Logan and Lauren Ch. 13


“Thank you all for tuning into Sports Xplore,” the television blared, “Today, we’re gonna answer the big question that you all wanna know: Where in the world is Logan Chadwick going next fall?! We have our very own Chad Swenson on the case…. Chad?”

The camera view switched to Chad Swenson sitting across from Logan in a chair with a table between them.

“Thank you, Bill. Right now, I’m sitting here with Crystal Bend’s Starting Quarterback, Logan Chadwick. Logan, after your phenomenal performance at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl earlier this year, a lot of people want to know where you’re going to college in the Fall… Is this a question that you have an answer to at the moment?”

Logan gave a small smirk. “I do know where I’m going this Fall but I’m not going to give it away. Everyone will just have to watch on National Signing Day.”

Chad leaned in as he spoke, ” So just to be clear: you have made your decision.”

“Yes, I know where I’m going… it’s just not official until I sign the dotted line,” Logan said, nodding.

“Awesome. Now, Crystal Bend is a small town, so I have to ask: Does the whole town stop when there’s a football game?” Chad asked.

“Crystal Bend is a really football-oriented town and just about everyone shows up to the games. We have amazing support where I’m from,” Logan replied proudly.

“Do you think that you have an advantage over other players from larger cities for that reason?” Chad asked.

“I really don’t feel that I have an advantage in any way for any reason but I can say that extra support helps a lot and Crystal Bend is the best place for that,” Logan said.

“Logan, being a former Quarterback myself, I must say that you are doing very big things on the field. Some, like me, feel that you’re shaking up the game… What gets you mentally prepared to play the way you do?” Chad asked with genuine curiosity on his face.

Logan sat back in his seat and exhaled. “Honestly, Chad., it feels really good to have a legend such as yourself to compliment me like that. I will say that I really don’t do anything special. I just sleep a little extra and drink a lot of water.”

Chad raised an eyebrow, “Seriously? That’s it? No lucky underwear? No rabbit’s foot?”

Logan laughed a little, “No, that’s it…I mean, I watch football movies all day with my girlfriend.”

“Ah, the plot thickens. Who’s the lucky lady?” Chad asked, rubbing his hands together.

“Honestly, she’s Coach’s daughter,” Logan said smugly.

“Oh really? Coach is cool with that?” Chad said, laughing.

“Uh, no. Well, he’s warmed up to the idea,” Logan shrugged.

“Alright, I see you, Big Man! Thanks for coming on today and we wish you the best of luck in your career,” Chad said, leaning forward to shake Logan’s hand. “You guys heard it here first on Sports Xplore! Back to you, Bill.”

My heart felt like it could explode at any moment. Logan mentioned me on-air in front of millions of people. How many people were watching the sports channel on a Saturday afternoon. I was absolutely elated until I saw the look on James’s face…

“Get back down to earth, Girl,” he grumbled, seeing the goofy look on my face.

“Sorry, Dad,” I said, looking away. Logan was in California for the interview and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow night. He wasn’t gonna be any good for school on Monday.

James grunted a reply. I took this time to get away from him while he was in a pissy mood. I made my way to my room so I could catch up on my reading. Almost as soon as I made myself comfortable, my phone began to ring. Logan’s picture popped up on the screen.

“What’s up, ‘Big Man’,” I said, smiling.

“Oh, stop! Did I look like a complete ass?” He asked after laughing at my Chad reference.

“No, not at all, Babe. You killed it!” I said, laying backwards on my bed.

“Seriously? Did I give too much away about my college choice?” he asked, concerned.

“I didn’t think so… I could tell he was trying to get you to slip up but you handled it very well. You did a great job,” I replied, ümraniye escort genuinely.

“Thank you, Baby… I miss you,” he said, causing heat to rise to my cheeks, almost six months and he still had that effect on me.

“I miss you, too…I can’t wait to see you. What are you doing?” I asked, taking a sip of the water on my bedside table.

“Laying here in this hotel room, thinking about you,” he said, the lust behind his words setting my body ablaze.

“Oh really? What are you thinking?” I said, getting up to lock my door.

“I’m thinking about how bad I want to be inside of you right now,” he said, bluntly. James trained him so hard for the All-American bowl that we barely spent any time together. “When I get home, I’ll show you just how much I missed you… Send me a pic?”

“Yeah, give me a sec,” I said, setting my phone down. I quickly ran to my closet and put on his Gargoyles jersey. I took all of my clothes off and slipped on the jersey. I struck a sexy pose and snapped the picture. “You there?”

“Yeah, I’m here. Did you send it?” he asked impatiently.

“I just did,” I said, taking my place in my bed.

“Jesus, Lauren,” he groaned, his voice raspy.

“What?” I asked innocently, his tone getting me hot.

“You have no fucking idea what you do to me,” he said, causing moisture to pool between my thighs. At that moment, I heard a beep from my phone. I pulled it away from my face and looked at my screen. It was a picture message… my jaw dropped when I saw that the picture was of his cock. It was rock hard with an angry red head that glistened with precum. I wanted to taste it so bad that my mouth was nearly watering… it had been too long.

