Like Mother Like Daughter


This story happened in February of 2008. I’m still a little creeped out by it, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I guess that’s what happens when you think with the wrong head.

Anyway, I had just finished a month long business trip to Germany and was flying home. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a direct flight and had to make a stop in Atlanta before flying home. Everything went smoothly until we landed there. I made it to my connecting gate with know problem and we boarded the plane on time, but soon after finding my seat, the captain’s voice came over the loudspeaker and informed us that we would be delayed due to some mechanical problems. He said it would only be 30 to 45 minutes, so there was no need to unload the plane.

I settled back in my seat and closed my eyes, trying to get some sleep, but the rather large man sitting next to me kept elbowing me as he adjusted himself in the seat that was way too small. Even though sleep didn’t come, I did start to daydream. As I mentioned, I had been away from home and my beautiful bride Lissy for a month. This meant a whole four weeks without sex! I had talked to her right after we landed in Atlanta and she had told me in great detail about what she wanted to do to me and what she was expecting me to do to her when I got home. The combination of that conversation and my daydream made my cock extremely hard and I wished with all my might that I could get home fast.

I guess I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew I had awakened with a start as the pilot came back on the intercom. He informed us that the mechanical problem was worse than expected. We would have to get off the plane and wait for another. There was a collective moan from the passengers as we all grabbed our carry-on bags and prepared to exit. After moving to the new gate they provided us, I called Lissy to let her know of the change in plans.

After another hour or so, the second plane arrived at the gate and we repeated the drill from the first. By this time, it was really late, especially for me and my jetlag, and all I wanted to do was to get home. Unfortunately, the travel gods had other ideas. It seemed that bad weather had moved in and all flights were being held. Another escort bahçelievler hour went by and we were informed that all flights were canceled until the following morning. We could either stay at the airport or the airline would put us up for the night in a hotel.

Again I called Lissy and gave her the bad news. I was prepared to spend the night in the hotel until she reminded me that her parents lived just outside Atlanta (something I was well aware of but was too tired to remember) and said that they’d be more than happy to put me up for the night. I hung up with her and called them to confirm it was all right. The next thing I knew, I was in a taxi headed to my in-law’s house.

I arrived there in about 40 minutes and was warmly welcomed with a hot meal. I thanked them for everything and excused myself to take a hot shower and turn in for the night. I was beyond exhausted.

I lay in the soft bed, staring at the ceiling and wishing I was at home. I yearned to have Lissy laying beside me, or better yet have her soft lips wrapped around my cock, or better still have my cock buried deep inside her tight pussy. I was so hard just thinking about it that I considered jerking off.

Just as I was dozing off, I heard a soft knock at the door. Before I could say anything or get out of bed, the door slowly opened and someone came in. I couldn’t make out who it was because of the darkness. The person moved to the side of the bed where I was laying and I could see it was my mother-in-law.

“Are you awake?” she asked in a whisper.

“Just dozing,” I replied, a little shocked at her presence. “Do you need something?”

“No,” she said, sitting down on the edge of the bed, “I just came to check on you.”

“I’m fine, just really tired from the traveling. Plus, I really want to get home to see Lissy. I hate being away from her.”

“I’ll bet you do,” she said. I could hear the smile in her voice. As she said this, she reached out her hand and gently rubbed it over the blankets, right where my cock was. First I thought it was a mistake, maybe because it was so dark in the room, however she kept doing it. I gently tried to push her hand away, but she resisted, escort balgat continuing to rub, applying just the right amount of pressure to my already supersensitive cock, which was beginning to get hard in spite of who was rubbing it.

“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.

“Listen,” she said, “as you know, my husband was in the military for over 20 years. During that time there were quite a few overseas deployments when he was away from me. And over that time, I learned exactly what it is he wanted whenever he got home. I’m guessing that you’re no different. Now, I’ll be very blunt with you, I’m not going to spread my legs for you; my pussy is only meant for one man, but I will give you a little something to help you relax and tied you over till you get home to my daughter.”

I was speechless. I had never guessed that this prim and proper woman of almost 60 would have thought, let alone said, something like I had just heard. I honestly thought I was dreaming.

Before I could respond, she had slid her hand underneath the covers and resumed rubbing my cock. I really couldn’t think of anything to say, probably the tiredness again, and it did feel good. Next, she pulled down the covers completely and said, “how about taking off those briefs.”

I hesitated for a minute, as thoughts of Lissy ran through my head.

“It’s ok,” she replied, “Lissy told me to take care of you and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Again, I didn’t say anything, just slipped off my briefs and laid back to see what would happen next. She played with my balls a bit, gently caressing them and slid a finger over the tip of my cock, collecting the drops of precum that oozed from it. I closed my eyes and relaxed, enjoying the feeling of her warm and obviously well practiced fingers touching me. I expected to hear the opening of a bottle of lube and to receive a very satisfying handjob, so I was a bit shocked when I felt her warm mouth close around the tip of my cock.

This was too much! Lissy might, and I emphasize the word MIGHT, have been understanding about a handjob from her mom, but there was no way in Hell she’d ever accept me receiving a blowjob from her. I began to protest, but she escort batıkent sat up and said, “don’t worry, all this is fine. Lissy told me to take care of you and I know from experience that this is one thing a man wants after being without a piece of ass for a long time. Now lay back and enjoy.”

I did as she said. She placed her tongue under my balls, actually kinda close to my asshole, and licked from there to the tip of my cock, pausing at the tip to give it a little more attention. Then she took me deep inside her mouth, wiggling her tongue and making sucking sounds. “Wow,” I thought to myself, “now I see where Lissy gets her gag reflex and oral skills.” It felt amazing!

She began to move my cock in and out of her mouth, across her soft lips and tongue. Slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. I arched my back slightly and moved my hips in rhythm with her bobbing head, timing my thrusts so that my cock was shoved even deeper in her mouth. God, it felt amazing!

My balls were about ready to explode when she stopped, sat up and said, “one thing, I’m not going to swallow your cum. I’ll only do that for my husband. Is that ok?”

“Yes,” I replied hoarsely.

“Good,” she said, lowering her head to resume sucking. “Now call me Lissy,” she demanded. “I want to hear you call me Lissy.”

“Oh suck me Lissy! Suck my cock and make me cum!” Faster and faster she moved her head and swirled her tongue. “Yes Lissy! Suck it like a bad girl!” I wanted to call her a dirty little slut or a cunt the way Lissy likes me to do, but being that this was my mother-in-law, I wasn’t sure how that would go over. I guess since she was laying on the bed with my cock in her mouth, it probably wouldn’t have mattered, but I still didn’t want to take a chance.

“I’m going to cum!” I whispered, just as I unleashed a torrent of cum. She moved her head, but not quite fast enough.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed, “you got it in my hair and I just got a shower.”

“Sorry,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m out of practice. I’m used to swallowing. Now get some sleep,” she said as she stood up and moved to the door. “If I know my daughter, you’re going to need lots of strength when you get home.”

She left the room, softly closing the door behind her. As I drifted off to sleep I wondered what my Lissy would’ve thought of this whole episode and pondered if she had even given her mom permission. I resolved not to bring up the subject unless prompted. I fell asleep with visions of Lissy riding my cock.

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