Locked Up (With) a Broad Pt. 01


Last Friday started out like any other day. I had errands to run; groceries to pick up, a stop at the pharmacy, and I needed to check on the small business loan I had applied for at the bank. Simple everyday stuff, or so I thought. Little did I know what I was in store for when I finally got to the bank. It was less than ten minutes to closing time, but the manager – whose name is Julia – and I are on rather friendly terms, so she agreed to check on the loan to see if it had been approved.

All in all, it took about half an hour to get the approval confirmed, fill out all the paperwork and get everything wrapped up. By the time we were finished, everyone else had gone home and it was getting dark. Julia led me to the front door, which she unlocked to let me out. Too late I noticed the front light was out, and shadowy figures bolted toward us from either side of the door to accost us at gunpoint.

“Hands up and get back!” one of the men ordered, as he and his partner pointed their handguns at us.

Both were dressed in black BDUs with balaclavas over their heads, and wielded semiautomatic pistols. From their dress and demeanor, it was a good possibility they were ex military, perhaps with field experience in the Sandbox, so I wasn’t about to argue with them. Julia and I raised out hands and stepped back into the lobby.

“I’ll take those, Miss.” one of the men said, as he removed the keys from Julia’s shaking hand and locked the door. “Both of you… get into that office and strip.”

“W-what?” I stammered.

“You heard me!” he barked. “Just in case either of you decide to make a break for it, you’ll be running across the parking lot buck naked. Now get in there and take your fucking clothes off! Both of you!”

He waved the gun menacingly, and Julia and I entered the office. We began removing our clothes, and I couldn’t help but glance at her as we undressed. She was very attractive; around 27 years old, with shoulder length brown hair and a very slim yet shapely body. Once we were both nude, the same guy, who was most likely in charge, issued another order.

“Both of you get into the vault and start stuffing these bags!” he instructed, as he pulled several nylon bags from the large cargo pockets of his BDU pants.

He thrust them at me and gave me a shove toward the vault.

“Hurry it up!” he growled.

Julia and I entered the vault and began dumping the boxes of bills into the bags. There wasn’t much there, and it wasn’t long before it was all in the bags.

“Where’s the rest of it?” the second guy demanded.

“That’s all of it!” Julia snapped. “You’re robbing us on a Friday evening, after everyone’s checks have been cashed, and that’s all that’s left; about ten grand. If you were smart, you’d have hit us last night instead.”

“Shit!” the second one exploded. “I thought you said you knew what you were doing!”

“Never mind!” the first one retorted. “We’ve still got five grand apiece. Let’s get out of here!”

He turned to face us as they backed out of the vault. He shut the day gate and reached for the massive steel and concrete door.

“Wait!” I hollered. “If you shut that door, we’ll suffocate in here! Please just lock the gate. We still won’t be able to get.”

The man grumbled under his breath and fumbled through the keys.

“Can you push the water cooler in here first?” I inquired politely. “We’ll be in here all weekend.”

The second guy pointed his gun in my direction.

“Don’t push it, Buddy!” he snarled. “I oughtta put a cap in the two of you right now and be done with it.”

“Shut up!” the first one muttered. “Give ’em the damn cooler while I try and find the right fucking key! There’s no sense in making them suffer all weekend without any water.”

The second jerk grunted something unintelligible, but shoved the water cooler into the vault while the first one held up one of the keys.

“I think this is it!” he exclaimed, as he tried the key. “Yup, that’s it! Let’s get the fuck outta here!”

With that, they turned to leave, but the one who was in charge took a second to thrust the nearby coffee cart over to the bars of the door.

“There’s some crackers there for you too!” he hollered.

With that, they fled toward the door. I could hear the sound of the lock click twice, and then all was silent. Dead silent.

I turned to face Julia, who was trying to cover herself as best as she could, with her arms. I wasn’t embarrassed about my physique or the length of my penis, so I wasn’t even bothering to cover up. It might also partly have been because I used to go to Black’s Beach all the time when I lived in San Diego, and was fairly comfortable being nude in front of people.

“Your arms are going to get tired pretty quick.” I said dryly. “Besides, I’ve already seen what you’re trying to hide.”

