Subject: Little White Pills, Chapter 8 Hey Guys, thanks for all the emails. Glad your liking the stories; sorry they’re taking a little while to get done. Hope you like the latest installment–I promise it’s not the last! And if you do like it, please be sure to support the hardworking folks at Nifty. They deserve a few bucks for all they do for us! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chapter 8: “Starting Something” The apartment was quiet as Dave and Aaron zoned out, watching TV. They’d just made it through midterms, and neither one of them felt much interest in doing anything. The training regimen for post-season wrestling had been brutal, even for Dave. He hadn’t made it to regionals but the guys who did (both Aaron (barely) and Joey (of course)) needed someone to train against, so they were all in it together. Now that it was over (5th for Aaron, silver for Joey, which was awesome) they were happy to just have some time to chill. Eventually Aaron got up enough energy to grab them a couple of beers. “You hear from Joey yet?” “Yeah, he texted. His flight’s gonna be late from that storm.” “He say how it went?” “Kinda tough, but you know: his mom was happy he was home for Passover and all.” “Man, that is rough. They just did that whole 30-year thing, and now: bam! His dad bangs some secretary and it’s a fucking war zone.” Aaron popped open the bottles and handed one to his roommate. Dave took a swig, still watching the TV. “Yeah, way fucked up.” “Is Joey stressed?” “Yeah, I think so. I mean, sure, but he’ll be okay.” Actually he’d been more than a little stressed when he’d talked to Dave, but the big man’s stoic manner had seemed like what Joey needed. He’d be all right once things calmed down. He did worry a little about his buddy, but Joey was a tough guy. “He’s a tough little fucker, no question.” Aaron flopped on the couch. “And it’s good you guys have been talking, right?” He looked over at Dave. Dave broke contact with the TV for a second. Aaron was giving him some sort of look he didn’t know how to read. “Yeah, it’s cool. He just needs to blow off stress, y’know?” Aaron gave a slow nod. “Riight.” He looked like he was about to say something else, and then his phone buzzed; he pulled it out. “Heh heh. Fuckin’ Greg man, he is one serious slut.” He held his phone up to Dave. There was a picture of a muscular ass shaved nice and smooth, its pink hole practically begging to get fucked. “pls sir I need some cock now” was the text that came with it. “You want in? We’ve got time before Joey gets home.” Dave tore his eyes off the picture, then looked away. “Nah, you go ahead. I promised Joey I’d pick him up.” Aaron gave him another look that veered into a grin. “You just want that monster cock for yourself, you ho.” Dave glanced over, then grinned back. “Maybe….” Aaron laughed. “Good for you bud. Have fun–I’ll keep myself busy with some of this action.” He tapped his phone. Twenty minutes later after a quick shower Aaron was out the door. “You sure you don’t wanna come with? You know Greggy likes him some Dave meat.” They both chuckled: Greg wasn’t too particular, as long as he got his cock. “It’s cool. Make him work for it Aaron.” Aaron gasped. “What?! Like I would ever, ever tease someone in the bedroom. Dave, I am hurt.” Dave flipped him off, not even glancing up from the TV. “Hey, you boys have fun.” His voice briefly became serious. “Help Joey out, y’know.” Dave looked up, mildly surprised. Everyone thought Aaron was such a clown–and he was–you forgot sometimes he was a great guy too. A good bud for sure. “Yeah man, sure will. Be good.” Aaron made a face. “Pffft! Fuck that–I’m gonna be the worst lay ever, motherfucker! Hasta!” And with a broad wink Aaron was out the door while Dave was still rolling his eyes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Two hours (and another delay) later, Dave rolled up to the passenger arrival lane at the small airport. Joey had gotten bumped onto one of the last flights of the night, and there was almost no one else around–his small but stocky frame was easy to pick out. He looked tired, Dave thought as he pulled up and beeped. Joey’s face brightened, and he trotted over to the beat-up Honda, tossed his duffel in the back seat, and jumped in. “Hey Dave. Thanks so much for coming to get me dude.” “No problem man, no problem.” Dave was already checking to see if he could pull away from the curb, so the kiss on his cheek came as a complete surprise. His head snapped around and he looked at Joey, who was already blushing. “Sorry, stupid. Guess I’m just tired or horny or something.” He gave a little laugh. Dave gave him a long look, processing. Joey had never done anything in public like that before, like ever. And Dave had never even thought of it. But now he realized he was smiling. “It’s