Lessons in Government


So there she was, Erika Delaney, at the University level: new town, new beginning, all by the age of 23. After putting herself through 2 years of community college she was finally able to get the academic scholarship she needed in order to attend a 4 year institution.

Her first class that morning was to be Government 101. She hated politics, so already, in the first 5 minutes of class, she was slumped way down into her seat… bored as hell! Fortunately, the professor appeared to be late; in another 10 minutes, according to the 15 min. rule, she was outta there! In her head she kept repeating: Please don’t show up, please don’t show up, please don’t show up!

Then, of course, the side door of the tiny auditorium swings open and in walks this amazing guy! But no time for romance she thinks as she contemplates her busy schedule. Of course, at the very least, she could definitely use a study buddy…

Her thoughts trail off as “Mr. Gorgeous” makes his way to the front of the room.

There is no way that he is the Professor, she thinks to herself! Sure he looked to be about early to mid thirties, but teachers, especially in the Government department, just did not look like that! Of course, this one most certainly did!

He made his way to one of the two huge chalkboards in just a few long strides; he appeared to be around 6’2″. An enormous smile greeted the class along with a brief “sorry to be late” speech and around he spun to write his name on the board: Professor Harrison. He took another deep breath and lifted an enormous hand to his head to push back some sandy blond hair, and proceeded to explain the class rules while handing out stacks of the syllabus.

Trying with all of her strength not to stare, Erika began to take out her notebook and a pen. Of course, his slender build and marvelously bronzed skin were all but a little too distracting. She suddenly dropped her pen and it went rolling down the slanted floor, only to land at his feet.

Dammit Erika, you idiot, she thinks to herself!

Of course, he didn’t appear to be the least bit alarmed by this sudden interruption and casually lifted the pen and placed it behind him onto the podium.

“The owner can pick this up in a few minutes,” he announced, as if he hadn’t seen who the culprit had been.

Obviously it was the “red-faced” shoulder length brunette sitting in row 5. Erika tried to crouch down just a little to hide the embarrassment, but the damage had been done; certainly, he had seen her face by now and, even if he hadn’t, he would in just a few short minutes.

Once the syllabuses were out, there were a few short questions asked, mostly by the “4.0 – can’t fuck up my gpa,” people and the “sorority/fraternity suck ups.” After that Professor Harrison looked at his watch and said: “Well, it’s early but that is really all I have for today. Please read chapter one before Wednesday; see you then!” With that, the room filtered out relatively quickly.

With a deep breath, Erica got up, smoothed down her short skirt, and began walking down the side aisle towards the podium, her skirt brushing her thighs with every sway of her hips. As she approached him she opened her mouth to talk but he spoke first.

“Can I help you?,” he asked.

“Uh, yeah, I accidentally dropped my pen.”

“Yes, of course; hold out your hand please,” he commanded. She complied and he placed it gently into the palm of her hand and took her fingers and closed them around it for her. “Hang onto it just like this from now on okay?,” he teased as we winked at her.

“I will,” she stuttered back attempting to smile. She left, fantasizing in her head whether or not that had really just happened.

As Erika walked out the door, Mark Harrison’s eyes trailed behind her. He couldn’t help but reminisce back to a few moments ago when, his hand over hers, how difficult it had been not to stare at her ripe young bosom, spilling out over the top of her low-cut tank top.

The next few weeks went on pretty normally except for the constant warmth and swelling of her lips whenever she was in class. Every time he even glanced in her direction, it was all she could do to keep from running into his arms, stripping herself, and fucking him right there on the classroom floor. As a result, she didn’t learn much in the lectures, and, no matter how hard she tried to concentrate, studying at home didn’t help much either. It seemed just the mere subject of government would send her mind reeling and her body aching for relief.

She laughed when she thought about how government Escort Bayan used to be so boring, and how now, she couldn’t wait to get home to her small efficiency so that she could “study.” It seemed viturally every study session was starting to be interrupted (sooner and sooner into each one) by her little hands searching her anxious body, softly and eagerly caressing warm, wet places.

In fact, by the week of the final, she was no where near ready, and her standing grade in the class was barely a high D, a low C at best. Realizing this she decided to go and talk to Professor Harrison.

The final was set for Friday, so on Monday after class, she marched up to the front of the room and waited at the end of the short line of students, all wanting to talk to him about their grades or the final.

Eventually the room had emptied, and her heart nearly skipped a beat as he glanced down from his notebook into her eyes. It was as if his steely gray eyes could see into her very soul.

“Ah, I see you have managed to take my good advice,” he vexed, looking briefly at her pen.

“Oh, right right, yes I have,” she smiled sheepishly.

“So, what can I do for you today? Are you ready for the final?,” he asked. Surely that was a stupid question, he thought to himself. He knew how smart she was; he had read her papers. Although, for some strange reason, he didn’t quite feel that she was giving out full effort.

“Well, actually, that is what I wanted to talk to you about,” she said. “I am having a lot of trouble with this class and I just don’t think I am going to be able to even pass this final. I was hoping you would grant me an incomplete so that I can just take it again next semester.”