I looked around Escort Bayan the vault to see what we might be able to use to be somewhat comfortable, as Julia dropped her arms to her sides, exposing her unclothed body. I thought she was cute in a skirt and blouse, but completely nude, she was utterly gorgeous. Her young tits were firm and pointy, and she had a nicely trimmed bush that looked very appealing.

“Wow.” I said quietly. “You look absolutely stunning.”

“Thank you.” Julia replied softly.

She stared at my penis, which was beginning to stiffen at the sight of her nude body.

“You have a nice dick,” she observed, “but it’s getting hard. You’re not going to rape me, are you?”

I stared at her in disbelief.

“What?! Of course not!” I burst out. “I should think you know me better than that. I can’t help I got hard. I’ve been working out again, and taking supplements to boost my testosterone levels to help me bulk up. Unfortunately for this situation, looking at your tits is bulking my cock up at the moment instead.”

Julia giggled at my reply.

“Well in that case, I’m very flattered.” she responded.

She bit one side of her lower lip as she stared at my now fully erect penis.

“Gosh, that looks nice.” she murmured. “May I… touch it?”

“As long as I can touch your tits.” I replied. “You touch mine and I’ll touch yours, and we’ll both be a hopeless mess. I’m all for it, but we should see what’s in here first. There might be carpet on this floor, but it’s still concrete. It’ll get cold and pretty uncomfortable before too long.”

“That’s a good point.” Julia acknowledged. “I know where we can start though.”

“Oh really?” I responded. “Where?”

“See that locker at the end of the safe deposit boxes? It has supplies in it, in case someone gets stuck in here. And by the way, there is a fresh air source too. It’s not like the old days like you see in the movies. We wouldn’t have suffocated, but we would have been in the dark.”

“That’s great!” I exclaimed enthusiastically. “Let’s see what’s in there!”

“We can’t.” Julia said ruefully. “It’s locked, and those two shitheads took my keys.”

I slapped my hand to my forehead and groaned. I walked over the the cabinet and looked for myself. It was a cheap lock, like you would find on an office desk. If I could find something to force into it, I could simply twist it open.

I looked around, and my gaze fell on the table and chairs that were situated in the center of the room for customers to open their boxes at. I picked one of the chairs up and began bashing the thin metal door repeatedly, until it finally caved in enough to pull it open.

“You did it!” Julia exclaimed exuberantly. “Now we can have an air mattress and a blanket. There should be some bottles of water and some military style meals in there too. If I remember, someone put an old radio in there a while back. I hope the batteries are still good.”

“That’s great!” I replied, as I pried the door open. “You’re right! Looks like I didn’t need to ask for that water cooler after all.”

“Well, it was a smart thing to do.” Julia praised me. “You had no way of knowing about that, or the ventilation system. If I had to get locked in the vault with someone over the weekend, I’m glad it’s with someone as intelligent and good-looking as you.”

I could feel my cheeks glowing at the last comment.

“Thank you.” I said with a smile. “Well, let’s see what we have and divvy the food up. We have those crackers too. We’ll be okay. It may get a little boring, but other than that, it’ll be just like camping, except we’re indoors.”

“And locked in a bank vault.” Julia chuckled. “I guess you’re right though. Let’s make the best of it. If nothing else, we’ll definitely get to know each other a lot better by the time Monday morning arrives.”

We pulled everything out and found an air mattress, a thin blanket like you would get on a commercial flight, a small case of water, four civilian MREs and a small radio. It had a cord on it, so we would be able to plug it in. I took the mattress, laid it out on the floor and began blowing it up.

“You’re pretty good at that.” Julia observed. “I’ll give you fifteen dollars an hour on Saturdays and Sundays.”

I let go of the mattress and grabbed her good-naturedly, tickling her ribs until she howled with laughter.

“Please stop!” she begged, tears running down her face. “Oh my god! I totally forgot where we are, for a moment.”

“Now look what you did.” I said with an artificial frown. “It deflated. Now I’ll have to start all over again.”

“Do you want me to do it?” Julia queried. “I have good lungs.”

“I can see that.” I replied, staring at her chest. “But you have to blow, not suck.”

Julia giggled again.

“You’re funny.” she stated. “I didn’t know Etlik Escort you had a sense of humor.”

“I didn’t know you did either.” I said, as I smiled at her. “I guess there’s a lot we don’t know about each other, but I’d really like to get to know you. I’ve really wanted to ask you out for the longest time.”

