Life Doesn’t Suck Ch. 01


Life Doesn’t Suck, Ch. 1


This story is a cuckolding story from start to finish. That is a fun and meaningful topic for some, and a distasteful one to others. If you fall into the second category and still read the story, remember you were warned.

This chapter chronicles the fast and powerful launch of Carrie’s relationship with Peter and how her and her husband deal with it. The chapters that follow will continue the story as the characters figure out what the relationships will look like in the future. This story is centered around the conversations between husband and wife and how they deal with the fast and intense start to their cuckolding journey. There is sex discussed, but it isn’t a sex romp. This story focuses on the communication that must go with the sex to make cuckolding work. Lastly, I like to think of it as an optimistic view of cuckolding where each party is getting what they want and each party is happy.

The story is fairly long and yet the pace of the husband and wife’s journey is still likely unrealistic. Thank you in advance for granting me that poetic license. I did my best to edit out typos and such, but I also appreciate you reading past the ones that remain. I have limited time to write and like to focus more on the story than editorial perfection.

If you like this story, please let me know with a comment, add it to your reading list, and follow me for alerts to the next chapters. I also love getting direct messages from the Literotica community. I always respond to non-anonymous messages.

Happy reading, and whatever else you might be doing while reading! 😉


Can we jump on FaceTime?

It was a text from my wife. I am in Europe visiting our client base and will be gone for three more weeks. There is a seven-hour time difference so we often have to coordinate our conversations. And unfortunately, our conversations had become both infrequent and tense even before I left on my month in Europe.

Our relationship was not great. Communication was poor, sex was mostly non-existent, and we were just tired from the pandemic and work. Throw in that our daughter moved to the coast for grad school and we just didn’t have any spark left. I wasn’t sure I wanted to FaceTime as our last session ended abruptly as I said something obtuse, and she told me she had another call and hung up on me. It was very unlikely she had another call, so the truth was she just hung up on me.

My wife Carrie is what you might call out of my league, or at least has become so. We are in the second half of our 40’s and she is better looking now than when we got married over 20 years ago. She is actually fitter and trimmer than she was in her younger years and now she has a flat stomach and a shapely ass to go with what have always been her best asset; perfectly shaped D-cup breasts, which on a woman who is 5’4′ and only 120 pounds, they are quite the asset. I on the other hand have not aged as well. I am not obese, but could stand to lose 20 pounds, and I am fit, but not buff or even strong. I have always loved running and biking, but hated lifting weights. After a knee and back injury, running is no longer feasible and my schedule doesn’t allow for enough bike riding to make up the difference. I walk a lot, which is my only saving grace. But the current reality is that when we go out, men lust over Carrie and everyone thinks how did I end up with her.

The best answer is inertia and comfort. We have a comfortable life. Financially and socially we are good, romantically and especially sexually, we haven’t been good for a while. It is mostly my fault. I have focused too much on work and not enough on our relationship. I feel inadequate for her and instead of that motivating me to try and prove my worth, I find myself avoiding any sexual interactions. Ironically, I find my wife very attractive and often build up my courage to reengage and return us to a healthy sexual relationship, and then somehow, I never do.

She doesn’t help. My once highly sexual wife seems uninterested in sex, although I mostly believe she is uninterested in sex with me. I was never more than an average lover with average equipment, lousy technique, and a finish that often happened before I had truly satisfied her. I wasn’t a complete failure, but let’s just say no would have ever confused me for a alpha man in bed. The near sexless status of our marriage was status quo for a while and we worked around it, but I think both of us were starting to feel the pace of our age quicken and the loss of sex given a limited time horizon seemed to be infecting our overall relationship. The funny part was we likely both felt the same way but seemed to be paralyzed about doing anything.

In fact, right before I left, I tried initiating sex. She said she was on her period. Our sex life was so infrequent that I didn’t really have that tracked asyalı escort anymore. I was desperate to have some level of sex between us. I asked awkwardly if she would suck me off, and she got angry and told me that I should know she doesn’t like doing that. I remembered a time when she would, I guess that time was long past. We went to bed angry, and after she fell asleep I got up, moved to the couch in the basement, and masturbated. I slept there the remaining 2 days before I left.

