Life Isn’t All Singing Ch. 01


(This is dedicated to my husband who encouraged and “pushed” me to try writing.)


It’s a lonely world when you grow up in a broken home. When your parents can’t get along and you are pulled from one home to another during visitation, it’s hard to understand what you’re supposed to take to heart and learn. How in the world she grew up with a sound mind is more than even she could understand. She tried hard not to have any resentment toward either parent but she didn’t receive the attention and, more than anything, the love she required to grow up sane.

Jade was as pretty as the stone – clear, porcelain skin with green eyes and bright red hair and a nicely, proportioned body – even though she always thought that she was too heavy. Because of her mother, especially, making rude comments about her weight, Jade had been programmed to think that she was less than model material.

Because Jade thought that she was not “good enough,” she never tried out for things like cheerleader or student council offices. She just fell into the role of “follower” instead of “leader” which satisfied her for a while. She longed for the spotlight – even for just a few minutes.

She joined the University choir and the director was so pleased with her voice that he set her up for voice lessons at no charge. Jade worked hard at the one thing that she was convinced that she was good at. She was so successful that she was granted many solo spots in the choir’s programs. Her choir director encouraged and even “pushed” her to stretch herself and try for more difficult music.

Michael Stone, her director, was a handsome man with some gray tinting the hair around his temples. Jade couldn’t help but have a crush on him. Despite his premature graying, he really wasn’t that much older than Jade. Because of their having to work so closely together, it really wasn’t surprising that they bonded so strongly emotionally. Michael tried to be only professional with Jade but he couldn’t resist touching her every time he got the chance. He loved to touch her hand and then when he put his hand on her shoulder, he felt her shiver and knew that she felt the same way about him.

One day after a tiring session, Michael offered Jade a glass of iced tea so they just sat and talked out on his patio. Jade couldn’t keep from looking into his deep, blue eyes. She always felt as if she were drowning in those pools of blue and could barely breathe for a few minutes. Their chit chat was just that – nothing deep or profound. When she realized that it was time for her to go and study, she gathered her things and he walked her to the door.

“Do you really have to go right now?” Michael asked.

“Well, I have this math test in a day or two and I’ve always been the kind of person who has to work hard for my good grades. They just don’t come easily for me.”

“If you want to stay a little longer, I’ll help you with your math. You know math and music are kind of related.”

“Do you mean it?” Jade asked.

“Of course and I’ll even fix us something to eat.”

“All right. I don’t have anyone that I need to answer to and my roommate is never in anyway.”

Michael told Jade to get her books and they’d sit at his desk and see what they needed to study. Jade was ecstatic and could hardly keep her hand from shaking while she was writing because of the closeness of Michael’s body. They were soon through with her homework and then they relaxed as he fixed a light supper.

As they ate, anyone could tell that there was definitely chemistry working overtime between these two. Afterward, he showed her to the den and as they sat on his comfortable sofa in front of the roaring fire, it wasn’t long before Jade’s tired eyes closed in sleep. She fell over on Michael’s shoulder and in her sleep, snuggled up to him as he put his arm around her – and then he fell asleep, too.

At about 2 in the morning, Jade began to get a crick in her neck and wanted to change positions. When her eyes opened, she was mortified (and thrilled) to see that she was lying in Michael’s arms on the sofa. She couldn’t believe it! She had dreamed of this for months but she wanted to pinch herself to see if she were indeed dreaming.

Jade had to change positions because of her neck and when she moved, Michael’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled down at her and kissed the top of her head. When she looked up into his deep, blue eyes, she melted and snuggled down into his arms. He pulled her closer and kissed her eyes and her face and then her lips. Jade had never had a kiss that was so soft and tender. All the boys that she had dated seemed so rough compared to this gentle man and she was lost in his kiss.

The room seemed filled with colored lights spinning all around the two of them and the outside world just disappeared. Jade had never felt like this in her life. Her body was tingling all over as she wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck. When the kiss ended, he looked into Maltepe Escort her face and her eyes were closed, her lips were still open and her breathing was labored. He had wanted to do that ever since the first time he saw her.

