Living Wild & Free Is The Best Thing ToDo!!!!

Living Wild & Free Is The Best Thing ToDo!!!!I’ve always believed that in life you have to ”BELIEVE” & ”BE A FREE SPIRIT PERSON”I will explain my top ten & I’m sure you’ll all be agreed!!!MY TOP TEN HIT OF Living Wild & Free:*****Number:1-**Being honest with yourself is the most important !!!!**Number:2-**Accepting to have new experience with your girlfriend/boyfriend.***Number:3-**Have your wildest oral orgy game timed…(10minutes)then one on one while the third party watch’s for the same amount of time.***Number:4-**Wildest cuck sucking ever had and seen or even dreamed off will happen with the right kind of woman or two and if your really lucky the third party is a man included with 2 woman sucking a cuck for 10minutes aswell!!!***Number:5-**Watching me play with my hot wet pussy and show you all my dripping juices coming all over my hand!!!***Number:6-**Watch my man finger my cunt & make me squirt like never seen!!!***Number:7:-**Watch me lick my man sexy pink ass and make his ass drip hot creamy ass juice!!!***Number:8-**Watch us fuck like crazy & i love squirtting all over his big hard cuck!!!***Number:9-**Love watching my man get suck and fucked by another man….what a turn on for me…mmm!!!!***Number:10-**An all star game of Wild sex with us!!!!***I often dream of being licked by a woman who loves licking pussy like me & when i wake in the morning my panties are really wet…..i can’t help myself loving sex like that…..I remember the last time I had a lucky night with my man was a few years ago…we went out to the bar and as soon as we arrived there was a woman who kept watching me and every time i pass by her she would other make a sound like mmm or say something to me like hello you…your beautiful…i said thanx…i was really getting my hopes up ….yesss that’s the one for me but then at the end of the night my boyfriend said to me let’s go back home we’ll drink some more there…i said ok…so we left…..when we arrived home i really needed to pee so i ran to the bathroom and when i came out who was in my kitchen with my boyfriend…..the woman from the bar…oh my god…i could not believe my eyes and my heart started to beat faster and faster by the minute….i was thinking to myself is this for real or what….As the night when on drinking & socializing to one another i started to think to myself it’s now or never i have to make a move that’s thee only way i’ll know if she is really here at my home for what i think she is….so i pushed my chair to get up & go to my bedroom & pick out some fresh clothes for me & her but i put them in my laundry hamper pretending that it’s laundry that i wanted to do but that wasn’t the case….(at least it worked out)…i returned to the kitchen and sat down for another beer then my boyfriend ***I’ll be right back gotta go to the toilet**we said ok…*****i took advantage of the situation çorum escort and I pull my chair closer to her & said ***(When my boyfriend comes back here) I want you to come with me into the bathroom and take a shower with me ok…..She did not seem to heasitat for a minute she answer me and said…that would such a great idea!!!!My boyfriend thought that we were in the bathroom at the sametime just to use the toilette like most guys see woman do but when he realized that we were not coming out he came in and yelled at me…..What The Hell Are You Both Doing?????****The woman replyed relax man look how your girlfriend loves getting her body washed by a woman…..she was making my nipples so fucking hard and every time she sqeeze or pull my titts my pussy was throbbing like never before….i wanted to scream for a minute & tell her to stop because i was starting to think my boyfriend was really pissed off….until i open my eyes infront of him & he asked me ***Do You Like Bitch???***I replyed uh my fucking god Hell Yeah!!!!***Well continue then ….oh my when he said that to me i was screaming for joy in my head saying to myself FINALLY I GET IT A WILD FUCK BY A WOMAN!!!!Never thouht in a million dreams that it would happen so fast like that but it did…..the more & more feeling her soft hands rubbing my body with soap and taking the shower head to rinse me off she bent down & open my legs up then she put her tongue right my clit…..OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!****She say’s to me………….you have 5 minutes to make me wanna lick your pussy more & more if you drip white creamy pussy juice very slowly i PROMISE you that your boyfriend will love to watch me continue licking your pussy when he pick’s you off your feet & brings you into the bedroom…throw’s onto the back…tied up and your legs spread wide open…..he say’s to me GO & LICK MY GIRLFRIEND CUNT AGAIN!!!!Bet you can’t make my girlfriend squirt like I can??!!!!The woman asked me is that true …you squirt your pussy?Yes…My boyfriend is the best fuck friend to have ever & he is the only man who made me have the wildest orgasm never dreamed off….SQUIRTTING….WOW!!!Now that i can squirt he goes wild & i always want more…..i can squirt for hours it’s such an amazing feeling…..Well in that case I would love to lick your girlfriend pussy & make her squirt for the first time with me (a woman) I bet she will love it don’t ya think man???***Oh yes I would love to see her squirt in your face & if she cums harder by the minute i will give your more free time with her but it could happe that you might feel my squirrell fingers wanting to touch your cunt behind you & i will be just teasing you no cumming for you…..Evertime you feel like your gonna cumm i stop & you make my girlfriend squirt so hard in your face & you scream at her saying oh hell ya bitch you want more don’t ya…..YESSS escort çorum PLEASE give me more…..oh watch this man i’m gonna suck her clit nice & slow & make her squirt non-stop for 7 lucky minutes in my mouth and drowning my face……That is one hell of orgasm that i ever could have dreamed off & the greatest thing about it is that it was a dream anymore it really happen to me….