Lesbian Heated Showers Ch. 01


It was still early morning on what was going to be a cold winter’s day. A few voices echoed through the cavernous structure that was the campus indoor aquatic center. Despite the early hour a few of the State champion girls swim team were well into their morning practice session.

The huge aquatic center was dominated by the Olympic sized pool, half a dozen girls stroked their way up and down the lanes, their coach following them poolside giving them instruction. At the end of the pool two girls climbed out of the warm water, shook the excess from themselves and headed towards the shower block.

The first girl was tall with long auburn hair which unraveled itself as she pulled her cap and goggles off. Her name was Nikki and she was the team star, with the trim taught body of a dedicated athlete. Nikki was the most popular girl on the team, and one of the most popular on the college campus, a real stunner that few guys could resist.

With her was her training partner, Leah, another tall girl with shoulder length black hair. Leah came from an Italian family and her skin wore a delicious olive tan. Leah followed closely behind Nikki as both girls walked into the dimly lit entrance to the lockers and showers.

They were greeted by a mess of gym bags, towels and discarded clothing from the other handful of girls who had come to the morning session. At four in the morning few of the girls could be bothered with keeping their lockers tidy. Each girl tossed her wet cap and goggles onto the heap sitting on top of the center bench.

“I tell you what, I am totally worn out after that session,” said Nikki as she rummaged through her open locker. Leah was doing likewise. Both girls knew they had the room to themselves, none of the other girls were scheduled to finish for at least another hour.

“At least it’s better than training in the afternoon with all the guys hanging around carrying on,” replied Leah with a giggle. The men’s swim team used to train with them, but the girl’s coach felt that they were too much of a distraction and had decided to shift the girls training time so they wouldn’t clash.

“I didn’t mind the guys that much,” winked Nikki as she shut her locker and waited for Leah to finish. Both girls had a bit of a laugh and headed into the shower stalls with their shampoo and moisturizer.

The showers were divided by granite stall walls, each stall with three shower heads and a couple single stalls at the very end of the room which few people used. Nikki threw the tap on each of the three shower heads open and let the hot water flow. A brief cloud of steam and the sounds of trickling water greeted her as she stepped into the middle of the three jets and let the hot water pour over her slender frame.

Leah joined her a moment later. It wasn’t uncommon for the girls to share a shower with two or three other girls. After all, they were in communal showers. The two girls basked for a few moments in the cascading water, brushing the chlorinated pool water from their arms and legs.

Leah reached to the tap and turned down the force of the showers to dim the roar of the water and allow her to talk with Nikki.

“You know, after all that swimming my body feels so achy,” offered Nikki as she bent over touching her toes. Leah watched on, she knew exactly what Nikki meant, because her body ached as well. “I’d say what the best treatment for an aching body is … but it might offend …”

Leah saw Nikki’s mischievous smile, her pearly white teeth and flawless face. It was no wonder the guys loved her so much, a hot body with supermodel looks, not to mention she was good at just about everything.

“Well you know me, a real family girl, maybe I shouldn’t hear your solution to my aches and pains,” giggled Leah. Leah had captivating blue eyes which drew Nikki’s attention. Leah had a reputation as a bit of a square, but Nikki knew better. Nikki had been a close friend of Leah’s for sometime now and she had seen a little of her less conservative side when out at parties or on double dates.

As the girls shared some meaningless chatter a third girl had left the pool and was headed for the showers early. Xanthe was the shortest girl on the team, barely five foot three. Her very slender frame was more common to that of a gymnast than a swimmer, but she had a fierce competitive streak and gave as good as she got.

Xanthe wandered into the messy locker room and threw her gear on the ever growing heap. She noticed the wet caps and goggles already there, looking to the showers she could see the steam seeping out, obviously she wasn’t alone. She looked briefly in the half fogged mirror to see her pale reflection and short red hair. Except for her trim figure, few would get her mixed up with the tall girls who populated that swim team. It was that overlooking which riled her.

Xanthe grabbed her toiletries and strolled into the wet and steamy shower block. She could hear the soft banter of Nikki and Leah as they shared the central communal Escort Kız shower, the water streaming down the tiled floor and down the drainage canal. She kicked off her flip flops and turned on the taps in the adjoining shower.