cool man. Really.” He glanced back to look for oncoming traffic, then pulled out to head home. His hand went to Joey’s thigh and gave it a squeeze, and when he glanced over he realized they both were smiling a bit. The ride back was quiet. Dave could tell Joey was pretty wiped out, and he was starting to feel a little selfish for only thinking about getting laid. So when they got back to the apartment and Joey mumbled something about hitting the shower Dave just said “get some rest bud, okay?” Joey just nodded, face pale and numb, and Dave felt a pang of sorrow in his chest. Not knowing what else to do he just grabbed the smaller man in a bear hug for a minute. “Hang in there Joey, it’ll be cool. Just try to get some sleep, ‘kay?” He felt Joey nod against his chest, and let him go. “Night.” “Night bro. Thanks again.” Joey trudged to his room. Dave wasn’t ready for bed just yet, so he decided to read a little more of his “Sports Illustrated” before he turned out the lights. He was just about done when there was a quiet knock on his door. “Yeah?” Joey poked his head in, light brown hair still damp and tousled from his shower. “Hey. I was wondering if…could I just crash with you tonight?” Dave’s heavy eyebrows twitched up slightly in surprise. He had the biggest bed, so it wasn’t unusual for Joe, or Aaron, or both to end up sleeping there after fooling around. And he and Joey had sort of made it a thing to huddle under a blanket together for warmth while they watched a movie in the living room. But they’d never actually done…a sleepover. Not that he was complaining: Joey’s muscular body was always welcome next to his, no matter what it was (or wasn’t) doing. “Yeah bud, of course.” He pulled back the covers on the other side of the bed. “Mi casa es su casa.” “Cool.” Joey scampered in and dove under the covers, lying on his back. He was naked except for a bright blue pair of boxer briefs, and his smooth chest and arms were already covered in goosebumps. “Ah…much better. My room’s just too fuckin’ cold man.” He pulled the blankets up to his chin and shivered dramatically. Dave rolled over on his side and gave him a look. “I told you to seal up your windows like I did, dumbass.” “Yeah, I know. Just been busy with the shit show and all.” “So…how are Cecily and Ruth taking it? Cecily still hoping it’ll blow over?” “No.” Joey sighed. “I think it’s sinking gaziantep escort in.” Dave gave a sympathetic look. Joey’s little sister was always so optimistic–things must be pretty bad if she was giving up. “Ruth still pissed?” “Yeah, you know her: always the big sis wanting to boss everyone. She made me go over with her to ‘talk’ to Dad tonight before I left, and it just turned into another fucking shouting match and I couldn’t leave because I was her ride and…fuck!” Joey squeezed his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Fuck I hate this goddamn drama! Fuck!!” “Joey, hey. Hey bud. It’s gonna be okay, really.” Dave felt awful. Joey was always the tough guy, but he was close to his whole family and this was tearing him up. He cupped the side of Joey’s face with one hand. “You’ve still got me and Aaron. We’ve got your back, right?” Joey sniffed a little and dropped his hand; his eyes were wet, but he had a weak smile when he nodded. Voice almost a whisper, Dave said “I’ve got your back. Always.” Why was his heart beating so fast? Joey’s smile widened. “Yeah, you always do, don’t you?” He touched Dave’s cheek, and the night paused. It was the most natural thing in the world for Dave to roll over and kiss him. It was hardly their first, but this time they weren’t in any hurry, and…Dave closed his eyes and stopped thinking. His tongue slid into Joey’s mouth, warm and welcoming and tasting of mint, and he gave a soft grunt when Joey’s hand moved to the back of his head, pulling them closer. A few minutes ago Dave hadn’t planned to start anything, but the feel of Joey’s hard muscles flexing under his triggered his instincts. Aware that he outweighed Joey by almost 50 pounds, he was careful to take some weight on his elbows as he began to slowly rock his body in time with his lips and tongue. Joey gave a quiet “mmff” of pleasure at the slow skin-on-skin friction, and Dave felt him spread his legs in invitation while one hand moved down to caress his back. Taking the hint, Dave began slowly hunching his hips, the bulges in their shorts responding rapidly to the friction. Dave increased the intensity as they hardened–still moving slowly, but now it was two rocks rubbing together and they had both started breathing harder. “Joey…” he whispered into one ear, lips and tongue tracing a trail down the side of the neck, across a hard pec to a nipple that stiffened as he grazed it with his teeth. Joey’s hands caressed his head, guiding him down but not in any hurry