Love for Hire Ch. 04

Big Dicks

Roxy sat alone at a table eating dinner. Alone in the middle of the food court surrounded by people and controlled chaos. The mall was a feeding ground for clients, at least, in Roxy’s case it was. She sat there in a knee length skirt with a split up the side to her hip. Her retro band t-shirt clung to her tightly, showing off her double D’s and was so thin her black lacy bra showed through.

He couldn’t help but stare at her from across the way. The blond hair pulled back showed off her painted face. He looked down farther to her full chest and the amount of smooth thigh peeking from split of her skirt. Her legs were long and tone and sexy in black patent heels. He felt himself grow hard and he decided then and there to get up and speak to her. “Hello beautiful, my name’s Peter. What’s yours?” he asked casually.

Roxy looked up, smiled, “Hello, I’m Roxy.” Fresh meat, she thought, about time. She took a quick glance at his crotch and noticed the growing bulge that made her smile wider.

Peter sat himself down at her table, pulling his chair close to hers. “Hello Roxy. What is such a pretty thing like you doing sitting here all alone?” He placed a hand on her exposed thigh, smiling confidently.

She looked him over with a smile on her face. She noticed his short dark hair, blue eyes, and tall, lanky frame. Little bit scrawnier than her usual customer but all around not bad, she thought to herself. “I don’t know, maybe it was to meet you.”

Peter laughed, moving his hand further up her thigh. The look in each other’s eyes communicated all they needed to know. “You know I’m usually not this forward but something about you is bringing the devil out of me.”

Roxy spread her legs to allow better access to his destination. “I tend to have that affect on people,” she retorted. She placed her hand on his growing erection and kneaded to get through the thick material of his jeans. Her gaze wandered over the people surrounding them. She noticed several sets of eyes focused hard on her scene and smiled as many of the mouths were open. “We’re being watched, hard,” Roxy reported.

“Let’s give them something to stare at,” Peter remarked smartly. He pulled her chair closer to him. Peter swiveled her legs around to face him before crushing his mouth to hers. His mouth moved with tuzla escort fierceness and determination while his hands brought her closer. He roamed over to her ears and neck while one of his hands cupped her neck as the other moved up into her womanhood. Rubbing her clit he began breathing harder at the feeling of her hands on his crotch.

“Mmm, this is a first for me,” Roxy breathed at the sensations running through her.

His response was muffled against the skin of his neck. She asked him to repeat it and he did. Louder, as he kept roaming over her flesh he replied, “Mine too.” Peter slipped a finger inside her to feel her wetness as he continued to rub a finger over her clit. “How am I doing?”

“Mmm, any longer and we’ll have to find a bathroom or dressing room,” she moaned while moving her mouth over his neck. She peeked around the food court and smiled as more people stood frozen in place, looking on. Laughing, she bit his neck lightly, just grazing the skin. Her eyes roamed the crowd again and noticed mall security approaching them. She pulled away with a look of seriousness. “We need to leave before the rent-a-cops get us,” she reported.

Reluctantly he got up and left, heading towards the elevator. A little stunned by his response she cleaned up her table before following Peter. Glad that she escaped security. He held the door to the elevator open for her. “Sorry I just left but I wasn’t sure what to do,” he apologized.

“Its fine,” she comforted. “What now?”

“You mentioned something about a dressing room or bathroom?”

Roxy laughed, “Yea, which one do you prefer?”

Peter thought for a second, “How about a fitting room?”

“Ok,” she replied. “I know just the place.” After getting off the elevator she took him by the hand and led them to a popular store. “Act like we’re a couple and play along.”

“Not a problem,” Peter replied.

Randomly she began pulling clothes off the racks. After a couple of minutes she disappeared into a fitting room. Peter waited nearby, expecting to hear her voice and after a while he did. Roxy instructed him to grab a few clothes as if getting another size in things and getting things he might suggest for her to wear. Soon he returned with a small armful of clothes to her dressing room. Quickly she pulled him in with tuzla escort bayan her, dropping the clothes on the floor along with the rest. She stood there naked in front of him in all her fleshy goodness. Peter’s erection regained it’s hardness as he looked her body over and smiled.

