Library Phone Fun

Big Tits

I miss the days when the campus library never closed.

So, it was a Friday night, and I had locked myself in my dorm room. I retrieved my glass dildo from my nightstand. Stretching out on the bed, I inserted my earbuds, selected an EDM playlist on my iPod.

My shirt yanked up and my panties tugged down, I dabbled with foreplay, grazing the dildo along the rungs of my ribs. I rolled the tip in and around my navel. Trembling from the cold touch of the glass, I tickled my nipples into erection.

I traced the toy along my jawline. I sucked the first few inches into my mouth. I circled my tongue around the shaft, drawing saliva from the back of my throat. Once lubricated to satisfaction, I pressed the head of the dildo to the lips of my trembling vulva.

Slowly, I penetrated myself with one inch, then two. In and out, easy does it. I grew hot and slippery down there. Sweat greased my trimmed pubic hair. I spread my legs to widen the passage. My back arched of its own accord.

I worked the shaft inside me, up to the hilt. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on the music. I timed my thrusts to the drop beats, squirming my hips like I was grinding it up on a dancefloor against the bulge of somebody’s jeans.

I felt it coming, that glorious compression deep in my stomach. Electric shivers ran my arms. Shortening breath, fluttering eyelids. The splayed lips of my pussy clenched around the glass, pleading for a little more, just the tiniest bit more…

The walls trembled with my roommate’s screams of, “YOU PIECE OF SHIT NOOB! COME THE FUCK BACK AND SUCK MY ASS!”

I froze, mid-thrust, hips in the air. In silence, my mouth formed the words, “Gaming night. Lovely…”

My roommate and her weekend Call of Duty matches. The clock read midnight-thirty. Knowing her, the online matches would last until dawn’s first light. The bouts of impotent fury would only grow louder as the night wore on.

I cranked my iPod to maximum volume, tried again.

Fanning my fingers open and closed upon my taut stomach, I slid my pelvis up the length of the dildo. I worked it in and out of me like an alternating piston. A slow thrust, a fast one. Deep, then shallow. I pinched one nipple, twisted it. Gnawing my lower lip, I tightened up again, my walls slurping at the shaft, almost there, closer…closer…getting so deliciously close…


My bones turned to jelly. I crumpled upon the mattress with a total loss of tempo. Peering down my body, I saw deflated nipples, lifeless hips. Even the dildo looked like it had gone limp, hanging halfway out of me.

There was no point fighting it: I wasn’t going to get my sticky-thighed orgasm that night. No earbuds in the world could muffle my roommate’s gamer-rage.

I spent a few minutes facedown, unleashing my own tantrum into a pillow. Then, I cleaned up, took my backpack to the university library.

Grabbing a seat in the main foyer, I told myself that I would use this time to get a head-start on the weekend’s assignments. Plenty of papers were due, come Monday. Escort Bayan Completing them on Friday night would free up Saturday and Sunday.

I made a valiant effort. At least, I did for thirty minutes. Then, I bought a hot chocolate and streamed “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix.

One episode soon became two, soon became five. In my non-sleep haze, I couldn’t keep track of who was saying what dialogue. It was getting harder to tell Lorelai’s face from Rory’s. I slid ever farther down my seat. My shirt rode halfway up my back with my ass teetering precariously upon the edge of the chair.

Of the dozen or so students loitering in the foyer, I saw a couple guys checking out all my skin on display: spine, flanks, and likely bra-strap. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stroked off to me, later on that weekend. I was too tired, too lethargic, to cover myself up.

Let them look, I thought. Let’s just hope that their roommates are quieter than mine.

At about four AM, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I paused Netflix, forced myself upright in the chair. I checked the caller ID: Jerod from Intro to Psych.

Mmm, Jerod. Six-foot-two black stud with the cornrows and crooked smile. Beefy horse haunches and a mammoth dick to match them. Health-nut, martial arts movie geek, and my sometimes friend with benefits. Or as he liked to call it, Coital Sparring Partner.