With that as the backdrop, I texted her back. On train, will be in hotel room in 60 minutes, that work?

She liked the message. That was the majority of our interaction since I left. I would text her and the message was left on read status without a reply, or all I got was a like. Just last night I told her I was going to read in bed and then turn out the light and I told her I loved and I missed her. Those were true sentiments and I even included a heart emoji. It was left on read status with no reply. So, I was not expecting a good interaction.

As we had the final 30 minutes of train travel, I fell into my usual mental focus related to my wife and our relationship. About 10 years ago I discovered the concept of cuckolding by reading some stories. Soon it became my obsession and my strongest sexual desire. When I was feeling unloved by my wife, or inadequate related to my wife, I would retreat to my cuckold fantasies and imagine that my wife was happy with her lover and that I got to enjoy the jealousy, the humiliation, and the angst that I imagined I would experience. Actual cuckolding was an experience I was desperate to have.

Carrie is beautiful, with a sexy body that she has earned from being disciplined with eating habits, yoga, and going to the gym. She deserves to have a man that matches her and I wasn’t that man anymore. It is unfair that she is limited to me when so many other men, better men, are available. When we go out, I see them look at her, lust over her, and the reality is I am sure she has such thoughts too. I never interfere when a man flirts with my wife and yet she is still stuck with just me. She deserves more and I would be glad to step aside and let her experience what better men can offer.

Most men would be disgusted and angry if their wife had an affair, but instead the idea was the most exciting and arousing concept I could think of. I wouldn’t think of it as an affair because I would be happy, and I would fully approve. My first level of happiness would be because she was happy and all I have ever wanted was for my wife to be happy. But I would also be happy because I was getting cuckolded. For a long while after learning about cuckolding, I figured I was way out of the norm, but over the last 5 years I have found some friendships online that have made me realize that my feelings and desires were shared by more men than one would expect.

The person I have never shared these desires with are my wife. Which is of course ironic as only my wife can cuckold me. In fact, as I consumed cuckold stories, I found that I didn’t consider it true cuckolding if the man and woman weren’t man and wife. A girlfriend can’t cuckold you as that relationship lacks the deep commitment of a marriage, and without that deep commitment, it just ends up being run of the mill infidelity. Only when one starts from the full commitment of marriage can you then stretch the relationship to include cuckolding. Not everyone shares my distinction, but to me it is fundamental to the cuckolding experience.

So, while I have obsessed over the idea of Carrie taking on a lover, I have never confessed this desire to her. I have always been terrified she would think my desires to be disgusting and she would leave me. So, my fear kept me silent. But as I sat on the train, I played with a cuckolding idea that was central in a story I recently read. My wife was slowly falling for a work colleague and on a business trip they hook up. I imagined she wanted to FaceTime because she had an upcoming trip and wanted to confirm I would be home in time so I could take care of the dog. I sat fantasizing that she was fantasizing about the possibilities that the business trip would create.

This was often my mental game. I would take a story I read and make it about Carrie and I and play it out further. I was enjoying these thoughts when I heard the announcement of my upcoming stop. I had to adjust myself as I got packed up to depart. I had a short walk to my hotel, and as promised, I was ready for the FaceTime call from my wife.

In hotel room, call when you want

A moment later my wife came on my screen as I answered her call. The first thing I noticed was that she was wearing makeup and her hair was fixed up. I also noticed she was wearing a black scoop top that showed off her world class cleavage. In other words, she looked hot! It was late morning there, so this was not expected.

We exchanged hellos. She asked me about the trip and the ayaş escort meetings, and I asked about our dog and life at home. It was an unremarkable start. That changed quickly.

There was a pause, and then she said, “I was asked out on a date.”

