Lifted Depression


The sea gently lapped at the golden beach, its ripples foaming slightly as it drifted in and out. It was calm and the high sun made it a brilliant blue and green, that shimmered and rippled, the sand was golden and smooth, not a stone or pebble in sight, a few sunbathers were dotted over the vast beach.

Harley sighed, the gentle breeze lifting her hair and tickling her necked, she hadn’t really noticed the beautiful scenery, her eyes weren’t focused on any thing in particular and her mind was else where, she sat on the high cliff overlooking the beach, her knees drawn up to her chest.

She didn’t hear the approaching person behind her and jumped when a hand gently tapped her shoulder, her head whipped round, but her expression softened when she saw it was Jack her husband, but the sadness in her eyes remained, Jack saw this and felt his stomach turn, it had been 3 months since the funeral but Harley still was grieving and sinking deeper into depression.

Harley’s father had died just over 3 months ago in a motorbike accident, it was of little consolation to Harley that her father died doing something he loved, riding his bike, his bike had been the second best thing in his life, well the first until Harley was born, and of course she was named after his passion. Harleys mother had left when she was young and it was left to her father to raise her, and as a result she became very close to him, and his death had struck her hard.

Jack sat behind her, his legs stretched outside of hers; his hands gently caressed her hair, her soft blond layers falling through his fingers, his hands moved down to her shoulders and he felt the tension knotted there, slowly he kneaded and pressed, she rolled her head enjoying the massage, his fingers worked their magic until he felt the knots disappear, leaning forward he moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck, he gently nibbled her ear lobe, her low moan encouraging him.

His lips trailed down her neck, light kisses down to her shoulder, she wore a Escort Bayan white strapless top that clung to the curves of her breasts, she sighed tilting her head to one side allowing him more access, his lips explored her shoulder, kissing and licking the soft pale skin, his fingers gently stroked her arm making her shiver, he turned her to face him, and saw tears slipping down her cheeks, he kissed them away.

Harley slid her arms round his neck and drew, him close for a long kiss, his hands rubbed her back and then up into her hair, holding her close, he deepened the kiss, his tongue exploring hers, their mouths hot and wet, he tasted her tears still on his lips and he kissed her harder, as if this was the first time they had ever kissed. Harley moaned and pushed her body against his, she nipped at his bottom lip hard enough to make him jump but not draw blood.

He pushed her down into the sweet smelling grass and hovered above her, her legs came up to wrap around his waist, and she pulled him close rubbing against him, Jack kissed his way down her throat, Harley threw her head back and closed her eyes, jack stopped when he came to her top, her nipples were hard and erect pushing against the thin fabric of her top, he placed his thumb over one and rubbed, Harley groaned and pushed up against him, Jack lifted the top and revealed two creamy mounds of flesh topped with pink nipples, he bent his head and greedily sucked at her, Harley cried out and trapped her fingers in his hair pulling him down harder, she moaned as he nipped her, his hot tongue licking, then he blew cold air, her hard nipples getting harder and larger.

Jack slowly moved down her body, pressing kisses to her belly, his own blood pumping, as he felt Harley arch against him, he came to her shorts and pushed them down and off, noting that she wore no panties, he breathed deep to control himself, he took one leg and working mouth and tongue over a creamy slim thigh, Harley growled, but Jack continued his journey down until Çankaya Escort he reached an ankle, he applied the same attention to the second leg.

He slid up, Harley bent her legs up naturally, and Jack could see how wet she was, her blond curls glistened with her juices, her cunt lips were thick and red, he watched as she brought her hand down and rubbed her clit, he bit his lip to stop himself from groaning out loud. He watched as one finger disappeared into her hot wet hole and came out shining, he bent and captured her finger in his mouth, he sucked her juices off, he lifted her legs over his shoulders and buried his face in her hot wet sweet smelling cunt. His tongue lapped at her lips and flowing juices, Harley bucked and arched against him, whilst rubbing her throbbing clit, Jack slipped two fingers into her, her muscles tightened around his fingers, slowly he slid them in and out, rubbing her g spot, he watched her as she rubbed her self, is cock was already rock hard, watching her set fire to his blood, but he held back.

Faster he moved his fingers, he bent and sucked her clit into his mouth, and Harley grasped his hair and yanked him down her pelvis pushing up at his face, she was gasping and panting, harder and faster he moved his fingers, he nipped at her clit, he felt her go tense and slammed his fingers deep inside her and blew on her hot cunt, she came crying out as her body convulsed.

Panting Harley opened her eyes and saw Jack watching her with a smile, her blood was pounding in her veins, her heart beating ten to the dozen she reached up and kissed him, it was hard not to miss the bulge in his jeans, she absently ran her fingers over it, the light touch making him gasp.

Harley leant against him, meaning he had to lean back on his elbows, she kneeled before him, she bit her lip as pressed her palm to his throbbing erection, Jack groaned and his hips moved. She pushed him onto his back and undid his zip, pushing his jeans down, his boxers followed allowing his cock Ankara Escort to spring free, Harley took it in her hand feeling its heat and hardness, she bent and placed a kiss on the head of him, Jack growled and thrust his hips up, Harley took him between her lips then pushed down, her mouth devouring his cock, Jack dug his fingers into the ground his teeth gritted, as his wife sucked his cock deep into her throat, “Ahhh baby” he moaned, Harley brought her head up and let him slip from her lips, she could taste his salty pre cum on her tongue, “Mmmmmm” she murmured and then lent to kiss him hard on the lips, he pulled her down on top of him, kissing her deeply, Harley straddled him, she rubbed her wet cunt up and down his throbbing shaft, Jack grabbed her hips and pressed hard against her, reaching between their bodies, she took hold of his hard cock and raising her hips she pushed the head of his throbbing erection into her wet cunt, she gasped as he filled her, Jack moaned and pushed deeper, her hot tight cunt gripped his cock, and she sank down his full length pushing against her cunt walls, she moaned and moved her hips, wriggling and twisting her hips she could feel his cock throbbing deep inside, she moaned and draw herself up, his thickness was new and exciting, she pulled up until she could only feel the tip of him, then she slammed down hard, crying out in pain and pleasure, Jack let out a moan and gripped her hips, he thrust his groin up, he couldn’t seem to get deep enough, in one quick movement he had swapped their position, her legs were bent to her chest.

Gripping her knees he slammed deep into her throbbing cunt, his balls banging against her round ass, Harley moaned and gripped his arms, her nails digging in, Harder faster Jack slammed and thrust his cock deep, filling her, he felt his balls tighten and he slammed hard his finger gripping her slim thighs, he tensed and Harley felt his cock explode, he cried out, and pumped hard, Harley felt her own orgasm building and reached down to rub her clit, she came flooding, her juices mixing with her husbands cum, they collapsed together panting and gasping.

“Wow” Jack whispered, “I love you sweetheart and don’t you ever forget” he said against her ear, Harley smiled and hugged him to her.

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