Lemons to Lemonade


Gene had his eyes closed as he thrust his semi hard cock into his wife, Roxy. She lay on her back below him, and she also had her eyes closed. It was almost as if they were two strangers, using one another to climax. Truthfully, they probably would have had a more intense climax if they had simply masturbated. That’s how sex between them was anymore. They had been married for ten years and had stopped looking at one another with lust and desire for at least half that. If they spoke they would have been surprised to learn that they both fantasized about other people when having sex. It wasn’t that Gene or Roxy weren’t attractive, they were, by all accounts, very attractive. They had just begun to take each other for granted at some point.

Right at that moment, Gene was fantasizing that it was his boss’s new secretary lying beneath him. He had no idea what her naked body looked like but he knew that she was spectacular to look at. Without exception, every guy who saw her would ogle her. She was about 5′ 3″, with dark brown hair, cut to just below her shoulders. She had light blue eyes, with a small, pert, turned up nose, and a pale, milky skin that looked so smooth and soft. Gene accidentally placed his hand on her bare knee once, and the erection that it gave him lasted the rest of the day. He thought about how wonderful, and how fragrant her pussy must be and how he would give anything just to have the chance to taste her, just once. With that thought he began to spurt a little cum into Roxy’s semi dry pussy. The whole affair lasted for about 5 minutes.

Roxy lay underneath Gene, and wondered when he would be done and off of her. She had grown to cringe at the thought of having sex with her husband. She was trying desperately to bring up the image of Abel, their next door neighbor. She almost always imagined him when she would masturbate, which was quite often lately. Abel had lived next to them for about three years and he had driven her crazy with lustful images of the many sexual fantasies she had developed about him. She had never cheated on Gene, and she had only been with two other men/boys in her life. It wasn’t that Gene was unattractive, he was extremely good looking but he had ceased to create desire in her for a long time now. Truthfully, she had begun to imagine what it would be like to be single and promiscuous. She knew that if she ever did something like that, she would make sure that her first booty destination attempt would be with Abel.

They both quietly rolled over, facing away from one another. Their individual thoughts were ironically similar, they both wondered why they felt so unfulfilled and unhappy. They didn’t even bother to turn to one another and say goodnight. Things didn’t look too good for their future together. The next morning, Gene had just left for work, and Roxy felt guilty because she was happy he was gone.

She got up and went into the bathroom to shower. When she was done she walked into the bedroom, naked, using her towel to dry her hair. As she dried her body she looked in the mirror and wondered if she was desirable and attractive to men anymore. The truth was that she was a knockout. She had thick, luxurious auburn hair, green eyes, a smooth, milky skin, and a pair of gorgeous, medium sized breasts with pink, raised aureoles and nipples, She had an amazing pair of long, shapely, feminine legs that held up a gorgeous, firm round ass, thin waist, and flat, muscled abs, that were covered in a soft down, an almost invisible fur. She took a brush off of her vanity and began to brush her luxurious hair. As she stroked the brush through her thick locks, she happened to see something move in the corner of the mirror. She focused her attention more on the movement and was shocked to see that it was Abel, standing on his roof cleaning out his gutters. He was staring openly at her naked body. She was glad that she hadn’t jerked or given away that she was aware of his presence. She didn’t want to have to act like nothing happened whenever she saw him. She reasoned that if he didn’t know she was aware of him then she would never need to acknowledge the moment. As casually as she could, she turned and walked back into her bathroom. She peeked out the bathroom window to see if he had moved away but he hadn’t. She kept checking and he stood there waiting for her to appear again for almost 15 minutes.

For a long while, Roxy was mortified with embarrassment. After about ten minutes of beating herself up, she realized that Abel standing there transfixed for so long proved he found her attractive, maybe even desirable. The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became. Finally, she decided to experiment a little because she realized that having him see her naked had, ultimately, been a real turn on for her. About thirty minutes had passed since she had gone back into the bathroom. She peeked out the window again and, sure enough, he was still out there messing with his gutters. She was also very flattered and pleased güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to learn that he kept looking over at her bedroom window. She was so turned on that she had this urge to go back out there on purpose and give him a good show. She was really pleased and excited by the possibility that Abel found her as desirable as she found him.

