Learning to Compromise Ch. 02

Johnny Sins

So, my mom just agreed to let me walk around naked! Which made me so horny thinking that my fucking gorgeous Mom will be seeing me bare assed and perpetually turned on. Just before she stepped into the room I was naked and sitting at the computer jacking off and my now erect dick was begging for attention. I can’t believe this is fucking real. Here I was totally naked looking just like my name sake David that statue made by the famous Italian dude. My all my muscled skin was tingling, my golf balls were hang down and filled to the brim with hot stuff and my 7 inches was aching to burst.

My Mom was looking hot as usual, a curvaceous Italian old style Playboy bunny, with 38 inch double dees straining to burst out of the red silk short robe she was wearing . She was standing 6 feet tall in her black 4 inch stiletto ‘fuck me’ slippers, long shapely legs culminating in yummy soft thighs with the red robe just doing the honorable thing and covering her 38 inch hips but still showing off that rounded ass of hers. She was hot to the touch I’m sure of it.

“Ah David, I said you have a job to do,” she huskily whispers.

Did I ever have a big job to attend to! And I can see my mom knew it too. Her deep brown eyes with those long lashes were fixated on my fully erect 7 inch boner. I definitely had a job to do!

“I do Mom, I will, it’s just that before I can do the laundry, I got to take care of something. It’s really urgent.”

“I can see that,” damn, there’s that mischievous twinkle in her eye again. I think all this time she’s been hiding the fact that she like seeing me naked.

“Well the deal was that I agree to let you indulge your wish and you would take care of mine, remember?”

“Yes, Mom, I remember, but I…”

“Now, young man, no buts. I want the laundry done now. Now do I have to spank you again to get you to listen to your mother?”

“But, Mom I really need to take care of this,” I pointed to my throbbing hard on.

“You are Escort bayan my servant now and you will obey me. I guess I do need to show you who’s in charge here.”

And then she reached out and slapped my ass. Got it hurt and felt good, just like last time. My cock bounced a bit from the impact and oozed out some precum.

“Now do I have to spank you again?”

“No. I hear you I will go and take care of the laundry.”

What did I get myself into? My mom is getting into bossing me around. I think there is a side to her I didn’t know about. She’s got a dominant streak; she sure kept that a secret. Maybe it only comes out in a sexual situation. But it is a turn on. I think I like it when she spanks me. Being bad will be fun. So I salute her with my cock erect and stiff at attention.

“Very good, now pick up all yours and my soiled panties that you’ve been using and dump them all in the laundry basket.”

Then as I’m bending down to pick up my dirty clothes she slaps my ass again.

“That’s for taking my panties without my permission. No more of that going on any more. Understand?”

“Yes, mom.”

I pick up all the stuff, getting the stash of my mom’s panties I jacked off with the other day. I then carry them to do the laundry.

“Good, now get in the kitchen and clean up the dishes.”

I head down the hall but then stop, I have to pass the living room and the windows are open, it’s not likely that someone will be passing by, the house is surrounded by hedges in front but if some passes by the walk way that could see me naked.

“What’s the matter now?” My mom asks.

“The front window is open and”

“You like showing off your bare ass so, that she not be a problem, or do I have to slap your ass again?”

“No, I was just checking if it was okay.”

The kitchen back door is a glass one leading out to the back porch where the hot tub is built into. But nobody can see me back there.

She Bayan escort sits down at the table and watches me, tell me how to do things. I’m so horny and my cock is hard and it rubs up against the cabinet and the counter as I wash the dishes, feels good. So I rub my dick by moving my hips, thrusting them up against the cabinet. Feels nice, I let some soap water splash on me. The hot suds water glides across my belly and down into my crotch.

“That’s a good idea, the floor needs cleaning, so after the dishes you can scrub the floor.”

“Okay, mom.”

That warm water felt good, I think I’ll pour some more down there. I fill a pan up with warm suds water and start spilling on my chest. The warm water feels great running down my chest, belly and coating my crotch. Soaking my cock and balls as the water spills down onto the floor. I rub my wet warm belly, cock and balls against the cabinet. They glide across the hardness of the slick wooden surface. I can hear my mom breathing heavily behind me watching me. I now she is turned on by my display. This gets me even harder.

She comes up behind me; I can here her heels click across the floor. She is right behind me, breathing down my neck. I can feel her hands grab my ass cheeks and dig in deep with her red polished finger nails.

“You’re not concentrating on your work, David,” she says in a husky commanding tone. “Enough playing, finish the dishes and then I may give you some free time.”

My cock wants release and so I finish up the last of the dishes as she returns to her seat. I turn around with my torso wet and soapy and my seven inch erection. I didn’t hear her while I was washing but now she has taken off the robe to reveal a red translucent push up bra that lifts and displays those huge creamy 38 Double Dees with her half dollar size nipples, she’s wearing a wispy red thong that is transparent so I can see that she carefully trims her bush. Fuck she is hot.

“Come closer so Escort I can get a good look,” she whispers her command.

I do so.

“I need to stroke, Mom, Please I beg you let me stroke my dick.”

“You’ve been a good boy, so yes, please do.”

I reach down to my cock and begin to stroke it. God damn I’ve been needing this all day. Precum quickly forms and I use it to lubricate my hot and hard cock. The need is overwhelming me and I can feel hot cum bubbling in my aching balls filling my shaft.

“You have such a nice cock, dear. And it looks like its going to explode…”

Having her watch and talk about my jacking off sends a shiver through me. “Yes I will soon explode; I’ve been building up a lot of pent up cum.”

“Really?” That wicked glint in her eye appears and she playfully licks her red lipstick glossy big lip with her tongue. “Will my David have a large load for his mother?”

“Ohhh, yes mom. I can feel a big one coming.”

“Well you deserve it. I should prepare myself for this event, I don’t like cum stains on my expensive lingerie,” and like she was casually taking off a sweater, she reaches behind her and I can’t fucking believe this; she takes off her bra to reveal those huge tits of hers. “Will you be able to reach me from where you’re standing? Or do you need to come closer?”

I’m about to lose it! I quickly come closer to her so now my cock is a hands breath away from her huge tits.

“Here I don’t want you to waste anything; I’ll just hold them up so you can better coat them with that hot load of yours.”

Fuck yeah! “Argggh Mom, I’m going to cum…now!”

I shoot out my first gush it lands on the top of her right tit in a big creamy glob, I’m pumping my throbbing cock and it gushes out another and another, hot molten cum gushes out of cock and just covers her tits. My body shudders from the pleasure of the release. “Ughhhh!” I groan as the last of my cum gushes forth. I’m exhausted. Her tits are a wonderful mess from my thick creamy cum.

“Mmmm, it feels and smells so nice. It’s been to long,” she moans as she smears my cum all over her tits like it was a thick creamy lotion, soon they glisten. “I hope there is more where that came from?”

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