Lola at the Bar


Lola at the BarLast night, Dec. 8, 2017, around 7pm, I was stepping out daddy Jordan’s car after he finished ejaculating his hot semen inside my whore mouth. He had driven me to a secluded area, behind a building, in Huntington, NY. He works near by.After I got out, my daddy drove off to go back to his wife. He had told her he was working late. I swallowed my daddy’s hot cum. I love the taste of married men who cheat with me. Anywho, this is not the story for this post, this is just the setup to what happened last night.I had told my Daddy Rob, that I would by Huntington around 7PM, so he could CUM pick me up. Daddy Rob wanted to take me to a bar in Queens.By the time I got out of Daddy Jordan’s car, Daddy Rob had already left me a message. So I called him back.Daddy Rob: “Hi, baby!”Lola: “Daddy, daddy, I am ready to be picked up. I want your hard cock IN me”Daddy Rob: “Great. I am parked at **********, st. Where should I go pick you up”Lola: “I’m at the corner of ***** and ******* daddy. I am so wet for your cock daddy. CUM fast, so you can CUM.”Daddy Rob: “I’m on my way, baby”After about 10 mins, Daddy Rob pulled up. I got in, and immediately unzipped his pants. Daddy Rob just smiled. I took out his cock, and started to make it feel soooo good with my soft, warm, whore hands.Daddy Rob: “Oh, baby. I love it.”Lola: “So good daddy”Daddy Rob: “We are going to this bar in Queens, named *********. I want to get you very drunk, use you there, and then leave you for other men to fuck you. Is that good?”Lola (while still jerking off Daddy’s cock): “Yes, yes, yes daddy. I love it.”Daddy Rob: “Good Loli. There is a bottle of vodka in the glove compartment. Start drinking while we get there.”Lola: “Yes, my daddy”Took about 40 mins or so to get to the bar. During that time I kept jerking Daddy Rob’s cock, and even sucking, and licking it while on the expressway.At one point a cop car drove by, but he couldn’t see inside because it was night already. Was so hot.Once we got the bar, after 8pm, daddy Rob parked, and he help me out of the car. I was already feeling the effects of the vodka. Plus I was wearing 6¨ heels, and a very tight dress, so it was starting to get a little hard to walk. Daddy Rob held me, and walked me into the bar. After we walked in, daddy Rob turned around and locked the door. I guess this was a “private event”We sat down at the bar, and…Daddy Rob (to the bartender): “This is the güvenilir bahis whore I was telling you about.”Bartender: “She does look like a dirty whore.”Daddy Rob: “She is. She was blowing some married guy before I picked her up, and then jerk me all the way here.”Bartender: “Damn.”Daddy Rob: “She said she is ok with being passed around tonight.”Bartender (to Lola): “Sweetheart, you sure you good with being shared tonight?”Lola: “Yes daddy, I love to passed around like the cheap fuck meat I am.”Bartender: “Hehe, perfect little whore. What’s your name.”Lola: “Lola daddy, but my daddies call me l****a, or Loli.”Bartender: “Yum. Well Loli tonight you will be used like the cheap little whore you are. Drinks are on the house for you tonight. We will get you nice and drunk.”Lola: “Yes daddy.”The bartender gave me shots, plus a couple of mixed drinks, and beer. He really wanted to get me very drunk, which I did.After about one hour of just drinking, and chatting with daddy Rob, and the other guys at the bar, I was getting soooooo wet for cock. Because I knew all these males were going to be INside me tonight. A couple of daddies came to bar, after we got there. By 9, there were 6 daddies, plus daddy Rob, and the bartender. Except for the bartender, they all kept drinking, while softly touching me, caressing me, and telling me what they wanted to do to me.Daddy Rob: “Loli, come with me baby. I will be back with her guys.”Lola: “Yes, daddy”Daddy Rob walked me to the back of the bar, where the bathroom was. The bathroom was not your typical bathroom, it had wooden stalls, with an open area for the sink. Daddy Rob took me into one of the stalls, told me to get on my knees, unzip and put his cock into my whore mouth.I started to suck, suck, and suck daddy Rob. Because I was on my knees, my whore legs were sticking outside, under the stall door. So anyone walking in knew exactly what was happening: A whore was being used.I suck daddy Rob’s cock sooooo good. I had gone two hours with out cock and CUM in me, and I was feeling deprived.Daddy Rob held my head, and forced his cock deep between my cock lips. He kept face fucking me. Telling me what a “filthy, dirty l****a you are”, and how much he was going to CUM IN me.And he did. Daddy Rob came hard in my mouth. Really hard. After he came, he held my head pressed against his body, so his cock would stay INside me longer. Until he finally let go, and türkçe bahis his hot semen started to flow out from between my cock lips.Daddy Rob: “Fuck yeah. Now lets go