Michael spoke first, “Oh, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“No, please, don’t apologize, and ruin the moment,” Jade said as she opened her eyes. “I’ve never felt that way before and I’d like to do it again…… please.”

“Well, if you’re sure…………..I could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out that a teacher was kissing his student.”

“I’m not going to tell if you don’t,” Jade said with a twinkle in her eye.

Michael leaned in to Jade and their lips met again – but this time it was deeper and instead of colors, there were stars in Jade’s head. She kept her lips pressed to his but crawled up into his lap facing him. She ran her fingers through his hair, straddled his body and Michael’s hands rubbed down her back to her butt and held her close to his body. Jade’s body shivered from Michael’s touch and she just had to giggle.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“There’s nothing wrong. I’ve always wanted this with you but never believed that I could have a chance with you.”

“And, My Lovely, I have wanted you since the first time I laid eyes on you. Why did you think that you couldn’t have a chance with me? I have done everything but grab you and throw you on my piano!”

“I have been told so many times that I’m fat and that I’m practically useless … I guess I have begun to believe it.”

“Well, I definitely don’t think that you’re fat or useless and you fit perfectly in my arms. I’d rather have someone soft who will not cut me with her bony hipbones when we make love.”

“We’re going to make love?”

“Well, that’s what I’ve wanted for months now …… but if you don’t want to, we’ll wait until you’re ready.”

“Oh, Mr. Stone, just saying the words is getting me excited!”

“Please call me Michael……….Mr. Stone sounds so formal and we’re certainly past that now.”

“Errr, Michael, I have to tell you…………I’ve never made love before. I have saved myself for the ‘right man’ and I think that you are the right man …… but I want it to be special.”

“Well, then, we need to wait and I’ll make it perfect so that you’ll always remember your first time.”

“Please let’s not wait too long because the way that I feel right now, I could almost rape you!”

“All right, but we better get you back to your dorm so that you can get some sleep before your math test.”

After gathering her things, Michael drove her to her dorm but let her out in the middle of the block and watched as she walked the rest of the way in. He didn’t want anything to happen to her because he was feeling just as euphoric as she was.

When Jade got to her room, she didn’t even bother to take off her clothes. She lay down on her bed and bunched up her comforter and hugged it to her – pretending that it was Michael – lying there remembering the feel of his body against hers.

The studying that she had done with Michael had really prepared her for her test so she “aced” it and then ran out of class to his home as fast as she could. When she got there, one of her classmates was having her lesson. She was the type of girl that all the boys liked – blond hair, blue eyes, and a figure that wouldn’t quit. Her name was Danielle Stevens but they called her Dannie. She stood next to Michael with her hand rubbing his shoulder. Jade burned with jealousy and hurt.

Michael was very professional with Dannie but when her lesson was through, she kissed him lightly on the lips as she was leaving. Seeing Jade waiting, she just smiled that “knowing” smile that let Jade know that Dannie thought that ‘she’ was Michael’s pet and favorite student.

When Jade walked in, Michael could see the hurt in her eyes and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I saw Dannie kiss you.”

“Yes, she always does that and I’ve told her that she shouldn’t – but that’s never stopped her yet. I know that she has a crush on me but I think that it’s just a ‘status thing’ with her. If she can conquer me (a teacher), she can brag about it to all her friends.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“Well, I think that you know how I feel. As I told you before, I have wanted you and only you since the first time I met you. YOU are more my type than that social butterfly.”

“Whew! I was beginning to think ……………..”

“Now, stop thinking and come here to me.”

They walked into the den and sat down on the sofa. “We need to talk,” Michael said seriously.

“Oh, my………….” Jade said as tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Now, don’t start worrying – but we need to talk seriously about what happened last night and what was said.”


“Now, as I said, I could lose my job if anyone finds out that I am attracted to a student so we have to be very quiet Kartal Escort if we are to be together. I know what I want but I need to know what you want.”

