Lesbian Paradise at Land’s End (Part 3)


Lesbian Paradise at Land’s End (Part 3)When Kea arrived to the inn, the sun had already risen completely. The door was still locked, so she used the key. The place was silent and empty of people. “Well, it’s only 6 thirty…”, she thought “…and Sunday”. She realized it was too early to do anything, even breakfast, so she decided to go up to her room. She wanted to change her damp shorts and panties but she wasn’t going to shower; she wished to keep Landra’s spicy scents on her skin. She took off her clothes and looked at her image in the huge closet mirror. “Now my body is hers…” she reminded herself while she smelled Landra’s remaining aroma on her hands. Finally, she put on clean clothes (a t shirt with her former University’s seal, white jeans and sneakers) and placed Landra’s note in the drawer where she kept her documents. Then she opened the window and took a deep breath of the fresh, clean, morning air that came in from the ocean while she listened to the bell that was ringing from the village church. Suddenly, she heard three soft knocks on the door. It was the innkeeper.“Excuse me, I didn’t want to interrupt…” Kea smiled politely and answered: “No, not at all. It’s okay.” The innkeeper hesitated, with his usual discretion “I heard you downstairs before and thought maybe you wanted to have breakfast. I apologize, on Sundays we get up a bit later and, besides, today is a feast day…” Kea blushed, thinking she almost got caught entering at such an awkward hour “Oh, no, don’t worry… I was just …looking for a plastic bag for my laundry.” The innkeeper felt relieved “Oh, in that case, I’ll bring you one immediately.” The man came back in a minute with a large cloth bag. “Cloth is better than plastic for laundry so the clothes can breathe.” Kea kindly thanked the innkeeper and closed the door. She turned around and freezed with a gasp when she saw the quilt she brought from the shed on top of the desk. “No way he could have seen it from the door”, she thought with relief. So she put it in her suitcase, waiting for a chance to give it back to Landra.Kea lied down on the bed, listening to the church bells that had been ringing for a while. Her mind started to drift as usual in the past two days. The images of their lovemaking twined with the things they talked about during their fruit feast and with questions that started to come up: “Landra had just turned 19 and I’m 23; Landra had studied in a catholic boarding high-school for five years at the main town and came back to the village to work at her family’s inn; I just finished at grad school and live by myself long away from my hometown; what a delicious butt!; why did Landra leave so early without saying anything?; I never imagined I would make love with another woman; Landra had her first encounters with girls at school; I only had sex with boys, actually with three boys; Landra’s mysterious eyes are so bewitching; how can such a young girl be so sexually experienced?; my eyelids are getting heavy; why don’t I ever see Landra around the inn?; my eyelids are getting heavier……” And Kea fell asleep.Kea woke up with a jump and heart poundings when she heard an explosion, and the church bells chiming like crazy, and sirens . “What’s happening, an emergency, a fire, a terrorist attack…?” She went running to the window and saw a dozen fish boats decorated with colored flag garlands and with their sirens sounding at full volume, sailing towards the pier. At far right, a procession was coming out of the church with ten fishermen holding a saint or a virgin on a pedestal preceded by priests and followed by a crowd of people and a band, all going down the slope towards the pier. The church bells chiming and chiming and feast bombs exploding in the air. “Oh Lord, the feast!”Kea was really excited. She had never seen anything like this in her country. And she didn’t even imagine that the “feast day” the innkeeper mentioned before was going to be like this. She was still marveled by the sight and the sounds when she heard knocks on the door. “The innkeeper again?” Kea opened the door. There was Landra, wearing a long blue dress, a white belt, white shoes and her huge smile, more beautiful than ever! “Come on, Kea! Get some pretty clothes on! You can’t go to feast with that aspect…” Kea got so excited that she didn’t know where to start. “Why didn’t you tell me about the feast, Landra?” Landra kindly pushed Kea towards the closet. “Well… another surprise! …hurry!” Kea opened the closet and took a glance at her clothes: t shirts, jeans, shorts… “Shit! All I have is crappy clothes!” Landra ran out of the room without saying a word, puzzling Kea once again, and came back in a minute. “Here, try this.” she said, handing Lea the beautiful red dress Landra was wearing last night. “You’re a bit taller than me, but I think it will fit you.” Kea put it on and, indeed, it did fit her pretty well. Besides, the cloth still kept Landra’s cinnamon-spiced scent. (“Her body is mine…”) “Oh, Kea, you look gorgeous! Put on your sandals and let’s go!”. Landra grabbed Kea’s hand and they ran down to the pier laughing.