“I take it that you got the pic,” Logan said with a chuckle. It was only then that I realized that I hadn’t spoken a word since I received the picture.

“Yeah, I’m sorry,” I said, clearing my throat.

“Send me another one, Lauren,” he groaned. I could tell he was stroking.

“No!” I laughed, aloud.

“Come on, Baby… Just one,” he begged.

“Logan, I can’t do it… I’d feel too weird,” I explained, my body flushing at the very thought.

“Lauren, this fucking hurts… I’ll make it up to you when I get home, I promise,” he said as a final attempt.

“Fine,” I said, rolling my eyes, “Just for you…. What do you want a picture of?”

“Well, because I only get one take one of your pussy. I wanna see what I’m missing,” he said sounding happy that I caved.

I laid back on my bed, pushing the jersey around my waist and separating my thighs. “Oh and spread it open for me so I can get a good look,” he added after hearing the rustling of my movements.

“You owe me so big for this, Logan,” I grumbled angrily.

“Trust me… It’ll be worth it,” I heard him say as I spread my pussy with one hand and snapped the picture with the other. After sending the picture, I soon heard a loud groan from his side of the phone. “Damn, Lauren… I’m so fucking hard right now. I can’t wait til I fucking get home!”

“Mmm, what are you gonna do when you get here?” I asked, trailing my hand over my wet and swollen lips, teasing my clit.

“When you let me in, I’m going to lie in your bed and you’re gonna strip for me,” he said, making me smirk.

“Oh, is that right? I’m gonna strip?” I said, chuckling.

“Yeah,” he said seriously, ” you are.”

“And why would I do that?” I asked quietly.

“Because I told you to,” he said simply.

“So I’m just gonna do what you tell me to?” I asked, smirking again.

“Yeah,” he repeated, “you are. Rub your pussy.”

“Yes, Sir,” I moaned, massaging my clit.

“Good girl,” he said, proudly, “Does that feel good, Baby?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, tracing my nipple with my free hand, eliciting a loud groan.

“Shit, Lauren… you sound so fucking sexy,” he said, huskily. I could hear the delicious smacking of him stroking his cock in the background. It was so hot… I had to watch him jack off when he got back.

“Logan, I can’t wait til you get here. I pendik escort need to feel your hard cock inside of me so bad,” I whined, slipping two fingers inside.

“Yeah? You need it, Babe?” he asked, his breathing labored.

“Yes! I’m so fucking close,” I warned, increasing my pace and moaning after every plunge.

“Fuck, me too,” he growled.

“Cum with me Logan,” I squealed, my pussy squeezing my fingers tightly.

“Shit, Lauren,” he said followed by a loud and prolonged groan, indicating his release.

“That sucks,” I grumbled after getting my bearings.

“What?” he asked, confused.

“That was a waste of cum,” I said, smirking.

“You are such a dirty girl… but trust me, there’s a lot more where that came from,” he said with a chuckle, “Hey, I have to clean up this mess. I’ll call you a little later.”

“Alright, Babe, I love you,” I said, finishing off my bottle of water.

“I love you , too. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow,” he said.

“Same here, bye,” I said, hanging up.

I laid back down and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up, I checked my phone:

Tristan: What’s up?



“I didn’t get in, Bro,” Chance sobbed into the phone. He absolutely hated to show emotion… The only time I’ve ever known him to cry was after the championship that we lost to Forrester our Sophomore year. “They got me as their first alternate.”

“Dude, quit worrying. You’re gonna be going to OU… trust me,” I said, trying to calm him down.

“Easy for you to say,” he spat between sobs. Chance was the only person I had told about my acceptance to OU and it kind of hurt for him to throw that in my face. He was supposed to be my brother. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

“I know, Bro,” I said, understanding, “I’d be fucked up, too… but I can guarantee you’re gonna be playing with me in the Fall. Trust me,” I said reassuringly.

“Alright, Dude. Thanks for listening to me bitch,” he said, soundinga ltter.

“Anytime, Bro… I’ll talk to you later,” I said, hanging up the phone.


Tristan: What’s Up?

Me: Nothing much, just woke up.

Tristan: U c ur boy on Sports Xplore?

Me: Yeah, he’s so cute on television lol

Tristan: Excuse me while I go barf lol

Me: Stop it! What’s been going on with you?

Tristan: NM, just checkin up on u

Me: Aww, I’m fine… thanks ;D

Tristan: No prob. We def need 2 hang out

Me: We do! I’ll talk to Logan about it when he gets back

Tristan: K… I’ll be n touch

I smiled briefly to myself. Tristan was concerned about me. That was sweet but more importantly, Logan was on his way home from California right now. His flight came in late so I wasn’t allowed to meet him at the airport, no matter how much I begged James to let me. My phone vibrated again and I picked it up expecting it to be another text from Tristan. It was Logan!

