Letters to Nicole 12


Dear Nicole,

Oh yes, definitely! I was sore for the next four days. But Oh, my God, it was so worth it! It was such an erotic, exciting experience! I’ve done that double penetration thing four or five other times since. Three of them have been with my husband Jason and one of his best friends from work named Matt. I won’t do it with just anyone though, and even at that I’m a little nervous about threesomes with another guy because one time Matt suggested that we meet without Jason. When I pointed out that they were best friends and he should be satisfied with things staying the way they were, he backed off and has never mentioned it again, but I don’t like having to deal with those situations. It’s funny, Nicole, I’ve had five female lovers since I got married and none of them has given me any hassle about maybe coming between me and Jason. What is it with guys, anyway?

Well…getting back to the story, with first semester exams over, Felecia shocked me by announcing she was going up to Teddy’s for the first weekend. I said to her, “You’re what?”

“I’m gonna spend this weekend up at Teddy’s,” she replied.

“Wow!” I said, pouting a little. “This is kinda sudden, I thought you and I were going to hang out this Christmas vacation.”

“We are…I’m just going for the weekend, and if things work out the way I plan, I’ll have a special surprise for you, sort of a…Christmas present!”

“Really? Like, do I get any hints as to what it is?”

“Nope…you’ll have to wait; if it’s gonna be special, then it has to be a complete surprise!” I knew there was no pleading with Felecia to tell me; she was smiling but her face showed that her mind was made up.

Even though it was a Thursday night, there was no school the next day so we made plans to go out to the mall. Felecia had to buy a few things for the trip and we ended up having just the best time being out together. We bought what she needed and then, for the next few hours, we had a blast just window shopping. We tried on a few hundred things we would never buy in a million years, oh…and tons of shoes (you know how it is) and then we ended up at the food court with cokes and Mexican food.

After a few minutes of trying to eat, talk and laugh at the same time, who should show up at our table but Nikki and Jessi!

“Whoa…look who’s here, Felecia?” I said smiling, with my mouth full of taco salad. “Hey, you two…how’s you is?”

Both girls sat down and Jessi hammed it up by slumping hard into the back of the chair. “God I’m exhausted,” she said. “Spending so much money really takes it out of me!” She just cracked us up as she continued, “Would you girls be so kind as to carry my bags out to the car?”

“I had all my Christmas shopping done weeks ago,” I said, still giggling. “I got tired of trying to do it at the last minute. “I don’t mind telling you both that I bought your gifts last July!”

“Oh, my God,” said Nikki, “I wish I was that organized; I still have like seven people to shop for. But I do have yours bought and wrapped already, Nance!”

I looked at Nikki and my eyes got quickly got quite misty. “You bought me something, Nik? I wasn’t sure you would. Are we okay again?”

“Oh, Nancy…yes, you’re my oldest friend here. It was wrong of me to let just one thing that I disagree with come between us. It hasn’t been much fun without you guys the last couple of weeks. Like, it’s kinda why Jessi and I are here today. We had a long talk about this on Monday and, well…let’s just say that some of the fun you have…it’s not me, but…it’s okay!”

“Well…we missed having your around, Nikki; honestly…” I leaned over and gave her the biggest hug. “Ya know what? If you’re not doing anything tomorrow night, we should all get something to eat and go to the movies. How ’bout if you, me, and Jessi call Megs and we set it up?”

“Very cool,” said Jessi as she turned to Felecia, “What about you, wouldn’t you be coming with us, Felecia?”

“Umm…no, not this time. I have…uhhh… other plans!”

The way she said it, Nikki and Jessi both knew it involved a boy. Nikki said, “Ohhh…you do, do you! Like, with who? That cute guy from the party the other night?”

Felecia smiled brightly and Jessi added, “The one with the perfect ass?”

Everyone broke up laughing and Felecia finally nodded saying, “Yep, that’s the one,” causing us all to laugh even more! She is such a tease, Nicole! She deliberately waited until we stopped giggling and then she added, “And that’s not all that’s perfect!” Oh, my God! We fuckin’ lost it then! All the people in the food court were looking at us, we were laughing so hard.

We were almost able to regain control, until Nikki said, “I think I just peed myself!” and we fell apart again!

Finally…after several failed attempts, we ran out of the giggles and everyone took a deep breath. “Okay, you little slut,” I interjected, “we aren’t going to let you make a statement like that without an explanation…are we girls?” Escort Bayan Of course, I had already seen Teddy’s beautiful package, so I knew that Felecia wasn’t lying! But this conversation was going in one of my favorite directions and I wanted to keep it going.