==They reached the pier just in time to see how the ten fishermen got the saint into the largest ship while the band played some kind of hymn. Then the musicians and the priests went aboard too. Landra explained to Kea that this was the celebration of Our Lady of the Seas, the patroness of sailors and fishermen. Every year, on this day, the fishermen yenimahalle escort took the image of the saint on a maritime procession around the estuary. The first and largest of the local fishing ships would take the saint, the band, the religious and civil authorities and a few privileged guests invited by the ship’s owner. The other ships would take the rest of the people. The trip wasn’t long but very emotive, especially when the procession stopped at the mouth of the estuary to cast flower crowns to the sea in honor of all the fishermen who had drowned in shipwrecks. Once the saint was placed at the center of the ship, the sirens began to sound again. Landra took Kea’s hand and hurried her on board. “What are you doing, Landra? We’re not supposed to go here…” Landra laughed while she pushed Kea forward to the deck. “Yes we are, you are our privileged guest, Kea, and this is my grandpa’s ship!”Kea found the procession emotive indeed, especially when the captain asked her if she would accept to be the one of the contributors to cast the crowns to the sea. That moment was intensely magical: all the ships stopped at a certain point and turned off the engines, the sirens also stopped. Everything went silent. Then the ten fishermen turned around the pedestal with the saint, so the image faced the side of the ship where Kea and the other contributors were holding the crowns. At a signal of the captain, three short siren blows sounded and then, from the shore, 13 feast bombs exploded one after the other in the air while Kea and the other 12 contributors cast 13 crowns on the ocean surface, one for each of the deceased fishermen in the past year. Then, all the sirens began to sound again and the procession went back to port. Kea’s eyes were flooded with tears after living one of the most intense moments of her life and Landra, from the bridge, looked down on her with a loving smile of pride.They landed and the rest of the day went through an open air celebration with wine, food, music and dances. Landra introduced Kea to friends and relatives, so she was the center of attention… “We don’t get many visitors here…” everybody told her. At one point, when Landra was talking to her grandpa, a charming boy came up to Kea “You look beautiful with that dress…” Kea blushed while she looked at that shameless boy’s cute face: “Oh… thank you!” He was wearing a white linen suit, a loose white linen shirt, brown tweed shoes and a panama hat. Black hair, green eyes, thin lips, smooth voice and a perfect nose… charming! “By the way, my name is Denis.” Kea accepted his handshake “Oh, sure, and my name is Kea.” The lad politely lifted the front rim of his hat “I know…, you’re Landra’s guest.” And he left without saying anything else. “Strange guy…”, thought Kea a bit puzzled. Landra came back to her with a bag of roast caramelized almonds. “Come, Kea, let’s go for a ride…”==Landra led Kea to the inn and they entered through the back yard where there was a motorbike. Landra told Kea to sit on the back and they set off. They went up the steep main road and then Landra took a left turn into a path that went through pine trees until they reached the top of a hill. The landscape was now rocky and with scarce vegetation. They were quite high and the view was spectacular: the whole coastline could be seen, with the village way below. Landra stopped the bike and they got off. “Well, what do you think, Kea?” Kea was overwhelmed with joy: the beauty of the scene, the ocean breeze swaying their dresses, the whole experience of the feast and Landra shining in the afternoon sun. Kea went towards Landra, hugged her intensely and kissed her mouth deeply. “Thank you for this incredible day.” Landra kissed her back while she squeezed Kea’s tight butt. “Thank you for being here, but… the day hasn’t ended yet”, she answered with a naughty smile. “Let’s continue…” They got on the bike and drove down winding curves till they reached the bottom of the slope where the path ended right on the ocean side in front of a huge granite building, like an abandoned warehouse. They got off the bike and Landra went towards a big gate that led to a court in front of the building. They both passed through the half-opened gate and stopped at the closed doors of the main entrance. “This must be the old whaling factory…” thought Kea. “And these are the remains of an 18th century whaling factory…”, said Landra. Kea smiled, finding Landra’s explanation like an echo of her mind. “I heard something about it; the innkeeper recommended me to visit it. By the way, Landra, is he your father?” Landra looked towards the ocean. “No, my dad died at sea when I was seven.” Kea felt she shouldn’t have asked and caressed Landra’s face. “I’m sorry, that was so stupid of me…” Landra gave back the caress with a smile. “No it wasn’t, you didn’t know. He worked on my grandpa’s ship and fell off-board during a terrible storm… they never found his body. And my mom died two years later of a heart disease.” Kea’s eyes were filling with tears “Oh, Landra, what a sad c***dhood!” she cried, as she hugged Landra with a strong embrace. “The innkeepers are my godparents. They took me when my mom passed away; extraordinary people…” Kea bowed her head, “Well, my parents got divorced when I was twelve. They both got married again…” Landra kissed Kea’s cheek “OK, let’s stop talking about sad things; today is a feast day!” ulus escort The sun was starting to go down and the seagulls where playing around in the sky. “Let’s get inside…”, said Landra “it’s really