She walked casually back into her room, while still brushing her thick hair. She sat at her vanity and began to apply her makeup. The vanity was in direct view of where he stood, and she made sure to have her tits bounce a little more than normal, just for him. She felt so deliciously wicked. She then walked over to her dresser and picked out a very sexy, very sheer, light pink bra, a matching thong, a light, bone colored blouse, and a pair of short shorts. Before dressing she took some body lotion and rubbed it all over her body, making sure her tits moved prettily for him. Then she took a pair of small scissors and pretended to trim a little of her pubic patch. She kept stealing furtive glances at Abel and was very pleased to see that he had stopped what he had been doing all together and stood, robot like, on his roof staring at her window. She made sure he saw her dress, because she was dressing just for him and that thought sent thrills of goose bumps throughout her body.

She finished dressing and she took one last look his way. He was still standing there like a horny zombie. She moved more deliberately, turning towards his location and he jumped clumsily, trying to look casual, so that she would not know that he had been ogling her. The whole thing lasted about an hour and it made Roxy hornier than she had been in a very long time. Throughout the rest of the day she couldn’t stop thinking about him watching her so attentively. When Gene got home she grabbed him and forced him upstairs. She undid his belt and zipper and dropped his pants and underwear. His dick was hanging there limp and shriveled. Without a word, she dropped to her knees and took his flaccid cock into her mouth. The whole time she was imagining that it was Abel’s cock in her mouth and it inspired her to suck Gene’s hardening cock with real desire and pleasure.

Watching Roxy on her knees in front of him, with his dick in her mouth, really turned him on. She had never acted like this before and Gene was quick to realize that he really loved it! Suddenly, Roxy appeared to Gene as if she were the babe from work he was always lusting over, he had an overwhelming desire to drop down and eat her wonderful pussy, just like he did with his fantasy girl. Before he could act on his newfound desire, his hard cock could no longer withstand the intense pleasure of her warm, wet mouth, and he began to spurt more cum than he had in years, filling Roxy’s mouth with his warm thick jizz. He waited for her to spit it out but, instead, she swallowed every drop and that really drove him nuts with erotic hunger and desire for her.

Roxy hated the taste of cum. However, she had been completely lost in the intense erotic fantasyof sucking Abel’s cock that when Gene spurted hot cum into her mouth, she welcomed it. Surprisingly, Gene’s hardon did not soften, as it always did after he shot his load. He threw his wife onto the bed and almost literally ripped the clothes from her body. He ate her pussy with wild abandon, and was surprised when he realized that he wasn’t fantasizing about other women. At that moment, his desire for Roxy was as intense and exciting as it had been when they had first made love to each other. For the next two hours they shared incredible sex. As they rested in each others arms, they began to talk about what had just happened, another long forgotten practice.

At some point, Roxy had forgotten all about Abel and was loving the experience with her husband. She debated whether she should tell him about what had happened earlier. She hesitated because she knew him to be a very jealous man and she reasoned that telling him about another man seeing her totally naked was, she felt, probably a mistake. She knew that she would have to tell him something because what had just happened had, for them, become an unusual experience. He was the first to talk, and he wanted to know what had come over her. She had been about to tell him that she didn’t know what had come over her, but that for some reason, she had become very horny. She hesitated because she realized that they had never lied, or held things from each other.

Better to come clean she thought. “Something unusual happened today but I don’t feel comfortable telling you because I think you might take it badly.”

“Did someone touch you? Were you affected by seeing something you shouldn’t have, like someone having sex?” he asked.

“No, nobody pushed themselves on me, no one touched me, and I did not see something I shouldn’t have. I want to tell you but I want you to promise that you will keep an open mind and not make me sorry that I shared this güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with you, first. Before I say anything, I want you to know that I love you very much and that I would never do anything that would hurt you.” With that she began to relate what had happened.