“What are you waiting for?” Roxy asked, posing seductively. “Come and get what you want.”

Peter rushed towards her, crushing his mouth to hers. His hands hurriedly moved over her, cupping and playing with her full breasts. He bent down to suckle one after another, gently biting and pulling them to arouse her. Roxy busied herself undressing him as he enjoyed himself with her body. After freeing his long cock she broke away to push him onto the bench. On her knees she bent forward to take his penis in her hands. Holding on tight she began jerking him off slowly while fondling his ball sack occasionally. After a minute she placed her breasts on either side of his shaft and moved them up and down. She smiled as she heard him moan in pleasure. His hands came down to knead her breasts, grabbing firmly as the tension rose in his body. To drive Peter crazier Roxy took the tip of his penis in her mouth. Barely sucking to urge him on, he responded by bucking his hips. Torturously slow she bobbed her had up and down, taking more of him in her mouth a little at a time. Finally she had him all the way and sucking harder. Occasionally she would break away to take his balls one-by-one in her mouth.

“C’mere baby,” Peter beckoned, patting his lap. “Stand over me so I can get full access to that pussy.” Roxy laughed as she got on top of the bench and angled her womanhood over his face. Peter delved in with his mouth, probing his tongue in her to lap up the wet tastiness of her womanhood. He had a hand on either thigh to hold her steady while she braced herself against the wall. The tongue flicking inside her felt wonderful and she nearly lost her balance when his fingers entered her and began pumping hard. Roxy turned around to look in the mirror and was further aroused at the site. She took a hand off the wall to play with her nipples to further the sexy feeling. As the looked down to lick her nipples her eyes met Peter’s gaze.

“You want me to sit down?” Roxy asked seductively.

“Only if you’re ready to ride,” escort tuzla Peter asked.

“Always,” Roxy responded. She stepped down off the bench before straddling his lap. Slowly she sat down to fully feel his cock slide in her. She moaned at the pleasure then began bouncing up and down on his dick quickly.

A thought came to Peter to make her stop. “Wait a minute babe. Turn around so we can watch this together,” he stated as he helped her turn around. After getting comfortable she felt his hands come under her ass and lift her up. He began bucking his hips while holding her. Both looked at the mirror to watch themselves as they fucked. Soon Roxy began fucking him standing up as he continued to sit. She licked and kneaded her breasts while he watched in the mirror, enjoying the whole situation.

“Mmm baby, I can’t hold on much longer. You’re just too hot and sexy for me to hold back,” Peter complimented.

Roxy pumped harder as she neared her own climax. “Just a little longer, I’m almost there,” she commented, breathing heavily. She leaned back to fully expose her clitoris to the mirror as she continued bucking. Peter reached a hand around to play with her chest before moving down to rub her clit in an urgent fashion to help her cum.

“You about to cum yet?” Peter asked in a fierce tone.

Roxy didn’t respond right away. Instead she groaned loudly as her orgasm erupted throughout her body. Peter followed, finally releasing that load of hot creamy jizz all inside her. Grabbing onto her thighs tightly as he released in her while she collapsed back against him. Both were breathing heavily as they recuperated before dressing. They were interrupted by a loud knocking on the door followed by an angry voice, “I don’t know what’s going on in there but get out immediately!”

They both looked at each other in the mirror before laughing. “Just a second, I have to get my clothes on!” Roxy yelled back. While dressing they wondered how to get out of this. “I don’t care if I get kicked out of here. What about you?”

Peter slipped his shirt back on, “No big deal to me. Might as well go and face the music.”

“This is true. Well I hear the band warming up, ready to go?”


Together they left the fitting room to be faced by the store manager and the security officer from earlier. After talking their way out of going to jail but being permanently kicked out of the mall they parted ways. Roxy had such a good time she left Peter alone about payment and his wallet as well.

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