Long Hours


There were no preliminaries. He plainly had a very clear idea of what was going to happen. Following usual procedure, Eve set her bag down and quickly stripped. Her pussy was immaculately bare, and she presented it, spreading its wet pink with her fingers. She turned, bent, reached behind her and clasped the cheeks of her arse, pulling them apart to present her anus. She pushed out the tight dark hole as he liked. Then she stood facing him again.

He approached her and buckled her collar around her throat. And now, something new. He used a band to tie her hair back, and then instructed her to pick up her bag. Gripping her collar, he walked Eve across the room to the mirror, and had her face it.

“Make your eyes up as prettily as you can, cunt. I want a lot of eyeliner, a lot of mascara and a lot of eyeshadow.” He looked on as Eve gave her eyes a striking dark adornment. When finished, she looked back for approval, and received a nod.

He walked Eve over to the bed now, stood her beside it. He produced a length of rope and carefully wound it around Eve’s wrists until her hands were bound before her. The double knot was tied hard. Unexpectedly, he then undressed and lay back upon the bed. His cock was long, thick, hard. Eve found it a challenge to maintain eye contact.

“Tonight, cunt, your mouth will be my hole of choice. I’m going to fuck your face, and no other part of you – or should I say, you are going to take me in the fuckhole in your face.”

He patted the bed by his side. Eve dutifully clambered onto it, her hands bound in front of her. He indicated that she should lie on her belly, resting on her bound forearms, her face before that imposing cock.

“I want Starzbet to use your mouth at length, cunt. We are going to find out how long you can keep my cock hard, at the brink of coming but not coming. You will suck me, and you will take me as deep as you can. You will take me deeper into your throat than you ever have. But if I feel myself coming, I will pull your head back by the hair until my arousal subsides. During this time you will use your mouth on my balls and my shithole.

“I anticipate a lot of slobber, cunt. A lot of gagging and a lot of tears as you take my cock deep. I expect your beautifully made-up eyes soon to be streaky messes. I welcome it. I embrace mess. I want it for my cunt. And you will not stop. You will keep me hard with your wet fuckhole, and you will suck me beyond the limits you thought you had, with no prospect of tasting my come. Do you understand?”

Eve confirmed that she understood. He lay back then, and she positioned herself partially lying across his body, her tits and the elbows of her bound arms on either side of his thigh. Never breaking eye contact, Eve lowered her head and took his cock deep into her throat.

She sank slowly on to his cock on the first descent, finding she could not take all of him. She was rising for a second attempt when his hand clapped on the back of her head and held her in place, and then down, and down further. Eve’s face reddened and she seemed to panic, until at last with a desperate gasp she reared up, released. Thick strands of drool hung between her mouth and his cock, spilling down his shaft. After only two lungfuls of air, his hand forced her back down on him. She swallowed him again.

Eve Starzbet Giriş tried to open her throat to him. Her throat swelled visibly from the outside, and her tongue protruded under his cock. The flow of saliva was steady, and her eyes started to fill with tears. His cruel hand held her down. She was starved for breath. Her thighs and arms trembled. Again she reared up, mouth slathered in gag and drool. Looking down at his cock and balls, she saw they were bathed in the liquid from her mouth and throat. Her face was streaked in black and blue from her eyes now. This time she needed no forcing, and plunged her face down on that fearsome cock again.

Hollow-cheeked, she suckled on him, turning her face to the side to make her mouth stretch and her cheek bulge. Then she went down on him again, insistently forcing his cock into the depths of her throat, though all sense screamed that she was choking herself. Her head rose and fell. Her drool and gag was profuse, her chin shiny and dripping. His cock, balls, the bed under him were drenched in the product of her mouth. She sucked and sucked. He was no longer using his hand.

Then at last the hand came again, this time to yank at her hair, pulling her head up. She realised he was close to ejaculating, and that could not happen. Deftly, she turned her attention to his balls. They were coated in gag, their hair matted and sticky. She licked them, then took one, and then the other into her wet mouth, suckling gently.

His cock was softening. He adjusted his position slightly, and she delved lower, pushing her face down between the cheeks of his arse to his shithole. She probed with her mouth, burrowing in, and Starzbet Güncel Giriş on finding it, latched on with her mouth. His balls rested on her face. His ecstasy had relaxed him, and his looseness allowed her to push her tongue inside his slick anus with ease. Her lips sucked on his hole and she curled her tongue up inside his arse, savouring him.

At last she judged it safe, and lifted to take his cock in her mouth again. Not gingerly, but forcefully, the battle of his cockhead and her throat was rejoined. She forced herself down on him, taking him deep again, and a new stream of slaver, gag and spit festooned his cock, his balls, the bed under him again. Her head rose and fell with an insistent chorus of coughing, gasping and gulping. She could barely see through her tears.

In this cycle the evening passed. He hardly had to use his hand to drive her down harder; she did not lack for motivation. Only when he neared the brink of release did he pull her back by her hair, and at this point she would return her attention to his balls and his dirty hole until it was safe to return to sucking him off. It was impossible to tell how long they spent at this play. It felt like long hours at least.

Eventually he could fend off release no longer. He pulled Eve off his bulging cock and tight balls by her hair and turned her onto her back. Thick strands of gag still connected her mouth to his member, as if they could not bear to be parted. He straddled her, his knees either side of her tits, and laid his cock across her face. She attempted again to suck on his balls. After the merest of touches, his cock disgorged scalding thick spunk onto Eve’s face, over her forehead and in both her eyes. Her mouth gaped as if in a silent cry.

If Eve’s being lay in her fuckholes, tonight she had been denied her cunt and her arsehole. All she had to take him inside her was her mouth. Her mouth was her only fuckhole; her face a cunt. With his fingers, he fed his semen into it.

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