Logan: Just touched down n the city n leavin the airport

Me: I can’t wait to see you

Logan: I can’t wait 2 c u either… I’m so fucking hard rite now

Me: My window is open

I turned off my light and waited patiently for him to get here. I fell asleep waiting and dreamt about our reunion…

“Lauren,” he whispered, lightly touching me to wake but not startle me. I blinked several times so my eyes could adjust to the darkness.

“Baby!” I squealed, tackling him to my bed.

“I missed you, too,” he said with a chuckle. I pressed my lips to his, channeling all my feelings of frustration and neglect over the past month and a half into it. He gripped my ass and deepened the kiss, all the while grinding his growing erection into my soaked cunt.

He began to pull my shirt over my head but stopped. “You’re supposed to strip for me,” he said, sitting up. I dismounted him and nodded. “Take it off, nice and slow, Babe.”

I gave a small, seductive smile and slowly pulled my shirt over my head moving slowly and sexily. He groaned and shifted uncomfortably as I pulled down my basketball bostancı escort shorts and kicked them to the side.

“You have no idea how much I fucking missed seeing you like this,” he said, looking over my body. He hungrily drank in the sight of me in my hot pink, lacy bra and boy shorts. “Come here and grind on me, Baby.”

I nodded, walking over to him and lowering my ass on his rock solid cock. “Mmm, shit,” he groaned, bringing his hands around my waist as I worked him over.

“Hands to yourself,” I said firmly, putting his hands beside him and pinning them with my own as I rolled my hips on his erection.

“Dammit, Lauren I can’t take it anymore,” he said as I bent over and continued to grind on him. Before I knew it, he had his cock out. He pushed my panties to the side and slid into me from below.

We both groaned in synchrony as we relished in the feeling of our long overdue union. I began to bounce up and down on his cock feeling the tip prod my cervix with every stroke. I was so full and I loved it.

“Fuck, Lauren, you’re even tighter than I remembered,” he said, stilling my hips and jutted upward, fucking me roughly. He knocked the air out of me as he slammed into me.

“Logan,” I groaned happily at the contact. Saying nothing, he flipped us over and proceeded to fuck me doggy style.

“Did you miss me?” he growled in my ear, bringing a hand down on my ass.

“Yes!” I squealed. I missed him so much I couldn’t even begin to put it into words.

“I missed you, too, Baby. You like this dick?” he asked, pushing deeper inside of me, separating my ass cheeks to watch himself disappear inside.

“I love it!” I groaned, feeling myself begin to spasm on his invading cock.

“Jesus Christ!” he shouted as he shot his cum into my beckoning pussy.

We collapsed on the bed together, content. He held me tightly, telling me how much he missed me.

There was a knock on the door followed by the jiggling of my locked doorknob before I heard my mom’s voice through the door: “Lauren? Are you okay? I heard voices and a struggle,” she asked, concerned.

“I’m fine, Mom. I’m watching 21 Jump Street,” I said, saying the first movie that came to my mind.

“Oh, okay. I was just worried,” she said. Soon after, I heard her footsteps disappear down the hallway. I swore that if and when I became a mother, I wouldn’t be so damn clueless.

“Lauren, I heard voices and a struggle,” Logan said, mocking my mother. He was such an asshole.

“Stop it,” I said, playfully smacking him across the chest.

“Jeez, sor-ry,” he said, rubbing his chest. “Baby, I have something to tell you.”

“Shoot,” I said, looking into his eyes.

“I got a scholarship to OU,” he said, smiling.

I almost let out a squeal but I caught myself. Instead, I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him repeatedly. “I am so proud of you, Babe!”

He looked happy and prideful for a moment but then his expression changed to one that was very serious. “But I’m not taking it.”

I looked at him in disbelief. “What?!” I asked, waiting for him to tell me he was kidding. He never did.

“I’m giving it to Chance so we can play together in the Fall. They had him as a first alternate because they ran out of scholarship money. They have a spot for him on the team but couldn’t take him financially. So, I’m gonna give him my scholarship and I’ll pay my way with cash. After all, I just needed to know that I was good enough to deserve one,” he explained. He was such a good guy… I loved him so much.

“Logan,” I began, kissing his lips. “that has got to be *kiss* the sweetest *kiss* most unselfish *kiss* thing I’ve ever heard of!”

“I try,” he said, shrugging as if it were nothing.

“When are you gonna tell him?” I asked after I finally stopped kissing him.

“I’m not… Coach Stoops is gonna call him tomorrow to let him know that they came across some more funds. Chance is never to find out about this, okay? He’d think I was treating him like a charity case,” he asked in all seriousness.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” I said, smiling.

“Good, let’s get some sleep. I’m all jetlagged and shit,” he said, smiling.

“Alright, Babe. I love you,” I said, kissing him softly.

“I love you, too,” he said, pulling me closer to him as I fell asleep.

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