Lost In The Forest

Lost In The ForestPatra looked at the forest. It was dark. She didn’t know what to do so she yelled she wanted to stop. They were lost. She could feel it. Ebony looked at Patra. She was sure her mother was lost. She narrowed her eyes and sat on a patch of grass a little away. “I’m resting!” she gasped. Patra sneered. Ebony had been saying that for the whole duration of the trip. That was how Ebony had lost the map – she had laid down to sleep and it had blown into a river. Patra shivered. Then she looked to Jacob who glared at them as he shook his head.”We’re lost aren’t we?” he asked.”Lost as lost;” told Patra as she threw down her bag. “Let’s set up camp;” sighed Jacob before he began to take out the tents.After camp had been set the group had dinner. Jacob was in a sour mood, and Patra was moody. Ebony could feel the tension and so she ate by the fire quietly. At the end of a quiet meal she said she wanted to go to bed. Patra said fine. “I hope we find our way back to the track tomorrow;” she muttered before she moved to crawl into the tent.Jacob looked to Ebony and he smiled a little. Her but was in the air and she was crawling inside. It was a nice round butt, at the right moment he could see a slip of underwear. He looked at the fire and began to scowl. Patra poured a bin of dirt over the fire and Jacob coughed.”Really!” he gushed. “I’mm have to go to the stream to git the grit off;” he raged.”Go on!” gasped Patra. “Then find a way back home!” “Go to bed!” scoffed Jacob. “You’re temper is out, I’ll come in when you are asleep;” he muttered.”sleep out here;” scoffed Patra. “I am dead sick of you!” she warred before she moved to go to bed.Jacob scoffed, took his shirt of and gave it a flap. He sprinkled off the dirt, and then he looked at the tent. Everyone was in bed. Jacob looked at the ground and sat on it for a while. He watched the flames die down. He then narrowed his eyes. Without the fire it was cold. He wanted to go in to grab his blanket off Patra. However then he looked at Ebony’s tent. He felt chilled, inside of her tent the solar heater glowed lightly. It had been a new item she had brought herself. He shivered and moved to enter it. Jacob smiled as he felt the warmth inside. He smiled and looked to Ebony. She was asleep. He crawled buca escort bayan up to her and stole the blanket. He smiled as he felt its warmth.”Your mum kicked me out;” he muttered just in case she had awoken. Jacob smiled and laid onto the tent floor. He thought about Patra and grew pissed. She was wrong, wrong to take her temper out on him! She had been the big know it all who was to guide them through the forest. It wasn’t his fault they had gotten lost! Jacob thought about being stranded inside of the forest. He shivered as he thought about their skeletons being found after weeks of being lost. He grew sour. Jacob looked to Ebony and glared. He shrugged.”We might never be found;” he muttered. “We’re lost, all alone;” he added.Ebony didn’t answer. She slept on. Jacob smiled. She was a cute k**, someone a guy would want to date. There was attractiveness inside of her. He could feel a turn on, and he began to wonder what it would be like to date her at high school.”I bet you’d be a pain in the ass;” he laughed before he briefly recalled his and Patra’s romance which was all about having sex and nothing else.Jacob blinked his eyes and looked to Ebony again. He smiled. She looked cute. “Well it is cold;” he then sung before he flung the blanket and moved to her.Slowly Jacob un-zipped the sleeping bag. He opened it, and there he found Ebony naked. He thought she slept in the nude, but he had never proved it. He smiled and began to touch her a bit. She was asleep as he fingered her pulpy breasts. He couldn’t believe how thrilled he felt. He felt intense erection and soon he had grown hard.Jacob opened Ebony’s thighs and moved on top of her. He began to push himself inside. He couldn’t wait. His heartbeat was inside of his throat and his bones were shaking. He began to push and pulse. It was a weird and wonderful sensation. He Ebony was dead to the world. She didn’t even wake. Jacob grew hot over the absence and he began to work himself hard to try and wake her. It took a bit of effort but Ebony woke in the end enough time to watch Jacob strain himself as he creamed. She felt the load of wet and wanted to scream. However all she could do was gasp and shudder! Jacob stopped and smiled. “Thank god;” he muttered as he sighed. “Thank god;” he added before he rolled off her.Ebony tucked a hand at her crotch. She was soaked and soiled. She narrowed