Lisa Ch. 09b


… continued from chapter 9a

“Look, you can just sit here and watch the others parasail. It’s like watching TV.” Abe said when Jessica looked unhappy.

“We’ll keep you company.” Leah said as she, Amanda, Justine and Sara came to join Jessica and Abe.

“Thanks.” Jessica said. She tried to smile at the girls but she looked down at her hands instead, guilt sweeping over her again. She felt like she’d been talking behind their backs.

Abe looked at Jessica, surprised by her reaction. Looking at the girls he found them studying Jessica’s lowered head. Leah nodded at Abe to indicate things were okay, and then motioned for him to feed Jessica.

“Josh sure doesn’t like heights, does he?” Leah asked laying back onto the blanket beside Jessica and watching as he sailed into the air but looked really tense.

“No, he’s terrified of them.” Jessica said while chewing. “Um Abe, I’m really not hungry. My stomach is kind of upset.” She added when Abe glared at her.

“Is this the stress induced stomach upset?” Amanda asked and smiled when Jessica flashed her eyes up at her in surprise. “We know Jessica, all about the conversations you’ve had with Caleb, Don and Quinn.”

“We all know.” Abe added when Jessica looked at him. “Especially the part where you don’t think you have an eating disorder. Sorry,” he added. He’d said it more sharply than he’d intended and Jessica shrank a little, “I didn’t mean it to sound quite like that. What I meant was that we know that you don’t feel like eating and when you’re stressed you vomit. That could be part of an eating disorder you know …”

“I guess.” Jessica acknowledged and reluctantly took another bite of the sandwich that Abe held up for her.

“The question,” Amanda said, “is why you feel stressed. You’ve been looking at us,” she said indicating Sara, Leah, Justine and herself, “like you’ve hurt us somehow and don’t know how to apologize. We’re on vacation, you should be happy, relaxed.”

“Jess?” Sara prompted when Jessica didn’t look like she was going to respond.

“I guess I’m worried about you Amanda, and about Mark and Chris …” she added flicking her eyes between Justine and Abe, “I know about that … I’m not sure who else does …”

“Just me.” Justine said quickly and looked panicked for a moment.

Jessica nodded. “That’s why I feel stressed.” She said when Abe, Leah, Sara and Amanda looked between Justine and her with curiosity. “I feel like I know things that maybe I shouldn’t and I haven’t had time to talk to you about it. It feels awkward.”

“Like you’re the middle man?” Justine asked.

Jessica nodded.

“We’re a family Jess. We don’t have secrets from each other, remember?” Justine asked. “Whatever Mark and Chris tell you is okay with me. It’s just like they don’t mind me talking to you about them. So, don’t be upset or stressed about it. Okay?”

“Okay.” Jessica said.

When Abe, Leah, Sara and Amanda kept looking at Justine in anticipation she sighed. “Alright. Fine. It’s my fantasy to see the two of them have sex. We were talking about fantasies last night and I made the mistake of telling them that and they freaked.”

“Shit.” Abe hissed.

“Mark and Chris?” Leah asked. “You know Chris will never do that …”

“That’s why it’s called a fantasy.” Justine said in a defensive tone. “I said it before I thought it through. I wish I hadn’t, trust me.”

“Did Mark tell you that he’s not getting over the rape?” Jessica asked.

“Yes. And that’s where I made my second mistake. I thought that since Scott helped you with sex, maybe Mark and Chris doing it would help Mark.”

“Justine!” Leah exclaimed. “Chris is a homophobe. How would forcing him to have sex with Mark make anything better?”

“I know, I know.” Justine said. “And you can stop looking at me like that.” Justine snapped at Abe, “It was stupid. I was desperate, what can I say?”

“What can you say about what?” Chris asked. Jessica, Abe, and the girls looked up to find Chris, Mark, Caleb, Don, Quinn, Jim and Angus.

“About our … situation.” Justine said.

“Oh.” Chris said and turned red. Mark paled.

“Situation?” Quinn asked and did a double take when Chris turned even redder.

“Why don’t you have some lunch.” Jessica said desperate to break the awkwardness and spare Chris the humiliation.

Chris smiled at Jessica, “Always trying to protect people, aren’t you?”

“This isn’t something we need to be talking about right now.” Jessica said, “And it makes you uncomfortable … you’re turning red …” she added when Chris raised an eyebrow.

“Kind of like you did when I let everyone listen to you have sex?” Chris asked. “I think I can handle a bit of humiliation Jess. Justine has a fantasy about Mark and I having sex.” Chris said turning bright red and looking at his feet.

