Lola and Joey Ch. 13


“All good?”

“Thanks, mommy.” Both girls said as Lola completed their nightly bath and hair brushing ritual. Every night the girls had a bath and Lola would brush the tangles out of their long hair and blow dry it. Technically speaking the girls could brush and dry their own hair but it was a ritual that everyone liked. Lola got to hear how their day went and she enjoyed brushing their long black silky smooth hair. The girls enjoyed chatting with their mom and the feel of the soft bristles and the warm air from the drier on their scalp.

“Good! I’ll send your dad in for story time.” It was time for her shower while Joey read to the girls and then it was time for her nightly ritual with Joey!

By the time she got out of the shower, the girls were sleeping, and Joey was waiting on the bed with his cock in full salute. She loved it when his cock saluted her! She tossed him a pair of sheer black nylons, a hairbrush and drier and sat between his legs. The girls weren’t the only ones that liked to have their hair brushed and dried! She shimmied back until his warm cock pressed against her back. Then she closed her eyes and soaked in the sensation of the brush on her scalp and his cock on her back. Cock and brushing were much better than just brushing!

When her hair was finished, she extended one foot out and Joey slid the first nylon on then did the other foot. She pressed her back against his cock again as he reached forward and caressed her silky smooth nylons. A pair of sheer stockings and one of her handy waist or ankle bracelets were all it took to send her brother into the ‘sexual zone,’ where he stopped talking, and lust took over.

Joey was an ass man, so after a minute or two of him caressing her legs she straddled him facing away and positioned her ass and pussy within licking distance of his tongue. She had learned so much about what made her brother tick since they had become intimate! Who knew he liked women with pronounced tushes? Most fortunate for her! Who knew he loved to lick pussy? Thank God for that! The intense feeling of a soft wet tongue on her clit was a requirement of good sex.

Joey had propped his head on his pillow to position his neck at just the right angle for prolonged pussy licking. He pulled her even closer, and his magic tongue darted out and started licking and sucking her ass and pussy, as he stroked her nylons and squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks like pizza dough. You’d think he hadn’t eaten in weeks.

At first, she relaxed on her elbows and enjoyed his mouth on her pussy, but then she got distracted as his cock bobbed front of her. She leaned down and dragged her nostrils from one end of his cock to the other inhaling deeply. The musky smell of his cock was invigorating. Once she had his cock in her hand, and his scent was coursing through her brain it was impossible not to want more. In no time at all, she was salivating all over his dick as she jacked him off with her hand, hoovered him with her mouth and squeezed his balls. He especially liked it when she jacked the shaft of his cock with her hand while sucking and licking his head with her mouth. She knew her brother well.

Sometimes they finished each other off orally. Other times they wanted more. Tonight she wanted more. She moved forward until his cock was underneath her and then slowly slid down it. Mmm! Yummy! The delightful sensation of his cock filling her never got old, and she knew Joey loved watching her ass and pussy slide up and down his cock.

It was a given that his hands would start roaming all over her butt but would he do the other? She hoped so. It was something that she had come to love even though it was nasty or maybe because it was nasty. His thumb was inching closer and closer. Just a little closer Joey. Keep going. You know what I want. Don’t be shy.

YES! She grunted as he inserted his thumb into her asshole. That’s it, hubby! Work my ass while I do the rest! She started to rock back and forth on his cock as he pressed his thumb deeper.

Fuck! He loved watching his sister ride him! He loved watching her long hair sway back and forth as she rode him and her sumptuous curvy ass and seeing her pussy lips part when his cock pushed in, and stretch out when his cock excited. Her asshole was warm and tight, and he could feel it contracting against his thumb. He began stretching her butthole. Lola started moaning and thrusting down faster. A sheen of sweat had formed on her back. When he knew she was almost there, he grabbed her hips and thrust into her as hard as he could, and she started to cum. He spurted deep inside her as she orgasmed and then slumped on him.

After the tremors in her pussy subsided, she turned around and grinned. “What a great way to end the day and we can do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next day! I’m on the bottom tomorrow night though, and you get to do all the work!”


“Mommy? Do I have a fever?”

