Lily’s Awakening Pt. 02


I woke up the next morning starved and feeling a great sense of satisfaction due to recent events. My first thought was that of my cousin’s beautiful penis. I went to the balcony, it was a beautiful day filled with sunshine and a calm breeze. I peaked in my cousin’s room and could see by the mirror that the bed was empty. Oh well, maybe I’ll get lucky later on. I jumped in the shower, put my long auburn hair in a pony tail, slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

When I turned around, I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror and thought; gees I look like a scrawny little kid compared to Michelle. No wonder she thinks I look like Virgin Mary. If only she knew. The thought of my grandpa rocking my butt and pussy while he expertly brought me to heaven, not to mention my first solo session of last night watching my sexy cousin beating her brother’s cock made me feel empowered. I didn’t really know what this new family was really like, but I figured no matter what, I had the entire summer vacation to play with my pussy with no one to know about it. My clit was safe; for now.

When I got out of my bedroom I realized I was lost. This farmhouse was more like a mansion with its many levels and passage ways. I found the kitchen by following the smell of coffee and bacon. I wasn’t drinking coffee yet because my Dad said I was too young although I had just turned 18. He said stimulants weren’t good for a growing body so I never tasted it. But I loved the smell of coffee and adored bacon. Who doesn’t? The huge kitchen was empty and there was a note on the table;

Dear Lily, Michelle and I left for the hospital with Michael for his weekly check-up. The farmhands are at work, your uncle Joe must be in the barn grooming the horses; you can go say hi after you had breakfast. There is a plate of warm bacon we should be back before lunch. Leslie

I looked at the time on the kitchen wall clock; it was 8:10 am. I had breakfast; it was delicious and felt good in my tummy. I cleaned up and went outside. The sun was warm already; this would be a hot and humid day. I could tell. I looked around and noticed how vast the last was, and so many buildings on it. It was my first time away from the city and could not really differentiate what barn was meant for each type of animals. There were so many agricultural buildings and I could not really differentiate them.

The first building I crossed path with was the hen-house. It was pretty self explanatory. The clucking noise was so intense it was almost deafening. It was a big building and I made a mental note to ask how many chickens were in there. I walked about a quarter miles further and saw a huge red barn and a horse was tied to a post so I figured it could be my uncle’s horse. On our way here, Michelle had told me her Dad didn’t believe in cars and motor vehicles. He was a horse man, period! I thought that was so cool. I would love to ride a horse one day. She had assured me that Uncle Joe would be real pleased to hear that and would for sure find time to teach me. I was looking forward to that.

One of the barn doors was opened so I entered. The barn was huge, like everything else on this land. I called out ”Uncle Joe?” but didn’t hear back. So I decided to explore. There were a few dozen horses, each of them in their own stalls. They were simply majestic, each and every one of them. In one of the stalls was this beautiful young white mare that came to me when I approached. I pet her snout and she made this happy sound. I changed row and continued my visit when I suddenly heard a strange noise.

Unsure, I approached on the tips of my toes, not to disturb what was going on. As I got closer it became more distinct. At first, bahis siteleri I saw a tall and rugged yet handsome man in about his fifties. That was Uncle Joe. I recognized him from Dad’s family album. He was leaning on a plank post and was moaning louder and louder. I approached some more and hid in an empty stall behind a few bales of hay. I could see the clear picture now and for a second, I was both terrified and turned on. I mean “clit out of its hood in less than 3 seconds” turned on.

There was another guy with long dark hair. He was on his knees and Uncle Joe had his monster cock in his mouth. I mean that thing was ENORMOUS. Grandpa’s salami was nothing compared to that. Uncle Joe’s cock was going in an out completely. His cock was at least one foot long and it had to be 3 inches in diameter: a monster cock! His hands were wrapped in the guy’s hair and his was fucking this mouth with fury. The most amazing thing was that the guy seemed to have no problems with that. No gagging, nothing! I would have gagged and died right there. Not him, he hand both of his hands on Uncle Joe’s ass and was obviously enjoying sucking this engine of torture.

Uncle Joe’s moaning got louder, he gripped the guys hair tighter ”Get ready for the load, I’m coming Max” and his moan turned into a guttural sound of intense pleasure. My pussy was so hot you could cook an egg on it, but I was distracted by what Uncle Joe said: Max? I had heard that name the night before and had assumed Max was Michelle’s guy. Maybe there were two of them?