The way she had been talking, Gene began to fear that maybe she had fooled around with another man. At this thought he instantly began to feel the heat rise in him, the same heat that always preceded an explosion of anger. Curiously, after a moment or two, the anger never materialized. Instead, he became confused because he felt himself becoming very aroused imagining the very thing he had briefly feared might have happened.

“This morning, after you left for work, I came up and took a shower, just like I always do. I had been standing in front of the mirror naked, examining my body and thinking how old I have become. While I was doing that I happened to catch movement in the reflection out of the corner of my eye. I discreetly focused my attention on the movement and was shocked to discover that it was Abel, standing on his roof cleaning out his rain gutters, watching me. At first I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to make any sudden moves, which might let him know that I was aware of him staring. I felt that it was best he not know I was aware of him out there. I figured that as long as I acted casual, I could move back into the bathroom and out of his view. Once I was in the bathroom I decided to see if he had gone about his business, but he hadn’t, and he continued staring at our window for at least 15 minutes more.” She stopped relating so that Gene could say something if he wanted. Plus she wanted to guage his reaction to what she had been telling him.

Gene said, “I always knew that guy has the hots for you. Now he will never keep his perverted eyes off you. I can’t decide if I should go over and kick his ass or just let it all go. You haven’t told me how it affected you?”

“Well, I was holding back to see how what I was telling you affected you. At first, I felt like you did, angry, violated, abused, but then I decided that confronting him would only confirm it had happened, and it would always be the elephant in the room. By not saying or acknowledging his presence, we can act as if nothing ever happened. You asked me how it affected me. Well this is the tough part to tell. At first, I was very angry because I felt that he had invaded my personal space. But once I was in the bathroom I began to feel less upset and more turned on by knowing that someone found me attractive and desirable. For once, it wasn’t me fantasizing about a stranger, but someone fantasizing about me. This is where you might get mad because in order to tell you the rest, I have to confess some things I have never told you.” She worried.

“I got really turned on and decided to give him a show. The truth is that I have had sexual fantasies about Abel for a long time. I need you to know that I have never acted on them, nor would I ever. I boldly returned to the bedroom, still naked, sat in front of my mirror and brushed my hair. I made sure that my tits bounced and jiggled as much as possible for him. I put on my makeup naked, and even acted like I was trimming my pubic hair, turning in my seat towards him, with my legs spread apart, so that he could get a good look at my naked pussy. I was really enjoying walking around the room posing for him, imagining his cock as hard as he had ever known it. Finally, I dressed in the most provocative and sexy underwear I have, then put on a sexy blouse and a pair of short shorts. I wanted to leave him with the image of what I was wearing under my clothes. Truly, I don’t have any idea what came over me, I hope that you aren’t too mad at me for what I have done. I promise never to do it again.” She said

Gene said, “I don’t know what to think just yet. Yes, I do feel angry that you let him see you completely naked, but on the other hand, I have to be honest that I also feel a little turned on by it all. What I am concerned about is that he may begin to treat you different. I have no doubt that you are now who he will be fantasizing about when he jacks off. Let me think about all of this, OK?” Gene went down stairs and out to the back yard. He began to trim his hedges when Abel came up to their shared fence. Gene didn’t want to acknowledge him but he decided that Roxy had been right, it was better that he didn’t know they were aware of what had taked place.

Abel began to talk to Gene over the fence, “I don’t know if you have thought about your gutters but I cleaned mine out today and they were really clogged. If you like, I wouldn’t mind cleaning them out for you, maybe next week while you are at work. In any case I just thought I would offer. Let me know if you would like for me to clean your gutters.”

Gene thought, “yeah sure, I just want to clean out your gutters from the kindness of my heart. Sure! It is more like güvenilir bahis şirketleri you want to find a place much closer to my bedroom window.” To Abel he said, “don’t worry about them, I will get to them this weekend. So how have you been? I hope life has not been showering you with unwanted surprises.?” He thought about it for a second before he found himself asking Abel if he would like to have dinner with them tonight? He had decided that he wanted to see how Abel would act around Roxy.