to the front Loli. Jimmy wants to use you next” Jimmy is the name of the bartender.Daddy Rob walked me to the front, with his cum still on my whore lips. The guys at the bar started to cheer him, and giving him high five. It gets met sooo wet when men act like they conquered you, and all you are to them is a sex object for them to posses. I love it.Daddy Rob walked me behind the bar, push on my shoulders so as to tell me to kneel, which I did.Daddy Rob: “Ok Loli, I have to go. So I am leaving you here to make all these guys feel good. Now, open your mouth Loli, Jimmy is going to use you now.”With that, daddy Rob bent down, slapped my ass, and left.Me, being the obedient sex slave I am, opened my mouth like a good whore. Daddy Jimmy unzipped, put his hard cock between my cock lips, and started to make himself feel good INside me.The other men behind the bar, just started to take pics, and vids, and cheering Jimmy on. Jimmy is an older daddy, probably around 60. I love making older daddies CUM.Daddy Jimmy came in about 2 mins. Right before he came, he pulled out, told me to look up at him, and he ejaculated his semen all over my whore face. Daddy Jimmy came a lot. I was cum drenched. Got me sooooo wet.Daddy Jimmy: “Wow, Rob was right, you give great blowjobs Loli. Ok, guys you can have her. Take her to back room, since I have to open the bar to the public soon. Once you are done with her, have her leave through the back.”I got up, as some of the men came around, to help me to the back room. The back room was just a dimly lit, storage room.The 6 daddies walked into the back room with me. I was soooooo drunk, and covered in daddy Rob’s and Jimmy’s semen. I felt sooo dirty. It was so hot.One of the daddies, pulled out some sheets from a shelf, folded them, and put it in the center of the room.Daddy #1: “Get on your knees slut, and open that mouth of yours.”I got on my knees, resting them on top of the sheet. Daddy #1 unzipped, and put his cock INside me. Pushing his throbbing dick deep between my cock lips.When he did this, the other daddies also unzipped. Some started to touch me, and fondle me. Others where jerking off looking at me being used.A daddy, who I will call daddy #2, went behind me, pulled me up a bit, and pulled güvenilir bahis siteleri down my panty. He then push me back down to my knees, where he made me bend over, in doggy style position. He penetrated me.Daddy #1 was inside my mouth. Daddy #2 was inside my pussy-ass.Daddy #3 and #4 went on each side of me, and made me jerk them off.Daddy #5 took of one of my heels, and started to lick, and suck on my nylon clad feet, and toes.Daddy #6 was taking pics, and video, while jerking off his cock.The daddies took turn being INside me, except daddy #6. He was just a looker.They all where inside my mouth, and tight pussy-ass. They called me dirty names, slapped, spanked me, told me what a worthless sex toy I am. It got me sooooooooooo wet.One by one the came. On my ass, on my face, in my mouth.As they came, they zipped up and left. Until there was but only one daddy in the room. Daddy #6. The looker.He came in front of me. He was still jerking his cock. He told me to open my mouth, and look up at him, as he recorded himself ejaculating on my whore face.After he came. He zipped up and left.I was left in there, cum covered, drunk, and used. It felt so good. It felt so right.About 2-3 mins later, daddy #1 and #3 or #4 (don’t remember clearly), came back. They helped me get up, put my heels back on, put my panty in mouth, and walked me to the back door, which lead into an alley. They put me outside, and slowly help me fall onto the pavement, leaning against the wall, because I was sooo drunk.Daddy #1: “Good whore.”Then they walked back in, and closed the door.I took my panty out of my mouth, and put in my purse. I sat there, against the wall drunk, and full of semen for about 10-15 mins. I could hear the music from the bar, and people inside. Little did they know there was a cheap, used whore in the back alley, who would have let any guy walking by slide his cock IN her. Why? Because that’s how much of a fuck meat I love to be.Finally I took out my little sex cell, and called one of my regular Uber drivers. I had told him I was going to be around that area that night. He said me he was dropping someone off, and would be there in ½ hr.I didn’t want to walk anywhere, so I stayed there. Waiting. Thinking about how they used me, and then threw me outside. Like a cheap, used sex toy. I was covered all their semen. I had no panty, and my nylons were ripped.I was drunk, and could hardly walk. It made me feel so used. It made me feel so dirty.It made me feel so humiliated. It made me feel sooooooooooooooooo good. That this is all I am good for, and I love it!……My Uber driver finally picked me up from the alley, and drove me… to his house.

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