Leeds Hotel Revenge Fuck


Revenge is sweet…This is a true story from my time as a management account for BT. My work regularly took me to various offices around the UK. On this occasion, I had a meeting in an office in Leeds and had travelled up on a Sunday night for an early meeting the next day. I had gone down to the bar for a drink or two. It was relatively quiet for a weekend night as the hotel bar was usually a popular destination on a weekend.The waiter sat a couple at the table diagonally opposite me. That section of the hotel bar was quiet and almost as soon as they were seated they began arguing. An attractive couple in their mid to late twenties, really well-dressed. Whilst I tried not to look at them I couldn’t help but hear.”You know you do it,” she said, “you were flirting with her again. You hate it if I so much as smile at a man but it’s okay for you to chat her up in front of me at every family event. It makes me feel like shit!””I wasn’t flirting or chatting her up. We were talking. How was I flirting?”There was a temporary truce as they ordered their drinks. Even as the waiter moved away there was a minute or two of silence.”You were blatantly looking at her cleavage and her legs and I could see the way you were looking at her as you spoke. Smiling like a smarmy bastard. When she walked off sınırsız gaziantep escort you were staring at her arse. I am not stupid. You are such an arrogant bastard. Her skirt was so short everyone could see her white knickers and I know you were looking straight up her skirt when she was sitting opposite you, her legs were so far apart. She’s fucking eighteen you pervert!””Keep it down! You’re nuts, you know that? I wasn’t flirting. I wasn’t looking up her skirt or at her tits. Why would l? She’s your cousin. I also knew you’d be watching me. I was just being friendly and showing an interest.””Oh yeah and we both know what you’re interested in. Everyone in the family knows she’s a slut. When she came back she was blatantly touching your hand and you did nothing to move away,” she hissed. “I am so fed up, you’re always flirting with women and it makes me feel humiliated when you do that. You know what you’re doing and you know full well she fancies you. You love it.””That’s enough. This is ridiculous and I’m not talking about this now!”They sat in silence as their drinks were brought to the table. I looked over at them. Two attractive, young people, sitting stern-faced whilst they sipped their drinks. She looked up gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan and our eyes met for a moment. I looked away. When I looked again she was still staring at me expressionless. I felt slightly embarrassed that I had been caught voyeuring their unhappiness.He got up and walked in the direction of the toilet.”I’m sorry if we disturbed you,” she said in my direction after a minute or two.I was a little taken aback. “Oh, that’s ok. I wasn’t disturbed.””We’re getting married in six months, would you believe. I must be stupid. We’ve been at my cousin’s wedding today.””Ah, it’s a very stressful time in the run-up to your wedding. Everyone argues from time to time. I’m sure you’ll sort it out.””Are you staying here?””Yes, I’m in Leeds for a meeting in the morning.”She came to my table and sat opposite me.”What do you do?””I manage the finance for projects…””He’s not coming back,” she interrupted. “He’s such a bastard. He was flirting with one of my cousins. She’s only eighteen and already has a child. She a right fucking slut.””Oh, dear. Are you sure he was flirting? He has a very attractive fiancée.”A moment or two of silence.”Would you like to take me to your room for a while and fuck gaziantep sınırsız escort me?””Sorry?!” I said with genuine surprise. She wasn’t smiling, just staring at me looking as though she might cry.”He’s not coming back. He’ll be in the room sulking, all smug that he walked off and left me here. Can I come to your room for a while and you can fuck me?””I think you should go and find your fiancé and sort it out,” I said, still surprised by the change of conversation.”I have never had a one-night stand. Rich is only the third person I’ve fucked. We’ve been together for six years. I really would like you to fuck me. Please… I just want you to take me to your room and fuck me or I’ll just suck you off if you like.”Ten minutes later she was laying on my bed, fully clothed, with her legs splayed. We had kissed as soon as we got to the room as her hand had rubbed my throbbing erection through my trousers. I walked her backwards to the bed as we kissed and pushed her onto it.”Oh my god,” she said as I knelt on the floor and kissed the inside of her knees, and then ran my tongue up her thighs. My mouth quickly found its way between her legs, kissing and sucking her mound through the expensive lingerie she was wearing. I could taste and smell her excitement. She sucked in her breath as I eased her panties aside as my tongue worked into her sopping wet pussy and then quickly to her clitoris. She was partly shaven and a little stubbly. I was enjoying gently tounging the folds of her pussy and she took over holding her panties aside. With her other hand, she spread her pussy lips open exposing her clitoris for me. I began to alternate between tasting inside her and circling and flicking her clit.

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