to push him there. Joey did start to giggle when the tip of Dave’s tongue flicked across his six-pack, but it turned into a moan when the warm mouth engulfed the head of his massive hard-on. Dave chewed on it through the briefs, while he worked one hand up to tickle his balls. He could taste the first drops of precum soaking through the thin fabric, the familiar rich flavor making his own balls churn in anticipation. He gave a grunt and pulled Joey’s waistband partway down, enough to let the fat nearly-9 inch cock spring free, and eagerly engulfed the sticky head. Joey gave a low groan as Dave’s tongue lapped over him, and Dave made one of his own as fresh juice trickled into his mouth. He began bobbing up and down, taking Joey deeper and deeper into his mouth while his friend squirmed and gasped. Occasionally Joey would run a hand through Dave’s hair but mostly he let Dave take the lead, running his hands over his body in pleasure while Dave’s warm mouth did its work. The sweet taste of Joey’s precum began to take on a richer, nuttier flavor, and from past experience Dave knew a guy was starting to get close. He loved it when Joey blew his load in his mouth, but he wasn’t ready to end things so quickly, so he reluctantly let the fat shaft slip from his mouth and sat up. Joey just looked happily up at him as he worked the smaller man’s underwear off, his smile growing wider as Dave kicked off his own boxers to let his cock bounce free. Dave gave a big smile of his own, eyes locked on Joey’s, as he grasped the smaller man’s muscular thighs and pushed them up and apart. Still smiling, he lowered his head and planted a light kiss on the bare pink skin of Joey’s asshole. It twitched in response, opening slightly at the first welcome touch, and Joey gave a happy sigh. He lay back with his eyes closed, letting Dave to explore his body, and when the wet tongue began circling around his opening a low “ohhh yeaaaaaah” slipped from him. Dave took his time, letting his tongue wander at random. Light flicks of the tip around the pink flesh at the edge of the hole, then broader firmer licks up Joey’s almost hairless taint to his smooth balls. He could feel them pulling up as he suckled on them. Joey had closed his eyes, and his boyish face had a look of intense concentration as he concentrated on Dave’s touch. His monster cock had turned a deep red, and a line of cloudy pre-cum joined the head to his belly. Dave was tempted to lick it up–it smelled so good–but he wanted to focus on making Joey feel good this time. The smaller wrestler gasped as Dave’s mouth tugged free of his balls, and then let out a whimper as Dave’s stubble lightly grazed his taint and hole. When the wet tongue started working its way back down Joey gave a need-filled grunt. He reached around to grab his ass cheeks, lifting them and spreading them wide in obvious invitation; Dave took the hint. His tongue pressed more firmly around the edges of Joey’s hole and Joey whimpered as it swirled around, then cried out when the warm tip began sliding into him. “Oh God, Davey…” he panted, “oh God!” Dave began rhythmically pushing in, a little deeper each time, each thrust opening Joey’s ring a fraction more and making him twitch and moan. By the time his tongue was as far in as he could get it Joey was moaning nonstop, head thrashing from side to side, and when Dave starting wiggling the tip he felt the spasms shake Joey’s body. He switched gears back to tongue thrusts, but now they were faster and harder, demanding Joey to open up for him–and he did, hips gyrating up to meet Dave’s muscular tongue. Within a few minutes Joey was completely loosened up, and when Dave paused briefly he looked up at him and hoarsely whispered “fuck me.” Dave sat back on his haunches, admiring the view. Joey’s hole glistened in front of him, pink and open and ready for his meat. Both of their faces were flushed with excitement, their cocks were hard and dripping, and Joey’s balls were already pulling up as they churned. Keeping his eyes locked on Joey’s, Dave reached into the bedside table and fumbled around until he pulled out a metallic tube with LUBRICANT on the side on black letters. He flipped off the cap and squirted a generous dollop onto his fingers, then moved up between Joey’s spread legs. The short athlete obligingly put his heels up on Dave’s broad shoulders, then gasped and clenched the sheets as two slick fingers slid inside; his cock twitched and a cloudy glob slid out of the tip. “Fuck, Dave, that feels good. I’m not gonna last long. Aaaah!” Dave had begun slowly finger-fucking him, and his hips rocked involuntarily as he was stimulated. “You like that?” Dave purred. “One of Derrick’s roommates gave it to me; said suriyeli escort it’s from the guys who made those pills. Said he loved getting fucked when