Life with My Step-Daughter Ch. 03

Arched Back

The dream I had, which I would work on to become a reality was to see my soon to be 19 year old step-daughter, Liz entirely nude. Yes I did see her nude already and enjoyed quite a show. But now I wanted to see her with her acceptance. I wanted us to both stand before each other in our birthday suits.

My wife’s health continued to go downhill and we no longer enjoyed any kind of sex together. In fact we no longer even shared a bed together. It was too uncomfortable for her, so she spent her nights sleeping on the recliner in our living room.

Now my own sexual depravity hit new levels. I began recording videos from the Internet so I could watch them in the bedroom. Now I could jack-off without the fear of getting caught.

Then my creative mind got going and I came up with the brilliant idea of filming myself. I had videos of me taking a shower and really getting lathered up. I had one jerking off on my step-daughter’s bed. Another with the double headed dildo buried in my ass. One outside on our patio, jerking off and eventually swallowing my cum. I would then use these videos and dubbed them into videos I had downloaded off the web. I created quite a movie collection with me being the star in all of them.

The copies of these films I had in my bedroom which I could watch anytime. The originals I kept on the computer. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to computers and I knew Liz could get around pretty well on them also. While my wife, Beth, was completely computer illiterate.

I made it seem like I hid these films, but I knew if Liz searched around she would find them. It was my hope that she would find them and if she had any doubts about how perverted her step-dad was — they would be gone forever.

I started doing this during the winter of her senior year in high school. Liz was one of the older kids in her class, turning 18 during the first month of her senior year. For me, this was a Godsend. Many of her friends were still too young to buy cigarettes so they’d stop by our home and ask her to go buy them. As they all began to turn 18 they stopped by less and less and Liz also wasn’t home as much. Which was a blessing and a curse at the same time.

It was a curse because I got to see very little of her and with the hours she kept, I didn’t get much window peeping done either. It was a blessing because with her becoming a bit wilder, her change in clothes was a drastic improvement for this old fart.

In the mornings, instead of her pajama pants, she’d now bounce out of her room in the shortest shorts. At only 5’5″ those shorts made her skinny legs look really long. Her tops became very low cut and she’d proudly display her cleavage to anyone who wanted to look. Even though she changed her dressing habits those beautiful titties remained locked up in a bra.

Occasionally I’d look at the history on my computer and there was little doubt that Liz had found my home made movies. She had seen dildos up my ass and she had seen me jerking off and swallowing my cum. It was time to see if I could push her buttons because I still wasn’t getting much of a reaction to my antics.

I mentioned earlier that Liz had many friends stop by, but one was always over our house. In fact, she would sleep over at least three times a week. Out of all her friends Escort bayan she was the homeliest. While Liz was so petite, her friend Eve was big boned. She wasn’t fat but looked more like a boy then a 20 year old lady. She was a year ahead of Liz in school and I thought she’d disappear after she graduated but now she hung around more.

She always dressed the part of a dyke. Baggie jeans and a loose tee shirt which she always had the sleeves rolled up. It was hard to tell exactly what was under those clothes but she did have a beautiful ass. Even with her baggie jeans, that butt had a nice shake as she walked.

I’d often masturbate to her and Liz on her sleep over nights. I knew Liz loved boys, but as much time as she spent with Eve, I wondered if maybe she played both sides of the street.

Eve spent so much time at our home that she called me dad and Beth mom. She never knocked on our door; she’d just walk in the house say hi, and head towards Liz’s room. It was this comfort level that lead to my next embarrassing moment with these young ladies.

Like I said, I believed Liz had found the videos I had left on our computer, but she never made a comment about them to me. It kind of pissed me off. These were very revealing videos and I was hoping to get some kind of reaction. But nothing!

With Beth’s medical problems she had to go see different doctors quite a bit. I had used all my vacation time taking her to these appointments and it was getting to the point that I was starting to miss too much work. Liz volunteered to miss a day of school to take her to the doctors. Which was great! This would give me time to create a new video; one which I was pretty sure would raise her temperature.

I knew from past experiences that Beth’s doctors appointments would run into the early evening, so after I got off work I’d have a couple of hours to create a new video. I got home and stripped down and set up the video camera in the living room.

I had found some videos on the web of teenage girls wearing strap-ons and butt fucking older guys. This would be my new video. But I took it one step further. As I prepared the camera and lubed up my ass and the dildo, I had the bright idea of wearing one of her thongs and a bra. I had found the skimpiest thong I could. Just a little patch in front and the rest was nothing but dental floss string. Just the thought of wearing them got me hard. But the challenge was getting them on. At 5’5″ and 85 pounds they might have fit Liz comfortably, but with me being 6’4″ and close to 200 pounds, they really put a grip on my pecker. The strings seemed to get lost in my butt cheeks. Man were they tight. The bra was next. I knew Liz was big chested but putting on that bra, I realized they were bigger then I thought.

I was ready for action and started the camera. I first sat on the couch, playing with the bra and the panties. I wanted no doubt that these belonged to Liz. After a couple of minutes, I got on all fours on the floor and pulled the string from the thong to the side of my butt and began sinking the dildo up my ass.

I don’t have any idea how long I was bouncing up and down on that rubber cock, enjoying not only the feeling in my ass, but the closeness of Liz next to me. Well, at least the closeness of her clothes next to me.