“No way, Felecia, Nancy’s right,” said Nikki, “you two looked really hot together! Tell us what happened, okay?”

She just sat there smiling that mischievous Felecia smile. I knew the story would be “oh so hot,” and it was!

“Well…like…I had been talking to Teddy a lot for the last three weeks or so, ever since our first date,” Felecia began. “That first time in the hotel room with Nance and C.J. had been so…”

“The what?” Nikki interrupted! “The first time where?”

“The first time I was with Teddy and Nancy was with C.J.”

“You had sex with them?” Nikki looked surprised. “Oh, my God!”

We all started giggling again at the look on her face. “Nikki, we tried to tell you that first time,” I explained. “Felecia and I are lovers, but we love men too! We just want to have fun…but, go on with your story, Felecia.”

“Kay…well…as I was saying, the first time in the hotel had been so awesome, that he and I decided to get together, like…just us. When we got to the party, we sat on the porch swing for the first hour and just talked. But I had something special planned for us so I said to him, ‘Ted…I have a surprise for you!’ His eyes narrowed and he said, ‘What’s that?’ I said, ‘I can’t show you here; we need some place private; do you know where we could go?’ He just smiled and told me to follow him.

“We walked down the driveway to the garage and climbed the steps on the side to this little apartment-like room. He said that when his folks came to visit, this was where he and C.J. slept.”

“No wonder we couldn’t find you all night,” I said with a grin.

“Yeah, like…later…when I thanked Cee for letting us use the room, I found out he had worked it out with Teddy that we wouldn’t be disturbed. That Teddy! He knew we were gonna have some fun and he set it up with C.J. ahead of time. We locked the door and didn’t even turn on the lights because the floodlights from the pool deck were streaming in the window on one side. It was very pretty in there. There were two twin beds against one wall and a small kitchenette on the side with a table and four chairs. The corner next to the window had a beautiful oriental rug with a love seat and an end table. We stood in the shadows by the wall next to the window, watching the party and talking.

“Then Teddy said, ‘Look, Felecia…C.J. and Nancy are kissing’!” Felecia turned and looked at me, Nicole…she said, “That was a pretty hot kiss, Nance! You must’ve loved that!”

“Yeah,” exclaimed Jessi in a teasing, mocking voice, “I saw you two kissing, too, but you seemed to disappear after that! Where did you go?”

Rather than answer Jessi, I urged Felecia, “Keep going…this is starting to get really good!”

Felecia gave me a knowing look, but she continued, “Well…anyway, Teddy and I started kissing too. He spun me around and pinned me against the wall next to the window. Oh, my God, girls…that kiss was so awesome! We were in no hurry and our lips and tongues were just so soft and warm. I’m not sure how long we stood there, but it was pretty long.

“After a while, we pushed away from each other. Both of us breathing hard but our eyes were locked. ‘Wow!’ he finally said, ‘That was hot!’ I didn’t say anything but I pulled him back to me; then I put both hands on his cute ass and gave it a little squeeze. He smiled and kissed me again and this one was so passionate. I already had wanted him to fuck me…but this kiss made it twice as bad!

“When we broke apart this time it was me who said, ‘Oh, my God, Teddy…wait!’ This time I had to stop and gather my thoughts. I could hardly think straight, but like…he said next, ‘You gonna tell me the surprise?’ I said, ‘Yeah…but I’m hoping you won’t think I’m too selfish?’ He gave me this sweet little smile and said, ‘Selfish? Hmmm…I don’t think it’ll be a problem; go ahead and tell me’!”

I looked around at Jessi and Nikki, Nicole. Here we were in a room full of people and none of us really noticed. Both of them were straining to hear every word. We knew this was going to be so fucking good…well, you could just tell where it was going. I could see that Felecia was getting all turned on again telling the story and from the looks on the other girls’ faces, they definitely were turned on, too. My pussy was doing flip-flops, and like…Felecia hadn’t even gotten to the really good part yet!

I snapped out of this reverie when I heard Felecia say, “So I said to Teddy, ‘You sure? I can be really selfish sometimes?’ and like he said, ‘I’m pretty sure I’ll like it; what is it?’ So I said, ‘Then it kinda involves doing whatever I say. Are you up for that?’ And he said, ‘Yup…go for it!’

Felecia stopped and turned to me and said, “Nance, Ankara Escort you remember what I was wearing that night?”

“Uh-huh…red tube top, no bra (I giggled) short black skirt.”

“That’s right…and no panties either!”