her eyes, then she rolled over in order to worry herself to sleep.The next day the group walked again. Patra was in the lead, Ebony followed her, and Jacob followed Ebony. He smiled as he looked at her backside as it moved. He wanted to get it off her mind, but couldn’t. All he wanted to do was grab her and have sex. It was a fever on his mind. He was crazed. When the sky darkened Patra told Jacob to collect fire-wood. Jacob said okay, and told Ebony to help him. Ebony shivered a little and she followed as Jacob grew firm about it. “Go on;” urged Patra. Ebony followed. She walked with Jacob. “I think this will be a good place to pick up wood;” he muttered before he moved behind a ground shrub. Ebony sighed and followed. She walked behind the shrub and was grabbed. Jacob grabbed her and began to rub his lips over her cheek and neckline. Ebony tried to move away but Jacob was desperate! He dragged her down to the earthen floor and took her underwear off with greed on his fingers. He took himself out and began to thrust hard! Ebony moaned as she began to feel the spine-tingling sensation of being entered. She couldn’t stop Jacob if she had tried. He was a****l, and he thrust like an a****l until her loins felt bruised. She could only close her eyes and pretend it was her boyfriend Craham. Ebony moaned as Jacob gasped and shuddered. He creamed and withered. Ebony sighed. Jacob was shaken – it was then she realized he was aroused. She didn’t want to become his wife.”You’ve got to let this go;” she warred. “You’ve got to – It’ll show after a while;” she added. “I’ll get pregnant;” she said. “I have no contraception to stop it;”Jacob shivered and then he looked to Ebony.”I’m sorry, you’re right;” he muttered before he narrowed his eyes. “Last time, I am sorry;” “Okay;” muttered Ebony as she closed her thighs. Everyone had a good sleep, then in the morning they began to trek. Jacob quarreled with Patra to forget about Ebony. It worked. Patra began to grow a temper and threatened to leave the group. Jacob took the bait and continued to fight. At the end of the day a can of baked beans was used to settle the temper buca escort inside everyone. Jacob had never had a meal so unappealing. He watched Patra go to bed, then he picked up his campers sac and moved to Ebony’s tent. He woke her up. “What?” asked Ebony.”We’re moving on!” told Jacob. “Get up!””But it’s night time!” whined Ebony.”Not now!” gasped Jacob before he began to pack up Ebony’s belongings.Ebony clutched Jacob’s arm as he let her through the forest. She was scared there were night creatures howling in the distance. Ebony shivered. Jacob led her a long way, in a rushed manner. She had sc****s and stings all over her, however they head past every bush around, and they ended up at a river by morning. Jacob gasped and pushed his head into the water. It felt good and refreshing. He almost swallowed a small fish. He surfaced and then he panted as he laid himself on the ground.”We’ve made it!” he gasped. Ebony moved to the river and had a drink of the water. Then she too washed her face. She was so tired she felt lethargic. She wanted breakfast.”Can we eat?” she asked.Jacob smiled and took out a can of beans. He opened it and served Ebony some. He had his own-half, and by the end they were full. Jacob picked Ebony up and began to walk again. She whined, however she clutched to his arm and followed. She was led through scrub and brush and by afternoon when she was dizzy from tiredness and strain they happened to find a cabin. It seemed abandoned. It’s windows were covered in trash bags. Jacob smiled and moved to the front. At the front there was a for sale sign.”Looks like we’re in luck!” he gasped before he pushed on the unlocked door and entered.Inside it was all dusty. Ebony didn’t like it. It needed a clean.”Let’s make a camp;” she urged. “There’s a toilet!” gasped Jacob before he moved into another room.He used the toilet as Ebony waited outside. She laid down on some grass and began to sleep. When she woke it was dark. She gasped!”Jacob!” she called.Jacob was asleep on the floor inside of the cabin. He had swept it clean. Ebony looked at it. She tried a light switch but it didn’t work. She shivered. It was colder then a tent! Ebony moved outside and began to cover herself in a blanket. She felt scared. The woods was freaky. However she was sure it was safer then a run down cabin. There were no snaked under the boards, or mice running around. Ebony sighed. Then she slept.”I cant wait to get out of this forest!” she gasped. “I can’t wait!”

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