“I shouldn’t have said anything …” Justine muttered in despair.

“You were being honest.” Jessica said when no one said anything. “That’s what we’re supposed to be. And you shouldn’t be bağcılar escort embarrassed about your fantasies but there are other ways to experience your fantasies without having to actually act them out.”

“How’s that?” Chris asked.

“Well, you can imagine them.” Jessica said. “Someone’s fantasy doesn’t have to be acted on exactly.”

“That’s true.” Mark said, relief evident in his voice.

“So, we’ve talked now.” Leah said, “Are you less stressed? Can you look us in the eye again?” she asked Jessica, indicating the other girls and herself.

“Um., well there’s still you Amanda. I’m worried about you. Starving and purging doesn’t count as a diet regime. I really think you need to stop.” Jessica said.

Amanda nodded. “Okay.” She said. “And now that you have no more stress, you can eat, right?”

Jessica hesitated. She didn’t believe for a second that Amanda would stop vomiting but she didn’t feel this was the right time to pursue it. She’d find a better time to push the point. Eyeing the sandwich in Abe’s hand with dread she said “It doesn’t taste good.”

“The sandwich?” Abe asked in surprise, “Why didn’t you say so, I can give you something else.”

“No.” Jessica said, “Nothing tastes good. Everything tastes like sand.”

“Maybe sand got in the food …” Abe said.

“No. She means food in general.” Angus said, “It’s not tasting right for her. We’re going to get Doc to check it out.”

“In the meantime she has to eat something.” Abe said.

“Agreed.” Jim said lowering himself to the blanket, “Jess, can you eat it anyway? Just half the sandwich and that’s it, okay?”

Jessica nodded. Angus sat behind Jessica on the blanket, and she leaned back against him. Everyone else made themselves comfortable on the blanket and ate.

Jim, Abe and Angus distracted Jessica by having her watch the other men and the boys sail through the sky so they managed to get the whole sandwich into her.

Soon the others came to eat, including the employees from the parasailing company. Now that they were all together and had time to observe, it was clear that if the parasailing employees hadn’t believed Amanda about the polygamous relationships before, they did now.

Justine and Amanda went out of their way to emphasize that they were with each of their men and it earned them some looks that ranged from uncertain to disapproving.

Jessica just seemed to go with what felt natural to her. Not overdoing her displays of affection between herself and her men, but not avoiding or hiding them either. She received the same kinds of reactions as Justine and Amanda but they seemed more muted. If Jessica noticed the reactions she gave no indication of it. Amanda and Justine for their parts became more and more defiant, seeming to get angry about any indication that someone disapproved of their relationships.

After lunch they went back to the parasailing and the rest of the afternoon was spent parasailing or swimming. Justine and Amanda managed to reign in their hostility but they made every effort to flaunt their relationships. Despite this tension the day went by quickly and everyone had fun.

They made it back to the hotel in time for dinner and to get the boys to the club for the evening and by seven o’clock everyone had gone their separate ways again, this time Jessica and Riley were heading out together.

“Are you okay?” Jessica asked Riley when he kept staring at her as they walked.

“Better than okay.” He said pulling her closer to him. “You know I’m impressed with how unembarrassed you are about our relationship. But don’t you think that being openly polygamist will hurt your career plans?”

“If I decide to be President of the United States, or a supreme court judge, yes.” Jessica said, “but lawyer, local or state judge or governor, no.”

“President of the United States …” Riley said stopping and looking down at Jessica, “Do you want to be President of the United States?”

“Maybe someday when polygamy is legal.” Jessica said.

“And if it’s never legal?”

“I don’t want a job that won’t let me be me.” Jessica said.

“Good.” Riley said pulling her into his arms. “I wouldn’t want you to resent the limitations that our marriage may put on you in regular society.”

“Riley …” Jessica said bringing her hand to his cheek. “I’ll never resent our relationship. Please don’t be sad.” She added, running her thumb over his lips, tracing the slight frown they formed.

Riley locked eyes with her and smiled, “If you’re happy, I’m happy.”

“Then we’re both incredibly delirious with joy right now.” Jessica said lifting onto her toes to bring her lips to his.

“I don’t know if delirious is a strong enough word for it.” Riley said, pecking her lips several times before slipping his tongue into her mouth and locking his lips on hers.

“Jess …” Riley said, resting his forehead on hers … panting. “We’d better stop … for now.”

