Love Boat Cruise


Chapter 1 – Swapping Fun


There was a time not THAT long ago when I would’ve told you I would never cheat on my husband. Of course that was before I was married to Steve when my mother’s influence was heaviest on my principles and ethics. My mom is sort of old-school in many ways and when it comes to adultery it’s pretty black and white so far as she’s concerned. According to her rule book, which she drilled into me all my life, once you put on that ring you don’t have sex with anyone outside your marriage… period, end of story.

Granted, my mother isn’t a classic conservative in that while she draws strict lines and rules, it’s the fine print that you need to read. For instance, “sex” is defined as the intimate union of a man and woman penetration meaning the penetration of a penis into a vagina. This leaves a lot of openings. For example, what most people like to call oral “sex” isn’t really true sex in that there’s no union involved.

The other key factor element is when she says, “outside your marriage”. According to mom, when you marry someone you marry more than just a man, you marry his whole family including parents, siblings, aunt and uncles, and first cousins – all on both sides of the family tree. Thus adultery would be having sex with anyone outside that circle. In short, incest is not adultery. The basis for this is my mom views adultery as the blending of a family, a demonstration of mutual love and respect, and above all compliance with the Bible’s requirements for submission of a wife and honor to your parents.

Thus when people ask me if my parents swapped and such I’ve always said no as swapping with another couple would have been adultery so far as my mother is concerned. Another example she set for me regarding my fiancÇ. My mother always wished she could’ve had another child, a son if she had any choice in the matter. For medical reasons this wasn’t possible so when I was engaged she was thrilled as this meant once I was married Steve would become part of the family and hence the son she never had. As much as she dreamed of being with her new son, she never allowed herself to get carried away prior to the wedding. It wasn’t until we said our vows that my mom’s dream of a son to fuck her finally came true!

Naturally when you grow up having all this drilled into you it becomes part of your moral code as well. Thus my intentions were when I married Steve that I would follow my mother’s example. So imagine the problem I faced when my husband declared his desire for us to have sex with other couples. He would have preferred swinging but at least was willing to compromise most of the time and just swap.

Before I go on I suppose I should explain what I mean by “swap”. People tend to use the term interchangeably with “swinging” but to me there are important differences. Swinging usually involves parties with multiple couples who may or may not be married. It’s usually rather voyeuristic in that people have sex in groups or at least in view of others. Intimacy is NOT an attribute of these parties and often I would get home and not even know the names of most of the men I’d had sex with.

In contrast, when I use the phrase “swapping” I refer to the exchange of partners between married couples. While this may involve a brief period where all four are together, it soon moves to where the couples separate for the night and I spend the evening (and usually the entire night) in bed with another married man while my husband is in another room or home with his wife. Yes, I know his name and it’s much more personal and intimate, almost like I become his wife for a short while.

So how did I deal with this dilemma? I had only a few options. First, I would have had to divorce Steve if I could not find some way to deal with the adultery aspect. If there was one thing I will not and never will is compromise on it’s the issue of adultery. The commandments say thou shalt not and so I will not. If there’s one thing the women in my family share it’s the determination to NOT compromise on principles and responsibilities. My Aunt Linda was forced to divorce her husband when he told her she either had to stop submitting to her father or leave. There’s no way she could stop fulfilling her responsibilities as a daughter so she left! My own mother feels so strongly about underage sex (although as with adultery, incest didn’t count) that she was forced to divorce my dad when he couldn’t find the willpower to resist.

Well, I wasn’t about to divorce Steve if there was any way possible to submit to him so I prayed and received my answer. The scriptures don’t provide a lot of guidance on what adultery is in every case so until now I’d been following the lead of my mother. The more I read my Bible and prayed the more I came to the realization her interpretation was a little excessive. It seemed to me that the commandment meant was not to cheat on your husband, that it was the intent more than the act that mattered. kartal escort So long as my husband was OK with me having sex with other men I wouldn’t be cheating on him and thus wouldn’t be committing adultery.

Problem solved!

Well, the problem was solved so far as my principles went but then there were the practical issues, the biggest by far being WHO do you swap with?

