Like Father Like Son

Big Ass

I was in my early twenties and I had some professional exams to take. I knew I’d never be able to prepare for them in the chaos of the flat I shared with a couple of other guys. So I took the opportunity of my parents being away on holiday abroad for a week to revise in the quiet and solitude of their house.

After a morning’s hard studying in my bedroom I needed a break. Also I hadn’t had sex with my girl friend for over a week and I was getting frustrated. I needed to jerk one off and decided to treat myself to a long leisurely wanking session. I stripped naked and had an idea for making things more exciting.

I went to my parents’ bedroom and rummaged through my mother’s panty collection in her lingerie drawer. I’ve always gotten a sexual thrill from playing with women’s panties. I found a tiny peach coloured satin thong with lacy sides and very feminine little decorative bows at the hips. The soft smooth satin felt so erotically exciting as I ran it through my fingers. I put it on and examined myself in the wall mirror. It looked minute on me. My straining erect penis forced the the tiny satin panel at the front out in a big bulge so my pubic hair peeped out at the sides. It was so small half my straining erect cock poked out above the waistband and the back was just a thin gusset that nestled deep between my bum cheeks.

I’d also discovered my parents’ “private album” of raunchy pictures my father had taken of my mother. They started with Polaroids of her sprawling nude aged around twenty a student study bedroom. They ran through through their early marriage, including photos on nude beaches. The most recent pictures showed her as the woman in her forties she is now in kinky nude poses around our house. I guessed my father printed them off on their digital printer.

Some pictures showed my father with my mother; masturbating over her, with her hand round his cock being hand jobbed, and in almost every sex position I could imagine. I knew my father had an expensive camera and I guessed he’d set it on a timer or remote. My mother still has a good figure and the pictures of her in her twenties and thirties showed she’d been a sex bomb with long blonde hair, big tits and fantastic legs.

I’d masturbated lots of times over that album and I borrowed it for my masturbation session. I also knew where my father kept his Viagra tablets. I knew he wouldn’t notice one missing so I took one. I don’t need Viagra but it gives me fantastic erections. I soon began to feel its effects as my penis strained like an iron bar and felt stiff enough to snap.

I was on my bed wearing my mother’s thong, browsing penis-straining nude pictures of my mother and fingering my cock and balls through the thin smooth satin. I was working myself to the absolute peak of erection stiffness ready to jerk my first one off. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I uttered a string of expletives hoping the visitor would go away, but the bell rang again persistently. So I quickly wrapped a bathrobe round myself and went down, intending to tell the visitor I’d been just about to take a shower.

I opened the door. In our porch was Debbie, one of our near neighbours. Debbie’s a woman about my mother’s age. She’s kept her good looks, always keeps her dark ear length hair perfectly styled and she’s maintained a good figure at the same exercise class my mother goes to. Debbie was in a loose fitting floral cotton button up the front summery dress ending just below her knees. Her legs below her dress were bare and she was in white sandals with her red-painted toenails poking through.

“Hi,” Debbie started. “You’re by yourself aren’t you? I’ve got nothing on under this dress. Do you want to take it off me and have some fun?”

I was momentarily taken aback. As if to encourage me Debbie stepped a sandalled foot up onto the shoe rack in our porch and smoothly pulled her dress up bare thigh giving me a momentary peep of her dark bush of cunt hair. I felt as if an electric shock had hit me. I’d heard all about her recent divorce from my mother. I guessed she was sexually frustrated like me and knowing I was at home she’d come looking.

“Why the bathrobe at this time of day?” Debbie asked with a mischievous smile as if she’d already guessed I was up to something.

Before I could Tuzla Escort spin my story that I’d been about to take a shower, Debbie reached out and playfully pulled the lower part of my bathrobe open. She saw instantly I was wearing my mother’s little panties with about half my erect penis poking out above them. Her smile became a grin.

“You’re being a naughty boy, aren’t you, playing with your mother’s knickers! Does a naughty boy want to play with a naughty girl?”

As she spoke, Debbie reached down, lightly touched the bulge of the satin over my balls and ran her fingers up the ridge of my erection through the satin, then up along my naked exposed cock shaft to its big lust and Viagra swollen head. I didn’t need to give any answer to her question! A couple of minutes later we were up in my bedroom. Debbie pulled my bathrobe off me as soon as we were in my bedroom, leaving me just in my mother’s thong.

It didn’t take me long to unbutton Debbie’s dress all the way down and slip it off her shoulders behind her. I’d seen Debbie a few times doing stretches in her purple exercise leotard. That curve-clinging leotard had sensuously emphasised her body in a way that had fed my masturbation fantasies for days. Debbie’s naked body was everything her leotard had hinted at, and every bit as delicious as I’d imagined as I’d pumped my hungry cock hard thinking of what I’d like to do with her. Her big round breasts were still firm, she had the curves and legs of a woman ten years younger with an erotically exciting triangle of almost black pubic hair between her smooth thighs.