He held his huge cock deep down in the guy’s throat for what seemed like an eternity. His body was shaking and convulsing from pleasure each time the guy named Max took a swallow and boy was he sucking on it. He then let go of Uncle Joe’s ass and signaled he needed air. The enormous cock slid out of his mouth and he finally took a deep breath. Uncle Joe let go of his hair put his slowly shrinking junk back in his underwear and lifted his pants.

-As usual, that was amazing Max. Nobody can suck dick like you. I’m going to miss that.

-Max smiled and said, that’s because no one can take it all in old man. That is the biggest dick I’ve sucked and seen in my life. Can your wife take it?

-Her pussy can he said laughing. At first it was rough and painful but over the years, she’s learned to love it, but she can’t suck me like you do. No one can, but you. We had a good run. Hope you drop by again if you are ever in the area.

-You can count on it Joe, but this isn’t quite over yet. You got yours, now I want mine. Drop those pants, turn around and spread wide. Max needs a goodbye fuck my friend.

This was more than I could mentally process at the time. 72 hours ago I knew NOTHING about sex and since then I’ve learned about, orgasm, masturbation, cock sucking and now he wanted to fuck my Uncle? How can a man fuck another man? They don’t have pussies.

I wanted to masturbate so badly, but I was afraid if I did I would miss out on the show, so took a few deep breaths to calm my impulse and noticed I had inadvertently leaned on a pitchfork for support. The pitchfork was solidly anchored in one of the hay bale and the handle was resting on the stall’s wall. I quickly positioned the pitchfork between my legs and leaned my pussy on it. The grid was at my eyes level so I had a clear view.

Uncle Joe gave him a huge grin and dropped his pants to his ankle, turned around and leaned over a fence. Max took out his penis. It was already hard and glistening at the top. It looked nothing like Uncle Joe’s dick. It was far less frightening. It was more on the slimmer side but quite long, I would say about 7 to 8 inches. His dick was straight up while he spread Uncle Joe’s canlı bahis siteleri ass cheeks, put some saliva on his hand (which reminded me of my Grandpa) and spread it over Uncle Joe’s asshole. He then entered his middle finger in the hole and pumped it in and out.

Joe said it felt good, so Max inserted one more , pumped it in and out again, then with only the middle finger, palm up, he pressed on something which obviously gave Uncle Joe a jolt of pleasure because he said ”Oh fuck, this feels good. Fuck me now”.

Max did not need any encouragement. His rod entered my Uncle’s ass without effort and started pumping him.

-Fuck me harder boy, deeper and harder. Come on boy!

The boy listened and pumped deep and hard. I could hear the noise of his dick and balls hitting Uncle’s bare ass. I put my own hand in my mouth to wet it and slid it in my shorts to spread my pussy lips. I positioned the pitchfork over my shorts, but between my pussy lips and started slowly grinding the rod. My eyes closed for a second and all I wanted was to feel that intense sensation in my body. When I heard Max it brought me back to reality. The show was not over yet.

-That’s it old man, take that massive cock of yours and beat it while I fuck you.

I could hear the horses neighing; it was an eerie sound in the context. I hadn’t noticed before, but the way Uncle Joe was leaning over the fence, it allowed him to easily and comfortably hold his humongous organ and rub it. It was as big as the first time and looking at it now, I still could not believe that anyone could put that entire thing in their mouths, let alone their pussy. Holding it with both hands, he was beating his meat, his face scrunched up he was reaching deep within him to achieve another powerful orgasm. The fucking lasted for a few minutes. I wasn’t sure I could hold it.

-Oh boy, I’m gonna come again.

-Hold on for a minute old man, I’m not done yet said Max while wildly pumping my Uncle’s ass. Let’s make this one historical shall we?

I hadn’t really noticed until now how well built and beautiful Max’s body was. His long penis pumping in and out of Uncle Joe’s ass had distracted me from his Greek like facial features. His body was tanned and muscular and a ray of sunlight beaming through the barn roof gave glimpses of his six pack and v-shape pubic area. He really was a God. Oh God I’m going to come I thought.

-I’m coming now Joe, are you ready?

-Oh yeah…oh yeah!

