Lesley part 38


Lesley part 38″I’ll tell you a little story, Sylvia” Big Al Mcpeevie, said to the cock sucking senior nurse. “When I first met my Mary, she was an office clerk where I was a newly qualified staff nurse…..keep fucking sucking, bitch……yes, that’s better. Now….where…oh yes. She was 20 years old and was…just like you….a wee slut! She’d been bedded by a4 or 5 of the men in the ward I was working on in Glasgow. Of course in those days I was a not more…streamlined..ha! As soon as I’d had her….she was mine. Over a period of two years we got to know each other’s likes, and we found that an open relationship worked for us…she’s had as many men as I’ve had women….possibly more. She s even shared some of my sluts with me…gets a strap on, on…ya ken. Haha. Great crack, that. She’s even had a few gangbangs…..that’s the sort of woman she is…see! Very like you! Big difference is though…..she’s not a fucking head job…like you are. She likes cock because….she likes cock. Not because she’s a depressive nut job, like you!””Oomph…..I don’t like being a depressive…I’m ill” “Im fucking talking….keep fucking sucking. It’s not a bastard discussion!” “Sssorry Al””over the years we’ve developed our ‘needs’. Now….you are one of those ‘needs’…..haha. Your nothing more than a plaything ‘need’. Haha…..what the fuck now?!” He exclaimed as the phone rang again. “What! No calls I said.!””It’s your wife again…says your mobile keeps going to voice mail””Oh ok….fuck, it’s on silent. Oh my god!” He looked with horror on his face, as he realised what he’d done. Their were fifteen missed calls, and twenty two texts messages, the latest ones still on the screen. The first part of the first one saying….’same old dog, Mac…who’s the cock sucker…..'”Fuck me…I’ve sent it tae every fucker……””Wwwwhat?” “They pictures oh you sucking the b**st….I’ve sent it tae every fucker on me phone…not just Mary. Oh my good god. Me mother…sister, not that she’ll give a fuck, FUCK….Paddy…Paddy bloody Stoddart.””Your fucking joking me..Al…NO?” “I’m fucking not. CEO…Paddy Stoddart””We’re right royally fucked….you fool!” “Don’t fucking call me a fool. Ya cunt!….. Get back tae what ya gid at while I think aboot this!” He said pushing his cock deep in her throat, holding it there, making her near as dammit choke to death. He let her go when tears started running down her face….”oh sorry,” he said meekly when he realised he’d nearly killed her. “Uuuuurh……” Escaped her mouth as she dragged in oxygen into her starving lungs. “What….””Aarh, quit fucking bleating….let me think….what to do?” He was in a quandary and hadn’t the faintest idea what to do. “Hello….hello…Al….are yea there, ya fat fuck?” “Oh, Mary…sorry, my little swamp donkey….forgot ya were there….listen, I’ll phone ya back….I’m right in the shit…I’ve dropped a fucking big bollock. Give me 15 minutes and I’ll phone yee back.””Ok, babe…get the wee cunt oor the table….ya do ya best thinking when ya balls deep. Phone me back when ya done!” “Aye ya right! Make it 30 minutes….I’ll give her a good un!” “Ok…bye…piggy!” But, he’d already gone. OooooLesley spent the day with her two boys. They were two weeks off their 15th birthday and she hadn’t even thought of what to buy them. She realised that in the past month or so, all she’d focused on was herself. She’d just gone through the motions with her ‘proper’ life and had let her dad…Geordie….shoulder her responsibilities. It wasn’t fair. She decided there and then, that the money she had been saving for her 50th birthday trip, she would spend on them. Her mind was so scrambled with all the cock she had had recently, that if she had sat down and really thought about it, she would have realised, that it was her input into their lives, they needed, not more computer games, or the like! But…as in life….she wasn’t thinking, straight. And, a quick fix, to absolve her conscience, was the steps she took. She was, however, so out of düzce rus escort touch with what they were in to, she had to ask them what she should buy them. They were horrified she hadn’t picked up on the hints they had been dropping to her for all the summer holidays, and laughed at her…saying…’mummy’s in love…” and similar assumptions as to why she hadn’t picked up on their ‘wants’. Sadly, it went totally over Lesley’s head, and her misgivings weren’t even noticed. She spent £300, on games and new trainers for them, and went home feeling…absolved. Foolish girl. Arriving home, she saw dads car parked outside and forgot she’d invited him too dinner. As she was getting out of the car she noticed her phone in the door pocket. She’d forgotten she’d even put it there. A picture file showed on the screen. From Big Al. She waited until the boys were out of the car, before opening it. Just in case…She proved right. The first, second, third and forth, were near identical images, all of the same face, and the same memorable chunk of man meat. The time stamp on the picture was for three hours previous, and it all added up to the same conclusion. Sylvia, her cunt of a friend, had done it again. Al, her ‘master’ had returned and not even asked her to join him. Instead, he’d insulted her, again, and used Sylvia as his play thing. The fifth snap showed the cock just at the entrance to her mouth, and it gave just a brief split second for a smile to form in