Every mouth dropped open then. Two seconds after the initial shock I laughed out loud! “Oh Baby! You are such a slut! Didn’t I say that before, girls…she is such a slut!”

We got the giggles again but then Felecia went on, “Anyway…I said, ‘God, Ted, you’re such a good kisser…’ I paused and slowly pulled down my tube top and cupped my boobs in my hands, rolling the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers…then I said, ‘Seeing as you’re so good, would you kiss these for me?’

“You girls should have seen his face! It was too funny watching his eyes light up! He said, ‘I’d be fuckin’ happy to!’, then he kissed me again, but almost immediately he dropped down to my tits. He took them from me and I gently placed my hands on the back of his head while he pushed them together, squeezing them just hard enough that they kept squirting out of his hands. God! Then he’d gather them together again and play with them some more and squeeze them some more, massaging them…Oh, my God…he knew just how to do it! His finger would circle my nipple a bit and then he’d push them together and squeeze some more and I was squirming under his big hands; it felt so good!

“My eyes were closed so tight. I was running the fingers of this hand through his hair while he played with my breasts and then all at once I felt his tongue on my nips. Teddy had squeezed them together and my taut nipples were jutting out from between his thumbs! He was flicking his tongue very lightly over the hard points, sending little shocks of pleasure straight to my pussy! First he would do one and then the other and then he ’bout killed me when he pushed my boobs firmly together and started licking both nipples at the same time!”

“Oh, Goddd…” said Nikki, her face flushed with excitement. “I wouldn’t have been able to keep quiet if that happened to me!”

“I couldn’t keep quiet either,” admitted Felecia. “When he started massaging my tits, I was moaning big-time…but when he started licking my nipples, it drove me crazy. ‘Oh, my God, Teddy,’ I groaned, ‘Ooooo…Fuck! Mmmm… yessss…Shit!’ He was licking them a little harder then and a little faster and I was getting more and more aroused by the second.

“Then, without any warning, he sucked the right nipple sharply into his mouth and kept sucking really hard for maybe ten seconds. I screamed, ‘Oh, FUCK YEAH! Oh Shit…Mmm!’ His teeth were scraping the tender areola as he sucked it and released it and his fingers were pinching and rolling the left nip hard too. I tried to back away from his sucking lips, but the wall wouldn’t let me. And you know what else? All of a sudden I realized that I was pulling his face hard against my chest!

“Teddy got free and quickly switched nipples, sucking the left tit into his mouth, biting the nipple and yanking deep groans out of my throat! He pinched the right nipple hard and pulled it away from my chest, shaking my boob and making me cry out! ‘Oh yeah… Shit! Goddd… Oh, Godd…yesss, Teddy…Suck it! Suck my tits… Oooo…yeah!’ It really was an incredible feeling, he was so good at it!”

“Damn Felecia,” I said, “I would have let him do that forever, Oh, my God!”

“I know,” she replied. I would have let him too but I wanted something else more. So I finally pushed him away, and my nipple came out of his mouth with a loud, smacking pop! My hands were on his shoulders and I stared at him, my chest heaving and my pussy gushing. I felt a drop of my juices running down the inside of my thigh.

” ‘Oh, my God, Teddy,’ I moaned. I turned and guided him against the wall, ‘Sit down…hurry!” Teddy slid down the wall and sat on the carpet with his knees up. He was smiling and I knew he was wondering what was next. ‘You’re pretty good with your mouth, little boy,’ I said, my hands still resting on his shoulders while he looked up at me. I stepped over his knees, straddling him and pulled my skirt up above my hips. Teddy’s eyes widened when he saw I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. ‘Think you could kiss my pussy as good as you kissed my tits?’

“He ran his hands very slowly up the back of my legs. When he reached the thighs and the bottom of my ass he started gently scraping his nails over my skin, making me shiver with excitement. ‘Your’re gonna like this, Babe,’ he said, still smiling up at me. I spread my legs, opening myself up a little and putting my pussy right in front of his mouth. ‘Good…shut up and show me!’ Ted slid a finger between my ass cheeks and on into my slit gathering up some wetness and spreading it over my pussy lips and back toward my asshole, slicking up the whole area. I’m sure he could feel me trembling. He just kept stroking and touching…his fingers gliding all over me but never touching my clit.

“Then his left Ankara Escort Bayan hand was behind me, his fingers on my anus, rimming it…and then sliding along the crease between my right cheek and thigh before returning to my asshole. His right hand played with the crease between my pussy and thigh, tickling my soaked pussy lips and lubing that crease with my juices. My hands were against the wall, bracing me. All I could do was moan, ‘Oh, God Teddy! Oh, my God! Mmm…God, Oh does that feel good! Mmm…Ooohh!’