Believe it or not, it’s not that easy finding couples with the same attitudes and compatibility. Fortunately my Aunt Linda had the perfect answer – a swapping group. She’d been a member for over twenty years and was now serving as president so it was easier for us than most people to get an invitation to join and eventual acceptance. The group actually has two parts – one for swapping and the other for families. The family group was what got my dad in trouble with my mom and I wanted no part of it. On the other hand the swapping group is strictly for married couples and even if they have kids there was no involvement by them. I’ve discussed this group in other diary entries and even in the About Me portion of my diary blog so I won’t repeat myself here other than to say it provides us with a safe and confidential means to meet like-minded couples.

As it turned out I LOVE swapping! I think it’s helped our marriage immeasurably as a means to go out for a night of fun, bringing a renewed energy to our marriage life. There’s no commitments and in most cases we never meet with them again so it’s always something new which makes it exciting for me. Over time Steve pushed to become members of the family group as well and even though we didn’t meet the requirements (no kids of the right age) my aunt was able to pull some strings to get us in. So now we’re both satisfied. I get to swap with another husband now and then while Steve gets to enjoy his little girls periodically. Is it any wonder our marriage is even stronger now than when we first aid our vows?

Chapter 2 – The Invitation


One night over six months ago I was in our bed with Greg, the 40 year-old husband of Amelia who was no doubt being fucked at that moment by my husband in a nearby hotel room. Usually we went both prefer a hotel when we swap as then I don’t have to worry about cleaning up the apartment but in this case we couldn’t find a sitter that could stay overnight so one of us had to stay home and guess who drew the short straw… Greg and Amelia’s kids were older so they didn’t have to worry about a sitter. No doubt Steve wouldn’t have minded going back to their house where their thirteen year-old daughter and fifteen year-old son were spending the night alone! That would have violated one of the most strict rules for the swapping group – no involvement of kids, and if anyone found out we would have all been kicked out immediately. Given our daughters were so young, they would be sleeping and so that was deemed OK.

Greg had just finished cumming in me as I rode him cowgirl on my bed. I was laying down on his hairy chest, his throbbing dick still in me as I closed my eyes and relaxed, enjoying the moment. I felt so peaceful, so happy as my pussy gripped him, his semen slowly draining from me around his dwindling dick.

“God that was incredible…” he moaned as he shifted his weight under me and I felt his dick move inside of me.

“Mmmmmmm, yes!” I sighed as I wiggled my bottom around his softened shaft which was now barely in me, “I want it again.”

Greg chuckled which caused his dick to flop out of me, leaving my pussy feeling empty and lonely. He rolled me over on my side, turning towards me and wrapping his arms around me as we kissed. It was like being with a lover. I loved the intimacy, the desire I could sense in him for me. It was almost like being his wife for one evening!

“Well I’m not sixteen anymore Kelly,” he sighed, rubbing his hand over my bare hip and down my upper thigh softly.

“Maybe I can provide some incentive,” I offered, gripping his wet dick with my hand and licking my lips seductively.

Greg smiled. “Oh I’m sure you could but let’s wait a few moments, OK?”

I just smiled and pressed my head into his chest, loving the feel of our nude bodies pressed tightly together.

“Have you ever been on a cruise Kelly?”

Ok… now THAT was sort of a surprising question under the circumstances but then it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Once men cum it’s like their lust shoots out of their bodies along with their sperm. Until their batteries recharge a bit it usually leaves me to take things into my own hands… literally. At least he hadn’t fallen asleep… yet at least.

“No, never,” I answered, “Why do you ask?”

“Just thinking,” he responded rather flippantly. He seemed to be nodding off so that was probably going to be the end of this conversation for the time being but then his eyes opened and he pressed even closer to me, pressing his leg between mine until I felt his thigh up against maltepe escort bayan my crotch.

“Damn your hot down there!” he tease me.

“Nothing your dick can’t handle,” I teased back, squeezing his still soft cock.

“I don’t know about THAT!” he laughed, “I love sex with Amelia but I have to say I could spend more time with you.”