Jessica nodded.

“So, I thought you may enjoy participating in cihangir escort a murder mystery at the castle.” Riley said after clearing his throat and gaining some control. “It’s a giant role playing game. We get parts to play and if we solve the mystery we get a prize.”

“I read about that!” Jessica said clearly very excited. “Let’s do it!” she said patting his chest with her hands.

Riley chuckled, “I love how excited you get about everything.” He said and taking her hand he led her to the castle.

“Are you two here for your honeymoon?” one of the mystery facilitators asked when she handed Riley and Jessica the package with the information about their characters.

“Yes.” Riley said.

“It’s easy to tell, you look very much in love.” She said. “I’m Virginia. You have fifteen minutes to read the information. All the guests are detectives in the game. The idea is to solve the mystery before the others. I’ll come and get you when it’s time to start.” Virginia said pointing to a couple of oversized lounge chairs available for them to sit in.

“Detective …” Riley commented as Jessica sank onto his lap and he pulled her close, holding the information booklet in front of both of them. “What I always wanted to be …”

“You always wanted to be a dick?” Jessica asked and burst into laughter when Riley’s eyes widened in shocked surprise.

“And where did you learn such language?” he demanded in mock anger.

“You forget that I love mystery novels.” Jessica said kissing him. “I read about dicks all the time.”

“Ah, that kind of dick. Gotcha.” Riley said. “So then I can rely on you to win this game … I’m not sure my dicking abilities fall into this particular category.” Riley added with a wink causing Jessica to laugh again.

“I like your … abilities …” Jessica said, “but I’m pretty sure you’ll be a big part of solving the case. Oh look, your name is Donald, and I’m Candice. Donald and Candice, not very imaginative.”

“Candy …” Riley said leaning back to better observe Jessica, “I can see you as a Candy. Especially if I picture you in your bikini on a surf board, chewing gum.”

“Like what ev …” Jessica said in a forced cheery, valley girl voice, and twirling her hair.

“Oh my God.” Riley said laughing, “That’s you alright.”

Jessica swatted his chest and looked back at the booklet. “Come on Donny, we have work to do.”

“We’re at a political convention …” Riley said reading the information, “is that foreshadowing or what, Madame President?”

“And there’s going to be an assassination.” Jessica read. “Do you think there will be a grassy knoll?”

“If there is then there’ll be more than one gunman. This could be a tough case to crack.” Riley said.

“Nothing is too tough for Candy and Donny …” Jessica said.

“Donny …” Riley said cringing.

“I’ll call you D, how’s that?” Jessica asked.

“Better.” Riley said.

“We’re ready.” Virginia said and led them to the game room.

Two hours later they’d narrowed the suspect down to two possibilities.

“I think we need to just pick one.” Riley said after they reviewed the evidence for the thousandth time.

“Maybe …” Jessica said watching Chuck, one of their suspects chatting with another of the detectives. “Chuck was the right hand man to Gerald, the victim, right?” Jessica asked as she watched Chuck’s assistant come up and hand him a pen and paper. Chuck looked the paper over and signed it, and then turned back to chatting with the guests. “Talk about ironic.” Jessica said bolting upright and grabbing the packet of information from the table in front of her and Riley.

“What is?” Riley asked watching her flip through the pages.

“That is …” she said pointing to a paragraph and handing the papers to Riley.

“The gunman was left handed.” Riley said and looked at Jessica with a blank expression.

“Yup. And when we interviewed Chuck, what did he tell us?”

“To get lost …” Riley said.

“After that. When you strong armed him into answering our questions.” Jessica said clearly still impressed with Riley’s ability to get information out of the suspect.

“He said he loved Gerald like a father and would do anything for him.” Riley said.

“And what did he say about being right or left handed?” Jessica asked.

“That he was right handed.” Riley said.

“And what hand did Chuck just sign those papers with?” Jessica asked.

“Holy shit.” Riley exclaimed, excitement playing across his face, “That lying bastard.”

“Let’s fill this in.” Jessica said. The answer form requested the name of the killer, the reason you thought it was him and the reason he killed the victim. “So, we know who, and how to prove it …” Jessica said, “but why did he kill him?”

“I know why …” Riley said picking up the packet of information and flipping through the pages. “He said he loved Gerald like ‘a father’. Gerald had an affair about thirty years ago. Remember? There was a child that was given up for adoption? What gaziosmanpaşa escort did Chuck say about his childhood? He’d grown up poor. Struggled through life, made something of himself. Remember that witnesses said that Chuck and Gerald fought a few days prior to Gerald’s death? What if Chuck was Gerald’s son. What if Gerald was less than happy to hear from him? After all, the affair had almost cost Gerald his marriage at the time. What would happen if the son from that affair suddenly showed up?”