I answered the phone with, “If this is a booty call, it will have to be your place, not mine.”

Jerod’s deep baritone oozed into my ear like rich butter. “Oh no, now, Sally, don’t tell me you got your parents there with you!”

Even the sound of his voice had my back arching in the seat. “No,” I said, “just my psycho roommate with too many energy drinks.”

“Oh! Big game night at big Sally’s place!”

“It is for somebody. I’m thinking of chloroforming my roommate if she keeps up the screaming fits much longer.”

“Funny, I’m not hearin’ nothin’. Usually, she’d be blowin’ out my phone speaker right about now.”

“I ran away. I’m at the library, doing Netflix.” I gave my voice the inflection of a cutely perked eyebrow. “Where are you at?”

“Buttfuck Nowhere, West Pennsylvania. My brother needed help re-roofin’ this weekend. He’s puttin’ my ass to work at out in cow country. It’s alright, though, we’re gonna marathon Bruce Lee movies.”

I thought of Jerod out in the sun, shirtless, corded muscles greasy under the scorching sun. V-cut abs, biceps like baby heads, pecs that you could crack a walnut between. The thought of tracing my finger from his sternum to his belly button had me slowly wriggling upon the library chair.

“That’s cool,” I said, playing it coyly nonchalant. “You know why I’m up, but why aren’t you in bed? Are you getting an early start on the karate flicks?”

“Hey! Ain’t no karate, it’s Jeet Kune Do! C’mon, Sally, don’t besmirch the great Bruce Lee like that!”

“I mean, it’s sort of the same thing…”

“The hell it is! That’s like sayin’ all Asians are Chinese! C’mon, Sally, don’t be ignorant!”

“A thousand pardons I beg of thee, Sensei.”

Clamping Ankara Escort the phone between my cheek and shoulder, I stretched her arms overhead. My joints cracked. My shirttail teased a sliver of tummy underneath, and I even caught one student across the foyer peeking.

“Anyway,” I yawned. “You, up. Why?”

“Feelin’ kinda wired, I s’pose. All that heavy liftin’ today’s got my blood goin’.”

I could picture it, the veins standing out like highways down his arms, biceps throbbing with adrenaline.

I said, “You could try a nice, cool shower to unwind all those muscles.”

“That I could. Then again, I’d much rather just jack it to you, Sally.”

“Oh…!” Pink-cheeked, my eyes went wide. My stomach fluttered with the wings of a million butterfly. “So, you’re not, like, hunkering down in your brother’s bathroom -“

“Nah -“

“- stroking yourself off into one of his gym socks, are you?”

“Nah, I’m in my car, drivin’ ’round ‘cross the cow countryside.”

“Eyes on the road -“

“Cock in your mouth.”

Giggling, I lounged back in the seat. My thumb instinctually kneaded my upper thigh, thinking of Jerod’s own, skillful hands touching me there, maybe migrating just a little farther north…

I said, “Am I going to have to sit in a crusty mess the next time that I give you roadhead?”

“Nah, Sally, I got somethin’ for that.”

“Oh yeah?” I lowered my voice. “Something like a condom?”

“Fuck that noise. I’m goin’ full cantaloupe.”

Acting scandalized, I faked a gasp. “A cantaloupe?”

“That’s right. I grabbed it out of my brother’s fridge. He won’t want it back once I’m done.”

His breath grew labored, musky, on the other end of the line. In the background, I heard the telltale, rhythmic squelches of a pumping cock.

“Jerod…? You’re still doing it right now…aren’t you?”

“You bet I am. You wanna join me?”

I considered the students sitting behind their laptops. I was concealed from none of them. I probably wasn’t even out of earshot. A choice few, I knew, would keep glancing my way for a hint of flesh, wherever they could get it.

Then again, didn’t Jerod’s late night invitation sound so delicious?

