LemonsThere’s and old saying that goes, when your ducking and dodging the lemons life is throwing at you… sometimes you need to reach out and catch a few to make some lemonade with! That’s just what my husband Tom and I recently had to do when we had a very bad experience with another couple, but we got lucky and were able to turn it around and make something extremely good from it!By the way, this adventure like all of my adventures I write about are ALL TRUE!I had been talking with the couple online for some time about swapping partners. It turned out we had a lot in common, like us they were into bareback sex. I have always hated condoms… I know in certain situations they must be used but I just hate them and have never been able to reach orgasm when on is being used with me. They admitted to me that they were still new to swinging and swapping and had only swapped once before. They invited us to their house for an all night fuck fest and I set everything up with them! Tom took off work early that Friday and we drove the five hours to their house.Everything had been going great, lots of flirting and kissing between the husband and myself but I noticed his wife was a little standoffish which I just figured she might be a little nervous being with new people. So while dinner was still in the oven the husband suggested we all go into their living room and get to know each other better. They would only do same room swapping which was fine with us… we love watching each other have sex with someone else! The husband wasted no time getting me and himself naked and we started doing a doing a sixty-nine on the couch which put me into super horny mode! He was doing a great job of licking my pussy while I sucked on his seven inch cock.I glanced over and saw my husband had already gotten the wife naked and was licking her pussy as well. She was moaning and wiggling around so I figured she had finally come out of her shell. After several more minutes the husband and I moved around to where he was between my legs and just as he started to work his cock into me I heard, “OH MY GOD! There is NO FUCKING WAY your putting that thing in me… IT’S FUCKING HUGE!” The wife exclaimed. My husband Tom is nine and a half inches and very thick! Her husband quickly pulled his cock out of me and got up and went over to her and said, “Baby you promised you would at least try a big one remember?”“Not that fucking big! No way!” She exclaimed.“Hey… it’s cool, no problem! Why don’t we just let Janet and your husband finish what they had started.” Tom said knowing once I was in the mood I was in, I had to be fucked!“NO… if I’m not having sex then neither is he!” She said gathering her cloths and going down the hallway with her husband right behind her. “Tom… I have türbanlı bayburt escort had my pussy licked and half a cock in me, I NEED to be FUCKED!” I said getting up from the couch. “I know baby… lets grab our things and go to a motel room.” He said. We quickly got dressed and got our things and headed to the first motel we could find. We hadn’t been inside the room five seconds before I was stripping Tom and myself down. We had an awesome forty-five minute fuck that ended with him filling me with his hot cum which helped take the edge off.As we laid there catching our breath we both realized we hadn’t eaten so we cleaned up and dressed and decided to walk over to a small diner next door to the motel. On the way we had to walk by the pool where three young guys that we found out later were from the college close by. We stopped and talked with them for a minute and found out they were suppose to meet some girls from another college there but they never showed up. As we started on toward the diner they invited us back for a beer after we ate.“You know… those three guys looked very horny!” Tom said to me as we waited on our food. We were sitting off to ourselves so we were able to talk openly.“Yea, I’m sure all together they could provide a lot of enjoyment to a woman.” I replied smiling at him.“So are you still in the mood for a little enjoyment?” He asked.“Oh yes I am very much still in the mood! But I set the last one up and you see how it turned out… this one is all yours!” I said.“Okay… not a problem! I’ve already got a plan figured out!” He said crossing his arms and smiling at me.“Oh you do huh… well lets hear it!” I said laughing at his boldness.“I figure we could chat with them some and when the time is right I will tell them straight out that we are swingers and you got to feeling sorry for them for getting stood up. That’s when you step into the conversation and say you want to help them out by giving them all blowjobs in our room. But as soon as we get to the room you excuse yourself and go into the bathroom and take off all your cloths and come out only wearing your short blue robe and have it untied and open. Once you start blowing them you could guide their hands to your breast and between your legs. I will then make the comment that you should let them fuck you as well! What do you think?” Tom suggested.“Sounds like a great plan to me… The only thing I would add is when we get to the fucking me part I will tell them I only have three rules. 1. No condoms 2. they can only fuck me one at a time and only one time each, 3. each one HAS to cum inside of me, no exceptions… that’s for you!” I said smiling. It’s a huge turn on for my husband to fuck me with another man’s türbanlı bayburt escort bayan cum inside of me so I was letting him know I was setting that up for him.