“Michael, I think I loved you even before I met you. I had in my mind the kind of man that I wanted to love me. You are the kindest and gentlest man that I have ever met and I want and I need you in my life. I have been programmed all my life to think that I am fat and that I’ll never amount to anything but you make me feel like a lady whom you appreciate. I never thought that I was ‘worthy’ of a man like yourself and now, I feel as if I’m dreaming.”

“Well, stop dreaming because I’m real and the way that I feel about you is real. You are just the type of woman that I am attracted to…… perfect face, perfect body, perfect personality and so much fun.”


“Yes, my love, really ….. and I want to take a lifetime getting to know every part of you.”

“When can we start??”

“Jade, my love, any time that you want. Let me show you something.”

Michael took her into his bedroom and it was dimmed. There were lit candles all around, the fragrance from the potpourri was wafting through the air and a fire was crackling in the fireplace. It looked just like one of her fantasies and she felt as if she were floating on air. He led her through the room to the huge bathroom where the garden tub was filled with bubbles and there were also lit candles all around. This was the most romantic scene that she had ever even dreamed about

“You like?” Michael asked.

“How could I not? I am totally speechless. You did all this for me?”

“No one else…………… would you like to remove any clothing? Getting into the tub with your clothes on makes it difficult to wash…..”

“Oh, yes, I just can’t believe all that I’m seeing,” Jade answered as she unbuckled her pants and let them slide down. Next, she let Michael pull her shirt over her head and she stood there in her bra and panties. He wouldn’t let her move because he wanted to take in the full view. “O.K, you can run away now that you’ve seen me.”

“What in the world do you mean? I think that you’re just perfect and I want to see the rest of you with nothing to cover any part of you,” Michael said as he unfastened her bra with one swift move and her full breasts spilled out and he slid her panties to the floor. He lifted her breasts and just held them to feel their weight and gently kissed each of them. He ran his hands all over her body trying to memorize every part of her. He had never felt skin so smooth and silky and couldn’t get enough of her. The feel of her excited him more than any woman he had ever met.

Michael kissed her eyes, her face and her lips before kissing down her throat. Jade was about to ‘lose it’ because her body was so sensitive to his touch and the stimulation that she was feeling was overwhelming. He just had to kiss her breasts and when he licked her nipples, her knees almost gave way. He grabbed her and said, “We better stop….” as he helped her step into the tub.

The water was so warm and inviting and the jets were making the bubbles tickle her body. She lay back against the side and just relaxed letting the pressure from the water jets massage her body. Michael lay back on the other side relaxing also. He couldn’t hide the excitement that he felt when she responded the way that she did. He was as

After a few minutes of total relaxation, he soaped his hands and started to wash Jade. He made her stand as he washed her slowly so as to keep the fire going that he had started.

Michael loved her breasts so he gave them special attention with his slick hands. Jade thought this was the most sensual thing she had ever had done to her and her nipples, under his hands, were so hard they hurt. He slid his hands down her stomach to her pussy and rubbed her clit with his soapy fingers and she almost lost her balance. Turning her around, he washed her back. Following her bone structure, he massaged as he went down her back to her butt. He took her butt in his hands and caressed as he washed and let her sit down to rinse off. She was in a state of relaxation never before felt.

Now, it was his turn. As he stood up, his excitement was no longer hidden. Standing at attention, his cock was harder than he could remember. It was difficult for Jade to look anywhere else but she turned her attention to the job at hand. She soaped his chest and down his stomach and made him turn around.

After they rinsed off, they toweled each other dry and headed for the bedroom. Michael lifted her and placed her gently on the bed and crawled in beside her feasting his eyes on her. He ran his fingers all over her body and then tweaked her nipples causing her to arch her back to let him have better access. He listened to hear her breathing become more shallow and then he kissed her lips – first gently and tenderly but becoming more intense – as he continued to fondle her breasts.

