Linda , the Stableman

Anina Silk

**** Thanks to all my readers for their feedback and interest. This is a story that’s been kicking around my hard drive since before the “Orgasm Torture” series was conceived. Though the main character are real, this never really happened. I have no plans for future episodes of this story, though anything is possible. Please, feel free to rate it and send feedback if you find it worth commenting on! I haven’t forgotten about you “Orgasm Torture” fans – I really do have more planned, unfortunately, this earning a living business gets in the way! Thanks again to WomanChild – my editor and …… *****

Chapter 1 – Linda breaks the Wild Stallion

Linda watched herself in the mirror as she dressed. She was preparing for he usual late-afternoon ride that she always treated herself to after a hard day of working on land deals, cattle contracts, and payroll for her ranch hands and servants.

‘Mrs. Linda’ was a woman forced to compete in a man’s world when her husband was trampled during a stampede. Though “Mrs. Linda” wasn’t technically correct, she preferred it to “The Widow McAllister”, so she didn’t correct people when they called her “Mrs. Linda”. Most of her staff called her “ma’am” out of respect, well earned respect, for she had continued to run the ranch efficiently, professionally, and profitably these last 5 years after her husband’s death.

She slowly donned her starched white blouse, eyeing her full breasts filling the proper white bra. She pulled her tight, tan jodhpurs up her long legs and over her un-pantied bottom. Scandalous! She thought to herself if anyone knew she was bare under there. She grinned – she loved the feel of the tight pants against her bottom and between her legs as she rode. The tight fabric, the hard leather saddle – and the powerful, rhythmic motion of the horse beneath her. Often, her riding would bring her so close to orgasm that she didn’t feel guilty at all “finishing the job” as she reclined in her after-ride bath.

Today she would be riding Buck – her bay stallion. Riding him always made her feel better – the wind in her hair, the sun on her back, and Buck’s powerful body throbbing beneath her. Tucking her riding crop under her arm, she took a last look in the mirror. She looked like the proper lady rancher. She strode through the house and into the courtyard. ‘Bath ready in 2 hours Mrs. Linda?’ her maid asked. “Yes Mamie” she answered, heading to her private stable.

Buck should be out here already she thought, looking at the hitching post outside her barn and not seeing her horse. She stepped into the cool, dark stable, expecting to see Val – her stableman readying Buck. As her eyes adjusted to the dim interior, she could see that Buck was there – in his stall – not showing any signs of being ready to ride, or being made ready. Val, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen. For a moment, she was worried that he had been hurt or injured by one of the horses, and she felt herself become a bit frantic as she searched for him in one stall after another.

She neared the end of the stable and pushed the door of the tack room open with her crop, only to see Val sleeping peacefully in a pile of hay, shirtless, without a care in the world. She was relieved, of course, to see that he hadn’t been injured, but at once she felt her face redden in anger at his laziness and for the needless concern she had for him.

“VAL!!!” she screamed at him.

He sprang instantly to his feet, startled, and a bit intimidated by her tone and appearance, he put on his best “innocent” face and tried to think of something smooth to say that would defuse Linda’s obvious wrath.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, just that I was out breaking a horse this morning and I got so worn out that I sat down for a few minutes and the next thing I knew….”

“QUIET!” Linda fairly screamed as she slapped the crop against her boot. “Dammit Val, if the work here in the stable is too hard for you, I’m sure I can find a field hand who is up to the task of making sure my horse is groomed, fed and saddled when I want to go for a ride. I don’t think that’s asking too much, do you Val?”

His head sank forward onto his chest in shame as she berated him.

“I was worried that you were hurt or sick when I didn’t see you. I thought a horse had kicked you or knocked you down. I was afraid Val.” She was on the verge of tears as she shouted at him, her anger at him revealing something deeper to her. “I care about you Val – I would be very upset if something ever happened to you……”

He looked up through his tousled hair to see her facing him – gloved fists on her hips, yet tears beginning to form in her eyes.

“Better be careful Ma’am”, he grinned, ” the boys will say you’re sweet on me….” His voice trailed off as soon as the words escaped his lips – he knew that he had said the wrong thing – and he saw the flames of anger rekindle in her eyes. Smile fading, he quickly sprang to the rail where her saddle was slung to retrieve it and saddle Buck before she started Escort Bayan a new attack.