I said, “I can’t really join you in defiling that fruit. Though, I wouldn’t mind listening to you finish…”

“Oh yeah? You wanna – mmm, shit!” Jerod grunted into the phone, fighting to keep his voice level. “You gonna help me cross the finish line?”

“That depends, Jerod. Have you been a good boy?”

“Never in my life.”

“Did you see to that cantaloupe’s needs before you saw to your own?”

“No way! I just cut a hole and shoved it in. All! The Fuckin’! Way! In!”

My hand sneaked just below my shirttail. My fingernails picked at the waistband of my pants, so eager to slip underneath and finish what I had started back in the dorm room.

In a sultry whisper, I said, “But, Jerod! That Cantaloupe has no hair…! What-ever are you going to hold it by?”

“I got it by the neck. It ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

“No mouth…”

“It’s Ankara Escort Bayan suckin’ me good so far.”

“No tongue…”

“Use yours.”

Slathering up my gums, I joined into the scene that he had painted. “Oh, Jerod…Don’t you wish that it was my face in your lap?”

“Oh yeah…”

“Don’t just you wish that was my hair that you were tugging on?”

“Shit shit shit! Can you feel it, Sally?”

“Oh yeah, I can! Don’t you wish those were my lips around your big…yummy…cock?”

“Fuckin’ -! Keep goin’!”

“Don’t you just want to screw my throat so deeply right now? Oh! Yes, right there, Jerod! Again!” I slurped softly into the phone, moaning, “Don’t you just want to feel my throat close around you so tightly? Mmmmm…”

All across the foyer, heads turned in my direction, but I was beyond the point of caring. Let them look or stroke off as they willed. I was going see my Coital Sparring Partner across the finish line.

My hand crawled up the front of my shirt to squeeze my throat. I whimpered through my teeth for Jerod.

“Mmm, baby…Please feel me as you drive! Feel me moving between your legs. Feel my slippery little hand working that big, beautiful, black, veiny cock. Feel me gulping you down. Mmm, yes! Feel my warm, cozy tongue all over it…”

I stuttered a series of high-pitched gasps, as if his gorgeous black, cock was pumping into me, right there in the university library for everyone to see.

“Mmm, yes, Jerod! My tongue’s getting your cock so nice and wet…You’re getting me wet, too, Jerod! I’m so wet for you when you’re in my mouth! Oh yes…When you’re inside any part of my hot, young body! So deep inside me, Jerod…Pull my hair, Jerod! Oh please! Pull it! Feel me stroking you with one hand -!”

“The other!” he panted. “Tell me about the fuckin’ other!”

“It’s right there on your big…hairy…balls. It’s tugging on them so nice and hard…Can’t you feel it, Jerod? Can’t you feel me? Feel me take it all the way down. Deep in my throat…Feel it clutching so tight around you. Feel it, Jerod. Feel it! Oh God, please feel it!”

The scream, when Jerod climaxed, would have put my roommate’s gaming rants to shame. She could probably hear it, too, way back at the dorm.

I jerked the phone away from my ear just in time not to go deaf. I looked up to see every head in the library gawking at me. Tongues hung from the mouths of slack-jawed students. Somewhere, somebody was clapping.

I giggled with a blushing thrill at the aftershocks shuddering through Jerod, whether he was really in his car, sodomizing a melon, or just hunkered down in his brother’s bathroom, pumping his spunk into a lucky sock. I salivated in my library seat, wishing that Jerod was pumping it into my mouth, instead.

Oh, well. He wouldn’t be out in cow country for that much longer. I would be more than ready for that big black cock of his when he returned.

“All done?” I asked.

Jerod gasped from the capillaries of his lungs. “Oh yes…Oh, fuckin’ hell, yes!”

“Good, babe, good. Now, let that sweet, yummy load just settle in my stomach. If I can get some sleep tonight, I might text you in the morning.” I lifted my thumb to end the call.

Jerod’s deep, silky voice crooned, “Don’t you dare spit, Sally!”

I blew a kiss into the phone. “I never do.”

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