I Bayan escort was in another world when I was snapped back to reality when I heard, “Oh my God.” I froze for a second, then pulled the dildo out of my butt and ran to the bedroom. I grabbed my bath robe and by the time I was covered up, there stood Eve in the doorway, laughing and asking me if that was Liz’s bra and thong I was wearing. “No, they’re Beth’s.” All she said was, “Lair. Let me see.”

I was caught and had no escape. I opened the bathrobe and there I stood in front of my step-daughter’s friend wearing her bra and thong. She kept laughing and asking what in the world I was doing and why was I recording it.

I was caught. Busted. Screwed. There was no escape and I told Eve what I was up to and about the videos I had created. She came right out and said, “So you want to fuck your daughter!” I quickly replied, “Step-daughter.” And she shot back, “Daughter or Step-daughter, you want to fuck Liz.”

I tried to explain all I really wanted was to see her nude — to be nude with her. If anything happened — Great! If not, that was OK too. I just wanted to see her nude.

This whole time I stood by the side of the bed in Liz’s bra and thong, while Eve guarded the door. She finally walked in, laid on the bed and said she wanted to watch the movies. I kind of walked in a daze to the end of the bed, turned on the TV, put in a DVD and moved to the side.

Eve said, “Oh no, lay next to me, we’re going to watch them together.” So I joined her on the bed. I had no idea what video I put in and it ended up being a gay one, which made her laugh even more. I guess I had gotten what sub-consciously I had been hoping for — to be totally humiliated.

Here I was with a 20 year old gal who I assumed was a dyke. She was dressed in her typical baggie boyish clothes and I laid next to her in a bra and thong. She didn’t like my first choice of movies, so I got up and put in another one. This one was about male slaves.

She had me stop the movie for a minute and she went back to the living room to retrieve the dildo and the camera. She threw the dildo at me and started the camera. She re-started the video and told me to get to work.

I put the dildo back in my ass and began playing with myself. On the TV, the slave got his ass whipped and then he ate some pussy and licked his master’s asshole. The whole time the video would fade in to me playing with myself, fucking myself, and eating my own cum.

When Eve saw the slave licking his master’s ass she quit laughing and seemed to ponder the thought of getting her butt hole reamed out. She asked me if I had ever done that. And I told her I had and I enjoyed doing it to a woman.

She stood up and said it was time for me to realize one of my fantasies. As I laid in bed, I watched as she raised her tee shirt up and over her head and dropped it on the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra as she really didn’t need one. She was pretty flat chested. But from the waist up she did have a killer body. You could see she had some hips and they curved in perfectly to her waist.

The pants fell next and I was surprised that she didn’t wear any panties either. She had a little patch of hair above her pussy, but I was totally in awe of her body. She was big boned, but there Escort wasn’t one ounce of fat on her. Entirely different then Liz’s body, but it was perfect for her. You could tell she was use to being in control.

She told me to get her my strap-on and get ready to be fucked. I reached into the nightstand and handed it to her. I watched as she put it on and when she was done I rolled over and got on all fours. “Oh no,” she said. “Face the TV, I want to watch your shows while I fuck the shit out of you.”

Once again I got in position and Eve got behind me. On the TV a slave was getting his ass whipped and I felt the sting of her palm on my butt. She grabbed the thong string, pulled it to the side, and slid her cock in me. She told me she’d fuck me until the video was over.

Most of the videos I had created were anywhere from 20-30 minutes long, so I figured I had at least 10 minutes of getting fucked. And she fucked me hard. By the time the video ended I could feel my heart beat through my asshole.

Not only did she fuck the shit out of me, but she also paddled my ass a crimson red with her hands, my belt, and her shoes. I was drained and ready for this experience to end.

But at the end she told me it was her turn. She laid on her back on the bed and started to guide my head to her tight little pussy. I got in a couple of licks and got slapped on the side of my face. She told me not there but lower.

She threw her legs over my head and put a pillow by the small of her back and her butt hole was right in front of me. I began licking away and would occasionally look up at her to see how she was doing. Her eyes began to go close and she reached down with her right hand and began finger fucking herself as I ate out her asshole.

She finally came and then pushed me aside. We both laid on the bed catching our breath. I looked at her staring at the ceiling and marveled that this 20 year old woman had just fucked the shit out of me. Then I looked at myself, still wearing Liz’s bra and her thong.

Eve finally rolled out of bed and quickly got dressed. I started to undo the bra and she stopped me saying that we weren’t done yet. She walked to the corner of the room and shut off the camera.

With everything that had happened, I forgot that the video camera was rolling. We walked to my computer and she sat down and uploaded the finished product and we watched it.

It was quite a show. Yes, it fulfilled a fantasy of mine, but it could also be the end of me. When we were done watching it she made a copy of her own on a DVD. I asked her why and she told me that I’d see.

I walked her to the door, still in bra and a thong, getting my ass slapped with every step. When she left, I quickly stripped out those clothes. I had been wearing them for well over an hour and they had become so tight on my body that it was painful.

Liz’s thong was stretched beyond repair and I threw them out. She must have had a 100 of them in her drawer so I wasn’t worried about her missing them. But the bra was another story. I had to return them.

As I opened the drawer to put them away, I looked at my naked body in the mirror above her dresser. You could plainly tell I was wearing a bra and a thong. The circulation to parts of my body had been cut off and I prayed that everything would look normal before Liz and Beth got home.

I had no idea what tomorrow would bring, but I had a suspicion that Eve would let me know in the very near future. My only hope was the Liz wouldn’t hate me for what had happened…

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