Linda felt the blood rise in her face as she grew even angrier than she was initially. A roar of anger escaped her lips as she fairly flew at him and pushed him hard in the back with both hands. Her wrath had made her stronger than usual, and the unexpected shove caught Val off-balance, he stumbled forward and fell as the saddle on the rail caught him high on the thighs.

With nothing to push against – and in an awkward position, he thrashed around ineffectively as Linda scooped up her fallen riding crop from the straw-strewn floor. Still seething with anger, she drew it back and brought it down hard across his denim-covered cheeks.

“OW!” screamed Val as the unexpected smack stung him even through the heavy fabric.

Linda’s hair flew as she drew back and delivered another vicious blow to Val’s butt.

“DAMN!” he yelled in response. Three more times the crop rose and fell, “Geez!”, “Hell!”, “Damn!” came the response to each blow in turn.

Linda stopped as she heard a noise behind her. Turning, she looked to the open door, recognizing voices from the barn. “Don’t you move!” she hissed at Val’s back as she pointed with her crop, “I’m not through with you yet!”.

She strode three long steps to the door just in time to see Zeke snatching the hat off his head and looking very uncomfortable.

“Sorry Ma’am – I jus’ heard a ruckus here and thought there was a problem.”

She could see a few other hands behind him as tried to answer as calmly as possible.

“No problem Zeke, I’m just taking care of a minor difficulty here – you and the boys can get back to your chores.”

Maybe it was the tone of her voice, maybe the look in her eyes – or maybe the crop still gripped tightly in her gloved hand that made her point clear, but Zeke and the others fairly fell over themselves exiting the barn with hurried “Yes Ma’ams!” mumbled over their shoulders.

When they had left the barn, Linda closed and latched the tack room door and turned back to Val. She really wasn’t of a mind to use the crop anymore, but she knew that they needed to talk. She saw him shaking as he lay across the saddle.

“Val?” she asked nervously – wondering if something was wrong. “VAL?” she called out louder as he continued to rhythmically shake where he lay.

She rushed around to kneel where his head was and saw that tears were streaming from his clenched eyes and that his mouth was agape in a silent…… Laugh!?

He caught his breath after a second and laughed out loud as he lay there – too weak from the apparent humor to even move.

“Taking care of a ‘minor difficulty’ Ma’am?” he managed to wheeze out between laughs. That he found the situation even remotely funny made her blood boil again as she straightened up.

She moved behind him again. “Stand up Val.” She calmly said.

He continued his laughter-induced paralysis. Gritting her teeth she ordered: “Dammit Val, stand UP!!!”

The steel in her voice made him see the gravity of the situation, and he managed to slowly push himself up from his awkward position.

“I would think that a few hard smacks with a riding crop would convince you that I mean business Val, but from your laughter, I guess I was wrong.” Her assessment was confirmed by the smirk on his face as she looked at him stone coldly.

“I guess your jeans are too thick to allow the crop to get your attention. Take off your pants Val.”

His face lost all color at the words.

“What Ms. Linda?” he asked, hoping he had heard wrong.

“I said” she said in a clipped tone, “take off your pants Val, and I will NOT say it again.”

He hesitated a moment too long and she reached forward yanking the top tab of his jeans, causing the button fly to “zip” open, exposing the top of his dark thatch of curls.

Pushing him back towards the rail with the saddle over it, she ordered “Get back over that saddle”.

He saw the look in her eyes and decided not to argue, lowering himself over the smooth brown leather. As he lowered himself, he felt her gloved hand tugging down his jeans, pulling them down over his muscular bottom. He started to object, but her stern “Don’t you move until I’m finished with you.” kept him from resisting.

She tugged his tight jeans down until they were at his knees – and then stepped back.

“Maybe without those thick pants between you and my crop, I’ll convince you that this is not a laughing matter!”

With that, she drew back the crop and swished it through the air, landing its leather tip squarely across Val’s bare cheeks. It struck with a loud crack and a wince out of Val, but he managed to stifle his outcry.

Without waiting, Linda delivered another stinging blow to Val’s exposed bottom, drawing a stifled cry and raising a second red stripe across his cheeks.