“I looked down a few times (whenever I could think rationally) and Teddy was watching my face intently. Once when I looked, he slid a finger deep inside of me and said, ‘Does that feel good, Felecia?’ Before he could finish the question I was replying ‘Oh, Fuckkk…Mmm’

Nicole, I loved it…Nikki was sitting straight up, her elbows on the table, her hands holding her cheeks, her eyes riveted on Felecia. Jessi was shaking with excitement. The reason I know was because she was holding my hand under the table and I could feel it. Every time Felecia moaned the word “Fuck” in the story, Jessi would squeeze my hand a little harder. It excited me too, realizing that while Felecia and Teddy were having fun in the loft apartment, C.J., Tim and I were having ours in Cee’s bedroom!

“‘Oh, Teddy…Eat me, eat my fuckin’ pussy so good now! C’mon!’ I couldn’t believe how worked up he had me! My pussy lips were so swollen, so puffy…I was so on fire! His finger was sawing into my cunt now but he still wouldn’t touch my clit. All he did was keep stroking me and finger-fucking me and finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I hissed at him…’Fuck you! God…I said do what I want… now do it!’ That bastard looked up at me again and said, ‘What was it you wanted again?’ ‘GOD!’ I groaned at him, ‘Lick my fuckin’ clit…suck it, now!’

“Teddy grabbed my ass and pulled my cunt into his face. It was so funny too, looking back on it later. Just as he did that, something happened out by the pool and everyone was cheering and clapping about something. I felt like celebrating too because he pushed his tongue into my wet slit and licked me long and flat…all the way up to my clit! Oh God! Was that ever awesome!

“I was holding my breath while he tongued me, shaking like a leaf. He’d swirl his tongue around my hole, then suck on my labia for a bit, then lap at my clit ten or twelve times. I was hugging the wall and mashing my box into his mouth and he stayed right with me. ‘Oh, fuck yeah!’ and ‘Oh shit yes!’ was all I could say and after about a minute of that he wrapped his lips around my bud and sucked it hard and long, flicking the tip of it with his tongue.

“It didn’t take much more than that; I needed to cum so bad! When he sucked on it like that he pushed two fingers deep into me and I so fucking exploded. I don’t think a guy ever gave me as violent an orgasm as that before with his mouth. The waves seemed to go on forever! I think I was sitting on his face too, and two or three times, when I thought it was over, he would lick it again and cause another spasm to hit me.

Nicole, right there Jessi was crushing my hand. I had to tell her to stop and she looked at me mouthing an apology. Felecia just kept right on talking though.

“Finally I just fell off of him to the floor and rolled onto my back. Teddy got up and took off his clothes. I had a hold of his calf and when he threw his shirt aside, I tugged at his leg, urging him to come down by me…but he wouldn’t yet. He jacked his cock a couple times and then reached down and took me by the skirt. I arched my hips and he pulled it off, tossing it over on the bed. Then he fell down between my legs and proceeded to suck me off for a second time. I couldn’t believe it! He so quickly had me gasping again and I pulled my knees up as high as possible. Teddy stabbed his tongue into my hole for a minute, tongue-fucking me, and then he zeroed in on my button. Oh, my God, girls, I came again pretty damn quick!”

Nikki couldn’t keep quiet another second, “Oh, my God, Felecia! Please break up with this guy…I’ve got to have him!” That broke the spell, Nicole. We all split up laughing. We spent the next few minutes discussing the percentage of boys who cared enough about their girlfriends to give as much oral sex as the girls wanted. The only conclusion we reached was that the percentage wasn’t high enough and Teddy was a gem!

“And he wasn’t finished yet! Or…rather… I wasn’t!” Felecia continued.

“Huh?” said an amazed Nikki, “you weren’t what?”

“I wasn’t near finished yet with him,” said Felecia. “I sat up as soon as I recovered from that one and pushed his chest back, ‘Move back a second,’ I said, ‘you’re doing pretty good so far, I wanna see how well you do licking my ass’!”

“OH, GOD!” All three of us squealed out together. Nikki and Jessi covered their faces with their hands, but I just reached out for Felecia’s hand, squeezing it and smiling broadly.

“What did he say?” Nikki was thoroughly flushed at this point; I think we all were.

“He didn’t say a word…he just sat there looking at me and blinking hard!” Felecia giggled. Then I said, ‘Well?’ and he said, ‘Seriously?’ and I said, ‘Yes, you said I could be selfish, didn’t you’?”

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