Double Penetration

Subject: Man Cam (Lickherstorun (6) This is a fictional story about guys from an online chat site.It’s purely fiction as all these guys live far away. Some gay, some straight and some bisexual. But all the guys are hot. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Lickherstorun (6) ….. There I stood. Naked as the day I was born. Marcus looking at me with approval. He licked at his lips as he gazed at my nakedness. Then he reached for me. “Yup. Real nice” he said again Then he pushed me back down to the floor. He then moved around behind me. He spit on his hand as he covered his dick with saliva. Then he told me to get on all fours. So I did. I got on the floor like a dog. A bitch, waiting for her mate to fuck her. And he crawled up behind me. Then Marcus spit on my ass hole. The wet loogie splashed at the target. Then he rubbed his cock against my hole. Up and down my hole and along my butt crack. Sighing as he felt the hairs on my butt tickle his cock. “Yeah man” he stated “Gonna fuck you so hard” And then he moved in closer and pushed his big dick at my hole. I could feel pressure as that big cock tried to get access to my guts. “Just open up man” he said as he pushed at my hole And then my ass gave. Probably kocaeli escort bayan due to my hard lust for him. But it loosened and gave quickly. Then his big ole dick sliced into me. “Ughhn. Awee fuckk!” I moaned as it entered me “Fuckk that’s a big cock” My eyes closed as I tried to take what he was pushing into me. It was bigger than I figured, and hurt. And Marcus just gave it to me. More than half in the first shove. I grasped at the chair before me. Grasped at the leg and clenched my fist on it. Tightly. “Hmmff fuckk” I cried out again Marcus then stopped his decent into my ass. Then he pulled back up. Several inches back out before stopping again. Then plunging down once more. Again I cried out. And he just moaned. The moan of a pleasure so great though. A moan that he loved where he just shoved his cock into. “Dammn! Feels soo fucking tight buddy” he stated “Grabbing tightly to my cock” “Fuckkk!” And again he stopped forward progression, only to pull back again most of the way out. Then only again to thrust back down into me. Marcus continued this slow, yet painful fucking of my hole. His big cock slicing down into my bowels. Deeper and deeper each time. I was now trying to pull myself up. Using the chair as my steady. But I would lose the hold, the grip izmit sınırsız escort each and every downward thrust he gave me. “Ughnn. Fuckk. Ohh fuckk.” I again chimed “Soo fucking big Mar… Cuss!” “Hmmmff fuck. Awee shiit” Marcus continued this slow and deep push into my ass. Soon he was almost all the way in. My guts felt as he reached deeper than any man before him ever has. His huge dick raked across my prostate. Causing spasms to quake within me. One after the other. And then he began to move in in me faster. Giving me a good hard fucking too. His big hammer plowing into my ass with more authority. “Hmmf. Fuck, fuck, fuck” he grunted “Gonna slam you soo good” Soon Marcus was pumping my ass at speed. Drilling it with all his body behind each hard thrust. Giving me a hardy and powerful fuck. I moaned and grabbed for my own dick. His Jack hammer assault was pounding away at my prostate. Causing me to get hard from it. So I jerked on my dick as he continued to pound away at my guts “Awe shit stud” I moaned “Harder man. Give it to me harder” “Pulling the cum from me with that hard pounding” “Ughnn fuckk. Awee fuck” Marcus was also starting to breath heavier now. The hard driving fuck he plowed into me was insane. Tearing up at my ass izmit anal yapan escort with a heated power. Grunting harder and louder as he was nearing his orgasm. I pulled harder at my cock too. I wanted to cum with him as he blasted up my bowels. “Fuck, awee shiit. Fuck me. Fuck me Marcus!” I cried “Fill me up good” Then his grunts stopped, his body also stopped. Time froze for that briefest of moments. And then he exploded. “I’m gonna cum!” He cried out “Give it tooo meee!” I shouted back Then I felt the first shot. A fiery bullet that splashed up my guts. And then another, then another. He howled behind me as he came. “Shiit. Fuck, take my stuff man!” He yelled “Cumming in you fucker” “Yesss. Ughnn awee fuckk!” I then cried For as he blew I started to shoot too. Feeling my balls tighten as my orgasm came. Then I shot multiple volleys myself. I too grunting and groaning as my dick blew up. The two of us writhing and grinding against each other as we came. Huffing and panting in unison as the event continued “Shhhh-shiit! he then huffed Marcus was done.. Then I followed right after. Then he fell in my back and then pulled me down and then we both landed flat on the floor. Both still panting from the great fuck session we just had. “Damn, that was good man” he said I just nodded at him in agreement. Then we just lay there for a while. On the floor, staring at the ceiling. That was until we were at it again. Fucking like rabbits. Marcus and me……… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The END

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