“Hmmm, I see.” His face became the look of genuine concern. “You don’t think there is any way you can pass the final, you are sure of that? Have you thought of tutoring?”

Erika began to feel helpless and stupid. She didn’t want him to think she was an idiot; there was just no way he would understand. How was she supposed to explain that her sexual self prowessness along with erotic feelings for him, had taken over her mental ability to concentrate on government studies? Impossible. So with her feelings of frustration, tears began to form in her eyes. “I… I’ve tried to get tutoring, but…..I ….can’t afford it…. I am living alone… and….,” with that she just couldn’t talk anymore because she was starting to cry. Ashamed, she began to walk away, feeling completely defeated and embracing her sure failure to come in this class, this semester.

As she reached the door to leave, a strong, hard body stepped in the way and a stern voice proclaimed: “Don’t cry; there is no need to give up.” She looked up into Professor Harrison’s steely gray eyes and said:

“Look, I don’t want you to feel sorry for me okay; God I feel so stupid; this is so embarrassing. Please just forget this ever happened okay? ” He brought a large hand up to her face and gently brushed away a couple of straying tears from her cheek. He didn’t say a word. “Well, I have to go,” she said hurriedly. “If you aren’t going to give me an incomplete, I apparently have to go figure out how to study for a test on about 5 months of material, in 4 nights, so if you don’t mind…,” and she reached around him for the door.

Surprisingly, he placed his hand on top of her grip and re-shut the door. The beating of her heart began to increase rapidly at his touch.

“I really would like to help you you know; please at least hear me out.”

“How can you help me?,” she asked.

“I am willing to tutor you for the final for free if you want,” he offered.

“I don’t know if I could take advantage of you that way.” Erika’s heart was racing. “Besides, I know you don’t have the time. Thanks for offering though.”

“Erika, I know you need my help. Let me do this for you okay?, ” he pleaded.

The next thing she new, instead of taking the city bus back to her apartment, she was in Professor Harrison’s Buick, racing along the freeway back to his place. Not much was said along the way. However, despite frantic attempts to stay focused on studying, Erika’s head was filled with a monstrous passion, and, as a result, other areas of her body responded with abundant flow. Knowing that her short skirt was probably exposing her panties to the nice leather interior, she couldn’t help but beg internally, Oh god, please don’t let the moisture get on the seats, please please!

As they arrived, the sun was beginning to set, as Winter would arrive soon. Fortunately, being Ankara Escort in the south had its advantages, and so despite the time of year, she was able to shed her sweater on her way to the door, exposing her soft, slender, feminine arms. Additionally, her thin blouse did not do much in the way of hiding the perkiness of her arousal up front. She thought she saw Professor Harrison glance her way, but then decided she had imagined it.

“Well, here we are!,” he proclaimed as he unlocked the front door. She stepped inside first and he followed,

“You can set your things there, ” he motioned at the plush white sofa in the living room. “Go ahead and have a seat; I’ll be right there. Would you like anything to drink?”

“Actually, that would be great Professor. Anything to help me relax, thanks.”

“Please, call me Mark,” he replied. A few moments later he entered the living room, and handed her a drink for which she was grateful. He began by asking her about which chapters she needed the most help on to which she replied that she was not sure. He then attempted quizzing her on random chapters and it didn’t take long to conclude that she was going to need a lot of help.

After about 10 minutes of drinking and responding to questions that were going no where, she proclaimed, “Now do you see how hopeless I am!”

“I don’t think you are hopeless,” he replied. “I do however, think you are distracted,” he said as he began to remove his buttoned shirt, exposing his crisp white undershirt, and strong rippling arm muscles. “Do you need someone to talk to?” Along with the fair amount of alcohol in her, the sight of his brilliantly chiseled arms and the undershirt clinging to his hard chest were just too merciless for her.

“Talking is that last thing I want to do right now,” she gasped as she leaned forward and tried to kiss him. He reached out and grabbed her arms, holding her back, before her lips could find his and looked deeply into her eyes as he said, “You know, you don’t have to do this; you really can pass this class without my help. You are a smart girl.”

“I wasn’t doing that to save my grade,” she exclaimed, insulted. “I am really sorry; just take me home okay?”

As she began to put her sweater back on a large hand stopped her. “I just wanted to make sure,” he said. Not thinking she was understanding him correctly, she cocked her head to the side for a moment, and with that he leaned forward and began breathing warmth into the side of her neck as he re-removed her sweater. “Erika,” he breathed, “You have no idea how desirable you are to me!” With that she began to tremble, her body ready to do as he willed. She reached forward and began fumbling with desperate fingers in an attempt to unbuckle his belt.

“No,” he whispered, “let me take care of everything; I am the teacher,” he said huskily, as he pushed her down onto the luxuriant oriental rug. And so she laid back, as he nibbled her ears hungrily, greedily. Before she knew it, he was unbuttoning her blouse, (shirtless himself,) in a fury of energy and parting the front of it, kissing her warmly on her lips and neck, all the while. She reached out her hands to feel the strength of his arms groping around her to unfasten her lacy bra. As he roughly removed her bra, his thoughts betrayed him as he paused to gape in awe at the wonderousness of her round supple breasts, swelling to the occasion. His enormous hands started to gently massage the outer edges of each one, as he slowly worked his way into the nipple area.