A third – still harder blow followed, drawing a yelp of pain from Val, then a Sincan Escort fourth – causing him to arch and cry out again. A fifth stripe formed under her crop as he fairly screamed out and Linda dropped her crop in shock at what she had just done.

Her anger pushed aside from the sight before her caused a torrent of tears to stream down her face as she gingerly reached out a finger to trace one of the angry red welts she had just created. Val jumped a bit at the touch on the tender skin and she drew her hand back.

Burying her face in her hands, she sobbed uncontrollably as her emotions all flowed to the surface.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry” she croaked out between sobs as her shoulders shook with the force of her sobbing.

She felt a soft touch on her shoulder – then her hair being brushed out of her face as he wrapped his tan arms around her shoulders and drew her to his chest.

“No Linda, I’m sorry” he whispered, “Sorry to have made you so angry”.

She let her arms fall to her sides as his embrace enveloped her. “I’m fine, really Linda – it doesn’t hurt too bad, it’s ok.”

“But your bottom…” she said softly as she looked up at him with damp eyes. Her hand tenderly slipped around his slim waist – then down to gently feel the hot welts she raised on his bare cheeks.

He winced slightly at her touch. “I mean it doesn’t hurt if you don’t touch ’em.” He said with a bit of a pained chuckle in his voice.

He looked down into her eyes and stooped a bit to bring her chin up to his shoulder as he hugged her against him.

Linda felt another senastion now, one she hadn’t had in a long time, and one that was stronger than she remembered. She felt heat rising in her bosom now, a heat that seemed to radiate from the pit of her stomach and flow through her breasts to her face. It had been so long since she’d been in a man’s embrace, and it filled her with a sense of warmth, calm, satisfaction – and desire.

She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly, pressing her breasts against his chest, pulling her hips forward against his. It was then that she felt something else, the hardness pressing against her belly, the throbbing hardness of the man she was embracing.

The desire pushed all the other feelings out of her head as she turned her head a bit to kiss his neck, to plant a line of wet kisses from his neck, along his rough cheek until her panting lips joined his in a deep passionate kiss. She pulled him tighter against him, grinding her pelvis against the hard bulge pressing against her.

Her hands caressed his back, sliding down again to cup his lower cheeks – gently this time – as she moaned in desire and lust. Her lips spread hot wet kisses over Val’s mouth, every so often, his lips would “catch” hers and engage in a long, deep kiss, tongues meeting and lips hungrily devouring lips.

His hands slid down her white-bloused back to rest on the tan fabric-covered globes of her bottom. He firmly squeezed them as he pulled her against his loins.

“MMMMMMmmmmmmm” she moaned in desperate desire.

She ground her hips wantonly against his pelvis, against the hard shaft of his manhood that was standing firmly at attention at his lower abdomen. Her kisses changed from hot passion to hunger as she felt his rock-hard cock pressed against her, she felt the dampness between her legs flowing as her arousal rose higher and higher.

She felt his strong hands rise up her bottom, then down again as she realized that he was sliding them down inside her pants.

“No!” she started to say as she pushed away from him looking down at the straw-covered floor, but the sight of his rigid manhood caught her eye and any thoughts or words or resistance were forgotten for good.

She stared in fascination and desire at the naked man in front of her, his hands still inside the waist of her riding pants. Her hands slid down his sides, slid toward the focus of her gaze, down his taught belly, though the dark nest of curls, coming to rest on his hard cock. The hard-driving woman was gone – all gone, she was replaced by the woman that she always dreamed of being – a woman who desired – and who allowed herself to act on her desires.

Linda pulled herself close to him again.

“yes” she whispered as she softly kissed his chest. Her warm cheek pressed against his chest, her hot breath moaning out a new response. “Yes Val…please” she whispered again, allowing herself to voice the desire she’d hidden from him these past months.

She felt his strong, rough hands against her bare cheeks inside her jodhpurs again and a gasp of pleasure escaped her lips. His hands rose up again – then down as he peeled the tight pants down her hips and slowly over her bottom. He sank to his knees to push the rolled fabric down to her boot tops, kissing her neck, chest, and stomach through the starched white fabric as he went.

He knelt in front of her and started unbuttoning her blouse from the bottom up, kissing her Ankara Escort just above her damp of curls as he did. A wave of embarrassment swept over her as he did this, but her desire was greater, and she struggled with the remaining buttons with her gloved hands.