Lola put her hand on Amanda’s forehead. avrupa yakası escort “You don’t feel warm honey. Why?”

“I can’t stop feeling thirsty! I’ve already had three glasses of water, but I’m still thirsty! Something’s not right!”

Lola felt her head again. “Sorry, honey. You don’t feel hot. Are you in pain?”


“Maybe go have a rest in your room where it’s nice and cool. If that doesn’t work, I’ll give you something, okay?”

She tried to rest, but her thirst was getting worse. She decided to walk around the hotel to distract herself. Oddly enough, when she walked in one direction she was less thirsty, but when she came back towards the front of the hotel, she got thirsty again.

Then she noticed an older lady sitting across the street in a truck with the window open. She looked hot. Then a light bulb went off in her head. Was she feeling the older lady? Maybe the lady was super duper thirsty! That must be it! She ran back in the house and filled a pitcher full of water with ice cubes and walked across the street to the lady.

The lady watched her cross the street without any expression.

Amanda’s thirst had become almost unbearable! It must be the lady! “Would you like a glass of water?”

The lady smiled and lifted up a large slurpy drink. “I’m okay, little girl, but thanks for asking! I think he wants a drink though.”

The lady pointed to a large Husky on the other side of the truck. He was panting profusely. Was it the dog she felt? No! Couldn’t be! She’d never ‘felt’ an animal before. She slowly walked towards him. He eyed the water pitcher warily, but his thirst was overwhelming! She tilted the pitcher so that he could stick his tongue in and he started slurping away feverishly. The immediate sense of relief she felt was heavenly!

The dog stopped for a second and belched loudly, water dripping from his whiskers, and then drank the rest. She noticed dog tags and wondered if someone was looking for him. She went to grab his collar, but he scampered away until he was out of range and stood there looking at her for a moment. Then he ran off.

Her thirst was gone. She wanted to run in and tell her mom about her exciting discovery, but her parents already gave her strange looks when she mentioned being able to feel things, and they had been quite upset when she wandered off the one day. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to tell her mom but what if she got some germs when the dog was in her head? She might need some medicine! What if she got dog fleas? What to do?


Not much haggling was required with Doris.

The price Doris wanted for the house was reasonable. The home inspector that Joey hired surprised them with good news. Turned out nothing needed fixing right away. The roof would need re-shingling in a few years, but most of the problems were minor stuff that could be remedied with a little elbow grease as Doris claimed on their first bizarre visit. Doris was moving into a nursing home and didn’t need any of her furniture and appliances, so she sold them cheap. The furniture was ancient, but it was fine for now. She would look for new stuff later when they had more money. The mortgage down-payment had wiped out their meager savings, but with Joey’s new job it wouldn’t take long to build up some cash. To be honest, Lola didn’t give a hoot about a fancy house with fancy furniture, and neither did Joey, but it was amazing to have their very own place! And the fact that it was the house she saw in her vision was like wow! She really was meant to be with her brother for life!

She loved the porch! Doris had kept the house spotless so there was no cleanup required inside but the porch needed some TLC. The paint on the spindles and the floor was peeling, and the stain on the railing was fading. Doris wanted to stay in the house for another few weeks, but she allowed Lola to come over and work on the porch. Every day, Lola rolled up her sleeves and spent an hour or two sanding down the old stuff and repainting and staining.

Doris watched approvingly from the window as Lola gradually restored the porch. It confirmed in her mind that she had sold the house to the right people!

After a lot of work, Lola finished off the porch with a few plants and some comfy deck chairs and she and Doris sat in the chairs admiring the finished product. Lola had a feeling she would be spending a lot of time on the porch. It was big enough to eat outside. It would be a great place to sit if they had company. The street was old with big beautiful trees, so the view was pleasant. She planned on doing her studies on the porch in the fresh air and the glorious sunshine, as much as possible.

She and Joey decided the keep the new house a secret so they could surprise the girls. Doris had moved out, and they finally had possession. They were moving in tonight. Lola couldn’t wait to see the girls reaction!


“Dad! bağcılar escort This so cool! Our very own house!” Catherine exclaimed and bolted ahead exploring the house. She came back breathless. “Mom, there are three bedrooms! Does that mean I get my own room?”