worth a visit.” Kea looked at the closed doors “How are we going to get in?” Landra took Kea’s hand and walked around the building’s huge walls. “There’s a way in…” When they reached the back of the building, Kea saw a big wide slanted ramp that went from the building right to the ocean. It was where the captured whales where dragged into the factory. Beneath the ramp, the building had like two air shafts, big enough for a person to get through. The girls managed to pass through and got in. It was quite dark, but the scarce light was enough to see the huge size of the structure: a great hall with several lines of stone counters, used for cutting the whales into pieces. Landra led Kea to a corner where there was a table with an oil lamp and a chair. “This day was incredible for me too, Kea. I felt so proud to share this feast with you…” Kea took Landra’s hands into hers “It was one of the happiest days in my life, Landra. Thank you again.” Landra looked straight into Kea’s eyes “But, as I said, the day hasn’t ended yet… do you want it to continue?” Kea was instantly excited, expecting another “special” surprise from Landra. “I absolutely do, Landra.” Landra went two steps back and took a black silk cloth from her pocket. “Absolutely?” she said, extending the cloth and folding it length wards while she walked around Kea with a naughty smile. Kea took a deep breath, feeling how a sense of heat filled her body. “Absolutely”, she firmly stated. Landra went to Kea’s back and blindfolded her. Then she said: “Stay still.” Kea obeyed.Landra stepped back and turned around. She waved her hand like telling somebody to come. A person came silently out of the dark, approached Kea from behind and started to give her small kisses on the neck and then behind her right ear. Landra watched with expectation. At first, Kea received the kisses humming with approval, but then she slightly turned her head around and sniffed. She hesitated and sniffed again… “This scent is not cinnamon!”, she shouted with anger. She turned around in a jump while she tore off the blindfold and discovered that the person was… Denis! “What’s going on?… How could you do this to me, Landra?” she shouted again, almost crying. Landra ran up to Kea wanting to embrace her but Kea pushed her back. “Don’t touch me!” Landra stood back and tried to calm Kea down. “Listen, Kea, I’m very sorry. Forgive me”, she begged. Kea kept staring at her with anger and nodding in disapproval. “I just can’t believe it! How could you possibly bring Denis here and let him fool me like this?”, she said crying with her face in her hands. Landra stepped forward without touching Kea and talked to her in a soft voice: “Look, Kea, his name is not Denis, it’s Dena and he’s a she…” Kea immediately lifted her head out of her hands at looked at Landra “What?” Kea’s face was puzzled and confused. “I’m telling you that Dena is a girl…” Kea looked straight at Dena: black hair, green eyes, thin lips, smooth voice and a perfect nose… charming! Kea took a deep breath: “Well, Denis, I mean Dena, we meet again…” Dena looked straight back to Kea: “And I still think you look beautiful in that dress…” Kea blushed again… “But you were a boy…” Dena smiled, “Well, as you can see…” she took off her jacket and shirt exposing two small cute titties “…not really…” she took off her pants and underwear, now exposing a nicely trimmed bush, a cute pussy and an awesome, slim body “…a tomboy, actually.” And she turned around showing a tight, firm bubble butt. Kea was puzzled and horny at the same time while she turned to Landra with interrogative eyes. “OK, Kea, you may think this was a bitter joke, but for me it was a proof of your true feelings for me. You immediately discovered that it wasn’t me who was kissing you because you didn’t trace my scent. And that really proves that my body is yours. Is your body still mine?” Kea looked at Dena, trying to figure out what role she was having in this. Landra read Kea’s thoughts… “OK, Kea, this is the thing: Dena is a tomboy, she’s always been one. She acts and dresses like a boy. She likes to be called Denis and she loves girls. Everybody here more or less accepts her choice. She studied with me at the same boarding high school, but she dropped out in third. She’s the one who first seduced me. Now we are friends, buddies.” Kea was listening with attention. “So, Kea, is your body still mine?” Kea looked at Dena again (she had already put her clothes on) and then looked back to Landra, “Absolutely!”, she said with firm voice, and went running to Landra’s arms.Kea and Landra unleashed all their energies: anger, lust, joy and tenderness were transformed into an explosion of passion. They started using their mouths like wild cats: one bit the other’s lower lip and then the other chewed the other’s high lip with frenzy. Their tongues twisted and twined alternating the mouths, letting saliva drip down their chins to be immediately licked, sucked and swallowed. Meanwhile, Dena walked out and got a sleeping bag from the motorcycle she had hidden among the bushes. When she came back, Landra and Kea were stripping their dresses off. Dena sneaked to where the other girls were, opened wide the sleeping bag and set tunalı escort it silently on the floor next to them. Then she went to the table, struck a match and lit the oil lamp and a cigarette with same flame. She adjusted the lamp to dim light, enough for seeing the other girls in action, and sat on the chair to watch.Landra was