Our hands were all over each other the moment I’d got Debbie nude. After a week without my girl my hands franticly roamed over Debbie’s breasts, thighs, bottom and of course her thickly haired pussy. I only stopped exploring her body to let her start kissing me down my body from my hairy chest. At the same time she lightly fondled my naked thighs and my sex kit through the thin satin of my thong. She squatted wide legged in front of me to pull my thong down. I realised she had deliberately positioned herself right in front of the big wall mirror behind her to treat me to a perfect view of her big round bum.

Her face was level with my thong when she pulled it down round my thighs. My seven inches of rock hard muscle bounced our and swung stiffly in front of her. An instant later she was licking my cock shaft full length, taking my cock head into her mouth and rolling her tongue all over its lust swollen bulge. I could have taken any amount of that. I’d expected us to fall onto the bed together wrapped round each other, but then she caught sight of the private album propped in my bed.

It was open at a picture I’d been getting ready to masturbate over. It showed my mother aged around thirty, doing the splits nude on a bed. Her legs were so wide her naked body was almost an upside down T shape. Her spread legs had pulled her vagina slit open so her pink labia were showing through her light brown pubic hair. She was leaning back on her hands with her blonde hair tossed back over her shoulders so her back arched to swing her big breasts up and out.

“Bloody hell!” Debbie said with a laugh. “You really are a naughty boy aren’t you!”

I felt my face go red. Debbie sat on my bed and started browsing through the album. I joined her on the bed as she flicked through the pictures. I was kneeling next to her with my cock sticking out in front of me. I saw how Debbie lingered at pictures showing my naked father with his cock up hard.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Debbie purred. “Nice cock!”

She reached down to feel my penis as if she was testing it for stiffness. I could tell she was impressed. Lust and Viagra were doing their job!

“Like father like son!” Debbie said with a laugh. My father’s cock was as big as mine but he’s uncut and I’m circumcised.

She arrived at a picture showing my father laying naked on his back with his erect penis arching up over his belly from his very hairy balls. My mother was kneeling wide legged astride his thigh leaning over him with her breasts swinging over him. She was fingering his cock, obviously about to wank him. Debbie grinned. She looked as if the picture had given her an idea.

“You were going to wank over her, Gebze Escort weren’t you? Do you want a helping hand?”

In case I hadn’t got the message she formed her thumb and forefinger into a ring the diameter of a man’s penis and bobbed her hand up and down in a gesture every boy knows so well. I wasn’t turning an offer of a hand job from a naked woman down!

I was in my favourite masturbation position, kneeling with my legs wide. I love the heavy feel of my erect cock sticking out hard in front of me like that and spreading my legs pulls my muscle tight. I guess the way I thrust my hips forward and fondled Debbie’s naked thigh gave her all the answer she needed. My heart was pounding in anticipation of the sexual pleasure I was about to experience.

Debbie snuggled against me so her bare thigh was brushing against mine and her soft breasts were pressing against my arm. She began to caress my thighs, stroking my inner thighs and reaching down under me to lightly fondle my hairy balls. She ran her hand over my bum cheeks and slid her hand right under me to stroke my arse, my balls and my cock shaft from underneath. After a few minutes of that my cock felt ready to explode!

“Now lets see if I can do as well as your mother!”

A moment later Debbie’s thumb and forefinger were loosely wrapped round my penis shaft and she’d started the exquisite tugging and stroking full length along my penis from my pubes to my purple knob. Her hand slid right up over my pre-cum glistening cock head catching the base of my cock head. She twisted her wanking hand slightly, while her spare hand fondled my bum cheeks and bum crack. She certainly knew what a boy liked, and how to make him wait.

As Debbie wanked me her soft breasts brushed against my arm with the rhythm of her pumping hand. My hands played with Debbie’s breasts and bottom and ruffled her coarse cunt fur. My eyes were locked on the picture of my mother and father. My mother’s breasts hung pendulously above my father and his hand was between her spread legs fondling her furry pussy. My mother’s naked body, kept in shape in the same exercise class as Debbie’s, was as sensually erotic as Debbie’s. Under Debbie’s expert treatment my cum rose deliciously. My eyes were constantly drawn to my father’s huge erect penis and my mother’s hand, and my mind kept drifting to it being my mother’s hand, not Debbie’s, pleasuring my straining cock shaft.

“Coming!” I grunted as I felt my orgasm start to rise and I involuntarily rammed my hips forward.

Debbie’s hand eased off to let my cum rise slowly and deliciously. My mother’s little peach coloured thong was on the bed near me. When I play with girls’ panties as I masturbate I love to brush them over my cock head, imagining the feel of a girl’s lips and tongue. At almost the last moment before I came, on a wild impulse I picked it up and held it stretched just in front of my cock slit, brushing my cock head. Perhaps a psychologist might explain it as every boy’s desire to fuck his own mother. The taut shiny satin twitched as my spurt of semen hit it, splashed over it and soaked it. As my orgasm ended and my still mostly still erect penis swung in front of me I used the thong to wipe the strand of semen dangling from my nozzle off my cock head. That’s when the erotic thrill hit me that a woman had wanked me over my own mother’s knickers!