Without expressing the intense feelings that exploded within me, I replied, “And guessing from your attire and look, you said yes.” Somehow, I got this out without expressing it in an accusatory tone or an excited one. As much as I had always wanted my wife to cuckold me, hearing your wife tell you she is going on a date still packs quite the punch.

“I did.”

Remarkably, even though the intensity of emotions I immediately felt were ten times more powerful than any of my fantasies, I calmly and honestly responded.

“I am happy for you. Who is this man with such great taste in women?” As I said it, I realized I meant it. Carrie was a great catch, and stupid me had caught her and now it looked like someone else was aiming to take over. But she deserved that. She deserved better than me. And I wanted to feel the burn of the jealousy and humiliation. Not rational, but my desire was strong.

Carrie looked sheepishly at the screen and said, “Peter from work.” She then added, “It has been a long time coming and I should have said no, but I didn’t. And even though you are gone, I couldn’t go through with it behind your back. We are having lunch today.”

My initial shock was wearing off quickly as I realized this was everything I had dreamed of. I wanted to stand up and say fuck yeah. First, she is going on a date and that means I just might achieve my ultimate fantasy.

The second part of this that was amazing was the man; Peter. Peter was a good guy and quite honestly better looking and more fit than me. He was about our age. I had interacted multiple times with him at my wife’s work events and after a recent summer picnic I definitely sensed he was hot for Carrie. That night I mentioned that he was definitely hot for her and while she denied it and dismissed it, we had sex that night and it was the best sex we had in a long time. I believe Carrie was thinking about peter most of the time and that only made it better for me. Ironically it was the best sex we had in the last five years and after that experience I had used a Carrie-Peter hookup as one of my fantasies. I couldn’t believe this might end up as more than fantasy.

My wife was potentially launching into my ultimate fantasy, and I didn’t want to blow it. I wanted to explode into telling her how hot this was and how much I wanted to be her submissive cuckold, but I decided a low-key approach was likely better.

“When is this lunch supposed to start?”

“I need to leave in 15 minutes.”

“Can I ask where?”

“Bradley’s downtown.”

This was amazing! Bradley’s was the bar in the Hilton downtown. In other words, Carrie was meeting Peter in a location just a floor below available hotel rooms.

“I assume that means a post lunch possibility exists.” I was amazed at how calm I was remaining.

“I am sorry, but yes.” I was surprised that she said this so matter of factly. But at the same time, I could hear in her voice, and see in her eyes that this was not actually easy for her. But I also heard and saw a woman who had already made up her mind. Carrie intended to go to one of those hotel rooms and fuck Peter. As long as I didn’t screw it up, I was going to become a cuckold and Carrie was finally going to get to experience what she deserves.

“It is what you want, I can hear it in your voice.”

She started to protest, but I cut her off. It was time to man up and tell her about my cuck fantasies and how I wanted her to have post lunch fun with Peter.

“Carrie, it’s ok. It would take me too long to explain now, but as crazy as it sounds, I want you to go and enjoy yourself at lunch and whatever else occurs. I love you completely but fully understand that you deserve more. I have been mostly useless and surely disappointing as a lover to you. So, go have lunch with Peter and go enjoy his company in other ways and know that I will still be your loyal husband who is genuinely happy for you and loves you fully. I am not mad, seriously jealous for sure, but not at all mad. Plus, I did tell you Peter was hot for you!”

“He is attracted to me; he has told me so. And ironically since you pointed it out last summer, I started to think about it and react to it. So, I am likely going to sleep with him if I go. We haven’t said this to each other, but I think we both expect it to happen. Can you live with that?”

“Yes. That’s the simple answer. The deeper answer is it is something I truly hope happens. You being sexually happy is my ultimate desire and fantasy and you ending up having an afternoon of great sex is an amazing opportunity you should definitely take! You deserve better than me in the sex department and I love you enough to encourage you to find that better.”

“This is not the response I expected.”

“It aydınlıkevler escort is my genuine response and after you do whatever you would like to do with Peter, we can reconnect, and I can explain myself more fully. But right now, you should accept my support and go have a great afternoon.”