sucking Kea’s tongue dry when she took notice of the extended sleeping bag, so she gently pushed Kea down on her back and went after her, biting her ear. They started to roll over each other and, as they still had their panties on, they both shoved their right hands through the white cotton cloth into the other’s butt, scratching them with their nails. Landra turned over and sat on Kea’s lap. She lowered her head and let a thread of saliva drip down to Kea’s mouth who swallowed it with a gasp, begging with her eyes for more. Landra repeated, but this time she added the fingers she just soaked in her pussy. Kea sucked and swallowed, begging with her eyes for more. Landra was completely out of her mind looking at those lustful eyes, so she tore off her panties and shoved her pussy on Kea’s mouth humping back and forth like crazy when she felt that tight tongue straight into her slot. Kea kept licking, sucking and swallowing while Landra danced on her face.Dana’s cigarette puffs were getting deeper and deeper, faster and faster, and her body was getting hotter and hotter. She had been the first to seduce Landra a couple of years ago and had enjoyed sex with her several times, but the sight of her having such passionate sex with another girl was just driving her out of her mind. She kept puffing deeply, but now she introduced her free hand straight into her pussy that was soaking wet. Drooling with lust, she alternated intense rubbing of her throbbing clit with a deep thrusting of her vagina. She finished the cigarette and started sucking her fingers.At that point, Landra had stopped moving and was stretching with delight, coming on Kea’s tongue. When Kea noticed that Landra’s muscles had relaxed, she pushed her gently back and led Landra’s mouth to her pussy… “It’s my turn now”, she whispered. Landra started to bite, lick and suck Kea’s clit and pussy all around, enjoying her yummy nectar. Kea lifted and lowered her hips to the rhythm of Landra’s licks, humming with joy. Then she grabbed Landra’s head and pushed it tight into her labia. Landra stuck her tight tongue into Kea’s vagina, curving the tip upwards alternating in-out with up-down following Kea’s swinging. At that point, Kea held Landra’s head still against her pussy, quivering with pleasure. Landra tried some more licks, but Kea kindly stopped her with her hand, letting her know that she had reached her joy.Dana felt herself in Wonderland, staring at the girls with desire, but respecting their intimacy. But, all of a sudden, Kea looked at her while she was recovering from ecstasy with Landra’s head on her lap. She whispered something into Landra’s ear and Landra nodded in approval. Kea stood up and went towards Dana, held her hand and led her to the love scene: “Please, be our guest…”, she said. Dana stood still while the other two girls stripped her clothes off very slowly. Then she sat down and Kea and Landra knelt beside her, one on each side. First, they feasted with their mouths, sharing lips, tongues and saliva. Then, Kea and Landra munched on Danas small, cute titties. Dana just let them do, tasting and enjoying each pamper with hums and moans. Then the two girls moved, Kea to the front and Landra to the back and started moving their palms all over her body on both sides while she kept drifting with bliss. Dana’s frenzy became overwhelming when Landra came down to spread her bubble butt cheeks open wide and started licking her asshole while Kea put three fingers straight into Dana’s drenching pussy. Landra’s tongue from behind and Kea’s fingers from in front combined a perfect swing of intense caresses which triggered Dana into the most explosive orgasm of her life. When her long quivers ceased, Dana fell back exhausted and Kea and Landra licked up her juices from Kea’s hand. The three nymphs laid down together for a long while until Dana sat up and said: “This has been the most incredible gift… thank you both. Now I have to leave and be Denis again.” She got up, picked up her clothes, lit a cigarette and went off. Kea and Landra sealed the deepest kiss, looked at each other straight in the eyes with bliss and said at the same time: “My body is yours and your body is mine…” At that moment, the lamp ran out of oil and the light dimmed out to dark.==When they got back to the village, the feast still hadn’t ended. Colored bulbs and paper lanterns lightened up the party field, the band played and the people danced and had late night snacks and wine. Kea and Landra had gone to the inn first, to leave Dana’s sleeping bag, the motorbike and Landra changed her torn panties. Now they were dancing, drinking, eating caramelized almonds and having a ball. They seemed radiant and full of joy. Even though they hadn’t talked about their feelings yet, they somewhat knew that a special bond had appeared between them. Their eyes and their smiles reflected that sensation and both of them were constantly holding back their desire of kissing each other. At one point, they were dancing a slow ballad together (here, it was very natural that the girls danced together) and Kea spoke into Landra’s ear: “You are incredible.” Landra smiled: “And you are marvelous.” Their eyes said the rest. The band announced the song that would put an end to the feast, and the girls were about to have their last dance when Landra’s godmother came running and said to her: “You must come, Landra. Something has happened…” They rushed to the inn.

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