“Why didn’t you, then?” she asked curiously.

“Well, we have a good, professional relationship.” I explained. “I was afraid if you said no, it would spoil that. I didn’t want to ruin that. I always remember that Frank and Nancy Sinatra song, ‘…and then I go and spoil it all, by saying something stupid, like I love you.'”

“Jack,” Julia said quietly, as she leaned toward me. “Even if I said no, it wouldn’t have changed our business relationship. People ask other people out all the time and get rejected, and life goes on.”

She looked at me and smiled.

“But for the record, I would have said yes.”

It was my turn to smile.

“Hell of a first date, eh? I can see it now in one of those supermarket tabloids; ‘The wacky way I met my mate.’ Umm yeah… we got locked up in a bank vault together during an idiotic heist that went wrong. Even better, we were totally nude the whole time!”

“There are worse ways to meet your other half.” Julia countered.

“Like what?”

“I dunno. I was just trying to be optimistic.”

We both laughed at that.

“C’mon.” I urged. “Let’s get this thing blown up so we can lay down. My legs are getting tired.”

“Mine too.” Julia agreed.

Between the two of us, we finally got the mattress inflated. It wasn’t very big, but it would hold both of us. At least the blanket was large enough to cover us both comfortably, though.

“Now, all we need is a pillow.” Julia said wistfully, as she lay down on top of the blanket and stretched out. “Oh wow, this feels good compared to standing on that cold, hard floor. I never realized how much cushion my pumps actually have.”

She twisted her bare feet around and sighed.

“I really want to masturbate. This whole thing; being nude out there in front of those guys, seeing your boner… I just want to cum. Would you mind?”

“Not as long as you don’t get the blanket wet.” I replied. “Tell you what, why don’t we sit in those chairs and face each other? We can cum as hard as we want and it won’t make a mess over here.”

Julia nodded.

“That’s a good idea, Jack.” she agreed. “Help me up, would you?”

I reached my hand out and pulled her up. We stood facing each other, and without a word, she gently squeezed my penis and pulled on it, as my hands found her pointy tits and squeezed them firmly in return. My cock hardened, as did her nipples in my hands.

“You are so beautiful.” I whispered.

I stared in fascination at her nipples as they continued to swell. She had an incredible amount of erectile tissue in her areolas and they too, swelled to an incredible size and shape. By the time her nipples were fully erect, she had what almost looked like a second set of long, thin tits on the ends of her already-pointy tits. God, they stuck straight out like a pair of cones! I had never seen such a freaky set of tits before, and it was driving me wild. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I was content to jerk off in front of her, to the sight of her amazingly weird tits.

I stepped back and began to openly masturbate in front of her as I stared at her outlandishly unnatural tits. They were grotesque, yet fascinating at the same time.

“Oh God!” I murmured. “Your fucking titties are so freaky! Fuck, they turn me on!”

I continued tugging on my cock, as Julia sat on one of the chairs, facing me. She spread her legs and placed her feet flat on the floor, as she rubbed her fingers vigorously over her clit.

“Oh, this feels so nice!” she whispered. “That’s it, Jack. Jerk off in front of me. I want to watch you cum!”

My nostrils flared, as I began to feel a very pleasant sensation building.

“I’m going to cum, Julia!” I cried. “I can’t stop it! Oh Julia! Juliaaaa!”

My voice trailed off as spurt after spurt of cum shot from my dick, landing on the carpet with an audible “splock.” My legs gave out and I dropped to my knees, as the final squirt of my ejaculation subsided.

Julia began moaning at the sight of my orgasm, and it tipped her over the edge. Her legs kicked involuntarily, and she let out a sharp wail. Her whole body seemed to shake in a series of convulsions, and I knew it had been good. She sighed deeply, as her fingers stopped circling her engorged clit. She smiled at me and exhaled loudly.

“Oh, that felt so good!” she whispered excitedly. “You looked so hot when you shot off.”

“Thank you.” I panted. “You look so hot yourself. Damn, I love your titties!”

“Good.” Julia replied. “My last boyfriend hated them. Ankara Escort He refused to touch them when they swelled up like this. He used to tell me they were gross. You can play with them any time you want though. You don’t have to ask me. Just start squeezing or sucking them if you want to, okay?”