“Yes, it does honey! You’re very own room, and Amanda has a room too!”

Joey was watching the interplay. Catherine looked ecstatic, but Amanda’s face had gone stone cold blank.

What? New house? Own room? Her mom and dad hadn’t mentioned anything about a new house and bedroom. Amanda was confused. Her parents seemed excited, but why would anyone want to leave what they had? Everyone she loved was at the hotel, her grandma and grandpa and Tara and Nathan, her mom and dad and her sister. Every day she got to see them all. Why would anyone want to leave that? There were always people around, and she got to meet new hotel guests every day. She was even starting to help out. Sometimes she helped clean the rooms with Tara and her grandma after the people left and helped with the dishes. She especially liked delivering the home-cooked meals to the guests with Tara or her grandma! People always got excited about food!

Serving home-cooked meals was Tara’s suggestion. “We make tasty, nutritious home-cooked meals every night for ourselves. Why don’t we prepare a bit more and then offer takeout to our guests if they’re interested? We can post what’s on the menu every day at the front desk when they check-in. Lots of people are sick to death of eating the same restaurant food every day. We can offer them a bit of home away from home. It won’t cost us much extra. In fact, if we get just two takers our food will be free for the day.”

The meals were a hit. There were several takers every day and positive comments on TripAdvisor about the food. One night after her grandma read some of the reviews online she saw her grandma look over at Tara. There was a smile on her face, and she felt a big warm fuzzy radiating from her grandma towards Tara. She often felt mommy like feelings from her grandma towards Tara. Amanda felt the same way towards Tara. Having lots of moms was good! Everyone cared for each other at the hotel. Her dad cared for Nathan, her grandpa cared for her grandma, and Tara cared for her dad and mom, and they cared for her. Why would anyone want to leave all that!

Why did Catherine want her own room? She’d always slept with her sister. Didn’t Catherine like her anymore? The more she thought about it, the more upset she got. The last step in her nighttime ritual was checking on her sister. How could she do that now!

The frown on Amanda’s face got deeper and deeper as Joey watched her. Oh boy! Someone was not happy! It was amazing how different the girls were. Since day one Amanda had always liked to be held and be around people whereas Catherine couldn’t wait to get down and explore. Amanda always snuggled when he read to them and wanted to hold his hand when they went for walks. Catherine’s idea of a good time was to try to pummel him during their computer games and race ahead of him when they went biking and hiking. If it weren’t for their mirror image looks, he might have suspected one came from the mailman.

“Amanda? Are you okay?” he asked. There was no answer. There wasn’t even an acknowledgment that she heard him. She entered her new room and closed the door. Then he heard the lock click. Not good!

She tried to sleep alone in her new bed. Everyone else was excited about the new house, so she tried to accept it. She tried hard! She really did! She had her bath, and her mom brushed her hair, and her dad read to her, but then her traitor sister excitedly rushed off to her own room! She got in her new bed, but her leg kept stretching out to touch Catherine. Her elbow kept running into nothing. Her bum couldn’t find her sister’s bum. How could she sleep without Catherine?

After struggling for a long time, she decided enough was enough. It was her mom and dad’s fault, so they were going to have to let her sleep with them. She didn’t even ask them. She crawled between them and slid under the blankets, then softly touched each of them. They both felt fine, but it almost seemed like they were awake. Something was a bit funny, but she was too exhausted to think about it. Within seconds she was sound asleep.

Lola and Joey heard Amanda enter the room. Joey had briefed Lola on what he saw earlier. They both smiled in the dark as Amanda carefully crept under the covers and softly touched them. In hindsight, they weren’t surprised the move bothered Amanda. Hopefully, she would adjust within a few days.

Amanda was gone from the bed when Lola woke up in the morning. She went to look for her. Amanda was finishing breakfast, and there was a small suitcase on the floor.

“What’s that Amanda?”

“It’s my suitcase mommy. I’m going back home for a bit. I’m not sure how long. I bağdatcaddesi escort already called grandma this morning. She said it was okay.”

What? “Why are you going to your grandmas? Is something wrong?”

“I need some time to adjust mommy. You didn’t tell me about the new house and room.”