“Well we DO have all night,” I suggested softly.

“Yes we do…” he sighed but it was like something was left unsaid. He drifted off for a while so I moved my hand from his cock to my dick. I was still incredibly horny from just being fucked so I played with myself and it didn’t take long to get myself off.

Greg was still out so I took the opportunity to do a quick check on the girls. They looked so cute when they sleep! I thought of Greg’s daughter and wondered if there was anything going on between the two of them. Looking at Mia, I thought how in just six or seven years she would be old enough to where we didn’t have to close the door when we had sex or worry about babysitters when we swapped. It was hard to imagine!

Back in the bedroom Greg was on his back, his dick flopped over and resting on a bed of thick pubic hair which I loved. It looked delicious! I gently took him into my mouth and slowly started to suck and lick him. Could I get him hard without waking him? Suffice to say he was hard enough that when he woke up he fucked me again!

The next morning Steve and Amelia stopped over for breakfast. Sipping coffee, I noticed Greg whispering something to Amelia who seemed excited about whatever it was they were sharing. Seemed a little rude to be whispering with Steve and I there but then I learned the reason.

“Last night Kelly told me she’d never been on cruise before,” he started. Steve looked at me rather incredulously, as if to question why in the world THAT would have come up while having sex.

Greg took Amelia’s hand and sat back with a smile. “Well this summer we’re taking an Alaskan cruise and we had hoped that another couple could join us. Interested?”

I looked at Steve and my heart raced. Wow! That would be so cool!

Before we could answer, Greg continued, “Well… there’s a catch…”

Of course there was. It couldn’t possibly be THAT easy. OMG, was he going to try selling us something like a timeshare?

Greg must have read my face as he put his hand up defensively. “Oh don’t worry, nothing I don’t think a couple like yourselves wouldn’t mind. We were just hoping that we could swap for the entire cruise.”

Amelia stepped in. “What my husband is trying to say is that we’d go as married couples, just not as real husbands and wives. Nobody would know but us.”

Neither Steve or I said anything at first. It was an intriguing idea but I’d never even thought of anything like this. So many questions and things to consider. We’d never swapped longer than one night and almost never multiple nights with the same couple. How would this work in terms of reservations and such? What about our kids? And then the BIG question… how to pay for such an expensive venture?

Just then Mia joined us in her nightshirt, carrying her favorite Frozen doll. She immediately made herself home on her daddy’s lap. I watched Greg closely, curious to see his reaction to my cute little four year-old daughter. Other than a quick glance though, I didn’t see any undue interest which made me feel a little better about him.

For the next half hour or so those questions and many more came out and we had quite a lively discussion. While the plane tickets required photo identifications, according to Greg there was nothing so far as the cruise went where anyone would ask for identification where it mattered. Having never been on a ship, I had to take his word for it.

As for the kids, theirs would be spending the week at their grandparent’s farm while I had no doubt that I could find someone in our family to tend to our girls. Again, I was pleased that there was no suggestion of our kids joining us although no doubt Steve had hoped for a miracle.

As for the expense, that was the only thing we left open. Obviously Greg brought home a nice paycheck to afford such things but there was no way we had the funds. Sounded like a job for Kelly to see what she could talk her father into doing for his daughter!

As it turned out, the finances were probably the easiest problem to overcome. It wasn’t like over the years I hadn’t worked out a foolproof formula for such situations. My dad had never been able to refuse me when he was horny so why should this be any different? When I left his house a few days later I carried two things I hadn’t had when I arrived – my pussy with a full load of his love and my purse with a VERY nice check as an advanced anniversary present. Who knows what else would happen but at least we wouldn’t be worried about money.

Chapter 3 – The Flight


Wow, I never realized how much escort pendik planning went into a cruise! My biggest problem was what to wear. I guess whenever I’d thought about a cruise I assumed it would be somewhere warm like the Caribbean where packing would have been easy. Not so for the inside passage. Everything I read said be prepared for anything – warm days, cool days, rainy days, dry days. There was even something called “formal nights” when apparently people dressed up like some Titanic scene for dinner. Amelia warned me that laundry was outrageously expensive which meant packing outfits for every day. Steve didn’t see any issue but then IU think he’d wear the same clothes every day for a week if I didn’t gran them for the laundry.

