Losing my virginity. Part 2.


Losing my virginity. Part 2.I still had all my clothes on, but you could visibly see a bulge in my jeans. My attempt at seductively taking off my clothes worked as she began to play with her breasts. My boxers were all that remained, but before I took them off I wanted to tease her one last time. I climbed on top of her and rubbed my cock against her pussy, grinding her, whilst my boxers were still on. This frustrated her and heightened her sexual arousal. She couldn’t last any longer without me fucking her.I reached over to the bedside table and picked up a banana flavoured condom. Amy had an obsession with flavoured condoms, so I obliged. Putting the condom on felt as though it took forever, with endorphins flowing and adrenaline running high. I picked up her ankles and threw them over my shoulders once more. The tip of my cock was stroking relaxbet güvenilirmi her pussy, before the tip entered her tight hole. She gripped the pillow tightly. I pushed in a few more inches, until my whole cock was deep inside of her.Slowly retracting it, before entering again, and again, the friction began to build and the heat increased. The warm, tight, hugging feeling of her vagina was heavenly. It seemed to grip my cock, holding on tight to it. The contours of her vagina intensified the feeling, as I increased the speed of my thrusts a little. My balls swung to a fro, every now and then slapping her ass. She layed there, digging her nails into my arms, writhing around in ecstasy.My rhythm changed. Now, each thrust was deep, powerful and forceful. Slow, but hard hitting. I pulled my cock all the relaxbet yeni giriş way out and then slammed it all the way back in. Amy loved this, she’d told me before hand. Her back arched, hands gripped, mouth gaping and sighing. It got to the point where she said it began to hurt, so for her benefit I pulled out.We layed there next to each other, hot, sweaty and breathing heavily. I tried to get my breath back, but before long, Amy had a surprise. She ripped the condom off, which was kinky, before gripping my cock in her hand. Slowly stroking my cock, she spat on the head to lubricate it, before fondling my balls with her other hand. I felt her tongue lick the head of my cock, glancing the frenulum and providing a powerful, orgasmic sensation. She wrapped her lips around the head and began to suck. It was relaxbet giriş wonderful, sensational.The occasional touch from her teeth was soon forgotten when she managed to deepthroat my cock, taking all 7 inches. Her head bobbed, tongue flicked, mouth sucked as I grew closer to ecstasy. A few hours had lapsed since we had begun and I was now on the verge. I could feel it building, so I grabbed her head and forced her head down on my cock, impaling her mouth. She sucked hard, and I mean hard, before I could feel my cum rising up my cock. It exploded in her mouth, burst after burst, hitting the back of her throat. She took it out of her mouth, but it continued to ejaculate. I cummed on her cheeks and it trickled down her neck and onto her breast. She collected all the cum in between her lips, exhibiting it to me to show that she had taken my load in her mouth. A large gulp followed, with her licking her lips in pleasure.Hours after beginning, she slumped her head on my stomach, her breasts hugging my now flaccid cock. It was nice. Skin contact, being so intimate after hours of exhilarating fun. That, was my first time.

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