Jade Pendik Escort was swimming in pleasure and Michael had no intention of stopping. He kissed her breasts and then sucked one nipple into his mouth and then the other. She gasped because the feelings were transmitted directly to her clit and she couldn’t lie still. He kissed down her stomach and then just buried his face in her pussy to smell her aroma. The smell of her excitement only increased his, but he was holding back because he wanted this to be a special time for Jade.

He licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top and with his thumbs, parted her lips and licked inside. It was if her body were electrified and everything he did was intensified. She was having a hard time trying to be still. He inserted a finger inside at the same time that he took her clit in his lips and sucked. Never before had she experienced such a huge orgasm and her body was wracked with quivering. He wanted her to be as wet as possible before her first time.

Michael lay down beside her and held her until her shaking subsided and kissed her deeply so that she could taste herself on his mouth. “Wow!” was all she could manage.

“Do you want me to do you?” she asked when she got her breath back.

“No, tonight is for you, My Love. Are you ready?”

“I guess. I’m not really sure what to do. Will you help me?”

“Just lie here and I’m sure your body will tell you what to do,” Michael replied quietly.

He kissed her again and the passion he felt infused into her and the warmth began to spread all over again. He felt that if he weren’t able to get inside her soon, he was just going to explode but he wanted to go slowly. Michael lay her back and positioned himself between her wide-spread legs. He used some of his precum along with her juices to make sure that she was lubricated well enough and inserted just the head to let her get used to his size. She gasped and he pulled her closer and held her legs in his elbows.

Tears were forming in her eyes but she didn’t want him to stop. Ever so slowly, he continued to insinuate himself into her tight pussy. He stopped and asked if she were ‘ready’ and she said, “Yes” even though she didn’t know what was going to happen next. Michael held her legs tight and then thrust all the way in breaking her hymen and staying very, very still as he kissed away her tears.

“Just be still for a minute and soon it will a lot better.”

Miraculously, after a few minutes, there was no more pain and actually it was beginning to feel really good. Michael started slow strokes in and out and the tightness of her pussy was making it difficult to keep from cumming. With her pussy juices, it felt as if she were holding on to him with a warm, velvet glove. It was the most wonderful thing he had ever felt and he had had many women before.

He was beginning to lose control so his thrusts were getting harder and deeper and Jade was so excited that her body was meeting his every stroke. All at once, she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist like a vice and held him inside her. As the fireworks went off, her eyes rolled back in her head as the most mind-blowing orgasm swept over her body.

Feeling her pussy milking his cock, he was at a loss to hold back any longer and his body went rigid as he pumped his hot cum inside her over and over again. He turned her body and collapsed beside her so that they could face each other and still leave his cock inside her. He held her until their hearts resumed their normal rhythm.

When she could finally catch her breath, she asked, “Is it always like that? That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I feel wonderful!!”

“It’s only gets better and better the more we do it.”

“Wow! Who would have known??”

Jade lowered her eyes and said quietly, “I’m not on the pill.”

“Oh, my, my!! What if we’ve made a baby? Actually, I can’t think of anything that I’d love more than to know that you had my baby inside you.”

“Do you mean it?”

“With all my heart – I mean every word. I love you.”

“And I love you, too.”


It was difficult trying to keep her mind on her studies when all she wanted to do was be with Michael but she knew that she needed her education. She couldn’t help wondering if they had really made a baby and after a few days, she bought a pregnancy test.

When Jade went to her lesson, she headed for the bathroom first to do her test. She was staying in the bathroom a little too long and Michael became concerned. He knocked on the door and it opened by itself. She was sitting on the floor with tears streaming down her face.

“What in the world is wrong? Why are you crying?” Michael asked and then saw the test in her hand.

“I’m not pregnant,” Jade said softly.

“Well, that’s both a good thing and a bad thing, isn’t it? On one hand, I was hoping that you were because I was so happy. Then on the other hand, I was afraid that you were because you have to finish this year and get your degree. You don’t have to worry. I would never have let you go through this alone if you had been. We would have quietly gotten married and started our life together”

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