********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************BREAKTIME (10 To 15 MINUTES)***************************************After our breaktime my boyfriend was lookung at me like never before…really turned on & he whispers in my ear mmmmmmm i really liked your show with the older woman all over you like that……now open your legs while i lick you & make you squirt in my face like she did….you have only a time limit of 5 minutes then **********breaktime********eh no i don’t want a breaktime again….Shut-Up My Bitch i decide what good for you ……..ok i’m sorry….*************I want you to come and lick my girlfriend cunt with me while she is tied up …eyes covered up and i put a strap around her mouth so we will not hear her talk…the timer will beep after 20 minutes when it goes off i will uncover her eyes & you tell her come on bitch your man want’s ya to squirt your pussy juices all my face again and again…..mmmmmm…….i was moaning and screaming inside of head because having a boyfriend like mine telling another woman to make me squirt & when i do he lick my cunt with her & i cumm like crazy!!!!Living Wild & Free & getting the best damn sex orgy couldd not go down ever!!!!Then it was official breaktime again**************************************************************************************************************************************************************When the party star’s again i decide to surprise my boyfriend my going aroung him and grab him by the throat & telling the older woman rubb & kiss my boyfriend body nice & slowly for me and ever now and then you bend down closer by his dick & everytime you pass you will bite just a little 7 lucky bites & he will be moaning louder & louder every fucking time….then we will abuse him like this……TO BE CONTINUED……*******************************************************************************************************************************************************Pull out the straps & the whip with the handcuffs & I will go and prepare the machine table in the living room……you cover his eyes …Put the ball in his mouth with the leather strap to shut him up tye up his hands with the rope and when you bring him into the living room:…. Whisper in his ear Welcome to ””CASTLE OF PUNISHEMENT FOR BAD BOYS LIKE YOU MAN””’We have 30 minutes before the alarm will çorum escort bayan beep…so let’s play……….I always dreamed of having another woman licking my boyfriend hot sey pink ass with me making him squirrell like a bad boy bitch and he moans louder & louder everyminute…next thing ya know he is already dripping white creamy ass juice OH MY GOD i say to the woman go and taste that i bet you’ll love it….i let her continue licking my boydriend ass for 10 minutes & i loved every minute……make him cumm in your face bitch…..she whisper in his ear listen carefully man it’s not your girlfriend that is licking you it’s me & i guarantee that you will squirt your hot ass cum in my face within secondes not minutes …..oh yesssss…..i love making bad boys Live Wild & Free just like us Girls…..the older woamn tells me to take off your strap around your mouth to here you scream & beg for more…..I’ll be right back baby…gotta go the bathroom but i told the older woman to continue licking your ass ok……he reply to me…are you sure you don’t mind??!!***…no no….have funI whisper into the woman ear i ‘ll give you 5 minutes allown with my boyfriend but you are only allowed to lick & tease his ass…& if you are really good you’ll make him squirt ass cum & you tell him give me more & he will say for the very time in his life that he is cumming ….oh yess my bad boy bitxh you want more don’t ya…..yes please don’t stop…..Your girlfriend just came back i have to tell her what you have done….no please don’t tell her she’ll be very pissed…!!!!******************It sound’S to me boy you had some wild orgasm with her you could not just wait till i came back to see…you had tobe allown….well your a fucking prick & i am gonna make you pay for that!!!!**************Come in boys….welcome to our”CASTLE OF PUNISHEMENT FOR BAD BOYS”we would like to see you both abuse this man tied to the machine table for us…..but first watch his girlfriend and i(older woman)lick his ass together & make him cum hard….we have cover and tied his cuck for we want to see you 2 men licking & sucking his little hot pink ass & you will both have a turn to teasee your cuck on his ass and make him squirt & i make his girlfriend go & lick his ass at the same time then i(older woman) will join in aswell)……………….So very sweet & hot*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Then after we both had our puishement we decider to that it was time to have our group sex together as a couple and enjoy it with the older woman from the bar & the 2 men that came as a surprises aswell….it was the wildest long weekened off work & the best orgy ever dreamed off!!!!******THIS IS WHY I SAY LIVING WILD & FREE IS THE BEST THING TODO BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER DOUBT ONE ANOTHER & ALL GOOD THINGS COME IN HANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!******JUST IMAGINE THAT IT COULD POSSIBLY BE YOU HERE WITH US!!!***************

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