her mouth and her eyes. Lesley felt she was being laughed at. And it hurt. She closed her phone and put it somewhere safe. Reminding herself that she must change her password. Dad and the k**s all knew her old one. Truth be told….she didn’t even know how too. Foolish girl. OooooSylvia could feel cum running down her leg as she walked to her office after being soundly screwed on Mcpeevies desk. Her backside pulsed as she walked, her uniform aggravating the skin. She was naked under it. After a short conversation with his wife, he had stripped her underwear off her, roughly, and ordered her to bend over his desk. For nearly 30 minutes he tried his utmost to put her through the table. If he wasn’t thumb fucking her anus, while aggressively fucking her pussy, he was slapping the cheeks of her arse with a velocity that went past the limits of assault. She loved and demanded more, every second of it. When he eventually came, his cock was so far imbedded in her near stomach, she thought he would split her in two. She felt anger, and frustration, from every blow, and every thrust….every curse, an expletive. He used her as a sexual punch bag…a ‘means to an end’. She had cum three times in quick succession, then two more when the blows stopped. She loved it. After he came, he pulled out of her and spun her round, using her mouth to clean himself, before jamming his still near erect dick, back into his bright holiday shorts, tenting them. “Right…fuck off back tae work. I’ll be away shortly. Got tae sort this mess oot and ring oor Mary!” “What are you going to do? Paddy Stoddart knows me too you know! He’ll recognise me!” “Oh, for fuck sake….have you fucked him too?….dinna fucking say yes…for fuck sake….””Well….no!” “Doesn’t sound assuring….what happened?” Sylvia didn’t know how to tell him without making matters any worse. “I, er, gave him a blow job once. That’s all””When?” “Six years ago””Right….right…maybe I can use this. Where and why?” Sylvia took a deep breath, and told him. “I was interviewing for a home managers job. He asked me what my best skills were. I sucked his cock. I was being honest. Unfortunately it proved very embarrassing….””Why….what the hell happened?” He asked, becoming a little agitated. “When I pulled his trousers down, he was wearing ladies panties. His cock was very hard, only…..””Women’s knickers….what?… Go on….””His cock…it was….well….tiny! In was only 5″…. Maybe smaller. I burst out laughing. Couldn’t help it. I tried to suck him düzce rus escort bayan but he was angry. Pulled his pants up and jammed his pinky in his zip. He wasn’t a happy man. Needless to say I didn’t get the job””Unfuckingbelieveable!” He garbled. “Fuck…..so now he’s seen my porkmeister in ya mouth and he’ll assume we are taking the piss out of him. Oh that’s just fucking great! Wa fucking doomed” he boomed out..sounding like a war veteran from Warmington-on-Sea. “Sorry…””Sorry….we’ll all be fucking sorry. Go on. Fuck off. Leave ya knickers off. I’ll be wanting more before I go. Changed my mind. I’d better stay the rest of the day. Just in case he shows up. It’s a three hour drive from where he lives. He’ll come….no doubt about that!” “Ok…I’ll be ready””Aye….no doubt about that.”And she left. Confused…and very worried. OooooLesley had a text from Kevin, asking if she was ok. She rang him back but it went to voice mail. He texted a while later saying he was out with his girlfriend and couldn’t speak, but would call her next morning. He thanked her for the ‘memorable’ weekend. She blushed, for some reason, and replied saying she’d had a night to remember, also. She felt herself get moist, being reminded of it. Her rabbit would be getting some action later, she thought. Geordie was having a can of Guinness after his late dinner, in the sitting room. The boys were out playing football. “Whose that ya texting pet? Seems all you young uns do these days….text text text””Just a friend, dad.””Oh…boy….friend, maybe?” He asked, smiling. “Might be” she replied coyly. “Oh, good. Do you good to have a man in your life””Well…you never know” she replied, knowing another lie had escaped her lips. She was currently fucking three men…one who was married, one engaged….and one a bloody patient. Not the best of ways to build a happy relationship. Such is life. “Oh…I’ve got the lads some new trainers and games…for their birthday. Ok”. “Right…..how much have ya spent?” “£300″”Jesus….you haven’t got that sort of money pet!” “Used my trip money…won’t go””But you were so looking forward to it””I know….just, thought they needed spoiling…that’s all”Geordie was a wise old stick. He realised what had happened immediately, but obviously couldn’t say what he knew to be true, for fear of upsetting and insulting his ‘daughters’ intelligence. “Oh ok” was all he could say. “Must go for a pee” she said, jumping up, leaving her phone on the arm of the chair. Geordie watched her arse sway as she walked towards the door, admiring it as he had done for many years. He was distracted by her phone, lighting up and vibrating as an incoming text arrived. She was gone and hadn’t heard it, so Geordie, being nosey and concerned Geordie…..picked it up, opening her phone in seconds. ‘Tried to do her arse, last night…didn’t work…haha…your the best!” Sent from somebody called Kevin. Pressing the ‘back’ button on