“Amazing!” Jessica said staring at Riley, obviously impressed.

Riley kissed her, “Let’s win this thing. I want to go somewhere where we can be alone for a while.”

Jessica nodded, scribbled the motive on the sheet and handed it to Virginia.

“Congratulations to Candy and Donald, Sally and Jeff, Anita and Ralf.” Virginia said twenty minutes later as Jessica and Riley stood with Virginia and two other couples at the front of the room. “We had several people determine that the killer was Chuck. Some had the correct motive and the wrong evidence, or the correct evidence and the wrong motive but these three couples got all three correctly. You’ve won a voucher for the jewellery store. You can go and pick an item for yourselves. Enjoy the rest of your stay.” Virginia ended to a round of applause.

“Do you see anything that you like?” Riley asked fifteen minutes later as they browsed the jewellery store.

The voucher was for a certain price range but Riley said he’d pay the difference if there was something that Jessica really liked.

Jessica looped back to the items that fell in the price range of the voucher.

“I like that magnifying glass charm.” Jessica said pointing at a small magnifying glass made out of gold.

“You don’t have to stick to this price range Jess.” Riley said looking at the magnifying glass.

“I know. But it reflects what we did together. Detectives use magnifying glasses. I want something that symbolizes that. Please?”

“Sure. Whatever you want.” Riley said and minutes later they walked out of the jewellery story with the magnifying glass in Jessica’s purse.

“Where to?” Jessica asked, hooking her arm with Riley’s.

“Well, I booked the top of the Eiffel tower for us tonight.”

“Really?” Jessica demanded. “I love it.”

“Me too except I’m afraid I might not be able to keep my hands off of you when we’re alone. We might end-up, you know …”

“I don’t want you to keep your hands off of me.” Jessica said pressing against him, “I don’t want to keep my hands off of you.”

“Good.” Riley grumbled. Holding hands they ran to the Eiffel Tower.

“This is so beautiful.” Jessica whispered, standing at the huge window in the top room and looking down on France.

“You’re so beautiful.” Riley growled into her ear, his hot breath sending tingles down her spine. Jessica turned to face him and he pulled her against him, brought his lips down to hers. As they kissed Riley slid his hand under her shirt, under her bra, pulled her nipple. Jessica rubbed her hands on his chest, his abdomen, slid her hand down his pants and grasped his erect cock eliciting a moan from Riley. He hastily undid her pants, pulled them off, pushed her against the window, lifted one of her legs and stroked her clitoris while he kissed her. When Jessica came he lifted her up onto him, and she wrapped her legs around him. Slamming her back against the window he thrust into her, harder and faster until they both came.

Turning Riley carried her to the centre of the room where a picnic basket sat, a blanket on top of it. With one hand he spread the blanket as much as he could on the floor and lay Jessica down on it. Leaning back on his knees Riley looked at her, and then brought his hands to her tits. After teasing her nipples to erection and eliciting louder and louder moans from Jessica, he lowered his mouth to a nipple, licked, bit, pulled it, then the other while his fingers stroked Jessica’s wet pussy causing Jessica to arch against him.

“Your mouth …” she whispered, her hands resting on his head and pushing him toward her pussy, “Eat me out … please …oh my God, now, please …” she said urgently, arching even more.

Frustratingly slowly Riley kissed his way from her tit to her soaking and aching pussy. As soon as his mouth made contact with it Jessica thrust her pussy up and pushed Riley’s head down maximizing the contact, and she gyrated her hips.

“Oh my God, oh my God!!” she kept saying, getting louder and louder until she ended with an explosive scream. Riley licked her pussy as it convulsed and he licked until Jessica lay limp and her legs twitched before pulling her to him by her waist and plunging his cock into her. Jessica wrapped her arms and legs around him as he pumped into her and after a moment she moaned and urged, “Harder … harder Riley, yes, like that, oh my God!” Riley thrust so hard he wondered if he was going to poke a hole into her cervix. Jessica pumped with him and soon she was screaming again while her pulsating pussy battered his cock causing him to growl, head back, at the top of his lungs.

“Christ Jessica.” Riley said collapsing on top of her, nipping her neck as she nipped his. “You make me so horny … I feel like a fucking teenager.”

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