Xanthe kept to herself for the most part. She did talk to the other girls and was friendly with all of them, but she preferred to by the mysterious loner in most situations. She let the hot water flow over her fatigued body, washing away the chlorine and warming her chilled flesh. As the water coursed over her she could make out the other girl’s conversation which she quietly listened to.

Neither Nikki nor Leah had heard Xanthe enter the showers and both continued on as if they had exclusive use of the block.

“So got any hot dates for this weekend Leah?” asked an innocent Nikki. Leah tore herself away from the shower and looked at Nikki.

“No, not that I’m aware of. Got any suggestions?” Leah responded. “With my luck on the guys front, I think I’d better become a lesbian.” Leah’s straight faced answer led to Nikki doubling over in a fit of laughter, Leah following her shortly after.

“Well I best watch myself then,” offered Nikki. “You know with some of the jerks out there you probably could do better with another girl.” Leah laughed for a moment and then regained her composure. Nikki was still smiling back at her.

“Sounds like you’ve been thinking too much. Besides I have no experience with girls and can’t say it’s crossed my mind before,” Leah said in a more normal tone. She watched as Nikki’s demeanor changed slightly, a stern look swept across her face and she stepped towards Leah pinning her against the cold stall wall. Leah didn’t know quite how to respond and froze for a moment, before a broad smile broke out on Nikki’s face.

“Gotcha,” laughed Nikki as she retreated. “You were so petrified, you thought I was going to …” Nikki couldn’t finish what she was saying before laughter broke out again.

“Well I guess if I was a lesbian I’d go for someone like you,” said Leah. She watched on as Nikki slid the straps of her one piece swimsuit from her shoulders and peeled her suit down her body. Nikki’s body was gorgeous and a sense of envy swept her. It wasn’t unusual to see someone strip in front of her in the showers but in light of the conversation she felt strangely drawn to examining her friend’s figure.

Nikki finally kicked her swimsuit off and stood in front of her friend naked. The water flowed down her shoulders and over her pert breasts across her taught stomach and between her sculpted thighs. Leah wasn’t shocked to see Nikki had shaved off her pubic hair. Most of the girls, including herself, were fanatical about shaving.

“So you’d go for me hey, well that’s something to proud of I guess,” pondered Nikki. Leah had taken the cue to strip off her tight swimsuit as well. “But what do you mean you’ve never thought about being with another girl before?”

“Like I said, it’s never crossed my mind,” replied Leah.

“Wow, I just imagined most girls would have thought about it at least once. Maybe not seriously,” said Nikki offhandedly. She went back to running her fingers through her wet hair. Leah again felt drawn to Nikki as she looked up and down her figure, strange thoughts ran through her mind leaving her feeling a little confused.

Xanthe kept quiet in the other stall. She could clearly hear Nikki and Leah’s conversation, and the subject intrigued her. Unlike what she was hearing from Leah, Xanthe was quite open about her sexuality. She enjoyed being bi-sexual although few would have seen her with another woman, and certainly no one at college would have known.

She smiled while listening to both girls question each other’s sexual fantasies. The conversation itself brought back the memory of one of the many times she had been with another girl, some of the hottest nights in her life. The recollection brought with it a level of arousal as Xanthe relived poignant moments. Unbeknownst to her, her hands were gently stroking down her sides and over her thighs. The blissful warm water poured over her head, blocking out any outside sound for the moment.

Nikki could sense Leah’s strange demeanor, she appeared confused and a little self conscious about the subject. For a moment the same feeling came over Nikki as she contemplated their current situation. What was that nagging feeling? Was she attracted to Leah?

Leah didn’t know quite what to say, her mind still jumbled. “So you’re saying that you’ve thought about being with another girl before?”

“Mmmm, yeah, but I’ve also gone a bit further than think about it …” answered Nikki looking directly into Leah’s magnificent blue eyes. “I’ve actually fooled around with another girl twice before.”

Nikki’s confession shocked Leah, but for some reason it didn’t seem out of character. She had heard from second hand sources that Nikki was a very sexual person with ex-boyfriends and even people she met at a party for the first time. “You’ve been with another girl …” stammered Leah, “What was that like?”

“It was really nice … different, but nice. Really sensual,” came Nikki’s thoughtful response. Nikki wasn’t sure if she was purposely doing it, but as soon as the words came out she realized that she was subconsciously flirting with Leah.