he used it.” He introduced a third finger into Joey’s hole and his own cock twitched as he saw the effect it had. Joey’s eyes slitted with pleasure and he began a constant, needy moaning. “I thought…I thought that…aaahnng…green shit didn’t work,” Joey managed to pant, then went back to his moan. “This is some new shit he says. You like it? You like me doing this to you bud?” Dave loved it when Joey took charge, but every now and then he enjoyed reversing their roles. There was something extra hot about watching this big-dicked jock, who could pin him and make him beg to get fucked, lying there on his back, legs spread and desperate to get railed. “Yeah Dave–aah!” Dave’s fingers had begun to stretch him open in earnest. “God…nnnh…it feels so good…all warm…and–God I love it when you do me like this! Aaah!” Joey ran his hands over his body, trying to resist the urge to play with himself, but the growing pleasure in his ass was making it more and more difficult. “Dave–Davey–I need you inside me. Aaaaungh! …Seriously, fuck me right now….” “Fuck yeah Joey. God you look so hot–I can’t wait to be inside you.” Dave’s voice trembled with excitement, and he pulled his fingers out to smear the excess lube over his raging hard on, the gel tinting it slightly blue. He paused for just a second as he positioned the purple head at Joey’s opening: he’d always loved that moment just before he slid in, even before he traded pussy for cock and ass. And then he was sinking in, Joey’s warmth welcoming him. He shuddered as his head and shaft were gripped and massaged, and they both let out satisfied sighs. Now that they were both where they wanted to be, they could slow down a little. He gently kissed one foot, then the other, taking them off his shoulders so he could lean forward and rest his weight on Joey’s chest. As their mouths met he felt Joey’s ankles hook behind his ass, pulling him in balls-deep, and he began to slowly thrust. “God you feel so good,” he whispered, and Joey smiled and kissed him. “You too.” Joey shuddered as Dave rubbed against his prostate. “I think that lube is working–you feel so good in there.” Dave gave a harder thrust and Joey bit his lip. “Yeah, like that.” Dave began to thrust a bit faster. He could feel a warm glow all along his shaft, similar to the itchy tingle he’d felt the first night they’d all hooked up, and it intensified the pleasure in the same way. No wonder Joey had liked getting fingered. He began working his hips more, his trimmed chest rubbing against Joey’s smooth one, and Joey pulled their faces together and whimpered as Dave’s tongue slid into his mouth. Their pace continued to increase, and they were both sweating lightly as their orgasms approached. Dave could feel Joey’s fat cock sliding around between them in a pool of warm juice as he rode the small jock faster and faster, Joey’s whimpering a nonstop background to the sound of wet flesh on flesh. His hands raked over Dave’s broad back, demanding he finish the job, and then suddenly he was spasming: his ass clamped down on the cock inside, and warm jets coated their torsos as he cried out wordlessly; the smell of cum began to fill the room. Dave kept pumping away, teeth grazing against the soft skin of his neck to maximize Joey’s pleasure. Joey jerked five, six, and then seven times before he stopped, finally spent. He lay there panting lightly, relaxed and happy, while Dave smiled down at him, still slowly moving his hips. “Damn Dave, that was awesome.” He opened his eyes and smiled lazily, then touched Dave’s cheek. “Thanks.” Dave smiled back. “Anytime Joey.” He kissed the tip of his nose. “Anytime.” There was a short pause. “So…did you get off? Feels like you’re still open for business.” “Nah. It’s cool though. I’ll just jerk it in a minute.” “No. You got me off good bro–I want you to get off to.” “It’s fine Joey, really.” “No. Seriously, I want you to come inside me.” “Yeah?” Dave realized that Joey really did want this–it meant something to him somehow. So when Joey nodded he picked his pace back up, this time up on his elbows a bit so he wouldn’t rub too much against Joey’s slowly softening cock. As he did he could feel the tingling start in his balls–he was close. “That’s it big boy, ride my ass.” Joey started clenching his ass in time with Dave’s thrusts, eliciting a groan. “That’s it Davey, come for me.” He grabbed Dave’s buttocks, urging him to thrust harder. “Shoot your load in me. Do it.” Dave’s shaggy head hung down in concentration, the warm scent of Joey’s body and cum adding to his arousal. The sensations in his groin increased rapidly: Joey might not bottom much, but he really knew how to use that muscular ass when he wanted too. The rhythmic clenching was like being jacked off only better, and in less than a minute it did the trick. Dave gave a