Abel relplied, “Wow, I would love to come to dinner. What time? Should I dress up? I will bring the wine, how’s that,” he said.

“Perfect,” said Gene, “come by around 6, OK? You don’t have to dress special, it will just be you, Roxy, and Me. Dress casual,” he said. When he went back into the house he told Roxy about inviting Abel to dinner. He had been prepared to deal with her anger at not having been informed about the invitation, but, instead, she smiled real big and told him that she would make something special.

She said, “Are you going to be Ok with him being around me all night? What if he pays a lot of attention to me, you aren’t going to make a scene, are you? I promise not to draw his attention tonight, and I will dress in something unsexy and baggy so that I don’t give him any more fuel for his possible erotic fantasies of me.”

The more Gene thought about it, the more curiosity he felt, and truth be known, a little excited too. He began to picture Abel staring at Roxy all evening and paying a lot of attention to her. The more he thought about it the more turned on he got. He didn’t understand why he wasn’t in a jealous rage over it all. He told Roxy, “No, why don’t you dress sexy instead? I think that it would be better if we gave him a little fuel, just to see if we have anything to worry about. Besides, I think you would have more fun if you got to tease him a bit, don’t you think?”

“You mean that you want me to turn him on, to excite him sexually? I don’t know if I could do that,” she said.

“Listen honey, It’s too late, you already did excite him sexually. You are like the pied piper, except that instead of attracting kids, you attract dick. You are a natural ‘Dick Whisperer.’ The more I think of it, the more I find the whole thing really excites me. If you are willing, I want you to dress provocatively but tastefully, with the goal of driving him mad with desire for you. You can wear a nice full skirt with a semi sheer blouse, one that lets you get a really good idea what you have or don’t have on underneath. Or a dress that shows off your amazing cleavage. Maybe during the evening you might even decide to shoot him a beaver or two, maybe wear something really sexy for panties, or not wear panties. I think it would be fun teasing him, how about you, are you up for a little fun?” he asked.

“I have to admit that getting to stoke his hunger and lust for me is erotically exciting for me as well, but I am worried that we might take it too far. Or that you will, ultimately, find that you are not happy about some other man hitting on me, undressing me with his eyes, or simply finding me desirable. Much less seeing me partially or fully naked. I don’t know how to approach this because we have never contemplated anything like this before and I confess I am a lot nervous. Still, in all honesty, I am also really turned on by what you are proposing, and I think that I would love to explore this sexy scenario to its fullest, but if it begings to go in a bad direction I want you to let me know when you have had enough, so I can stop. How’s that?” She offered.

“Look at this!” he said to her. Gene was holding his very hard cock in his hand, and she thought it had never looked so hard or so beautiful before. “Since we have been talking about all of this, I have had a raging hard on and it actually hurts it is so hard. Listen honey, there is no doubt that Abel finds you very desirable. As I think about it, I can recall that everywhere we go guys cannot seem to take their eyes off of you. Abel is no different, I am sure that, given the chance, he would have his hard cock buried inside of you in a micro moment! Anyway, tonight let’s just play it by ear. See where the evening leads. If things go too far for me or you, we need to establish a sign to let one another know that we have had enough. Is that fine by you? Gene explained.

“This is just about having some fun teasing Abel, right? I mean, we aren’t talking about doing anything more than that, are we? I will take my cue from you, because you are the one who would be most bothered by what might happen tonight. So let me get this straight, are you saying that I should go pantyless tonight? How about if I wear my bone white blouse with my sheer, lacy bra underneath? If the light hits me just right you can actually see my nipples under the fabric, that is why I have never worn them together before. Also, I can wear that full, gray skirt I have that you say looks really sexy on me. If you like I can resew the hem so that it ends about two inches above my knees. As it is, it is only an inch or less right now. I will also wear my three inch heel, black pumps, not streetwalker slutty, but very sexy and feminine, I think.” She explained excitedly, really starting to get into it now.

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