“So you didn’t feel uncomfortable?” asked Leah. She was diligently taking in everything Nikki said. That sense of arousal becoming more noticeable to her as she fought to keep it under wraps.

“On the contrary, even though I essentially did it the first time to see what it was like, and the second time I did it purely to get off, it was a really pleasurable experience. It’s like you can just relax and be yourself with another woman, there is no sense of expectation like when you’re with a guy.” With that answer Nikki knew that something inside her was trying to get out, a deeply buried desire to make passionate love to her best friend. But would Leah feel the same? Her calm persona made her hard to read sometimes.

“Oh okay … I mean if you talk about it that way,” Leah said not quite knowing where to go. She smiled at Nikki who never broke eye contact with her. She could feel a familiar stirring in her loins, she exhaled loudly. There was something about Nikki which captivated her.

“So you’ve never kissed another girl? Not even for fun?” posed Nikki. She stepped towards Leah who remained stationary. It was Nikki’s disarming face which reassured Leah.

“No, I’ve never …” Leah replied in a hushed tone, Nikki almost standing on top of her now. “But I’d like to.”

Leah’s quiet tone was all the impetus Nikki needed to go through with it. Nikki leaned forward closing her eyes and planted a soft kiss on Leah’s wet lips. Leah watched Nikki the entire time. She felt their lips join and then watched Nikki pull away.

“What do you think?” Nikki asked in a low seductive voice. She could feel that tingling in her breasts and her crotch, the whole situation was such a turn on.

“That was nice,” was the sole reply from Leah. Nikki leaned in again and the two kissed for a second time, this time holding the embrace longer. Both girls smiled at each other as the warm water poured over their naked bodies.

“So do you want to …” invited Nikki in her temptress best. Her raised eyebrows and warm smile was all Leah needed to decipher what she was implying. Leah planted a light kiss on Nikki’s lips in reply.

Meanwhile in the adjoining shower Xanthe was leaning back against the wall which separated her from the Nikki and Leah. She could hear the unmistakable sound of two people kissing. From what she overheard it appeared the girls were getting frisky.

The thought of how hot it would be to watch Nikki and Leah get it on tempted Xanthe to look for a way of viewing them. But she reconciled that there was no way she could watch them without being seen herself, and chances were the girls would stop the moment they knew someone else was present.

It was an innate voyeuristic desire within her which aroused her body. A yearning to be touched spread through Xanthe as if something was in the air. She let her muscles go lax and closed her eyes, listening to the two girls kiss softly and their sensual breathing. Xanthe eased her hand down her tummy applying firm pressure as she traced a path to her moist love canal.

Xanthe sighed as her hand ran over her covered mound, her swimsuit still in place. The neoprene fabric providing a blissful sensation. She moaned ever so gently as her fingers reached the end of her swimsuit and made contact with the soft flesh of her inner thighs. She eased her legs apart balancing her shoulder blades against the wall and let her hand explore her sensitive crotch.

In the communal shower Nikki and Leah were now in a tight embrace. There wet bodies meeting for the first time as Nikki held Leah by the hips and kissed her passionately, their tongues intermingling as they probed each others moist mouths. The Nikki’s adoring touch melting Leah’s conservative exterior.

Leah wrapped her hands around Nikki’s waist, her taught body making Leah feel hotter than before. The water which ran between their bodies increasing her pleasure as it channeled over her pussy.

“Ummm,” purred Nikki her voice at its normal level, safe in the knowledge that her and Leah were alone. “What would you say if I wanted to touch you?”

Nikki’s calm voice was irresistible to Leah, in truth she wanted to be touched but couldn’t muster the courage to initiate contact with Nikki. “I’d like that,” replied Leah.

Nikki slid her hand off Leah’s hip and down the front of her stomach slowly guiding it down over her shaven mound stopping when her fingertips met the skin of Leah’s thighs. Leah eased open her legs without making any visible movement allowing Nikki’s probing touch to continue on its journey to her sweetness.

Leah sighed as Nikki’s wet touch softly danced over her labia, she could feel the blood run to her engorged folds. “That’s nice,” moaned Leah as she shut her eyes, only to be surprised by Nikki’s warm lips touching hers. They kissed and Nikki’s hand became bolder as she teased Leah’s folds apart.

