Lori Needs Papa’s Attention


Lori knew her papa wouldn’t notice she slipped out of her bed. He wouldn’t notice at all. And that was the problem. Lori needed his attention. It seemed that ever since she grew tits, her papa avoided her more often than not.

As she snuck towards her parents’ room, Lori thought to herself, Papa sure doesn’t ignore Mama. No, he was giving her mama tons of attention just then if the moans were any indication of just how good her mama was feeling. Lori stopped to listen. She could hear her papa grunting. It made her wet just imagining how he would drive his cock into her mama. Lori didn’t want her papa to fuck her, she just wanted to be fucked.

It had been three years since her boyfriend fucked her for the first time on her sixteenth birthday. Since she lost her virginity, Lori had been fucking any boy that was willing. And with her large tits, tiny waist, pretty face, and long brown hair, many were willing. But since she moved back home after dropping out of college, the opportunities were sparse. Lori was horny.

She took a moment as she listened to her papa fucking her mama to run her hand over her hot mound. She let out a quiet moan at the contact. Luckily, her mama started cumming right then so her parents didn’t hear a sound. But Lori wasn’t ready yet. She heard her papa roll off the bed and assumed he’d be heading for the bathroom. Quickly, she raced down the stairs and into her papa’s study.

Lori liked this. She sat at his desk and pulled up the porn sites she liked to visit late at night. In no time, she had her fingers buried in her soaking pussy as she looked at pictures and read stories. Before she could stop herself, she was chanting, “Fuck me, fuck me hard, Papa.” That’s when she heard it.


Her eyes flew to the doorway to see her papa standing there. She was too shocked to react. She only stared at him, her hand still inside her panties and her nightgown up to her waist.

“Honey, are you okay?”

She realized the desk and the computer were blocking almost everything from her papa’s view. He probably didn’t even realize what fındıkzade escort was happening. “Sorry, Papa,” she said as she slowly moved her hand out of her panties. “Did I wake you?”

“No. I was coming down for some water and saw the light from the computer. What are you doing?” He was suddenly coming towards the desk. Lori spent so much time pulling her nightgown down to cover herself that she forgot to close the websites. “Lori, what are you doing?” he asked again, though he obviously knew the answer.

“I’m sorry, Papa.” But as Lori raised her lowered gaze to look up at him, she saw an obvious bulge in his pajama pants. She still needed to cum and she saw a way to get out of this embarrassing situation. She could take care of herself and implement her papa in the process. If she seduced him, he couldn’t be mad at her for masturbating in his study. Slowly, while his shocked expression remained focused on the computer screen, Lori reached up and closed her hand over his erection.

“Lori! What are you doing?” But he didn’t move away or try to move her hand as he looked down at her.

“I like looking at this stuff, Papa, and I can tell you do too.”

“But, Lori – “

“Papa, we could help each other here.” Before he could speak again, Lori added, “And no one needs to know about it.” When he made no other objection, Lori slowly lowered his pajama pants keeping her eyes on his. Once his cock was released, she had to see it. She gasped. It was the biggest one she’d ever seen. It wasn’t all the way hard yet and it was already nine inches at least. Smiling, Lori leaned forward and licked the tip of her papa’s dick. “Mmmm,” she sighed.

“Lori . . .” he half-protested, but again made no move to end what was happening.

Delighted at her papa’s hesitation, Lori leaned in again, this time taking the tip of her papa’s dick into her mouth. They both sighed this time. Lori proceeded to give her papa the best blow job he’d ever had, taking him deep down her throat and not even releasing his cock when he warned florya escort her that he was about to cum in her mouth. She sucked every last drop up and he’d always been a heavy shooter. Lori loved every second and couldn’t wait to get him hard again so he could fuck her.

Once her papa’s cock was all licked clean, Lori stood and slowly pulled her nightgown over her head. He didn’t say a word but her papa did watch every inch of her skin be revealed. He was definitely noticing her now. She tossed the gown over her shoulder before taking her papa’s hands and placing them on her tits. She moaned when he immediately began kneading them. “Yes, Papa, touch me,” she encouraged. Lori pushed her panties down and watched his gaze follow their movement as he pinched his daughter’s nipples between his fingers. Lori could almost feel her juices flowing down her legs.

Directing him by her hands over his, Lori steered her papa into the chair she has just vacated. She then climbed into his lap, straddling his legs. This gave him wonderful access to her tits with his mouth. Her papa immediately took advantage and closed his lips over one of her nipples. She held onto her papa’s hair as he suckled at her tit and began to move against him. To Lori’s delight, she could feel her papa’s well-used cock begin to slowly grown beneath her pussy.

“Papa,” she said right against his ear. “I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck your daughter hard with your big cock.”

He looked at her then. His hands stayed on the sides of her tits as he looked into his daughter’s eyes. “I’ve wanted to,” he told her. “For so long I’ve seen you become this beautiful woman and I’ve wanted you.” He hands moved onto her tits again, making her moan. “I’ve wanted to touch you like this, honey. I’ve wanted to stuff my hands with your gorgeous tits. Your mama’s aren’t anywhere close to as big. I’ve lusted after yours and tried to avoid that lust. I can’t any longer, though. Not tonight.” He moved his dick against his daughter’s pussy and she moaned again. He could feel göztepe escort on his cock how wet her pussy was but he needed to feel it with his fingers. Watching his daughter’s face, he slipped first one finger, then two into her dripping wet pussy. Her eyes closed and she moaned long and loud but he didn’t care. He slowly began to finger fuck his daughter as she encouraged him with her moans.

Lori could feel that her papa’s cock was ready to drive inside her. She raised her hips, taking his fingers deep for several seconds before pulling his fingers away. She lowered herself onto her papa’s cock, watching him the whole time. As she sunk down onto him, she feared he might rip her but it felt so damn good, she didn’t really care. She took her papa deep inside her pussy and they both moaned.

Then the fucking began in earnest. Lori lost track of who was in control as they both grunted and ground themselves against each other. She leaned over and kissed him, sucking his tongue into her mouth. Then, she smiled at him and breathed out, “Keep fucking me, Papa. It feels so good.”

He could barely speak but he told her, “Yes, honey. I’m fucking you and I’ll keep fucking you until your sweet pussy cums all over my hard cock.” He grabbed handful after handful of his daughter’s tits. Sometimes, he pulled at them, knowing he hurt her but unable to get enough of the feel of her. He sucked on them too, trying to keep the rhythm of their fucking with his lips on her nipples but unable too. They both just went at each other like animals as Lori bounced over and over again on her papa’s dick.

“I’m going to cum, Papa,” Lori told him, as she rose almost completely off his cock only to slam all the way back down once again.

“Okay, honey. Cum on Papa’s dick. Come on, Lori. Cum all over your papa.”

She leaned towards him and kissed him as she came, moaning into his mouth. As her pussy walls squeezed his cock tight, her papa came deep inside her as he returned her kiss. They were both cumming for a long time before she collapsed against her papa, breathing hard.

“Thank you,” she was finally able to get out. “Thank you for fucking me, Papa.”

He kissed her forehead. “Thank you for letting me, honey.” He was running his hands over her back when he asked, “When can we do it again?”

She smiled against her papa’s naked shoulder. Lori had a feeling her papa would pay a lot of attention to her from now on.

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