Library Fantasy Lover


Lauren was at a point in her life where everything was very ordinary. She was married, had a son and a daughter, both in college. She worked as a librarian at the local public library.

She went to work on Friday at 11 am just like any other day. As she began her normal routine, she started to drift into a non-attentive state. She grabbed the cart with the books that needed to be put back on the shelves.

As she wondered up and down the aisles with the cart, she noticed a nice looking guy. He seemed to be around his mid 20’s. She wasn’t sure what caught her eye. Maybe it was his very athletic build.

As she went around the corner of the next book shelf, she thought she saw him looking at her. She felt her face turn red. She felt like it was more than just a simple look. She made a u-turn and went down the cross aisle. She again glanced his way and noticed that he was watching her. Again her face became flush and her heart started to race. She couldn’t believe that the young hunk was watching her. Could a a young man young enough to be her son, actually be checking her out?

She had been happily married for 20 years and couldn’t believe that she was getting excited by some guy looking at her. She was 48 years old and been able to stay trim and fit. She was 5’11” and still had a models figure, 36C-25-36. Her light auburn hair fell to the to just below her shoulders.

She tried to put it out of her mind and tried to get back to her task of putting the books away. She succeeded in emptying her cart and returned to the front desk to start again on another cart of books to be put away.

As she neared the spot where her young admirer was earlier, she noticed he was still there. She disappeared down an aisle before he could see her. She suddenly was feeling a little bit wanton and adventurous. She was wearing bahçelievler escort a blue cotton blouse that buttoned down the front, a cream colored skirt that came to a couple of inches above the knees, beige stockings, and blue 3″ pumps. Lauren undid two of the buttons of her blouse so that that blouse was open to just above her bra.

She spied some books left on a table that was a couple of feet in front of her admirer. She went over to the table and bent over to pick up the books, giving her watcher a view down her blouse. She felt her breasts hanging down into her bra cups, sure that he was taking it all in. She felt her nipples harden and sexual excitement course through her. As she straightened up, her eyes met his. He smiled at her and and she smiled meekly back.

She walked past him with her cart and stopped at the first shelf behind him. She knelt down to put a book on the lower shelf. As she knelt down, she tugged her skirt just enough so that her skirt hem slid up her thigh and the dark band of her stocking could be seen. She paused, so that her admirer would have a nice look at her thigh. As she got up and turned, her eyes met his again. She suddenly felt very self conscience and pushed her cart away.

By the time Lauren came around again, her admirer was gone. She wondered what he was like and why she was thinking about him. She felt the confliction within her about her normal modesty and her excitement of flashing a total stranger.

She went home that night fantasizing about her mystery watcher.

The weekend passed and she returned to work on Monday. She hoped that she would see her young admirer again. She changed her attire for work. She started to wear her form fitting blouses and shorter skirts to work wanting to show off to her admirer. But he was not balgat escort there on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday passed with no sign of the young man.

Friday came around and Lauren showed up at work as usual. As she started to roam up and down the aisles with her books, She spotted her young voyeur. She was filled with excitement.

She had chosen to wear a tight sweater dress that showed off her curves. It buttoned down the front. As soon as she saw her young friend, she dodged behind a row of shelves and unbuttoned the top of her dress so that the last fastened button was below her breasts. She started on the buttons at her hem and didn’t stop until there was only one button fastened below her groin. When she walked, her young friend would be able to glimpse her stocking tops.

She glanced from behind the book shelves to make sure HE would be the only to see her displaying herself. Satisfied that she would not be seen by anyone else, Lauren came around the shelves. As luck would have it, there was a magazine and newspaper on the floor close to his chair.

As she approached his chair, he looked up and gazed into her eyes. She suddenly felt very foolish but her sense of duties took over and she knelt down to pick up the errant newspaper and magazine. As she knelt down and bent over, her breasts pushed against her sweater and opened up a gap to view down her top and her lower dress split open to a view of her inner thighs and the dark upper band of her stockings.

She felt the stirrings in her groin and she wanted to grind her thighs together. She suddenly felt light headed and dizzy. She was having trouble maintaining her balance. Lauren started to fall forward. Her admirer leaped up from his chair and she fell into his arms. She was mortified.

She stood up as quickly batıkent escort as she could, but was still dizzy. She leaned into him for balance. She felt her breasts press into his chest. He felt his hot breath on her cheek. She finally recovered her motor skills and thanked and then excused herself from the hot body she was fantasizing about.

She headed for a corner of the library to try and regain her composure. In her haste, she had left her cart behind. Lost in her thoughts, she heard the squeaking of the cart wheels. She looked up and there was the man she was trying to avoid.

“You forgot your books.” he whispered. “Are you ok?”

She started to speak, but couldn’t get anything to come out of her mouth.

She was trembling when he put his hands on her shoulders from behind. He rubbed her upper arms to try and relax her. She felt his hands move to her stomach and felt his chest press into her back.

She felt frozen. She felt his hands unbuttoning her dress. He started with lowest one and felt the cool air hit her damp panties as her dress was slowly opened up. She felt the air on her stomach and realized that he had finished unbuttoning her dress. His hands pulled the dress back off of her shoulders and it fell to the floor.

He started to gently rub her pussy lips through her panties. His fingers instantly wet from her juices. Her legs become weak and unstable. She felt everything welling up inside her. His fingers gently brushed the top of her panties. And she felt them slip under the elastic waist and graze her pussy hairs. She felt his fingers find her clit and it sent her over the edge. Lauren exploded into an orgasm. Her knees buckled and she began to sink to the floor.

As Lauren began to regain her wits, she found herself lying on the floor with just her bra, soaked panties, stockings, and heels on. Her juices were seeping out of her panties and on to her dress underneath her. Her handsome love nowhere to be seen. She quickly dressed, thankful that no one had seen her in this state.

It didn’t take her long to start to dream of her next encounter with her mysterious love.

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