“I’m sorry, honey but your father and I wanted to surprise you and Catherine. Don’t you like the new place? Don’t you like having your own room?”

“NO!” Amanda said abruptly with an upset face. “And I miss Tara and Nathan and grandma and grandpa.”

“But you can see them whenever you want. We’re close. You could even ride your bike over.”

“I won’t see them at breakfast or lunch or supper, and I won’t get to help out anymore, and I don’t like sleeping alone.”

“Honey, you can visit them as often as you want. You can sleep over as often as you want. They can visit us as often as they want. We thought you would like having your own bed. You’re almost five.”

“You and daddy sleep together. How would you like sleeping apart?”

“I wouldn’t, but that’s different. We’re married, and married people sleep together.”

“Well, I’m a twin mommy, and twins should sleep together!”

Hmmm. She couldn’t argue with that! The conversation wasn’t going well. She would check with her mom. If Amanda had called and visiting was okay then there was no harm. There was no need to force the issue. Amanda would adjust in a few days.


Her grandma and Tara worked her hard, but she was up to it! She helped take the old sheets off the beds and put clean ones on; then she put the old ones in the washing machine and added precisely half a cup of cleaning liquid and chose the correct setting. Apparently, her dad had problems with laundry, but she wasn’t sure what the problem was. It seemed easy. After lunch, she needed a nap in her old bed but then she was ready again. She greeted a few new guests with Tara and took them to their rooms. It was an important job, and she always smiled even if they didn’t, and most people seemed happy. After supper, she pulled her stool up beside her grandma and helped with the dishes. She was in charge of drying. Tara brushed her hair after her bath, and her grandpa read her some stories. She was exhausted and thought for sure she would be able to sleep okay but when she reached out to touch Catherine, and no one was there, she was instantly wide awake. Eventually, she gave up trying to sleep and went to Tara’s room. The door was locked, so she knocked, but there was no answer.

It was going to be a good one, a big toe-curling, gut-wrenching, groin quaking orgasm! Tara couldn’t wait! She had been nurturing an orgasm for the last hour slowly bringing herself right up to the edge several times and then backing off. Her greedy pussy couldn’t get enough! Her groin was red looking from all the rubbing and thrusting, and her clit was peeking out excitedly. She loved sex, even if it was with herself! It was the gift that kept on giving and giving and giving. She could masturbate herself silly one day, and her body would be raring to go the next night. There had been a bit of tenderness the day after her marathon session when Nathan moved out of the room, but the following evening, her pussy was aching again for attention. Her capacity to stuff and stroke herself was endless. Sometimes she would even sneak in quickies during the day. She could cum within minutes sometimes.

Her long, fat, veined dildo was stuffed deep inside her, and her pocket rocket vibrator was buzzing delightfully against her engorged clit. Joey was fucking her silly in her mind with long hard strokes that never ended! She had no idea what he was capable of until recently! She knew he had a nice cock from the masturbation clip he posted when they were back home, but the clip was long gone. She didn’t realize what he could do with his cock though, and what a nasty boy he was until she stumbled across an unpacked box in the basement from the move.

Joey had shown her and Susan how to use his video recorder to make videos for the hotel website, so she recognized the memory card the minute she saw it. She took the box up to her room and put the card into the recorder that night when she was in bed. What a shock! A huge ‘fucking’ shock! It was a recording of Joey and Lola having the most passionate, wild sex she’d ever seen! It wasn’t fake porn crap. It was the real thing. The look on Lola’s face was one of pure ecstasy. And Joey! What a fucking stud! He went on and on and on like the Energizer Bunny! He seemed to be able to last forever.

Since then, she had been going to bed earlier and rubbing herself silly watching the clips! She’d been coming so hard that she had to place a large towel underneath her, so she didn’t stain the sheets! Her orgasms were so intense that she checked her groin after she stopped flopping around on the bed to make sure nothing was broke!

Almost there! Just one more stroke!


She ignored it. She was too close to stop!


WTF! Who was knocking on her door at twelve at night!

“Tara? It’s Amanda. I can’t sleep. Can I come in?”

SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! “Hold on honey. I’ll be right there.” She reluctantly jumped out of bed and grabbed her nighty and opened the door.

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