“Sounds good to me.” I said cheerfully, as I held my hands out. Julia took them and I pulled her up.

“I’m hungry.” Julia stated. “I didn’t have any lunch today.”

“Me neither.” I responded. “I could eat a bag of quarters!”

Julia laughed.

“How about if we open up a couple of those ration kits?” she suggested. “I hear they’re pretty good.”

“They are.” I replied. “I take them with me up to my cabin when I’m going to be up there for a few days.”

“I didn’t know you had a cabin.” Julia said with interest to her voice. “Where is it?”

“In a small mountain chain that sticks out from the Blue Ridge range. I have about 50 acres that I bought when I was 21. My first major purchase. Got a steal on it too. Only paid two hundred an acre. It’s worth $7,500 an acre now. Great view of the mountains and it butts right up to a state park. That gives me an eight thousand acre front yard.”

“I’d like to see it sometime.” Julia said softly. “It must be beautiful.”

“It is. I got snowed in one time too. Got fourteen inches in that storm. No power, no running water. It was a week before Christmas, and it was just like being back in the 1800s. I got up the next morning and turned on my radio and they were playing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.’ It was soo awesome!”

“I’ll bet. What did you do while you were stuck there?”

“I kept a fire going in the Franklin stove, listened to the radio, drank a lot of vodka and ate MREs.” I responded with a laugh. “It was gorgeous too. All that snow on the ground and in the pines. I jumped off the porch naked and rolled around in the snow and jerked off while I was laying on my back in the snow. It was great!”

“Didn’t you get cold?” Julia inquired.

“As soon as I stopped ejaculating, I got cold as hell! I ran back inside and squatted in front of the fire. It was awesome though. As soon as I recharged, I did it again.”

“I’d love to try that too.” Julia said dreamily. “It sounds wonderful.”

“It was.” I replied. “I love being nude up there. As soon as I get to the cabin, I take my clothes off, walk outside and jerk off. I go for nice walks wearing nothing but sneakers, wade in the creek; all nude. I’d love to bring you up there.”

“And I’d love to go with you!” she exclaimed.

She eyed the MREs wistfully.

“Can we eat?”

“Of course! Let’s see… we have pot roast, chicken cavatelli, spaghetti and beef enchilada.”

“Pot roast! I love pot roast. Can I have that?”

“Of course you can.” I said with a chuckle. “I guess I’ll have the chicken cavatelli, whatever that is. I call dibs on the enchilada tomorrow though.”

I placed the entrees in the plastic bags and added water to heat them. Within a few minutes, we were eating just like we were camping out or spending time at my cabin.

“I guess this isn’t so bad after all.” Julia remarked. “I’m glad you’re here with me though. I’d be terrified if I was in here by myself. I’d be really hungry too, ‘cuz I wouldn’t have gotten that locker open.”

“Well, we’re in it together.” I said cheerfully. “Good thing too, because it’s going to be a long weekend.”

“And something tells me that by the time it’s over, you and I will know about as much as there is to know about each other.” Julia added. “It’ll be like taking a road trip.”

“How in the hell is being locked in a bank vault like taking a road trip?” I asked incredulously.

“Because we’re stuck together for the next two and a half days.” she replied. “Ever take a road trip with someone before?”

“My ex wife on our honeymoon and for our first anniversary. She drove me nuts the whole time. Then a chick I met online. Flew out to Cali to see her, and we took a trip up PCH and 101 to see the redwoods. I kept mispronouncing things on purpose, like the Avenue of the Giants. I called it ‘a venue of the guy ants.’ Drove her nuts. Then she played some kind of crappy witch music all the way back. We parted on good terms, but that was it as far as being together went.”

“That’s my point, Jack.” Julia responded. “If we get through this and still want to be together, then it’ll be a slam dunk. We could get snowed in up at your cabin, take a road trip or get stuck at the airport, but it would never be as challenging as this weekend will be, as far as testing our mettle.”

“I guess you’re right.” I agreed. “I’ll tell you what; why don’t I put the mattress over here against the wall while you plug the radio in and find a channel we both like, and then I’ll lay back against the wall and you can lay against me. Then, I can play with those titties of yours for the next few hours.”

“Mmm.” Julia replied. “I’d love that. I think I’m actually beginning to like the thought of being locked in here with you for the next two days.”

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