“Are you sure? It might not be a one-time thing. We have been holding back for months. There is a lot of chemistry between us and I don’t think either of us envision a one-nighter. I think today might get pretty intense, especially if you are telling me I have the green light.”

“I am telling you have a green light today, and in the future.”

Carrie looked confused. “Do you want a divorce? Is that why you are encouraging this?”

“Absolutely not. The short version is I want my wife to cuckold me, and I want that to happen today with Peter.”


“The simple version of the idea is that the husband and wife stay husband and wife and the husband stays monogamous to his wife, but the wife has other men that she is intimate with. And I can’t believe I am saying this to you, but I want you to have another man, a lover, and I want you to enjoy the shit out of that while understanding that I am your fully monogamous and loyal husband. Again, I have so much I want to share with you, but forget that for now, and go to Peter and enjoy yourself with my full support. We can have a much bigger conversation later.”

“I don’t know what to say!”

“Say, goodbye babe. I am off to cuckold you and have an afternoon of great sex and I will text later.”

“This is crazy. We should talk now. I don’t know what to think. I thought I was literally announcing the beginning of the end of our marriage and that you would be OK with it because you wanted out also. Now you are telling me that you are ok with it, but you don’t want out, and actually want me to sleep with Peter.”

“That is correct. I don’t want out, I never will, and I do want you to sleep with Peter. We can talk more about my desire to be your cuckold later. Right now, you take your hot ass to your date and let that date go where it goes. I am hanging up on you. Go to Peter. I love you and always will.”

I then disconnected my wife. I literally hung up on her so she wouldn’t talk herself out of her date with Peter.

She texted, Are you sure?

And all I texted back was YES!

About 20 minutes later she texted, arrived.

Enjoy yourself and put your phone away. I am good, we are good, and hopefully Peter will be good! 😉

Can I call later. It would be really late your time.

Of course, that would be great.

I do still love you, although that might not seem obvious right now. Don’t hate me.

Could never hate you and will always love you. We can stay in love AND you can be with Peter, that is the cuckolding experience, and I am rooting for that to happen. Now put your phone in your purse and go on your date.

So not what I expected, but OK. Talk to you later.

I didn’t respond. I wanted her to go to Peter, have a nice lunch and then give herself to him after lunch. I wanted my wife to become Peter’s lover and vice versa. And I wanted to become a cuckold.

I had a meal engagement of my own to attend. The client I was meeting with had set up a dinner with their staff. I had 90 minutes to unpack and get some work done, although I finally had to stop and strip. I masturbated to the thought of Peter fucking my wife. It was surreal as I had fantasized about my wife with other men, including Peter, but now I was doing it while Carrie and Peter were together. It was incredible and I came quickly, and the strength of my release was amazing.

I quickly got dressed and made it down to lobby to meet my main contact. Just as we exited for the restaurant, my phone buzzed.

Heading upstairs. I want this. And you seem to be telling me you do too. We are going to have sex, no doubt. So, not sure if I should apologize or say you’re welcome.

I smiled and typed. Definitely the second. But what you should really do is forget me and enjoy Peter.

Who are you? 😉

This message made me laugh and be happy. My wife teased me right before she was going to give herself to another man. That is the ultimate cuck fantasy! This means Carrie wasn’t appalled and disgusted, she was actually onboard! I texted back!

Your soon to be cuckold. And THANK YOU for the tease! Enjoy part 2 of your date!

That is the plan. I don’t understand where you are coming from, but I am not going to fight it. Will call later.

Her response was very much in character for her. She was a go with the flow person, and in this case the flow was not typical but she wasn’t going to overthink it. I was actually counting on that. I of course, would obsess over every element. It was in my character to do that. For the first time in a while our oppositeness was working in our favor. For the next 3 hours I had dinner and drinks and met people and tried to focus on that. But most of the time I spent thinking about what was happening in that hotel room.

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