Their hands met at the last button of the blouse, and he unsnapped the fastenings at the wrists of the leather gloves. As she fumbled to remove the gloves, he opened the front of her blouse, and peeled if off of her shoulders and down her arms, pinning her arms behind her as the half-off gloves tangled in the blouse material.

He pulled her tightly against him, pressing her against his tan chest as he covered her mouth with his. As her hands struggled with the gloves, his seemed to deftly unfasten her bra and free her from it. She felt him pushing her back, back and down, until he lowered her to the floor, straw gently poking against her bare bottom. He supported himself on his hands as he maintained the kiss, leaving her sitting upright.

He moved down, to her legs, grasping her high boot with his strong hands and expertly sliding it off by pulling against her heel and instep. The other boot followed, then he tugged the tight pants the rest of the way off, leaving her sitting there as she finally got both gloves off and shucked the bra from her arms.

She sat gazing at him – heart racing and bosom rising and falling with her deep breaths. She saw him in front of her, kneeling, his strong shoulders glistening softly in the diffused light – she saw the erect pole of his manhood – pointing at the rafters and bobbing in time to his racing heart. A look of fear, wonder, lust, passion came over her face as he moved towards her on his knees.

She lay back as he moved over her, her left arm circling his neck, and her right hand reaching for the throbbing shaft of his hard cock as she spread her legs to bring him close against her, she pulled his face to hers to receive his deep kiss as she guided his hard cock to the entrance to her wet, throbbing pussy. An excited chill ran though her as the head touched the entrance of her vagina, then a deep sigh as he slid easily into her wetness.

Chapter 2 – Setting the Stallion Free

Linda and Val settled into a pattern all their own. As far as his official duties were concerned, Val was a model employee. Linda’s horse would be groomed, saddled and ready for her to ride at her usual time every afternoon. In public the most intimate he was with her was boosting her onto her tall mount by her boot.

After hours was entirely another matter – Linda still enjoyed her afternoon bath, but she had no need to reach under the bubbles to rub her wanting pussy – Val would service it quite thoroughly later!

Each night, when the house was asleep, he would climb up the back stairs, and swing onto her balcony. She’d open the doors for him, adorned in her sheer nightgown. He’d take her in his arms, kiss her gently, and peel the thin fabric off her shoulders, exposing her nakedness to him. She’d reach forward and unbutton his jeans, pushing them down his trim hips while he wriggled out of his shirt.

He’d guide her back, onto the bed, kissing her deeply. Hugging her tightly. She’d wrap her legs around him as he penetrated her deeply, pumping into her tirelessly, until she was sated, several times a night. He’d hold her as she drifted off, sleeping with her until almost dawn – but no longer – appearances had to be maintained, and he eased himself out of her soft bed each morning, leave by the balcony, get another hour of sleep before rising in his own bunk.

Yes – for Linda, life was good again – better than good! She’d had more sex in three weeks with Val than she’d had in 15 years with her husband!

Val was content too. He had the woman he’d always fantasized about – she wanted and desired him, she responded to him. He enjoyed the time they spent loving each other – and wasn’t really concerned about sneaking around. Though he wasn’t that experienced, from what he heard about women, Linda was more libidinous than most women of her day. She cried out openly when he brought her to climax, she whispered things in his ear that made his heart pound.

Still, Linda felt there was something missing. Since the day of her cropping Val in the tack room, he’d been a good employee, gentle lover, and perfect gentlemen.

The it struk her – she hadn’t fantasized about the “perfect gentleman” he had become. No, what attracted her to him, what she thought about while she used to please herself in her bath was the the rough, rugged stableman. The cockiness, sass, and self-confidence that was just shy of being out of control or insubordinate.

She sat on her 4-poster bed and pondered her situation.

“What’s your problem Mrs. Linda?” Mamie called from the doorway.

“No, nothing Mamie” she lied.

Her housekeeper came into the room. “Scuse me for sayin’ so Maam, but you aint foolin no-one with that talk.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, stiffenning – fearing Mamie knew about her and Val.

“Well, Mrs. Linda, I been with you for over 20 years, through good times an’ bad. I can tells when you’s unhappy. I thought sure when you and Mr. Val started meetin’ nights yo problems was over.”

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