Lily , Coco Ch. 01

Ball Gag

Lily Murs walked gracefully down the sizzling sidewalk. Her delectable bubble-butt swung from side to side; her fair, brown hair blew in the summer breeze; her pale, smooth skin gently burned in the piercing sun. A devilish grin spread across her youthful face as she thought about the wicked days that were to come. A comfortable layer of moisture began seeking out of her pussy lips, only to be evaporated by the intense heat.

Lily arrived at her house but, unlike every other day; she did not walk through the front door. Instead, she climbed down the side, rustling her way through tangled weeds, and made it to a pile of bricks left over from the house’s construction six years earlier. Checking to make sure her neighbour’s weren’t home, she picked up a brick and violently threw it through her bedroom window. The neighbours’ dog began to bark violently.

She climbed back out, removed her house key from her pocket, and entered through the front door as if nothing had happened. Placing her keys in the dish, she picked up a kitchen knife and walked into her room.

The brick lay on the floor surrounded by shards of glass. Lily kicked the shards to one side, making sure to do it recklessly. She then threw her blankets and pillows onto the ground and stabbed into her mattress. Drawing the knife down, she cut a perfect slash down the middle. Gently, she placed the knife to one side and dug into the mattress, tearing up the covers and pulling out the stuffing, throwing it across the room. Once this was done, she returned to the kitchen and placed the knife back where she had found it.

Pulling out a trash bag, she returned to her room, opened her dresser and placed several items of jewellery she no longer cared for in the bag. She tore open her wardrobe and did the same to her least favourite dresses, tops, and skirts. Tying the bag up, she exited the house again and walked around the other side. Here, she found a hole which lead to the crawlspace underneath the house. Again, checking for any onlookers, Lily pulled off her top and skirt. In nothing but her underwear, she climbed underneath the house. She kept going until she could barely see the entry and dumped the bag there. Climbing back out, she dusted herself off, got dressed, and returned inside. Checking herself out in the mirror, she dusted the last bits of dirt out of her hair.

Returning to her room, she kneeled down in front of the door. She lined her eyeball up with the doorknob, drew back, and then pummelled her face into the doorknob. The cheap wooden door smashed and splintered. Swearing, Lily managed to get up and return to the mirror. An impressive black eye was already beginning to form and tears ran down her eye, smudging her mascara. Starzbet Unfortunately, there were no tears falling from her other eye. Lily walked into the bathroom and, hardly happy about it, pumped some soap out of the dispenser and rubbed it into her eyeball. Looking in the mirror, she noticed the mascara smudging on both eyes.

Not one to let pain go wasted, Lily lay down in the bathroom and shoved her hands down her panties. She rubbed her clit furiously and began tweaking on her nipples. This, combined with the endorphins from the pain, gave her an earth-shattering orgasm.

Not long after, Lily’s mother — Mary, returned from her work as a secretary at a law firm. Mary had long, brown hair just like her daughter and impressive tits. Her bubble-butt, however, had come from her father; Mary’s ass was as flat as month-old Pepsi.

She walked through the door the same as every other day but from the get-go realised something was wrong.

‘Mummy?’ came a croaky voice from the bathroom.

‘Yes dear?’ Mary replied, wearily. Suddenly, Lily came rushing in. Mascara streaks running down her eyes and a large grey patch swelling around her right eye. Mary quickly embraced her and noticed tears coming to her own eyes. ‘Honey, what happened?’

‘Two men, Mum,’ Lily replied through sobs. Although she’d just turned 18, she certainly acted younger in situations like these. ‘They threw a brick through my window when I was at school. I walked in on them stealing. They punched me and ran off.’

Rob Murs pulled into his driveway when he noticed two police cars parked on his lawn. Shocked, Rob jumped out and ran towards his house. A man of 43, Rob was in reasonably good shape, with abs that still got him looks from the ladies.

He ran in to see about six police officers, talking to Lily and Mary. ‘What’s going on?’ he asked hurriedly.

A policewoman turned to him and said, ‘Your daughter has been assaulted by two burglars.’

He ran over to Lily, who was talking to a policeman. ‘And you’re sure you didn’t see either of their faces?’

‘No,’ Lily replied, ‘the balaclavas covered everything.’

‘And no discernable features? None at all?’

‘I’ve already said no.’

Rob grabbed Lily in his arms and hugged her. ‘Are you okay?’

‘Yes, Dad, it was just a big fright is all.’

Later, the police huddled the three of them together in the living room.

‘Unfortunately,’ said the policewoman, ‘seeing as they had both obscured their faces, we can’t run an investigation. However, what we advise is Lily giving us a list of the items stolen. We keep track of various suspicious businesses in the area, as well as several online companies, and if Starzbet Giriş the items show up, we should be able to track them back to the thieves. Other than that, we can offer nothing but our condolences.’

Later that night, the Murs family sat down for dinner.

