Learning Too Early


Learning Too EarlyLearning Too Early———-Mom and Dad were swingers, although I had no idea what that meant. I knew they had ‘Swinger’s Parties’ on the weekends because Mom would be running around the house cleaning and arranging things several days ahead of time. My sister was quite young, still in diapers, and I was the designated babysitter for her, but they also had a babysitter for me as well, to keep me out of the way. Being only seven or so years older than she is, I felt like I was old enough to not have to have a babysitter.Anyways, Friday night rolled around and people started arriving, all decked out in very sexy and seductive clothing of every sort imaginable, looking like they came directly from the pages of the Fredrick’s catalog, leaving nothing to the imagination. I was sent to the family room to watch TV till my bedtime. I had my own little foam chair situated where I could see the kitchen and living room where all the activities were going on. The bathroom was directly between the family room and living room.I have seen many of these parties in the past, people drinking and getting naked as the evenings went on along with their sexual activities. I really was not that interested till this particular night when my dad was sitting at a stool in the kitchen and I watched a woman kneel down next to him, pull his pants off and proceeded to engulf his manhood in her mouth. I felt jealous of this woman; dad’s hands were in her hair, stroking her, coaxing her more and more into his crotch, her head bobbing up and down rapidly, until I saw him stiffen, pushing his hips upwards and jerking several times on her face. When she turned around to get up, I could see long white strands of what I came to know as ‘spunk’ running down her chin and onto her breasts.Now, I say I did not know which is mostly true. I had an inkling of what it was all about because my babysitter had on numerous occasions encouraged me to do exactly the same thing on him. Often these parties were held at other people’s houses, and the babysitter would be here with Ashley, my sister, and me, alone. If I refused to cleanup after myself in the family room, pickup the candy wrappers or popcorn strewn about the floor next to my chair he would get very cross. The babysitter would grab my arms, pushing me down on my knees in front of him, telling me what a bad girl I was and how he was going to tell my parents that I had refused to do as I was told. I would hang my head looking down, almost crying, not wanting mom and dad to be told I was bad.I could always hear his pants being unbuckled and see them hit the floor in front of me. He would take his hands and lift my chin up, forcing me to look directly at his hard male member hanging in front of me. He would hold my chin and push his cock against my closed lips and I would struggle but his hold was always too tight. My lips would be wet from his pre-cum as he wiped himself across my mouth. Using his fingers, he would push against my cheeks and force my lips open, sticking his cock in. He would begin pushing it in and out, grunting and groaning, telling me how sweet my mouth felt on him. I was never turned on or excited about this activity, because I was being forced to perform.He would continue using my mouth for several minutes, sometimes longer, until he started ramming it deep in my mouth, shooting his load of sperm deep in my throat, telling me to swallow or much worse would happen to me. I had to do as I was told. When he was finished, he would bursa escort pet my head like a puppy, praising me on doing a good job, promising not to tell my parents that I had misbehaved and sent me to bed.But, this night, having seen the woman doing this to my dad, had somehow made me feel funny. I tingled between my legs and my fingers went there and I was wet, and when they touched my pussy, it was as if an earthquake shook my body, my hips quivered and shook. The more I touched, the more I quivered with very pleasant feelings. It was amazing. As I sat there, with my legs spread, my panties pulled aside with my fingers in my pussy, out of the corner of my eye, someone stepped out of the living room and started to the bathroom.I looked up and saw the man as he stepped into the bathroom; his eyes were locked on me. He was not looking at me, but at my hands with my fingers buried in my little hairless pussy. A queer smile appeared on his face as he turned to the toilet, without bothering to close the door; he pulled his cock out and took a pee, while still watching me all the while. My eyes were drawn to his cock, watching the stream of urine shoot down into the toilet. He shook the last few driblets of pee off it, and turned toward me, holding himself and started stroking and pumping back and forth on his cock.deletedI do not know why I did not look away, I keep watching, almost enraptured seeing his member, so big and hard. My fingers did not stop rubbing on my little pussy either, and I felt the tingling continue more and more as I watched him. I looked up at his face and he beckoned me with his hand to come to the bathroom. Almost as if in a trance, I got up and stepped into the bathroom with him. I was less than a foot from his cock, as he reached over me and pushed the door closed and locked it. He asked me if I liked looking at him, and I nodded yes, my eyes were captured by his cock. He asked if I was rubbing myself while I watched him, and again, I nodded yes to him. He reached down and pulled my little skirt up revealing my panties were pulled about halfway down exposing my hairless pussy and the wetness that was running down my inner thighs. Gently, he used his index finger and put it between my legs. Almost immediately, my body quavered and my legs got weak. I swayed back and forth, as the tingling in my crotch was ten-fold times more pleasurable than using my own fingers.A small gasp escaped my mouth thru my now parted lips. I did not move as he put the tip of his cock on my lips and my tongue licked it. I must have closed my mouth, sucking his tip into it. My tongue swirled along the bottom of his head tasting him. He asked if I had done this before, and even though I had been forced to do it before, I shook my head No, not releasing him from my lips. Very gently, I felt his hands caress my hair, gingerly touching my neck and shoulders. It felt so wonderful, I started pushing my mouth further and further around his cock, getting more and more of it in my mouth.He moaned softly, telling me what a wonderful young woman I was, a woman, not a girl, not a c***d, but a woman. I began moving my head back and forth, letting him slip in and out of my mouth as my tongue worked his underside feverishly, getting him deeper and deeper in my mouth with each movement. His hand was so large, when he put it against my neck, his fingers easily touched under my chin, and I felt him grip me tighter, holding my head in place. I felt him stiffen his movements, and from the past bursa escort bayan experiences, knew that I would be getting his spunk in my mouth in just a few