long guttural cry as he blew his load, his orgasm filling his mind as he seeded Joey’s hole. When he was done and he came back to his senses he saw Joey smiling lazily at him. “Feel better?” “Yeah,” he panted, “that was great.” He kissed the tip of Joey’s nose, then started working his cock out before it got too sensitive. He rolled over and lay beside his friend, then smiled sideways at him “You’re the best.” “Shut up and go to sleep bro before I get all arrogant and shit.” Joey rolled over on his side and turned out the bedside lamp. Dave spooned up against him. “You mean *more* arrogant.” That got him a soft elbow in the gut. He smiled to himself and draped one big arm over Joey’s chest. As he drifted off to sleep he heard Joey whisper something, but in the morning he couldn’t remember what it was. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The yard looked like shit but their house was coming along well: not all the framing was done but the roof was finished. “Come on,” Joey grabbed his hand, “you’ve gotta see this!” Dave let himself be led past the contractors putting in drywall and up the spiral staircase in the back. “Is this badass or what?” He was practically jumping up and down with excitement. Dave turned around. “Yeahhhh…this is awesome.” The bedroom had been painted a deep burgundy, with a thick black shag carpet. Their big king bed was in there, up against one wall, with a red bedspread on it. One wall was still missing: the contractors hadn’t gotten to it yet and Dave could look down to the ground floor where the construction crew were working. “It’s great babe.” He pulled Joey in, arms going around his waist, and they kissed. A burst of happiness filled his chest. Joey pulled back a little, and his eyebrows wagged up. “So…you wanna break it in?” He pulled their hips in close, their hardons pressing together, and Dave felt a wave of lust pass over him. “Yeah, but uh…what about the construction guys?” Several of them had a clear view of the bed from where they were standing. “Who cares?” Joey said, and pushed him back on the bed. God he’s beautiful, Dave thought, stroking his stiff dick. Joey’s own erection was enormous, as big rus escort around as a baseball bat, and reaching up to his chest. He vaguely remembered measuring it at 8 or 9 inches, but that was obviously way off. His ass twitched in anticipation and he lay back, legs spread to expose his eager hole; it throbbed with pleasure just at the thought of Joey mounting him. Joey moved between his legs, the monster pressing warmly against his pucker, and Dave squirmed to rub against it. “Fuck me,” he tried to say, but his mouth wouldn’t form the words, like it was numb or something. It didn’t matter: Joey was already sliding into him with ease, and he arched his back in pleasure. “Fuck me,” he tried to say again, “Fuck mmmphngg…” Dave opened his eyes, confused for a moment by the suddenly-white ceiling. His ass felt so good, but where was Joey? He blinked in confusion as he swam into full wakefulness, the dream fading away. He was lying on his back in his own bed, Joey’s warm body next to his; the brown-haired jock was smiling down at him while one–no, two fingers had made their way deep into his ass. They rubbed his prostate again, and Dave gave a sleepy grunt of pleasure. “Good morning.” Joey’s smile widened at the effect he was having. “I saw you had some morning wood going on. Thought I’d try out that lube from last night. You like?” “Mmmm…yeah. I was dreaming about your cock.” “Yeah?” “Mmmhmmm. I was dreaming you were fucking me.” “Sounds hot. How about the real thing?” “Hell yeah.” Dave was fully awake now, and primed for some action. He pulled Joey on top of him, and soon enough that fat shaft was working its way in. It wasn’t as big as in his dream, but Dave would take the real Joey any day. He ran his hands over Joey’s shoulders and back, feeling the muscles flexing as the athlete’s body moved on top of him. “Mmmm…you feel good.” “Yeah, you too.” Joey thrust the last inch in and they both grunted. “I love this.” His hips rocked, and Dave took a shuddering breath as the fat head slid out, then in, massaging his prostate with each pass. There was a familiar warm feeling from the lube, not as intense as the night before, but it added something extra to the welcome sensation of hard cock. He wrapped his legs around Joey’s to pull them closer, panting lightly as his arousal increased. Joey’s abs were flexing against his cock head, and he squirmed in an effort to increase the friction there. Joey sensed what was happening and pressed into him harder; he was panting lightly too now, eyes locked on Dave’s. “Hey boys, what’s up? Doin’ some fucking?” Dave lifted his head as Joey’s whipped around in surprise. “Jesus Aaron, don’t you knock?” The trim blond was leaning against