At first I saw Uncle Joe’s cock shoot some white liquid all over the place, some even hit his face. He let out a guttural sound and a deep ahhhhh. At the same time, Max’s back arched. Thank God he was holding on to Uncle Joe’s hips otherwise he would have fallen back. When he started howling, and he did, he looked like a magnificent wolf.

Both of them fell to the ground, wasted in their mutual pleasure. I had been humping the pitchfork rod all the while and at that exact second, with my hand on my mouth to stifle the sound, my orgasm exploded. I could feel my pussy contract multiple times bringing me intense pleasure. I was truly amazed at how rubbing such a little thing as my clit over my clothes could do to a person.

I lay down for a minute and may have fallen asleep for a little bit. When I regained my senses both my Uncle and Max were nowhere in sight. I exited the barn, the horse was gone. I ran to the house and no one was there yet. It was only 10:30 am. Day one!

I smelled like pussy a mile away and was about to go up to my room to change my soaking panties when I heard a now familiar deep voice:

-Is that you Lily?

That was Uncle Joe’s voice. My heart started beating fast, I thought he had seen me güvenilir bahis see him and was about to scold me. I quickly realize it wasn’t the case when he came around me, picked me up, lifted me in the air and then gave me a big welcome hug. He was strong and powerful and the way he was holding me, I could feel his cock through his pants. I shivered.

-Are you OK little one?

I thought to myself, why is everyone here calling me little one? I know I’m small, but really?

-Hello Uncle Joe, yes I’m fine. You just startled me.

He put me down and said:

-How was your trip? Did you have a good night sleep? Is the room to your liking? If not, we have many more? Did you have breakfast?

Geez, the man was really thoughtful. Seemed nothing like the sex pervert I had just masturbated too while watching having sex a little while ago. I reassured him that everything was fine but I could feel a headache come and was about to go to my room lay down for a bit.

-That sounds like a plan little one. We want you to make yourself at home here OK? Want someone to let you know when lunch is ready?

-Sure, that sounds fine thanks.

I ran up to my room, lay down on the bed and thought about everything that just happened. Was this real? A week ago I was still playing with dolls and now all I wanted was to rub my clit? Again, I was horny. This was getting out of hand. I looked in the medicine cabinet for some aspirin to relieve my tension headache, couldn’t find any so I went downstairs but Uncle Joe was gone. I took a glass of juice from the fridge and went to the toilet next to the kitchen to pee.

There I found everything I needed including a drawer full of ”Condoms”. All I knew about condoms is what we had been taught in sex-education. The nurse had put one on a banana explaining that it was the same thing as a man’s penis. It served as a glove that would prevent the semen to reach the ovules and make sure you had no babies. I had giggled with the rest of the class imagining a man with a banana between his legs.

Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind. There were 2 things I really was good at in school and they were math and arts & craft. I grabbed a couple of condoms, put them in my pocket and returned to my bedroom. In the bathroom I found a washcloth. I folded it in two and started rolling it as tight as possible like I had done with the towel. I figured that if I could slip a condom over it, it would feel like grandpa’s dick. I opened the first wrapper and slipped it over the washcloth.

It worked, but it wasn’t quite big enough. I found a hand towel and rolled it up, but the condom would not fit over it. I looked at the wrappers and one said ‘large’. Gave that one a try and it worked! Once folded in two and rolled-up tightly it was about 8 inches long and not quite 2 inches wide. Perfect.

I took off my shorts and panties, knelled on the bed and positioned the artificial limb between my butt crack and pussy and sat on it. It felt cold and exciting but I wasn’t comfortable. I grabbed my towel cock and put it on the arm chair and straddled it. That was it. I put my middle finger in my mouth to collect saliva, spread my pussy lips slowly, found my engorged clitoris and started rubbing it in circle. Rocking my pussy over my imaginary Grandpa’s dick I closed my eyes and accelerated the speed and adding pressure to my clit. I could feel my pussy pumping the latex underneath me like it wanted to swallow it and then it happened. As I was about to explode, there was a knock on the door.

-Lily? It’s Michelle, Dad said you where in your room, are you OK?

Holly shit, I had to contain myself:

-Yes, I’m getting dressed I said while trying to control the sound of my voice.

-Great! Come down for lunch when you are ready.


I heard her walk away and within seconds, my horny little body was trembling with pleasure. Two for two today; I was really getting good at getting off. Grandpa had taught me well.

To be continued…

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