Debbie went down to the kitchen and made us both a well needed drink. We lazed on the bed together with Debbie browsing through the pictures. The combination of the pictures, the sheer eroticism of it and me running my hands over Debbie’s naked body soon got my cock up rock hard for more. I could tell Debbie was getting hot too. The incredibly erotic pictures, and me lightly but methodically working the juice-sodden pussy lips my fingers found in her bush of pubic hair were also having their effect on her. Soon Debbie was moaning softly, her nipples were peaking like little deep red corks, and her own hand was between her legs playing with her pussy.

Suddenly Debbie rolled away from me, picked up her dress from the floor and rummaged in a pocket. She pulled out a handful of condoms. She’d come prepared. She tore a pack open. My erect penis strained a couple of notches harder as I realised what Aydınlı Escort was coming next. I was still kneeling on the bed with my cock sticking straight out. Debbie put the condom on my cock, cupping my balls with her one hand she rolled the thin taut rubber down my shaft with the other. At her touch I nearly filled the condom there and then!

Now Debbie rolled onto all fours with her bottom poking over the edge of the bed, positioning herself for doggy. Her big breasts swung pendulously above the bed and she spread her legs wide. She looked at me.

“Want!” Debbie said, and the look on her face and the way she fingered herself between her legs said it even more emphatically.

I quickly moved round to stand behind her. Her thick bush of pubic hair was peeping out between her spread thighs just below her big round bum cheeks. I didn’t get my cock in straight away. I like girls hot and my present girl friend had taught me just what a woman likes.

I started fondling Debbie’s bottom and thighs, with my hand slowly but steadily making its way toward her pussy. Debbie’s gasps and excited cries told me I was driving her wild. She cried out, juddered and strained her legs even wider when my fingers slid from her groins through her thick, juice sodden bush and found her juice oiled vagina lips. I began the gently, rhythmic stroking along her labia. Debbie was panting and thrusting her pussy against my hand with arousal pleasure by the time my fingertips moved to her hard peaking clitoris and began to circle and criss cross it to take her to orgasm.

She was an older woman and took longer to finger to an orgasm than the excited girls I was used to. But when she climaxed, wow! Her back arched as she thrust her hips, ramming her pussy mound against my hand. She let out a loud half grunt, half shriek, and her bum cheeks quivered as she bucked in her orgasm. When her body had stopped quivering I held my hand between her legs from behind, cupped over her mound as she stayed on all fours panting in her afterglow.

“Oh my god that was good!” Debbie gasped.

Then she looked at me over her shoulder, wiggled her bottom at me, and it was my turn. I held her by her bum cheeks and slid my condom-sheathed cock in till my cock fur was against her bum cheeks. Her vagina was so deliciously warm, smooth and tight around my hard cock it was as if the condom wasn’t there, just like my hard penis was naked inside her.

As I pumped Debbie I happened to look up. Propped up in front of me was the album. It was open at a recent picture of my mother in the kitchen downstairs. She was standing bent over the kitchen table nude except for red high heels. Her big breasts were swinging just above the table top and her legs were as wide as she could get them. Her smooth round bottom gleamed under the lights and the dark hair of her cunt peeped out just below her bum cheeks. I’d so often masturbated over that picture of my mother. Seeing her like that had obviously got my father excited too. There were semen splashes on her bum cheeks and semen was trickling down her bare thigh. She was looking over her shoulder as if she was looking straight at me fucking Debbie, and just the look in her eyes was enough to turn a guy’s cock to steel.

My mother’s eyes seemed to meet mine. At that moment Debbie’s soft warm naked body in my hands, the woman’s bottom my hips and belly were thrusting against, and tight vagina squeezing my penis as I pumped it full length and hard, were my mother’s! I didn’t take long to cum. I rammed my penis hard into Debbie in my orgasm thrust and my hips shoved against her bum cheeks to push her forward. When I jerked my load into the condom I almost grunted out my mother’s name.

After I’d cum I staggered back, sliding my cock out of Debbie’s pussy. My cock was still mostly erect. I pulled off the condom, wrapped the thumb and forefinger of one hand round my shaft, cupped my other hand over Debbie’s pussy mound, and wanked a last spurt of semen out over Debbie’s bottom.

For that afternoon Debbie and I left it at that. Debbie was going out with friends that evening, and I had plenty of revising to do. That night in my bedroom as I brushed my cock head with that peach thong I imagined Debbie’s lips, in the album open in front of me it was Debbie I saw posing nude in the pictures, and “Debbie!” I grunted as in my imagination I enjoyed Debbie again. I enjoyed her again for real later but perhaps that’s another story. In spite of Debbie’s interruptions I passed my professional exams by the way.

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