Living with daddy Part V Part 2

Big Cock

I looked up from my brother, who was shaking, to my father who was still sitting in a chair beside the bed. His hand was still wrapped tightly around his cock as cum ran down the sides of his finger. He smiled at me, letting me know that I had done a good job. Getting up from the bed, I walked over to daddy and knelt down between his legs. I smiled up at him before licking his cock and fingers clean of cum. He let out a slight moan as my tongue moved over the tip of his cock. Even though my brothers cum felt wonderful in my mouth and tasted just as good, nothing could compare to daddy’s cum washing over my tongue. “You were so beautiful baby girl,” my daddy said as he ran his fingers through my hair. I smiled up at him with so much love in my eyes. “I love you daddy,” I said as I stood up and leaned against the bed. Daddy stood up with me and pushed istanbul travesti me back onto the bed. My legs were still hanging off the bed and my head was resting against my brothers legs. My body was excited, wondering what I was going to get next. “Get off the bed Aaron and come here,” my dad said in a slightly commanding voice. It made my heart flutter when he was stern. I loved when he told me what to do and what he wanted. Nothing made me more happy then pleasing my daddy. Aaron slid his legs out from under me, but was nice and handed me a pillow for my head. I grabbed the pillow and placed it comfortably under my head as Aaron took his place next to my father. It took my breath away seeing them next to each other. They looked so much alike, it was like having two different versions of my daddy, the love istanbul travestileri of my life, at my feet. My body shivered at the thought of two daddy’s playing with me. “Look at this,” my daddy began to say to my brother as he ran his fingers between my pussy lips. My body shook at the feel of his fingers against me. “Isn’t this the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?” My brother lowered his hand to me and took my fathers place, running his fingers through the folds of my soaking wet pussy. I let out a slow soft moan as his fingers caressed me and found my clit. He pushed down on it with his thumb, causing me to moan just a little bit louder. “It is absolutely amazing,” he said with a smile. He looked up at my father with a look of begging. I could tell that my brother wanted to do more with me, but he travesti istanbul wanted to make sure that it was okay with my father first. Daddy gave him a slightly nod and smiled down at me. Walking to the side of the bed, daddy gave brother some room to do whatever he please. He stood so he was close enough for me to reach out and touch him. So I did just that. I reached out and grabbed a hold of my daddy’s half erect cock. I loved how it felt in my fingers. “Can I?” my brothers voiced asked excitedly from between my legs. I smiled at him. He did not need to ask for permission, but it made me happy that he was nice enough to do so. I of course nodded my head and told him “Yes.” Within seconds, we was kissing the inside of the thighs, still running his finger along the length of my pussy. It felt so good to have his lips against my skin. I looked up at daddy, passion, heat, love, so much showing in my eyes. He smiled down at me as he reached over and took one of my breasts in his hand. Aaron worked his way up from my thighs to my pussy. He kissed the lips and ran his tongue over the slit. I let out a slight moan and grabbed my other breast.

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