“Sounds perfect…lets do it!” He said happily. I could hardly eat I was so eager and excited about getting those three young cocks inside of me!So we got back to where the guys were and we sat down and chatted for a few minutes and Tom made the blowjob proposal to them and they were all for it. Everything went just as we had planned. I was in sexual heaven when it had gotten to the point where I was laying across the bed with my robe wide open and one guy was over me pumping his cock in and out of my mouth while the second one was sucking and licking my nipples and the third one already between my legs was stroking his cock with one hand and pumping two fingers in and out of my soaking wet pussy with the other. All three of them had very nice cocks as well ranging between seven to eight inches in length. That was about the time Tom made the suggestion that I should let them fuck me as well.All three guys backed away from me and looked at me, I could see in their faces they did in fact want to fuck me. I stood up and took off my robe and said, “OK, but I got a few rules and they MUST be followed… is that clear?”I told them my rules and they readily agreed to them. Tom had written numbers on slips of paper from one to three and had them pick from his cap to see who was going first to last. It all worked out fabulously! The first guy fucked me for a good twenty minutes before he came in me, the second guy lasted about ten minutes before he drained his balls in me and the third guy lasted a good thirty minutes before he unloaded in me. I lost count of how many orgasms they gave me but it was great! My biggest orgasm was with the second guy. Tom and the two others were standing at the end of the bed and the two guys were talking about how hot my mouth and pussy were and Tom was telling them it was because I loved to fuck so much. Their conversation set me off like a rocket! I was really considering suggesting they all take another turn when the third one finished but I could see by Tom’s hard cock he was ready to fuck me again.I pulled the sheet up over me as all three kelp thanking us as they dressed and then again before leaving. When Tom closed the door behind them I threw back the sheet and opened my legs for him to see the huge amount of cum seeping from my well fucked cunt. “Get over here and bury your big beautiful cock in your wife’s sloppy cum filled pussy baby!” I requested.Tom let out a deep moan as he sank his cock into me feeling all the hot cum the three young men had left inside of me. “OH FUCK I LOVE IT! Did you türbanlı escort bayburt enjoy those young hard cocks baby?” He exclaimed and then asked.I gripped his forearms and he started to pump into me and looked up at him and said, “I fucking loved their cocks! I was very tempted to tell them they could taking another turn but I figured you were ready for a fuck too!” “You should have asked them to stay if you wanted more!” He moaned.“YEA BABY… FUCK ME… FUCK YOUR WIFES CUM FILLED PUSSY!” I moaned loudly as I was starting to cum on his cock. Tom only lasted about fifteen minutes that time with him adding to the well stocked supply of cum I had inside of me. When he pulled out I got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. When I came out Tom was just hanging up the phone.“One of them mentioned their room number… I just invited them back for more!” Tom said smiling at me. He had no more gotten it out of his mouth when there was a knock at the door.I was smiling ear to ear as I stepped back into the bathroom and put my robe back on as Tom let them in. I stepped around the corner and crossed my arms and leaned against the corner of the wall and said, “Thank you guys for coming back! Go ahead and start undressing and I will tell you some revised rules for you, 1. still no condoms, 2. you can all fuck me as much as you want and as many times as you want for the rest of the night, 3. cum anywhere you want! Sound good?” They all agreed as they removed their last articles of clothing. I took my robe off and threw it to the side and said, “I want to start off by giving each of you a big kiss!” I walked up to the first one and took hold of his cock and began to stroke it as I entered into a long passionate kiss with him. By the time we broke our kiss he was pretty much hard. I did the same thing with the other two as well. I then told Tom to lay back on the bed and I got between his legs on my knees and took his cock in my hand. I looked back at the guys and said, “It’s all your boys… have fun with it!” I then leaned over and started sucking and licking Tom’s cock as each one of the guys took turns fucking me from behind. Eventually Tom filled my mouth with his cum and moved out of the way and I gave myself completely to our three friends. Before long they had me on my back and they were staying hard by rotating around me after they had cum and was using either my hand or my mouth to get them back hard which was perfectly fine by me! I don’t know how many times they fucked me that night… I just know I was fucked thoroughly for hours! As soon as one cock came in me and pulled out another was right there to take it’s place in either my pussy or my mouth.I woke the next morning the guys were gone and Tom and I were still naked on the bed and my pussy to super sore and still had big globs of cum leaking out of it! I had cum so much that my body just felt drained! What a great night… what some great lemons!I have heard from the couple that we met that night a few times, the husband insists he has talked his bitch of a wife into trying Tom’s cock but we are not going for that again.Hope you enjoyed!Janet

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