seconds. I started sucking harder and harder as he came in thick heavy spurts. I was unable to hold it all in my mouth and swallow, but most of it I was able to swallow down without choking. My chin and neck were covered in his sperm as he moved gently in and out after he came, finally pulling out, letting me see him again, cum still dripping from his tip.I quickly licked his cock clean, swallowing the last remnants of the cum down. He took a towel, wiped my chin, and neck off, careful to clean up my jumper top as well, removing the spunky white evidence from my clothing. He stood me up and leaned over and kissed me full on the lips, his tongue entering into my mouth, as our tongues flashed together as if a sword fighting. I felt flushed, having never been kissed like this before, savoring it almost as much as the whole experience of the evening.He slowly opened the door, and peeked out, making sure no one was looking, and pushed my quickly out and toward my little chair, then he proceeded out of the bathroom and disappeared into the living room with the rest of the adults. I sat dumbfounded in my chair, staring at the TV, not knowing or caring what was on. When Dad came in and told me to go to bed, I merely nodded and headed straight up the stairs, no complaining. I felt his eyes follow me up the stairs as I went. At the top of the steps, I turned to him, blew him a kiss and waved good night. He smiled widely at me, blowing me a kiss back shaking his head. I undressed, pulling a tiny nighty over my head and layback in bed, my mind dreaming and replaying the events of the evening. The taste of the man’s cum was still in my mouth and I fantasized that it had been my daddy’s cum that I tasted, and drifted off to sleep.Several hours must have passed, and I was awakened by loud noises from the stairway. I peeked out my door and watched my parents stumbling drunk up the stairs heading to their bedroom. My mom must have been completely passed out, because dad was pretty well trying to carry her. I moved out and went to her side, helping dad manhandle her into the bedroom and onto the bed. Dad started fumbling with her clothing, trying to remove it and managed to rip the blouse off her, exposing her naked breasts, before he fell back on his side of the bed. I carefully undid her skirt, pulled it off her, along with what was left of her blouse placing them on the sideboard. Dad had managed to stand, remove his shirt and pants and fall back onto the bed.I do not think they realized that I was even there seeing them both completely naked and passed out on the bed in front of me. I looked at my mom and hoped that someday I would have breasts as large and beautiful as hers were. She was well built, breasts round with rosy colored nipples that stood straight out on her chest, with virtually no sagging. Without thinking, I reached out and felt them with my small hands. I was surprised how firm the mounds of flesh were and pulled my hands back quickly, fearing I would wake her. I soon realized that she was so drunk she would not feel anything. Her pussy was covered in thick blondish curly hair. I pulled her one leg to the side, and took a close look at her vagina, seeing the thick labia lips, deep red in color, and noticed that there was white cum still dripping from her there, wondering if some man had shot his cock at her pussy escort bursa leaving that there.Shaking my head, I turned to look at my daddy, laying there on his back, his flaccid cock lying to the side, still quite large I guessed, about 4 inches enclosed in dark hairy pubes. I stepped to his side of the bed for a closer look. I was disappointed that it was not as big as the man in the bathrooms cock was. I had hoped that my daddy would have had the most beautiful manhood possible, long and stout, making other men seem like babies compared to him. Undaunted, I reached out and touched him, putting my fingers around him. I was shocked to see how thick he was compared to the other man. He did not move at all with my touch either, also completely passed out drunk. I got up on the bed, pulled his legs open and moved between them. I saw his balls, I had not noticed these things before and I reached out and fondled them, feeling the hairy sacks and balls moving as I touched them. My eye saw his cock move slightly at my touch as well, and as I fondled him, it seemed to get larger, if only a little bit.I leaned forward, took a hold of him and guided his cock to my lips. I kissed the head, up, and down on his shaft, licking, leaving a wet saliva trail on it. Amazingly, his cock was getting larger. I opened my mouth and sucked the tip in, tonguing it all over, chewing on it with my lips covering my teeth to not hurt him. I heard him moan and his legs moved, one knee raised up and then down flat on the bed again. I kept him in my mouth, going further and further down, and while at first I could easily get him all the way in my mouth, within a few short moments, I felt it continue to grow bigger while in my mouth, filling it completely, almost making me choke. I pulled back releasing him from my mouth, looked at it once again, and now, it was truly a much larger cock than the man in the bathrooms had been.I quickly pounced with my mouth again on his cock, taking him into my mouth, sucking and licking with all I had on him. Even though he was passed out, he was now moaning with my movements, his hands had reached up and were holding my shoulders, caressing my neck and my hair. I felt him grab a handful of hair and pull me down on him, as I moved and sucked more and more, going deeper and deeper down on him. My fingers were busy at my pussy, which was on fire now with tingling at the thought of me sucking my daddy’s cock while he is passed out. I started quivering and cumming like never before, fluids almost flowing like a faucet out of my pussy, as I thrust down on his cock with my mouth. I heard him begin an almost constant moan and groan, his hips rising up in time to my movements on his cock. I kept at it, faster and faster, until I felt his hot cum release in my mouth. I choked and gagged, not expecting the large volume of cum to spurt from him. I tried to swallow, but failed allowing large amounts of cum to shoot around his cock and my mouth, falling down between his legs and onto the sheets. I continued to work up and down; trying to swallow all that was left in my mouth with his cock. My fingers had done their work and my body was almost completely spent, and I lay down, with his cock still in my mouth between his legs.I awoke with a start; someone was touching my head lightly. My mouth was still firmly around daddy’s now shrunken cock, small enough to fit completely in my mouth like my old pacifier when I was young.”Frolic, go get in your bed,” I heard my dad’s voice speaking softly to me. I moved my lips, kissing his cock one last time, and got up and headed to my bedroom and bed. I laid down and fell asleep not waking until mom called up that breakfast was ready. What a night it had been.

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