her text messages she found the file with the blowjob photos on, and recognised her friend Sylvia, salivating on a huge cock. The sender was someone called Al. Footsteps on the stairs made him quickly return the phone to its former place, and get himself back in his chair. He looked, and felt, guilty. She didn’t notice. Foolish girl. Oooo”Dorothy….where’s my tea!?” “Thought you were busy…I’ll bring it now”Knock knock.”Enter…….ah good, put it down there please. Thank you””Anything else Mr Mcpeevie?” Who was checking something on his laptop. “Er…no. That’s fine. Oh there’s a packet of biscuits in that bottom drawer. Could you get them please.””Certainly’ she replied and turned around, bending from the waist pulled open the drawer. Mcpeevies eyes latched onto her shapely arse and wondered if he could bring himself to fuck some one as wrinkly and old as Dorothy. He knew she was over 60, and not married. He also knew she’d been a bit of a girl in her time. Ernie Hedley…..old Ernie…had been a bit of a pimp for her….sourcing rus escort düzce black cock willing to fuck her, ‘if’ his information had been correct. He quickly decided, that, even he, couldn’t get it up to fuck an old skank like her. “Thank you Dorothy. No disturbances for an hour. I’m not even supposed to be here…..so.!” “Yes sir…no problem”Mcpeevie deliberated on the problem as a whole. He’d sent a file of pictures showing a cock jammed deep in a senior staff nurses mouth, with a nurses uniform clearly strewn on the floor behind her. The last picture showed a snap smile, which, he decided, could only be described as…..’lewd’. Added to the information of Sylvia’s failed interview and interview ‘skills’, he came to the conclusion that he was right royally….fucked. The only thing in his armoury was the fact Paddy, wore panties…and he had a small cock. He, himself, was also a panty lover…owning a few pair himself. Lesley had witnessed them, the first time he’d blackmailed over….also through ‘photographs’. He cursed the irony of his predicament….but, concluded he had no immediate solution to the shitstorm that was coming. He drank his tea and then dozed off in his chair. OoooPaddy Stoddart was nearing early retirement age. He’d done near 40 years in the ‘care’ industry, mostly as a ward manager for the NHS, but for the last ten years as an area director for a world wide care group, based in Canada. He had a good job. He was a striking man, nearly 6’2”, well maintained for his age and was very demanding in his job. He was, however, a man…a man with secrets. Over the years, notably when working in the public sector, he had used his position to gain…..extras. He’d had his share of flings…same as most people in the service….it was rife. Of course the higher up the food chain he’d got, the more careful he’d had to be. But, like others, he wasn’t strong when it came to a pretty face, and so, often relented. His kink, was a kink that he thought he would grow out of. But didn’t. From a young age, he had been an admirer, and wearer, of frilly sexy women’s panties. And, unfortunately for him, this phase, had escalated, not burned out. Even now, while driving up the A1, he could feel the cool material of the black silk thong….his little dick snugly tucked in, all hidden under his grey suit trousers. He hadnt decided how he was going to handle this problem that had been forced on him only a few short hours ago. There was no face in the photo of the cock owner, but it was a fair assumption that it was the phone owner. Alan Mcpeevie. Paddy Stoddart had had a few run ins with the big Scotsman, mostly to do with overspending, but also two sexual harassment charges. Neither had been proven. The recipient of the huge cock, he also knew. Her surname eluded him but he remembered her. He rembered her only too well. Her laugh still haunted him. She could be trouble. He reminisced back to that day…many years ago…it was just before he was promoted to his current job. He was accepting a sexual favour from a willing bitch, who, he had decided anyway, to give the job to in any case. That, she would give him a blowjob, showing her gratitude, was a welcome bonus. Unfortunately he’d forgotten he was wearing his wife’s French knickers, and added to his problem of being unfortunately poorly endowed….the cunt had laughed at him. She didn’t get the managers job….or would she ever. Sylvia…that was her name, could have made big trouble for him, but luckily for him she had kept her mouth shut. He hadn’t seen her at all since that day….mainly because he’d sent his deputy to do the inspections, when necessary. Now he had no option but to confront her, and face his demons. Of course what happened was a long time ago, and as their was no witnesses, he knew he would have to play this as cute as he could. Mcpeevie is a big bully, a blaggard…but Stoddart knew he could front him out. Why he’d sent him the file was a mystery, a funny one. Might have been a mistake. Sent to the wrong person? He didn’t know. What he did know was a hat he had to wrap this up quickly, and, most importantly…as ‘quietly’ as possible. He also decided that he needed to get professional help. It was time he wasn’t wearing panties, like now….before his world completely crashed around his ears. “That fucking bitch…..”

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