his bedroom door, clad in a tank top and gym shorts while he at a bowl of cereal. “Door was open dude. And you know I love watching Joey pound your ass.” He took a spoonful of cereal and slurped it in. Joey looked at Dave and rolled his eyes, then looked over his shoulder at their roommate. His concentration was broken, but he managed to keep thrusting all the same. “So you gonna do some fucking or what?” “Nah, my dick’s too sore–Greg drained me dry man. Five times!” They both looked skeptical, or as much as possible while having sex. “Swear to God, he was in total slut mode. You shoulda come with me Davey boy.” He gave the two of them an appraising look, assessing the emotional landscape. “Well, maybe not. But anyway, I’m outta juice.” Joey made a mildly exasperated noise. “Well could you go eat your cereal in the living room or something. We’re kinda in the middle of something here.” “I didn’t say I wasn’t up for a little partying.” Joey set the cereal bowl on top of the dresser and sauntered over to stand by the bed. His voice lowered. “I do like watching you fuck, Joey.” He knelt down and slid one hand under the sheets. Looking over Joey’s shoulder, Dave could see it come to rest at the cleft of the top’s ass. “And maybe you’d like a little help too, huh?” Joey closed his eyes and sucked in his breath as a finger slid into him; Dave could feel it make his cock twitch. “Hmmm…feels like someone’s already been in here. You play Hide the Sausage with little Joey here, David?” “Yep.” Dave nodded, his voice strained. Joey had begun to move more vigorously, spurred on by Aaron’s finger, and it was having an effect. “Well shit, if he had your cock up there I’m sure he’s got room for another finger, right Joey?” Joey gasped and gave a little whimper as his eyes slid shut–it seemed he did have room. He picked up speed, each thrust shifting from the pleasure his cock felt buried in Dave’s ass, to Aaron’s stimulation of his own hole, and back again. Dave groaned as Joey started ramming him in earnest. It wasn’t just the fucking, or the grinding against his cock head–his whole body was sensitive, pleasure coming from every place Joey’s skin rubbed against his. “Harder Joey,” he grunted, “fuck me good.” He squeezed his ass in encouragement, and Joey let out a needy growl. “Yeah,” Aaron said in a low voice, “that’s it Joey. Pound his ass.” Despite what he’d said his own cock had risen again, and he slid one hand into his shorts to play with himself, while the other kept vigorously massaging Joey. It didn’t take long for the double-team action to push Joey over the edge. He cried out and spasmed deep inside Dave, cock swelling further as he released his load. “That’s it Joey, give it to me.” Dave was close himself, although Joey had finished a little too soon to get him there. He didn’t care though–it was always so hot to watch Joey come. Aaron could tell that Dave needed an extra push, and as soon as the jock’s hole stopped spasming around his fingers he slid them out and pulled on Joey’s shoulder. “Sit up Joey–Dave needs to get off.” Not just Dave–Aaron’s other hand was stroking rapidly in his shorts. His dick was sore, but he knew what would get him off good. Joey pushed up, still flushed from coming, and sat back on his knees. His cock wasn’t so sensitive that he needed to pull out yet, so he left it parked in Dave’s ass, moving gently. If Aaron was planning what he thought, this wouldn’t take long. Sure enough, the moment he was clear Aaron ducked in, swallowing Dave’s shaft to the root. Both of them groaned in pleasure; Dave from the warm suction of Aaron’s skilled mouth, Aaron from the rich taste of cock juice that he loved so much. Aaron started bobbing up and down, furiously stroking himself. A few bobs of his head, a strategic swirl of the tongue around the ridge of the glans, and he got his reward. Dave’s hands locked in his hair, he gasped, and then jets of rich salty protein were filling Aaron’s mouth. Fuck I love sucking cock, Aaron thought, and then his own started squirting. There was barely enough juice to stain his shorts, but there was still nothing like shooting his load while his mouth was full of fresh jizz. Aaron collected himself and sat back. “Hell yeah.” He wiped his lips. “Six times boys–six!” He stood up and pounded his chest. “Time for a manly breakfast and some manly baseball. You guys wanna watch the game?” Joey and Dave hadn’t moved; Joey was still kneeling there, parked in Dave’s ass, while the two of them gave each other googly looks. “Yeah, we’ll be there in a bit,” Joey said distractedly. “OK. Cool.” Aaron felt a pang of something–happiness or jealousy, he wasn’t sure which. “See ya in there.” He collected his cereal bowl and left, closing the door softly behind him.

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