Looking After My Sisters – Chapter Five


ADAM My beautiful, inexperienced little sister Cassie had just given me one of the best orgasms of my life. She gave an amazing blowjob and did not even know it. She deep-throated like a pro. Who’d have thought it? I was in shock. All I knew was it was hot. As I laid there on the sofa with her naked little body curled into my own, I marveled at how the last two days had gone. How had it come to pass that I had given and received mind-blowing orgasms from my two younger sisters? Incredible. When this thought had passed the guilt hit me hard, like a pro boxer had punched me square between the eyes. Jenny. She’d given me permission to help Cassie out, but I’d agreed far too easily and looking back at our conversation, I knew it. Honestly, after Cass had kissed me like she had in her room all I could think about was what else would she want to do. I had always had a thing for redheads; Lizzie my one long-term girlfriend had been a redhead. The guilt was genuine though. I really did love Jenny and couldn’t believe how easily I had failed her. She had made such a tough choice in letting me be sexual with Cassie and it proved how much she loved escort me and her sister, how much she feared she might lose us both. Shit. I felt like a five-star asshole. It was then than I felt tears spring to my eyes. It shocked me; crying was something I just didn’t do anymore. It wasn’t a pride thing or anything stupid, it was because I’d spilled enough tears for a lifetime when Lizzie had broken up with me two years before that. I had made it clear enough to Cassie that I was in love with Jenny and not her, hadn’t I? Well I thought I had. I tried to make it clear I was just helping her out. I pondered what would happen next; whether Cassie would be expecting something on an emotional level, whether me and Jenny could carry on building whatever it was we were building… I needed to go back to my room to see Jenny. If she was not asleep for the last twenty minutes then there was no way she wouldn’t have heard Cassie’s frighteningly loud screaming. In fact, even if she was asleep, it probably would have woken her up. I wasn’t sure what was worse. I had not accounted for screaming of that magnitude, not that Cass could bayan escort have known it would happen either. I did not even want to imagine how distraught Jenny would have been hearing her sisters screams, knowing it was my doing. God I was a cunt. The next problem was figuring out how to go and see Jenny without upsetting Cassie. Because she would have every right to be upset if she discovered I had left her straight after what we’d just experienced together. God what a shitty situation. Anybody would think my situation was great; two sexy, beautiful teenagers wanting me, who also happened to be my sisters. But it wasn’t when you loved one of them and severely lusted for the other. JENNY Of course I could not sleep. How could I, knowing that my lover was about to do whatever he wanted with my younger sister within earshot? Over the next ten minutes I stood up three times to go and stop him, to stop the madness that I had suggested from ensuing; but I didn’t. I sat on the edge of Adam’s bed and waited nervously, secretly hoping Adam would return without doing anything, and make love to me. He did not. This was escort bayan confirmed when I heard moans of pleasure and low grunts emerging from the living room. These moans rapidly got louder and louder. Hearing Cassie’s screams hit me hard. I thought I would be okay with allowing Adam to help Cassie out. I was delusional to believe that. Fresh tears began to pool in my eyes. I once again stood up to stop them, this time managing to leave the bedroom. I tiptoed down the hallway until I reached the living room door. I peered round and saw my naked brother pull my naked little sister into his arms, and settle back on the sofa. A huge bout of jealousy began to overwhelm me. I almost stormed into the lounge there and then, but I managed to stop myself. I couldn’t do it, no matter how much it hurt I could not risk losing my siblings affections. I decided to put on a brave face, it was the only way. I would make Adam and Cassie believe that I was okay with everything and try and survive the week. Then, when I finished school in the summer I could go to a university in London and maybe make some sort of a life with Adam. It sounded far-fetched but I wanted to believe it could happen. It was at this point that I pulled off my trousers and panties, discarding them on the wooden floor beneath my feet. I then walked bravely into the living room, willing myself to remain convincing.

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