Erika started to moan ever so softly, which stirred Mark’s pulse all the more and he began to lick the nipples and soon he was all out sucking her breasts in a strong rhythmic fashion. She began arching her hips and at that he used one of his knees to forcefully part her legs.

“How are you feeling right now; do you want me to stop?” he prodded in a manly voice.

“AH, NO!!!, Oh god, don’t stop, ah, ah….,” she cried.

Her cries spurred him to greater eroticism as he practically tore her skirt down her thighs and ankles and threw it onto the couch. With one hand undoing his own pants and another sliding down her smooth stomach to her thighs he continued to suckle and kiss her breasts furiously. His searching hand finally found its way between her firm thighs. He allowed his middle finger to just barley graze across the tip of her lower lips, just enough to touch the wetness and to cause Erika to cry out for more.

Seeing her there, in her panties, with her back arched and moaning like a banshee, Mark was swelled beyond Ankara Escort Bayan belief and needed some instant gratification. Freeing himself at last from his briefs, he spread his legs around her face and placed him self in front of her open mouth. She greedily took him in, all of him, with an eagerness he had never known before. She reached down with one hand and kept herself easily moist, while touching his bare chest with her other hand.

In a few short minutes he could feel he was getting close so he pulled out quickly and moved himself back between her legs and again began fondling her breasts. He was so grateful that he ripped her panties from her body and dove, face first, into her meaty swollen folds with full force. Looking down at his sand colored hair, and feeling him licking and suckling the flesh of her lips was so pleasurable for Erika, it was almost unbearable! Her moans began to increase in volume and her hands began to violently grip the rug as he licked faster and faster.

He then decided to begin stroking himself. Between licks he uttered “Should I stop?”

“No!!, Don’t ever stop don’t ever stop!” she cried as he increased in speed. “Faster, faster!,” she screamed as the intensity grew and their breathing hastened drastically.

Just when she felt she was about to burst into a million pieces and his tongue was going to fall out, a great wave of sticky wetness drooled out of her juicy folds on onto his awaiting lips. She cried out in tumultuous ecstasy, her back tightly arched, and then let her body slam back down hard onto the rug with a high pitched gasp.

“Oh no, you aren’t done yet, Erika!” he groaned huskily, his breathing stuttered as he tried desperately to control himself.

She couldn’t ignore the hungry look in his eyes. He wanted her very badly.

“Come on Mark, please, give it to me; you know I want it! I need it!,” she exclaimed.

With that he mounted himself on top of her and parted her legs, groping her body masterfully. He placed the head at the entrance to her pink wetness and she released a small gasp. As the full head entered her warmth, her body shuddered with delight.

“Do you still want it? Tell me you want it,” he said gruffly.

“Oh Mark, you know I do, I want it SO badly!,” she cried. “Please!”

Hearing her voice say those words and seeing her nipples fully erect, her slender and firm young body arched, and feeling her moist flesh inviting him in was almost too much to bear. He bit his lip.

“Please!!” she cried again. “I am so hot!”

That was all it took. He couldn’t take it any longer. The throbbing tip was anxiously awaiting complete satisfaction. With one long thrust, he slid all 6 and a half inches of himself into her quivering arched body. She screamed in synchronal pleasure and pain. Never had it been this incredible. His taught thickness and length perfectly matched his stamina and skill. Together their moans filled the house. His powerful, rhythmic, penetration lasted for several minutes. He leaned his head down and forcefully kissed her eager, awaiting mouth. She suckled his tongue as the rhythm began to increase, faster, and faster to an almost unbearable intensity. Her small fingers clenched sharp nails into his back with every thrust. As the world became only them, and the pleasure reached its final peak, they simultaneously climaxed. He let out an exhausted grunt, and she cried out a final shriek, as he collapsed, wearied, onto her shivering, sweat-laden body.

She wrapped her arms around him, and for endless minutes, all that could be heard was the sound of their rapid breathing, trying to slow itself down.

A few short weeks later, Erika received her grade report in the mail. Remembering how awful the final had been and how she had gotten, at most, 50% of the questions correct, she was hesitant, at best, to open the long anticipated report. She knew her scholarship was going to be history because of this. She didn’t realize grades came so fast at this school. With a sigh, she decided it was now or never, and hastily ripped open the envelope. Inside was a photocopy of her grade report, and a note with the letterhead: From the Desk of Mark Harrison. On the handwritten note was the following message:

“Miss Erika Delaney, As one of my top students, I would like to offer you an internship for the upcoming Winter Break studying foreign government with me out at Lake Tahoe. Out of all the students in this past Fall’s ‘Government 101’ class, you are my top selection. Please notify me at once if you wish to accept this opportunity. Don’t let me down!

Sincerely, Professor M. Harrison”

Erika didn’t need to look at the copy of her grade report to know she got an A in Government that Fall, nor did she hesitate to pursue a minor in Political Science starting that very winter!

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