Nikki could feel herself burning up inside, but knew she had to take it slow with Leah. She desperately wanted Leah to reciprocate the touch but didn’t know how to tell her. She figured boldness was the key to anything further happening. “I want you to touch me,” cooed Nikki looking right into Leah’s blue eyes.

Leah reached across and stroked Nikki’s tight tummy just below her navel. She could see the part in Nikki’s mound chiseled in her gorgeous body, with all her concentration she led her fingertips down Nikki’s tanned skin. Nikki broadened her stance opening her legs for Leah’s anticipated approach, Leah let her hand wander over Nikki’s hot pussy.

“That’s it, just like when you play with yourself,” encouraged Nikki. To further emphasize the point Nikki let the tip of her finger slide into Leah’s wet vagina. Leah stirred for a second and then closed her eyes feeling Nikki’s intimate touch. “Just like what I’m doing to you.”

“How’s this?” questioned Leah as she parted Nikki’s pussy lips with her index finger and ran it across her entrance. Nikki inhaled deeply and let out a sigh as Leah sank her finger into her pussy. She stared at Leah who gave her a devilish smirk. “I like to get into it when I play with myself.”

The two girls kissed. Their hands teasing each others pussies. Nikki thrust her finger all the way into Leah and swirled it around in an ever increasing motion, Leah responding by sliding her finger in and out of Nikki.

Xanthe heard the two girls talking about masturbation and then heard their muffled moans as they played with each other. Xanthe imagined the scene in her mind and felt her own desire begin to rise as she slipped her finger under her swimsuit and pulled it away from her aching pussy.

She gently stroked her moist fold, the trickle of water, and sounds of the other girls intensifying her feelings of lust. Xanthe slipped her middle finger into her pussy letting it find its own way to her g-spot. She found it and immediately crouched over as her body reacted from the ecstasy it brought.

Xanthe was burning up and knew she had to bring herself to orgasm, the thought of doing it in such a public place was electrifying. She pulled the recalcitrant swimmers further away from her crotch giving herself unfettered access. She then gently rubbed her hard nipples through her swimsuit, too busy pleasing herself to be bothered with stripping.

She let a second finger slide into herself, probing every nook and cranny as another spasm racked her body. She had to bite down on her bottom lip to stifle a passionate moan that wanted to escape, and which would have betrayed her presence.

In the other shower, things were heating up. Nikki and Leah were frantically searching each others lean bodies, feeling every curve. Nikki plied the supple flesh of Leah’s rear much to Leah’s satisfaction.

“Mmmm, I feel so good,” cooed Leah as Nikki’s skillful hands found all the right spots.

“Hold on, I know something which will make you feel even better,” hinted a lusty Nikki accentuating it with a kiss. Nikki eased down Leah’s shoulder kissing her skin as she went, finally finding her pert breasts. Neither girl was particularly well endowed, but both had amazingly sensitive nipples. Nikki nuzzled Leah’s erect nipples with her nose, pecking them with her lips.

“Oh yeah that’s nice, keep doing that,” Leah panted. Nikki renewed her efforts and gently nibbled on Leah’s aching nipple, taking it all the way into her mouth and sucking back on it, which sent Leah into a full body shiver. Nikki also increased the pace of her thrusting which caused Leah to tighten her thighs, before releasing Nikki’s hand.

Leah knew in her mind what would follow. She had had oral sex a couple times before, but never left satisfied, most guys she had been with just didn’t know how to do it. But in the back of her mind she knew that Nikki would be different.

Leah’s back went rigid as she felt Nikki’s warm lips make contact with her navel, as she continued her journey towards to Leah’s sweetness. Leah gasped as Nikki’s warm breath made contact with her aroused pussy, Nikki’s fingers still pumping her, but at a slow drawn out pace.

“You ready?” asked an inquisitive Nikki. Nikki couldn’t wait to taste Leah, the gorgeous Italian whose supple wet skin was so fantastic to touch. She brought her lips to Leah’s engorged labia; her folds spread open like a blossoming flower, an alluring sight for Nikki.

Leah shivered noticeably as Nikki kissed her pussy for the first time, her fingers buried deep inside Leah squirmed momentarily. Leah let out a deep moan as Nikki flicked her sex with the tip of her tongue. “Oh god!” cried an excited Leah.

“How do you like that?” asked Nikki. Nikki had worked herself up to the point where she could barely contain her lust, she wanted things to explode quickly.

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