She Ümraniye Escort was breathing quite heavily with her mouth open.  Richard was staring at the TV and rubbing his crotch.  He didn’t seem to be aware of his wife.The next scene involved another sexy woman, this time quite a bit older, and a young college student.  As she started to seduce him, I felt Liz’s hand on my lap, rubbing my cock.  That felt pretty good, as I was quite aroused by the scenes on the TV.  I reached out and felt the inside of her thigh, trailing my fingers along it.  I felt her hips jerk.The scene on the TV was rapidly approaching its climax, with the woman riding the student, when Liz suddenly stood up.“Alright, you two,” she said, “get undressed. I need a cock and I want to see what’s on offer.”Richard and I both stood up.  He was quick to take off his shirt and drop his jeans, standing there in his shorts and looking at me.  I did the same then, watching his face, pulled down my shorts and let my cock spring free.His eyes widened and he went white as he realised how the evening would unfold.“Shit, that’s huge,” he said. “Come on,” I said, “your turn now. Let’s see yours.”He pulled his shorts down and I saw why he was unable to satisfy Liz.  His cock, which was erect, was pathetic.  A skinny, thin thing, maybe five or so inches in length.  He’d shaved his pubic hair in an attempt to make it appear larger, but that didn’t really make much difference. “Oh my,” said Liz, “that is some cock.  I’m not sure it would fit in me, but I certainly want to try.”She stepped towards me and took it in her hand then turned to Richard.“I want him to fuck me,” she said, “it’s what you wanted, what you’ve asked me to do, and now I’m ready to do it.”I Ümraniye Escort Bayan watched his face as he struggled with the conflict – jealousy and fear versus sexual arousal. He’d wanted a threesome, wanted to see his wife fucked by another man, but now that it was becoming real.“Richard, come and undress me.”He came over and unbuttoned her top then took it off, before loosening her skirt and letting it fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in her bra and panties. I drank in her beauty thinking how stunning she looked.  I noticed that her panties were wet.I went over to her and kissed her on the mouth. She opened her lips to welcome my probing tongue as I grasped her buttocks and pulled her towards my cock which was then pressed up against her stomach.I felt between her buttocks and round underneath her cheeks.  Her panties were wet.  I pushed my fingers under the material to feel her slit, separating her labia.  She gasped and her legs shook.“Let’s go to your bedroom,” I said, “we’ll be more comfortable there.”We went through to their bedroom, Liz leading the way.  When we got there I turned to Richard.“Take off your wife’s bra and panties.  I want to see her naked body.”He looked at her, wondering what he should do, but then did as I said.  I marvelled at her wonderful body, it looked so very sexy.I took and put my hands on her naked breasts, rubbing my fingers over her areolae.  Her nipples stood out, large and hard.  I leaned forward and took a breast in my mouth, sucking in as much as I could as I tongued her nipple. She reached forward and felt my chest, running her fingers all over before tracing a trail down my body to hold my cock.My precum was pouring out now and I could feel her hand Escort Ümraniye smear it all over my glans and the top of my shaft.  She cupped my balls with her other hand, jiggling them.I stood back and looked at Richard.  His eyes were wide open, his lips apart, and he was breathing heavily.  He was stroking his cock.“Richard, this is what you said you wanted, but let’s be sure. You need to tell me if you want me to fuck your wife.”“Yes,” he said, “I want you to fuck my wife.”And that was it.  His life was going to change, but he probably didn’t know it.  He was consumed with his arousal and had not thought of all the consequences.  He was giving his wife’s cunt to me and it would never be his again – I would see to that. I turned back to Liz again and took her in my arms, kissing her passionately as I backed her to the bed.  When it bumped the back of her legs she sat down on it.  I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her groin, inhaling her scent as my tongue sought her clit.She lay back and held my head in her hands as I licked around her clit before nibbling it with my lips.  She was making little meeting sounds and moving my head.  I sucked and felt it emerge from her folds, so I tickled the tip with my tongue.“Oh God, that’s nice,” she said.I pushed two fingers into her sopping cunt, feeling around inside her vagina. Her labia spread open and I felt her vagina pulse.  A little spurt of slippery fluid flowed over my fingers.“Oh please fuck me, Alan, I want your cock.”I stood up and helped her shuffle back on the bed, her knees raised, then took two pillows and put them under her hips before kneeling between her and rubbing my cock up and down her slit, then tickling her clit with my glans.She moved her hips around trying to catch my cock with her cunt, but I just continued rubbing up and down.“Watch closely now, Richard,” I said, “I’m going to push my cock into your wife’s vagina. Watch how it stretches her open, how her labia get dragged in by the thickness of my cock.  Then watch her face and listen to her cries as I fuck her to orgasm.”

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