While we kept in contact for making plans and reservations, otherwise we didn’t meet with Greg and Amelia before departure. We figured since we would be posing as newlyweds (my idea!) we may as well wait until the cruise to consummate our “marriages”. OK, so we had some “premarital sex” but that was now long in the past.

Finally the morning came to leave. My Aunt Linda drove us to the airport to save us the parking fees and such. She was so jealous!

“I’ve been trying to talk your dad into taking one of these for years!” she huffed as we approached the airport.

At the curb Steve grumbled something about packing for a month as he unloaded our bags. Well, technically most of them were mine. I gave my Aunt a kiss goodbye and thanked her or the ride. She was just wearing a bath robe as it was only 4:00 AM and no doubt she’d be shedding it as a soon as she got home and back to bed.

It was Steve’s turn to kiss and say goodbye but in his case I noted he reached in and grabbed a handful of boob as he kissed her. Sheesh, what a guy. I mean like he hadn’t even bothered to look around to see if anyone was watching! This early the airport already busy but everyone seemed too consumed with their own stuff than to worry about my perpetually horny husband.

“Really?” I sighed as he finally broke free and she drove away.

Steve just smiled. “You’re just jealous. Besides, who wears just a bathrobe to the airport unless they’re looking to get felt up?”

I just shook my head in mock disbelief. Spoken like a true guy alright.

Next thing I knew we were checking in. Poor Steve grumbled the entire time about my bags but then what are men for? At least he wouldn’t have to worry about them the rest of the way now that they were checked in.

We’d agreed to meet Greg and Amelia at the gate as you never know how security is going to be so may as well deal with it as soon as possible. Somehow or another we’d been chosen for TSA PreCheck which helped avoid part of the crowd.

Boarding the tram to the terminal area, I was a little disappointed at how full it was. I nudged Steve asking him if he remembered our last trip.

“Wanna try now?” was his response. So typical!

“Yeah right,” I sighed, elbowing him just a bit, “Like we need to get arrested the day before our once-in-a-lifetime cruise.” It was one thing to blow your husband on an empty tram, quite another when it was filled with travelers!

McDonald’s was open for breakfast, big surprise, so with over an hour before our boarding time we stopped in for some breakfast. My phone buzzed and I saw a text from Amelia, saying they were just arriving at the airport. If our recent experience was any indication, we had at least a half hour before they’d be joining us.

“Well, I suppose once they’re hear things get started,” Steve mused.

Suddenly it was like reality came rushing in. This wasn’t just a fantasy anymore. It wasn’t something we teased and joked about. No, this was about to be REAL! In just thirty minutes or so I’d take on the role of being the wife of another man and Steve would be her husband. We’d agreed that while we would interact as friends, during our vacation we’d be regular newlyweds with no swapping or fucking other people. Heck, it was going to be more restrictive than our actual honeymoon!

“I love you Steve,” I told him reaching out hold his hand mine, my wedding ring glittering in the harsh lights. “You know that, right?”

Steve got this funny expression like he wasn’t sure what I meant. Oh he knew I loved him but he also knew when I said things like this there was usually something else going on underneath in secret girl code.

“Of course I do Kelly. And you know I love you.”

He was playing it so safe I almost laughed. Then I looked around and then at my watch again.

“You know we have 25 to 30 minutes…” I let my voice die off suggestively.

“Hey, I’m game if you are,” Steve reacted instantly.

It wasn’t our first trip to the airport so we pretty much knew the layout which included the family restrooms. The men’s and women’s were way too busy to try anything too crazy but the family ones were always fair game. I grabbed my purse and led the way…

Thankfully it was early and the room was still decent from the overnight cleaning crew’s efforts. Steve locked the door and I bent my knees to crouch down and undo his jeans. Yeah, the floors LOOKED clean but it was still a public restroom so no way was I getting on my knees!

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