Locked away


Locked awayAshlee’s head turned toward the door when she heard the knock. The twist of her head, of course, was just instinct. She couldn’t see. She has been blinfolded for the last two hours. Her wrists have been tied together and streched over her head, tied again to the headboard of the bed. The rope burns are already showing on her delicate wrists from her earlier struggles that weren’t really struggles.He legs were spread apart just bit, enough to prevent her from squeezing them together, but not enough to expose her complete,y. He ankles tied to the foot of the bed. I have teased her without end from the moment she arrived.Her lips were soft and warm, she knew I was in charge but our first moments together were soft and sweet, lovers of equal footing. Her tongue was allowed to push into my mouth, her breath allwoed to mix with mine. I even let her hands slip over my breasts, into my blouse, her fingers to oinch my hardening nipples. She sighed as her hand slipped along my thigh and under my skirt, her fingers slipping into my wetness. She had not been allowed such freedom for so long, it felt wonderful she said to explore my body so freely, even as my hands stayed near the small of her back, tracing lightly to the top of her ass, but never straying far, our lips remaining locked together as we made out on the bed. But as the clock on the wall chimed the hour, I switched our positions. I rolled her over onto her back and lifted her arms. So beylikdüzü escort used to be directed and guided she allowed it to happen, our tongues still twisting together. She didn’t even flinch when her she felt the rope loop closing around her wrists, pullin gher hands together. She actually smiled into our kiss, feeling powerless again, a new wave of heat passing through her body.Ashlee squealed just a bit when I broke away from our kiss finally, tugging the rope tight and streching her arms higher. She smiled up at me and her eyes told the story as she twisted her arms, testing the strnegth of my knots. I spread my legs over her body and while looking down at her, reached for the top button of my blouse. Slowly I pulled the ivory disk through the tiny slit, reaching for the next one. Her eyes drifted away from mine and watched my fingers working the second button free. As my fingers slipped lower, to the third button, Ashlee’s eyes drifted along getting a peek at the green bra and dark skin underneath. She licked her suddenly dry lips as I tugged the blouse free form my skirt, finishing the last of the buttons.I shrugged the blouse off my shoulders and tossed it to the floor, reaching up and back for the clasp of my bra watching her eys focus, waiting for them to be free. I shrug the bra forward holding it in place for a moment as I smile down at her. Her eyes beg, but her pleas to see my naked breasts reamin silent. She slips into her submissive avcılar escort role so naturally, she just waits, her legs sliding together, her knees bent. I pull th bra away finally, and toss it to the floor. I smile and reach up to brush my hiar back behind my ear just before I lean forwad and whisper in her ear “I hope you brought a change of clothes.”I reach down, my hot breath still whispering in her ear, and pull her blouse open, popping the buttons free. She squeals againa nd arches her back off the bed. Her breasts strain against her bra until I release the front clasp. Her nipples are hard and ready for attention, but I slide backward along her thighs, reaching for the clasp and zipper of her skirt, before tugging it down her legs. I leave her panties on for now as I slide backward off the bed. Her eyes flutter open and quickly follow me to the side of the bed.She watches, close up as I shimmy my own skirt down my legs. I turn in a slow circle, my hips swinging until I face her again. her eyes are wide imagining what she will see when I finally slip my panties off. A moment later she discovers my smooth, shaved pussy, dripping with lust for her and what I know lies ahead. I kick the panties free and then reach for hers.Ashlee moans as her panties slide down her legs. She spreads them open, ready for my detailed inspection of her equally smooth cunt. Her moisture glistens in the light of the room and she whimpers a plea to be touched. Instead esenyurt escort of touching her where she wants, I reach for her knee, sliding my hand along her smooth leg to her ankle, closing my hand around her. She doens’t struggle, consenting to the rope slipping around her foot. Soon, both feet are secured tyeing her to my bed. She struggles, testing the knots, feeling the burn of the rope agaisnt her skin. She watches as she struggles in vain as I move to the dresser directly across from her. Her eyes glued to my ass, her juices flowing freely….I turn to face her streching a blindfold between my hands. She lets out a deep breath, excitment coursing through her, her body erupting in goosebumps. Ashlee waits in silent desire as I walk slowly back toward her and slip the blindofld around her head, covering her curious eyes. Naked she waits.In darkness she waits.She hears me moving. She feels my heat when i get close enough. She waits, breathing faster, shallow.Her body trembles as my fingers tickle across her flat belly. Her body arches off the bed as I trail a soft feather across her arms.She holds her breath as a soft mitten of fur slides up her thighs stopping and slippin gaway just before the moment of exstacy. Ashlee is on fire, her body ready to explode, silently she pleads with her body. And then the knock at the door. Ashlee’s head turned toward the door when she heard the knock. The twist of her head, of course, was just instinct. Naked I move to the door. I know who it is and greet katrina with the wamr, wet, passionate kiss she is used to from me. Her voice is unfamiliar to Ashlee when she asks if our slave is ready as we enter the bedroom….

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