‘Now, Lily, we can get you into see a psychologist Monday,’ said Mary, ‘is that too long?’

‘Mum,’ Lily replied, somewhat annoyed. ‘I don’t need a psychologist. I told you, I’m fine. I was just a bit shocked.’

‘But Lily-‘

‘Mary,’ said Rob, sternly, ‘leave it. Now tonight, Lily, you will be sleeping in the living room tonight. The window repairman will be in tomorrow morning.’

‘I want bars,’ said Lily, ‘on my window. Bars. To make sure they can’t get back in. And a lock on my door. A good lock.’

‘Yes, of course,’ Rob replied, ‘that shouldn’t be a problem, should it, Mary?’

‘No,’ Mary confirmed, ‘and we should be able to get you a mattress by-‘

‘Actually, Mum,’ said Lily, ‘if you don’t mind, there’s this new bed out — the RestMat 6000 — it changes its formation based on how you’re sleeping-‘

‘Sounds expensive,’ said Mary.

‘Nine hundred dollars,’ Lily replied. ‘You wouldn’t pay much less for a regular mattress.’

Mary and Rob exchanged a glance. ‘Fine,’ said Mary.

‘I’ll buy it online tonight.’

After Rob and Mary had retired to their bedroom, Lily lay down on the living room couch with her laptop and her credit card filled with almost two decades of allowance and Christmas money.

She quickly found what she was looking for — a queen-sized bed placed on top of a cage; a cage big enough to fit a human being, but small enough to be claustrophobic. Eight hundred dollars. She added the bed to her cart and looked around for other accessories, all the while touching herself wickedly.

The next day, Lily took a detour away from her house to visit the department store and purchase twenty tubs of Green Glue — the latest and most effective soundproofing material.

Returning home, she was pleased to find a new window, complete with a sizeable lock and iron bars, adorning her room. She was also pleased to find her door had been removed, leaving two large holes into her crawlspace.

Stripping down again, Lily walked into her crawlspace and filled it liberally with Green Glue.

The next day, a thick wooden door had been placed at the entry to her bedroom. Lily placed her laptop outside and began recording sound. She went inside her room and screamed her head off. Nothing but a faint mumble could be heard on the audio file.

The day after the next, Lily asked her best friend Jen Beadle to accompany her home to help carry Starzbet Güncel Giriş her new bed inside. Jen was chubby, incredibly pale, and hat jet-black hair.

They arrived home to find a large cardboard box and several smaller boxes sitting outside the door. Together, the two of them managed to carry the large box into Lily’s room.

‘Thanks Jen,’ she said after they had transferred the box. ‘See you later.’

‘Getting rid of me so quick,’ Jen replied, ‘Usually when you invite me back here you wanna,’ she smiled devilishly, ‘snuggle.’

‘Well Jen, I’ve gotta set up this bed before I even have a place to snuggle with anyone and it’s not gonna be a very exciting process, so sorry, but fuck off.’

‘You’re such a cow,’ Jen laughed, ‘alright, see you in form room tomorrow.’

With Jen gone, Lily stripped back the cardboard to reveal her new bed. She placed it down and covered the cage section with multiple layers of blanket before placing the mattress down. From a glance, no one could tell what lay under those blankets. Lily placed a dish of water and a bucket inside the pitch black, claustrophobic cage, and sealed it off with more blankets.

She then went through the other boxes to find what she’d ordered. A series of butt plugs of increasing size; a fluffy dog tail extension; knee pads; a ball gag; a strap-on belt; a series of dildos of increasing size; gallons of lube; and a shiny, pristine collar. Lily should have felt ecstatic about her purchases, but something seemed off. She couldn’t put her finger on what it was, as her mother had returned home.

‘What’s that big slab underneath it?’ asked Mary, upon inspection of Lily’s new bed.

‘That’s the engine,’ Lily replied, ‘Don’t worry, it’s completely silent. Inside the mattress are hundreds of tiny ridges that move with me to ensure I have the most serene sleep imaginable.’

‘Well, alright then,’ Mary replied, pretending that she understood.

Lily lay awake at night, anxious. Preparation was finished but something still seemed wrong. Something with the toys. She looked through and found the dildos and butt plugs were all perfect. Then it hit her. The collar. It was shiny, clean. Something you’d give a show dog. Not a degradable dyke slut. Lily’s grin returned when she got a perverted idea.

Sneaking out of her house, Lily tiptoed through the warm summer night, out of her driveway, and into the neighbours. Quietly, she snuck up behind their terrier, asleep on its bed. Rapidly, Lily threw her hands around it and held its mouth shut. It jumped up in fright but was unable to escape or bark in her embrace. She looked down at its collar; tattered, dirty, and worn, and smiled to herself. She quickly tore it off and, letting go of the terrier, quickly snuck off and back home. By the time the owners were awoken by the barking, she was already back in her room.

Lily looked down at the dirty collar, satisfied. Turning it over, she looked at the name written on it in silver studs.


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